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URGENT: PetSmart & Companion Dog Food Recalls – MUST READ

Two major pet food companies have recalled cans of dog food due to possible metal contamination. The first is PetSmart’s Grreat Choice brand, with the contamination being confirmed in one batch only of Grreat Choice Adult Dog Food- With Chicken and Rice Classic Ground. The next is Companion Canned Dog Food of Giant Stores. There are three varieties that have confirmed metal contamination: Companion Dog Food with Chicken and Rice, Companion Dog Food with Chicken, Lamb and Rice and Companion Dog Food with Turkey and Bacon.

Although we can’t say for sure that any pets have suffered from ingesting these foods, we do know that anyone feeding them should stop immediately, especially if they are related to the batches that were affected. PetSmart is urging customers to bring the cans back to the store, stating, “Please stop feeding this product to your pet and bring any remaining cans affected by this recall to your nearest PetSmart for a full refund. We recommend the other varieties of Grreat Choice canned dog foods as alternate options until this product is once again available.” Giant Food Stores is also suggesting customers bring the food back for refunds.

Image source: PetSmart

According to, both of these foods are manufactured by the same white label facilities, therefore linking the two contaminations. The batches affected are as follows:

  • PetSmart Grreat Choice Adult Dog Food- With Chicken and Rice Classic Ground, UPC 7-3725726116-7, Best By 8/5/2019, Lot 1759338
  • Companion Dog Food with Chicken and Rice, UPC 68826707501, Best By 8/5/2019
  • Companion Dog Food with Chicken, Lamb and Rice, UPC 68826700360, Best By 8/5/2019
  • Companion Dog Food with Turkey and Bacon, UPC 68826700356, Best By 8/5/2019

It’s important to keep updated on the food and treats you feed your dog. Thankfully no reports of harm have been made and we certainly hope it stays that way.

Cover photo: Mike Mozart

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Written by Katie Finlay
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