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Tiny Dog Was Labeled With “Behavior Issues” – But She Proved Them Wrong!


As if the odds against Zoey weren’t stacked high enough, someone at the Southern California shelter where she was dumped decided to add another hurdle: behaviour issues.

“I got a message from someone saying they called the shelter to say they wanted to adopt her. They were told she was rescue-only because she was aggressive,” Julie Chadwick, founder of The Pepper Foundation, tells iHeartDogs. “This made me laugh knowing she was only 2.2 pounds and hardly had any teeth in her mouth.”

Image Source: The Pepper Foundation


Nonetheless, that label — whether earned or not — might have spelled a death sentence for Zoey, who already wasn’t exactly everyone’s idea of the ideal adoption dog.

Those missing teeth made it hard for her to keep her tongue in her mouth. And Zoey suffered from a growth on her belly called inguinal hernia.

But even an underdog can have her day. For Zoey it came when a friend of Chadwick’s met her during a visit to the shelter.

“They reached out to us The Pepper Foundation knowing we love the little old seniors and asked if we could take her into our rescue,” Chadwick recalls. “We said, ‘Absolutely yes.’”

Last week, the organization made it official: Zoey was out of there.

Image Source: The Pepper Foundation


“She will be getting vetted today for blood work, x-rays, urine, the works,” Chadwick says, “She does have an inguinal hernia which will need to be repaired, but we first have to make sure she is healthy enough to undergo surgery.”

But no one’s betting against this ultimate underdog. In fact, she’s already got a waiting list of people hoping to give her a forever home.

And those behavior issues?

Image Source: The Pepper Foundation


“She is the sweetest thing ever and has not shown any aggression to her foster mom,” Chadwick said. “She is the tiniest of little angels, loves to cuddle and gives kisses to her foster mom.”

You can follow Zoey’s progress on The Pepper Foundation’s Facebook page.

Written by Christian Cotroneo
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