Street Puppy On Busy Road Revels In His Rescue By Cheering Himself On

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 7, 2023

A “tiny brown thing” was spotted by Prue, with Mission Paws’ible, on the side of the road. Cars whizzed past the puppy, but no one stopped to help him. His rescue was urgent! He was so close to the busy road that getting hit by a car was inevitable.


Prue carefully chased after the pup. He finally cornered himself up against the steps of a building. The experienced rescuer knew her best bet was to desensitize the dog so that he didn’t bolt when Prue came closer. She made “soft sounds” and waved packets of food near him.


In time, the rescuer put her hand out, and he ate from her palm. She then calmly pet the dog. This was the turning point! It was now or never! She grabbed a towel and wrapped him up. It was a miracle! The puppy was now safely in her arms. Prue took the puppy back to the rescue center, and by morning, he had changed into an entirely different dog.

Just wait until you see how the rescued pup celebrates his new life! It’s beyond precious! His story is far from over. Check out the little dog, now named Willis, go from street dog to a bouncing puppy in the video below.

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