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VIDEO: Terrified Puppy Learns to Love Human Touch Again

Unfortunately, some of the world’s public pounds are not the most hospitable spaces for abandoned animals. They are often underfunded and over-crowded. One small dog in a Romanian pound did not receive the attention she needed to thrive.

Minna terrified pup
​Source: Howl of a Dog YouTube​

A dog in need of attention

An animal rescue organization found Minna, a small, black mixed breed dog, in a Romanian pound. Howl of a Dog immediately recognized a dog in need. Minna cowered in a corner of her pen, shaking with fear. The group collected the dog and took her away for rehabilitation.

Minna was emaciated, malnourished, anemic and had mange, a highly contagious skin disease. She was emotionally traumatized, too. Whenever someone tried to touch her, Minna shook with fear.  It took almost a week for Minna to accept human touch.

Minna terrified pup gets a belly rub
​Source: Howl of a Dog YouTube​

Dog reborn

Minna received medical and emotional care. Soon she began to seek out human affection. In fact, she discovered a love of belly rubs. Howl of a Dog workers eagerly obliged Minna’s new requests. Also, she nearly doubled her weight and found a love of toys. And Minna started playing with her shelter peers.

Soon, Minna healed. She was ready for adoption. Howl of a Dog found her a forever home in Germany! It is truly beautiful to see Minna blossom from a scared creature into a joyful, confident dog. Watch her story in the video below.

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Featured Image Howl of a Dog YouTube

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Written by Samantha H
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