There’s Going To Be A Competitive Dog Grooming Reality Show Hosted By Rebel Wilson

For years we’ve endured a severe lack of good dog-related television. Fortunately, the universe has finally answered our prayers, and then some. A reality show that’s all about dog-grooming and the people who do it is about to hit the small screen!

“Pooch Perfect” is a reality TV competition in which ten professional dog stylists will compete against each other in themed challenges. If that’s not enough of a hook for you, it’s also going to have a killer host: comedian and actress Rebel Wilson.

The show is going to air on Australia’s Seven Network, a return to home for Wilson. She was originally born in Sydney.

Sure, maybe the show’s punny name is a little on the nose (Wilson famously starred in the Pitch Perfect movies) but with a hilarious host and a group of adorable canines it’s sure to be highly entertaining.

Wilson shared the announcement via a clip from Seven’s “The Morning Show” with her Twitter followers, which makes it pretty official!

Aside from the fact that she’s hilarious, this is really the perfect hosting gig for Wilson. Her parents were professional dog handlers back in Australia.

“My childhood was full of weekend adventures at dog shows all around Australia and my family had a business selling pet products out of a caravan — such as leads, treats and the best dog styling equipment available,” Wilson said after news of the show came out.

Wilson also told late night host Jimmy Kimmel she was even a junior handler herself and that her mother breeds Beagles. This adorable #TBT of a young Rebel showing a beautiful beagle on her Instagram proves it!

Wilson also jokes in interviews that her childhood was a lot like the satirical movie “Best In Show” about the dog show circuit. Her knowledge and respect for the craft of dog showing should provide a lot of interesting and hilarious commentary!

Not much else has been revealed about “Pooch Perfect” so far, but there’s already enough to get me to tune in! Wilson seems pretty excited about the gig herself.

‘This show with Seven is going to be a ton of fun and showcase some amazing dogs and dog lovers. Technically I’m allergic to dogs though … so hopefully they can edit around my sneezing.”

Interestingly enough Rebel Wilson is also going to be starring in the stage-to-screen version of Cats that comes out in December of this year.

H/T: Metro

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