Fearful Beagle Used For Lab Testing Falls In Love With His Rescuer

A Beagle named Uno started his life at a breeding facility alongside thousands of other Beagles. The facility bred the dogs for lab testing, so many of them had never experienced love or seen the outside world.

Luckily, 4,000 Beagles escaped the horrific facility with the help of dog rescuers. Uno was one of the first dogs saved, and he was also one of the most nervous. He was hesitant to trust humans, but his rescuer eventually won him over and welcomed him into a family. Now, Uno couldn’t be happier!

Beagle rescued from lab

From Lab to Loving Home

John Ramer from Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Wyoming was one of the dog lovers who helped save 4,000 dogs from the lab’s breeding facility. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) asked them and several other organizations to help save the dogs from the Envigo Breeding Facility.

Kindness Ranch took in hundreds of the Beagles, and Uno was on their first transport. At first, Uno was loud and very stressed, so Ramer separated him from the other Beagles. Uno didn’t trust humans, but Ramer would sit with him in his kennel to gain the pup’s trust.

Beagle at Kindness Ranch

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Uno had never seen grass before, so Ramer took him out in a fenced-in area to let the pup run around. The Beagle seemed thrilled by the green grass around him, and his personality began to shine through. Eventually, Uno felt safe around Ramer.

“He came running up to me and let me pick him up, and he was still smiling when I picked him up,” Ramer said. “That just made my heart melt.”

Man holding happy Beagle

Uno Embraces His New Life!

Ramer didn’t intend to adopt any of the Beagles, but Uno quickly stole his heart. So, he knew the pup had to become an official family member. In his new home, Uno has a Beagle sister named Cammie who he loves more than anything.

There are still triggers, such as loud noises, that cause anxiety for Uno, but he has made incredible improvements since his adoption. He’s now very playful with other dogs and loves chasing a remote control car around the yard. He stays by Ramer’s side as much as possible because he loves to help out as needed.

Adorable Beagle siblings

“He finds joy in absolutely every moment,” Ramer said. “There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for him.”

Uno’s actions show that he feels safe around his humans. He asks for belly rubs, jumps into bed with Ramer, and stays put when he’s told. Ramer jokes that Uno is the son he always wanted since all his human children are girls.

Watch Uno’s Journey Here:

Featured Image: Facebook and YouTube

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