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25 Things to Love About Collies

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on April 22, 2024

Collies, immortalized by the legendary Lassie, are one of the most recognizable and beloved dog breeds worldwide, renowned for their striking appearance and noble disposition. Originating from the Scottish Highlands and Northern England where they were primarily used as herding dogs, Collies have transcended their working-dog roots to become cherished family members. Known for their long, elegant face (“wedge-shaped head”), expressive eyes, and a lush double coat that can come in colors such as sable, tri-color, blue merle, and white, Collies combine beauty with functionality. They are as agile and intelligent as they are graceful, making them excellent companions in a variety of activities beyond herding, including obedience, agility, and therapy work. With their friendly and protective nature, Collies make superb pets for families and individuals alike, offering loyalty, affection, and companionship. Here are 25 reasons why Collies are so easy to love.

1. Exceptional Intelligence

Collies are highly intelligent dogs, known for their quick learning ability and problem-solving skills. This intelligence makes them exceptionally trainable, capable of performing complex tasks and responding well to obedience training. Their smart nature also makes them ideal for various roles, including service and therapy positions, where they excel with their ability to adapt and learn.

2. Graceful Appearance

The Collie’s graceful appearance is characterized by a refined structure, marked by a long, pointed snout and almond-shaped eyes that convey a deep sense of intelligence and alertness. Their lush, flowing coat adds to their elegance, making them a standout breed in both conformation shows and public outings.

3. Gentle and Friendly Nature

Collies are known for their gentle and friendly disposition. They are neither overly aggressive nor shy but maintain a pleasant temperament that makes them excellent companions, especially for families with children. They interact with kindness and patience, reflecting their herding heritage of careful and considerate animal handling.

4. Strong Herding Instinct

The Collie’s strong herding instinct is a testament to their working-dog heritage. This instinct not only makes them superb at herding tasks but also translates into a natural ability to gather and protect their human “flock,” making them attentive and protective family pets.

5. Excellent with Children

Collies are particularly excellent with children, displaying a nurturing attitude and often taking on the role of a guardian and playmate. Their patient and protective nature makes them ideal for families, ensuring that they interact with children in a gentle and safe manner.

6. Loyal Companions

Loyalty is a defining trait of Collies. They are deeply devoted to their families and often form strong, lasting bonds with their owners. This loyalty is paired with a protective instinct, ensuring they are always looking out for the wellbeing of their “pack.”

7. Versatility in Roles

Collies are not just herding dogs; they are versatile animals capable of excelling in various roles. From serving as therapy dogs and participating in obedience competitions to engaging in search and rescue operations, Collies demonstrate versatility that makes them valuable in numerous fields.

8. Minimal Health Issues

Collies are generally a healthy breed, with responsible breeding practices helping to minimize the risk of genetic disorders. Regular veterinary care and a healthy lifestyle allow Collies to enjoy a robust life, participating fully in family and work activities.

9. Adaptive to Living Environments

Collies are adaptive to various living environments, thriving equally in rural and urban settings. Whether they have acres to roam or a small backyard, they adapt their energy levels accordingly and are content as long as they are with their family.

10. Easy to Train

The Collie’s intelligence and eagerness to please make them easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement techniques and are keen to learn new commands and tricks. This trainability makes them suitable for first-time dog owners who are looking for a manageable but rewarding training experience.

11. Good Natured with Other Animals

Collies typically get along well with other animals. Their herding nature can be directed in a playful, non-aggressive manner towards other household pets, and they are often sociable with other dogs when properly introduced and socialized.

12. Active and Energetic

Collies possess a joyful energy that makes them fun companions. They enjoy physical activities and are always ready for a walk, hike, or play session. This active nature helps keep them physically healthy and mentally stimulated.

13. Elegant in Motion

The elegance of Collies is particularly evident when they are in motion. Whether they are running, herding, or simply walking by your side, they move with a smooth and graceful gait that is beautiful to watch.

14. Protective but Not Aggressive

While Collies are protective of their families, they are not overly aggressive. They tend to alert their family to strangers or unusual situations using their bark but are generally welcoming once they know there is no threat, making them balanced protectors.

15. Long Lifespan

Collies typically enjoy a long lifespan, often living between 12 to 14 years. This longevity makes them longtime companions, providing families with many years of joy and companionship.

16. Seasonal Shedders

Collies are seasonal shedders, meaning they primarily shed their undercoats in the spring and fall. Regular grooming during these times helps manage their shedding and keeps their coat healthy, which is easier to handle compared to breeds that shed year-round.

17. Keen Senses

Collies have keen senses, particularly their hearing and sight, which are sharp and attuned to their environment. This sensory acuity makes them excellent watchdogs and companions for outdoor activities where their alertness can be an asset.

18. Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of Collies, with their striking coat colors and patterns, and expressive faces, makes them a favorite for photographers and dog enthusiasts. Their aesthetic appeal is undeniable, drawing admiration wherever they go.

19. Engaging Personalities

Each Collie has a unique and engaging personality. They are known for their quirky habits, such as “herding” their human family members or tilting their heads curiously when listening. These endearing traits make each Collie special in its own right.

20. Weather Adaptable

Collies are adaptable to various weather conditions. Their double coat provides insulation against both cold and moderate heat, making them comfortable companions regardless of the season.

21. Inspires Active Lifestyle

Owning a Collie can inspire an active lifestyle. Their need for regular exercise encourages their families to engage in outdoor activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle for both the dog and its owners.

22. Well-suited for Therapy Work

Collies are well-suited for therapy work due to their gentle nature and intuitive understanding of human emotions. They are often used in therapeutic settings, where they provide comfort and companionship to those in need.

23. Social and Friendly

Collies are social and friendly, often eager to meet new people and make friends. Their friendly disposition makes them excellent family pets and community dogs, known and loved by neighbors and friends.

24. Good for Novice and Experienced Owners

Whether you are a novice owner experiencing dog companionship for the first time or an experienced handler, Collies make rewarding pets. Their adaptable and forgiving nature makes them suitable for a wide range of owners.

25. Deep Emotional Connection

Collies often form a deep emotional connection with their owners, sensing their moods and providing comfort when needed. This empathetic trait makes them not just pets, but true companions who enrich the lives of those around them.

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Collies embody an ideal balance of beauty, intelligence, and loyalty. With their adaptable nature and friendly demeanor, they fit well into various lifestyles, bringing joy and companionship to their human counterparts. Whether herding, performing therapy work, or simply being a loving family member, Collies offer a blend of qualities that make them one of the most cherished and respected breeds in the dog world. Their enduring legacy as both workers and companions continues to make them a popular choice for dog lovers everywhere.

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