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Wisconsin Sheriff Adopts Pup For Man Who Tragically Lost His Dog


Just one month ago on March 7, 2017, Mr. Carpenter was walking his two dogs in a Wisconsin field. The 78-year-old man was enjoying his time outdoors with his pups when he heard a gunshot nearby. With his dogs running only 100 yards away, he called them back instantly. Unfortunately, only one returned. Antone, a blue heeler mix, was soon found deceased in the field with a gunshot wound to his head. According to the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office, “The dog had been shot in the head by what is believed to be a rifle round, which was instantly fatal […] The [man] and his dogs had permission to be in this field. Trespassing is not an issue here.” The Sheriff’s Office is asking for anyone to come forward with any information about the unidentified gunman in this devastating tragedy.

Needless to say, Mr. Carpenter has suffered a shocking and terrible loss. Many good neighbors have stepped forward to help Mr. Carpenter during this difficult time, but he had asked Sheriff Matz for help finding a new canine companion. Sheriff Matz went above and beyond the call of duty, making it his personal mission to find a new dog that would match Mr. Carpenter perfectly. “After searching long and hard for just the right fit, the Sheriff picked up Lovebug last night from a rescue in southern Wisconsin,” said the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook post, which included pics of both Matz and Carpenter posing with the new pup. “They got home late, so Lovebug spent the night at the Sheriff’s house … But Lovebug was promptly delivered this morning to Mr. Carpenter.”

Although Sheriff Matz knows that Lovebug won’t replace Antone, he believes that the new pup will help ease the pain and suffering Mr. Carpenter is experiencing. In an email interview with People, he said adopting Lovebug and covering all of the fees was the right thing to do. We certainly hope that Mr. Carpenter does find justice for Antone and that Lovebug helps make this time a little more bearable. Sheriff Matz has truly done an excellent job serving his community, because we know that Mr. Carpenter needed help now more than ever.

According to the Winnebago Sheriff’s Office, if you have information for police about Antone’s death, contact Detective Jack Theyerl (Case #17-757) directly at 920- 236-7367 or email at Or, to remain anonymous, text “IGOTYA” to 27463.

Written by Katie Finlay
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