Watch This ‘Udderly’ Adorable Little Calf & Her Human Friend Get Silly Together

Oh. My. Goodness. Do you need to see something totally adorable to banish a bad ‘moood’ and brighten your day? We’ve got you covered with this sweet little calf who loves her human friend and wants to give him snuggles every chance she gets!

And when Dave comes to play with baby cow Hope, she can’t help jumping for joy and making the cutest noises. Just wait until you see the cow cuteness with your own eyes! You’ll have a whole new appreciation for the cattle kind! How can you not after witnessing the depth of this little darling’s heart?


Hope and Dave: BFFs

Hope the calf is only ten days old, but she’s already living the good life on her Millbrook, Ontario, farm. Born to mama cow Fiona, Hope arrived on a warm day with the sun smiling down and the green, green grass serving as her cradle. And now that she’s got her legs steady beneath her, this cutie calf has already made a friend who brings her treats and loves to play.


Dave is quite smitten with Hope and feeds her corn when he comes to call. After the eats have been devoured, the two often begin a lively game of chase that gets Hope and Dave hopping around in the most delightful way. Hope always has such a good time that she just can’t help making the silliest cries of joy.

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But Dave and Hope aren’t the only ones having fun. Fiona and Gus, the gentle bull, revel in watching Dave and Hope enjoy their sport. And when the fun quiets down, and Dave has gotten his exercise for the day, he makes sure to give Fiona scratches and pats for being such a good mama cow. Everyone enjoys it when Dave visits!


When Dave has to go, and the cows are just being cows, they all keep to a peaceful life of grazing the lush land and sipping from the pond. Being a cow sounds pretty great! Want more cow cuteness? Hoof on over and check out Excited Golden Retriever Licks The Face Of His Best Cow Friend!

And here’s a question for you; what happens when a cow laughs? Milk comes out of its nose! Now, watch Hope and Dave get ‘udderly’ silly together in this cute video:

Feature Image: Rumble Viral/YouTube

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