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Woman Goes On Vacation And Comes Home With The Best Souvenir Ever

German native Emmy Karnot went to vacation in the Philippines, and extended her six-week holiday into a three-month stay.

As much as she may have enjoyed that extra time in paradise, Karnot’s extra-long visit was for one specific reason: to get everything in order to rescue a stray puppy named Buddy!

Posted by Emmy Karnót on Sunday, March 22, 2015


Karnot described on her Facebook page how getting her new friend across the border was a long and pricey legal process, and at times, she almost wanted to give up. But her persistsence paid off. “I couldn’t leave him behind me–I love this little guy so much,” she posted of her new best friend.


Karnot first saw the stray under an old police car. An officer was playing with him, then picked him up and gave him to her as a birthday present. Karnot noted on a post that she was hesitant to accept the dog, as she didn’t want to make a mistake while caring for him. But she figured she’d be able to give him a better life than if he were left roaming the streets.

Sogar im Schlaf happy

Posted by Emmy Karnót on Sunday, August 2, 2015


Now safe and happy together in Germany, it looks like Karnot made the right decision! Plus, a souvenir puppy is a lot more exciting than the old shot glass and keychain routine.

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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