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These Photos Show What Life Is REALLY Like With Multiple Dogs


It starts out innocently enough. You don’t want your pup to be lonely, so you bring him home a buddy. Then you see a pitiful pooch desperately in need of a home, and think “Two dogs, three dogs – what’s the difference?” Before you know it, the canines outnumber the humans, and every move you make is tracked by multiple sets of watchful brown eyes.

When you have three or more dogs, your everyday life undergoes a few, shall we say, “adjustments”. These 10 activities you once took for granted will never be the same again!

1. Having Guests Over

Fair Warning…

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“Seating is limited.”

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2. Meal Prep

“Is it ready yet? How about now?….Now?”




3. Daily Walks

“We’re going to need more poop bags!”

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4. Working Out

“Mom, what are you doing? Why are you on the floor? Are you okay? What’s this mat for? Mom?…Mummy?…Ma?”


A post shared by Noah Joseph Urbina (@urbeezy) on



5. Running Errands

“I called shotgun first!”

A post shared by Monica Smith (@driftqueen93) on


“Dad! Don’t forget the nachos!!”

A post shared by Devan (@phopawgraphy) on



6. Bedtime

“We saved you a spot. All you have to do is contort your body into a pretzel.”

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“Moving your limbs at night is overrated, anyway.”



7. Having a Snack

“Oh, hello, human. It appears you are having some pizza. We also enjoy pizza.”

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8. Relaxing on the Sofa

“Hey, is it cool if we put our butts on your new throw pillows? ‘K, thanks.”


“You can see the TV, right?”



9. Coming Home Late

“We’re not going to mention the time. Let’s just say we’re disappointed.”

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“Wait, don’t tell us – Your cellphone died…AGAIN.”

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10. Family Photos

Thank goodness for the panoramic setting!


“I told you we should have put Gordo in the back!”

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Got your own adorable snapshots of multi-dog living? We want to see them! Share your pack with us in the comments!

Featured Image via Facebook/K9 Concierge

Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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