10,265,982 meals donated to animal shelters
$30,243 disaster relief funds raised
45,803 rescue miles funded
75,995 toys donated
$179,371 funded for service dogs

The pet brand
that inspires change.

Get customers involved and keep them coming back.

During the explosive growth of the brand in the last few years, we have learned that our customers value quality products with a purpose. Many polls and studies confirm that this “give-back” shopping philosophy IS the new generation of consumerism. iHeartDogs is the established “give-back” brand for the pet industry. As a retailer, you get to incorporate this powerful and proven concept when you offer the iHeartDogs line to your patrons.

Meals donated to animal shelters.
Toys Donated for Shelter Dogs.
Donated to Provide U.S. Veterans with Service Dogs.
Miles of Transportation from Kill Shelters.
Donated for K9 Body Armor.
Donated to Rebuild Shelters.

iHeartDogs customers are SO loyal, they are getting the logo tattooed on them….

For the iHeartDogs pet brand, customers are more than buyers. They're enthusiastic, loyal, lifetime supporters of our cause. They are believers. Believers in better products that also make an impact. Believers in a movement that is bigger than themselves. When is the last time you heard of a pet brand with loyal customers getting the brand's logo tattooed on their own body? For iHeartDogs, this is common.

It’s a Community...

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I am proud to sell iHeartDogs in my store! I love the cause and am surrounded by dog crazy employees and customers!”

Simply Primitive, Wholesale Customer

“This is a wonderful store filled with love and community feel. Just bought my pup some wonderful chewable pills for her joints and a few beautiful wine glasses for me. So thrilled to be supporting this wonderful cause and join the IHeartDogs community”

Simone, iHeartDogs Customer