‘This Morning’ Presenter Eamonn Holmes Posts Tribute To His Rescue Dog

You probably already knew that August 26th was “International Dog Day.” Yes, if you have a dog you’ll take any excuse to post pictures of them all over social media. It makes for a lovely feed of dogs and odes to them. Eamonn Holmes of ITV’s ‘This Morning’ is clearly no exception to this phenomenon.

The broadcaster posted a tribute to his rescue dog Maggie on Instagram last Wednesday. Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford adopted Maggie 10 years ago from Dogs Trust. Holmes wrote:

“So today was International Day of The Dog. If only someone could invent a tablet to make me feel as good as my Dog makes me feel. It’s been amazing knowing you Mags.”


In April, Holmes posted a video to his Instagram, explaining how Maggie was improving his lockdown experience. He pointed to the power a dog has to help people out when they’re feeling anxious.

“She’s not the brightest dog, she’s the loveliest dog…nice but a bit dim. She doesn’t do tricks, she doesn’t fetch balls, but she loves me a lot, she loves her Daddy.”


Then, echoing a statement a lot of us likely believe, he said:

“When you think about the love they give us, the unconditional love… no human loves us the way these animals love us.”

Rescuing Maggie

When Holmes and  Langsford’s son Jack was 8-years-old, he really wanted a dog. The family went to Dogs Trust, looking to connect with the perfect pooch. Initially, the little black dog he fell in love with got adopted before the family could inquire.

When the family returned two weeks later, they saw a handler with another black dog… except it wasn’t another dog.

“She jumped on our son Jack who fell to his knees and I said, ‘That looks like the dog I saw two weeks ago,’ and she said, ‘Magdelene? She was adopted but then the lady who adopted her got a full-time job and couldn’t keep her.’”


Since fate brought Maggie back into their lives, they knew they had to bring her home.

“Well, we weren’t leaving. We did all the papers, all the forms, and then a week later we got Maggie.”

Holmes, who felt pretty neutral about getting a dog in the first place, now can’t possibly imagine life without her.

“Maggie’s been the most wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous gift in our lives. She’s transformed me, and what I think of animals.”


The TV personality went on to advocate for rescue.

“If you can give a dog a home, a cat a home, any sort of animal a home, you will not regret it.”

I know I certainly spent International Dog Day singing my dog’s praises and being grateful he’s in my life. Everyone deserves a Maggie of their own, and every shelter dog deserves a loving home.

H/T: Entertainment Daily
Featured Image: @eamonnholmes/Instagram

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