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Woman Brings Her Husky To Pick Out A Kitten And He Falls In Love

I have no idea why cartoons and TV shows continue to portray cats and dogs as natural enemies, but it needs to stop. Cat and dog friendships are the purest around, and they are plenty!

Every multi-animal parent worries their animals won’t get along. Maybe it’s because they don’t give the older sibling any input in the adoption process.

A Texas woman named Christina and her boyfriend Vincent adopted little Raven, a Tamaskan Husky, as a puppy in December, 2015. Raven became the light of their lives, but Christina still wanted a kitty to join the family.

Since adding a new member to the family would impact everyone, Christina knew she had to bring Raven to the shelter to help her make this important decision.

In an Instagram post, she described a love at first sight.

“I showed Raven 4 kittens. She instantly hit it off with this little one, so we chose him!”

The little kitty’s name is Woodhouse, and at the time he was 8-10 weeks old, just a few weeks younger than Raven!

From day one of their meeting, Raven and Woodhouse were completely inseparable. They’ve grown up together and their love has only grown stronger with them.

They’re really into spooning… and all sorts of cuddle configurations.

Christina told Love Meow that Raven and Woodhouse have somewhat of a maternal relationship.

“Raven is more of a mother figure and Woodhouse goes along with whatever she is doing.”

She’s been documenting their relationship since they were teeny babies, so there’s quite an adorable journey to scroll through.

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#tbt No idea how that was even remotely comfortable for either of them.

A post shared by Raven and Woodhouse (@raven_and_woodhouse) on

Despite the pretty big difference in their sizes, they love wrestling with each other.

These two also love to party together, and they always dress for the occasion. Usually costumed family photos are hard to get, but their Easter shoots turned out perfectly.

Just as you’d expect (or at least hope,) they do in fact have coordinated Halloween costumes every year.

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#tbt to last year's Halloween costumes #ravenandwoodhouse

A post shared by Raven and Woodhouse (@raven_and_woodhouse) on

They’re even willing to share a birthday party (after all, they’re pretty close in age!)

This adorable friendship is fun to watch from a screen, but it’s even better for Raven and Woodhouse’s parents.

“They bring a lot of joy into my life. I just recently moved nine hours away from all my family so having these two has definitely helped.”

The latest addition to the crew is an adorable [human] baby. Raven didn’t get to consult on this one, but it seems like it’s working out great for the whole family.

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Aaaand my heart just exploded. So happy I caught that on video.

A post shared by Raven and Woodhouse (@raven_and_woodhouse) on

Seriously, if they had a sitcom I would watch every episode in an unhealthy amount of time.

If you’re a dog parent thinking about adopting a kitten, don’t forget to bring your pup with you to make this important decision. And always trust their instincts. Dogs are great judges of character!

H/T: JustSomething, Love Meow

FEATURED IMAGE: @Raven_And_Woodhouse/Instagram

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Written by Michelle Spies
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