Van Gogh The One-Eared Dog Gets A $10,000 Bid For His Rendition Of “Starry Night”

Do you remember Van Gogh, the handsome Boxer-Pitbull mix with only one ear, who painted his way into the internet’s hearts?

After taking a short break, the cuddly canine is back, making gorgeous works of art. To celebrate both his and the human Van Gogh’s birthdays, the shelter that saved him is hosting another online art auction. And while they had anticipated his work would likely sell out and they would raise some money for their organization, they certainly didn’t expect a single bid to be in the thousands!

Van Goh Paint
Happily Forever Rescue

Van Gogh found a fabulous forever home with Jessica Starowitz, a volunteer with Happily Furever After Rescue. Then, after his painting video went viral, he was commissioned to complete 100 works of art. All the money he made benefited the rescue that saved him, and then the senior pup took a tiny hiatus. 

But now, to celebrate both his eighth birthday and the human Van Gogh’s 170th birthday, the amazing artist is back to business. He’s creating incredible paintings to benefit an equally amazing cause. Van Gogh gets to lick some tasty peanut butter, and we get to enjoy his art; it’s a win-win! 

Happily, Furever After Rescue is hosting another online silent art auction, this time featuring 10 of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings throughout history. This includes “Starry Night,” “Self Portrait,” and “Sunflowers.” Each painting comes with a signed paw print from Van Gogh, the dog. 

Starry Night
Provided By Pedigree

Already, there has been an incredibly impressive offer for Van Gogh’s recreation of “Starry Night.” (The same painting from the video that went viral and made him famous!)

The PEDIGREE brand has bid $10,000 for it! This makes it one of the most expensive pieces of artwork ever created by a dog.

The PEDIGREE Brand and PEDIGREE Foundation is committed to ending pet homelessness, and the $10,000 bid will support Happily Furever After Rescue as the organization aims to help the dogs they support find their forever homes,” explained Pedigree. 

The online auction began on March 3rd (dog Van Gogh’s birthday) and will last until March 30 (Van Gogh the human’s birthday). All proceeds raised during the online silent art auction will directly benefit Happily Furever After Rescue. 

“The funds will help support many of the medical cases that we take in,” said Jaclyn Gartner, founder, and president of Happily Furever After Rescue.

That money will go a long way to helping animals in need. You can pursue the paintings, or make a bid, by checking out their website.

Happy eighth Birthday, Van Gogh! We’re so glad you’ve had such a happy ending after enduring so much.

Featured Image: Happily Forever Rescue 

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