• 5 Ingredients You NEVER Want to Find in Your Dog’s Food

    Think back to your last trip to your grocery store. Did you pick up an item, turn it around and read the label?  Now, think about to your last trip to your pet store. Did you read that label?  Are you able to identify the ingredients that are healthy and the ones that are not?

    Dog food ingredients

    Do you know what is in your dog’s food?

    Do you have your dog’s food label in front of you?  If not, bookmark this page for future reference to cross check the ingredients within your dog’s food.  We’re going to break down five ingredients that if found on the label, you should avoid purchasing:

    •  Ethoxyquin Ethoxyquin is commonly found in most dog foods, as this is used as a preservative. Does anyone know what this product was developed for?  Herbicide! As awareness has increased around increasing quality care for our dogs, veterinarians began noticing that ethoxyquin is often associated with the development of kidney and liver damage, cancer (liver, spleen, stomach, skin), immune deficiency syndrome, blindness, and leukemia.
    • Propylene Glycol  If you know anything about auto care products, you may have immediately recognized this. Yes, this is found in anti-freeze! This product in placed in dog food to help reduce moisture and prevent bacteria growth. Your dog needs what is called intestinal bacteria to help absorb and digest the food. Since this ingredient decreases bacteria growth, it also reduces  the “good” growth that is need.  Additionally, it reduces moisture that is needed to aid in digestion.  As a result, some dogs may develop cancerous lesions within their intestines or develop intestinal blockage.
    • BHT/BHA Butylated-hydroxyanisole (BHA) or butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) both are equally potent and dangerous for your pet. In fact, these two are often found in our food too.  BHA is another preservative and is often responsible for kidney damage. BHT, even more potent than BHA, is used to help reduce food spoiling. BHT has been directly linked with cancer for both dogs and humans.
    • Corn Syrup/Corn Corn syrup is sugar often used to help “sweeten” your dog’s palate. Too much sugar over time will lead to weight gain, diabetes, hyperactivity, and even a change in mental behavior.  Corn, a very inexpensive filler, over time may develop mold or fungus; in turn, may result in death.

      Dog food ingredient to avoid corn

      Both corn and corn syrup are unhealthy for dogs

    • “By Product” This could be either chicken, lamb, beef, fish, turkey and so on.  “By product” are the internal remains of an animal, not including the muscle meat.  Often times, this will include diseased tissues, organs and tumors.

    There are so many ingredients that need to be reviewed thoroughly, the list is exhaustive and keeps growing daily.  As a concerned parent what can you do?  The best action to take is to begin with research and reading your dog’s food labels.  What are the first five ingredients listed?  Any of the above? Also, do not overlook your dog’s treats!

    If you’re not certain where to begin, this site offers excellent reviews on all dog food products.  How does your product rank?  Often cost may be the inhibitor in buying quality, natural dog food; if that is the case, the higher the quality, the less that is needed to feed. Another option, why not cook for your dogs?  Or, give raw carrots or green beans as a treat?  My dogs love carrots, to the point where I need to purchase their own supply and my own!

    Have you recently changed your dog’s diet to be more natural?  Have you seen improvement in their health or behavior? Leave a comment below!


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    Based in San Jose, Calif., animal lover Kelly Preston is an award winning author of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper, a book in which she talks about her experiences and adventures with her special needs dogs and the life lessons they have taught – how she has learned and grown from them and they have learned and grown from her. Preston also produces Mr.MaGoo’s Corner, a free monthly dog-focused newsletter that features a reader of the month, birthday announcements, green pet tips, organic dog recipes and more. Kelly Preston also published a children’s picture and coloring book, Mister Spunky and His Friends; a book to teach children about love, friendship and helping others with special needs.

    • Solice Walker

      Ive always fed my cats & dogs ims but they eat blue buffalo.Its the best.all natural stuff.

      • doximom

        There have been recalls on it as well…..

        • Solice Walker

          I havent heard about it.Which ones i feed mine the grain free.

    • JustMyOpinion

      Most of the food sold in supermarkets are garbage. Iams is one of the worse. And people think Science Diet is good b/c it is sold in Veterinarians offices but the vet get paid for promoting it. And their money comes from unhealthy pets so, beware! I use Solid Gold or Taste of the Wild kibble with some raw food or green tripe mixed in. If my dog had his way, he would canned cat food. The fishier the better! YUCK!

      • Sarah

        I’ve been a vet tech for 15 years, and I’m sick of people saying that vets are paid by certain companies to promote their food! That’s BS (at least in the clinics where I’ve worked). Most vets actually CARE about your pets and WANT them to be healthy! We’re not all crooks, and people are getting bad information from sources like this. Don’t you think that these expensive dog food companies are putting a bunch of rubbish in consumers’ minds so they rush out to buy their food? Of course!! Did you know that AAFCO does not define “Holistic” dog food, so anybody could put “Holistic” on their label and have no problem passing it with AAFCO? And food allergies are mostly caused by the MEAT product, not corn or grain. Quit throwing vets under the bus and maybe take their advice some time! I see more health issues with pets on home-made and raw diets now then ever on Purina or Science Diet. And whoever decided that cats should be vegans is a moron…! Oh, btw – I’ve also seen more food recalls by the more expensive “all natural” (do you even know what that means in dog food???) than with the brands you all seem to want to bash. I have my pets on Science Diet and I have never had any issues with them. To each their own, but quit projecting that the more expensive foods, home-made diets (which are lacking the balance in nutrients that is crucial), and raw diets (can you say hello salmonella and pancreatitis?) are so much better than regular dog foods, and QUIT SAYING THAT THE VET PROFESSIONALS ARE BEING PAID TO ENDORSE FOODS BECAUSE IT’S NOT TRUE!! Such ignorance….

        • JustMyOpinion

          Why are you so angry? So your saying that vets don’t make a profit off of the stuff they sell in their offices? Really? And I buy my raw food, I don’t make my own b/c I want to be sure my dog gets the nutrients he needs. So I really don’t understand where your anger is coming from. And I now go to a Holistic vet and my dog has a Titer test done to see what vaccinations are needed instead of shooting him up with toxins that he already has enough of to protect him. I may pay a little bit more but I don’t think I would ever go back to a conventional vet. You do see what my posting moniker is. It is JUST MY OPINION. Take a breath and try to have a nice day.

          • Sarah

            I never said vets don’t make profit off what they sell, but how are we supposed to make money from food that we recommend to people when they have to go to a pet store to buy it??? We only carry prescription dog food and use it appropriately. And if people want to buy that elsewhere, we are happy to write prescriptions for it. Pet stores make profit off the expensive foods, too. They have 15 year olds telling you to sell the expensive stuff because they make more money that way. A good vet will recommend a food based on the need of each individual animal, and Science Diet is one that is usually recommended because you don’t need a second mortgage to afford it, and it’s better than grocery store brands. Every dog is different, and like I said, to each their own. But consumers are ignorant when it comes to dog foods, and many of these expensive foods are worse than SD and other “lower” brands. We only vaccinate every 3 years at my place, and encourage titer testing for people who can afford it. I only get angry because I am constantly having to TRY to educate clients at work who have found info about what is wrong with their dogs and how to treat them through forums like this. One is convinced her cats need to be vegan, and we are having to watch her slowing kill them with that diet. And when we try to tell these people the truth about dog diets, they automatically jump to us trying to make their dogs sick for our own gain. It’s heartbreaking and very very frustrating. So much better to believe your teenager at PetsMart and backyard breeder over your vet with 8 plus years of education and years of experience. Makes total sense.

            • JustMyOpinion

              I was not educated by a teenager. I’m a big girl and did my own research. An it wasn’t from a forum where people spout off garbage for their own reasons so you can save your breath and redirect somewhere else b/c it is wasted on people who are intelligent and will do the proper research in the care of their pets. I was also a vet tech’s assistant so I didn’t just hear somewhere what to feed my animals. As for your client feeding her cat like its a rabbit, I would think that it would be your moral and professional obligation to report that to the proper authorities as abuse and/or neglect and get the cat into an appropriate home. But that would be one less client and once the cats organs start to shutdown, that gets real expensive, real quick so thats more money and needless suffering by a defenseless creature. An ethical person with integrity would call the authorities instead of wasting time on here. Put your concern for the cat into action then maybe people will hear what you have to say. Until then, it won’t happen and only you will know if you did the right thing in the end. Good luck.

            • Mystral

              What some one decides to feed their animal -appropriate or not- is not considered animal abuse or neglect; as long as what they’re feeding it is not causing it to loose a lot of weight and is not spoiled or molded. No authorities would do anything about that and be rather cross at one for wasting their time.

            • JustMyOpinion

              Not getting the proper nutrients and protein would cause health issues. It is most likely losing weight and probably hair. Sarah said that the owners are slowly killing their cat and I assume that she has access to the medical records for the cat since she stated that she is a vet tech. They are the ones who do most of the work in an vet’s office and put most of the notes in a case file. The Dr. diagnoses the problem and the tech’s are the ones who carry out what is to be done. When I worked at a vet’s office a Old English sheepdog came in with tar burns all over his underside. The idiot owner thought that the dog would be cooler on a tar roof of a building in 90 degree weather. The poor dog had gotten stuck to the roof like fly paper. Including his testicles. My office took action and he was reported to the authorities. The dog was eventually returned to the owner with oversight by the ASPCA or the Humane Society (I forget which one). Home visits were done and health records had to be reviewed by them for a period of time. The owner was also educated on the proper care of his animal, which he was thankful for. He remained a client with the office after that. So that is why it should be reported. It is neglect before the owner was informed by the vet of what they are doing wrong and it is neglect AND abuse after they have been informe they are harming their pets life.

            • http://www.facebook.com/Sandyjohn57 Sandra Johnson

              When you love your pet and care for them you don’t worry about things like that. Would you eat food you know would make you sick enough to die ?

            • BIG AL

              “Excuse me Mr. Policeman. Those people over there feed their cat vegetables.”

              No, that wouldn’t be dumb at all.

            • Lisa

              Cats are obligate carnivores. They cannot eat vegitarian diets. You actually are killing your cat by doing this. Sarah is correct.

            • http://www.facebook.com/Sandyjohn57 Sandra Johnson

              There is nothing wrong with making a profit .
              However when you are misleading people and they or their animals suffer . You are going against Talmud G-ds law and human laws .
              You are putting a stumbling block before the blind .Then you are giving out fraudulent information to make money ! Not such a good thing to do either way !

        • Lokidog34

          I can’t even count the lies you just posted!

          • Scott Richard Robitaille Campb

            I feed my English Bulldog Blue Buffalo Salmon and Sweet Potato or Fish and Sweet Potato. Bulldogs are known for food allergies and she is doing very well on this food. I give her a cooked steak, fish and veggies sometimes as well and I have no problems with her now. In the beginning when she was young she had sores from a food I fed her then swithched. I have done a lot investigating and I tried Nutro but she didn’t take to that as well.

            • Brandi Acison

              Have you ever researched what those ingredients after all the ‘happy yummy foods’ are? 1.) Taurine, or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is an organic acid widely distributed in animal tissues. It is a major constituent of bile and can be found in the large intestine, and accounts for up to 0.1% of total human body weight. 2.) Alfalfa Meal which is an all natural fertilizer made from fermented alfalfa plants. 3.) Chondroitin sulfate is a sulfated glycosaminoglycan composed of a chain of alternating sugars. It is usually found attached to proteins as part of a proteoglycan. 4.) Hydrochloride which is a salt, especially of an alkaloid, formed by the direct union of hydrochloric acid with an organic base that makes the organic constituent more soluble. (any ingredient that says Chloride in it is a salt.) 5.) Copper sulfate is a blue crystalline solid used in electroplating and as a fungicide

        • http://www.facebook.com/Sandyjohn57 Sandra Johnson

          Thanks that is what my vet said .

      • Ann Shirley

        you are so right, if you dog has ALLERGIES Stay Far Away From Science Diet Wet or Dry Food, Science Diet is in Veterinarians offices because they make money on every bag they sell,



      • Ann Shirley

        don’t give your pet to much rice, After time {Years} your dog can go Blind from rice.

      • Cindy Pina

        I like what you do , I also give my dogs yogurt and sometimes cottage cheese along with their home made dog food.

    • Sue Parisi

      I feed my dog Eukanuba. He is a little guy 6lbs.
      And he well not eat very well for me.
      what should I feed him now is a little York

      • JustMyOpinion

        Eukanuba and Iams just issued a recall the other day! Neither one of those foods are much good. In my opinion. Please check the list to make sure your dog isn’t eating it. Salmonella!! And at 6lbs he can’t afford to get diarrhea and vomiting issues, not to mention the risk you take getting it from contact with his food.

      • JustMyOpinion

        The list of the recalls is provided in a link at the bottom of these comments, I noticed it after I left my other comment. Good luck. Solid Gold sells a kibble for little dogs. They also have canned food. My dog does well on it and it has good ingredients, and it has never been recalled(I’ve been using it for 3 years).

        • Allison Richards

          Actually there was a recall/stop in production of solid gold earlier this early or late last year. I only know since that’s the only thing that works for my GSD and I needed to find a new brand while it wasn’t being produced.

          • Ariana

            Solid gold stopped making food?

            • Ally Richards

              Yeah there was a recall/stop in production due to salmonella contamination, its fixed now.

        • ssweetlady

          what kinda canned food you get for you’re dog ?

          • JustMyOpinion

            Solid Gold. Or I mix in a few spoons of meat baby food. Human baby. He also gets raw beef with the bone. good for cleaning his teeth.

            • MD

              Be careful feeding baby food, as many have added onion or garlic powder (sometimes just referred to as “spices” on the label), both terrible for dogs.

      • Brandi Nicole White

        Try Victor or Purina One Beyond. My dogs (all small) love both.

        • http://www.etsy.com/shop/RockyMTNsteeze Miltapher

          Purina sucks.

        • Beverly Robb

          My dogs LOVED beneful too. But their livers, kidneys and guts didn’t love the propylene glycol. Now I have very sick kids.

      • Rick Cromer

        try taste of the wild, purina one beyond was just recalled!!!!!

      • Dr. Macdonald

        if price isnt a problem, i would recommend feeding Acana, Orijen or Now! Although the price is higher you feed less, so in the end you get more for your dollar. You would feed about 1/2 of what you would regularly on Eukanuba. It does depend on the activity level and other info about your pet as well, the foods i recommended are Grain Free, Human Grade Ingredients, Organic/Free Range and The first ingredients on the list is meat, veggies and fruits!

    • doximom

      I look carefully at ingredients so that my dachshunds are getting the best there is. I have found that with Flint River Ranch. They’ve been getting that for awhile now, love it, and are healthy and happy. (You can Google it and order it online, free shipping to your home).

    • Cynthia Mallory

      I have a Doxie named Daisy and she has flea allergies and a friend of mine told me not to feed her anything with beef in it cause beef has stearic acid in it and it irritate her more so feed her a chicken and rice formula or lamb and rice so we looked around and got Rachel Rays Nutrich Chicken and vegetable formula it seems to look pretty naturral so we,ll see what happens

      • Rick Cromer

        i feed my min. doxie taste of the wild. she loves it!!!

      • Cynthia Mallory

        I finally found a food she,ll eat and it seams to have decent ingredients in it too . Its Rachael Ray Nutriish Chicken and vegetables She loves it

      • Emily Craig

        You can get her tested for food allergies. Two ways are pretty inexpensive, the RAST test which is a blood test at your Vet and the other is a Food Sensitivity test done by DR. Dodds (just google it). I did it for one of mine years ago and it was the best thing I ever did for him. You can also go to an allergist but that is very expensive.

    • Robert Jowett

      don’t know about yankee doodle dandy land but here in blighty our pet food is also fit for human consumption if not its not sold.

    • Angie

      My dogs had horrible allergies. Now I feed them raw beef, chicken, pork, liver, etc. They LOVE it and are way better than before. And I used to feed expensive designer kibble. Its all crap.

    • Andrew Morgan

      What’s really sad is most human food contains these ingredients or there variations, I thought my dog had food allergies tryed every food out there even coooking for him (I am a certified chef) he keepet itching found out he’s allergic to cats. I’m sure glad pet smart and most pet stores have guaranties and the ones that didn’t I gave to animal shelters. My rule is no human or dog food is if I don’t know what it is or how to pronounce it don’t get it. And if I do know what it is and its bad don’t get it. Some big food ccompanies do provide really good food.

    • Rob Saunders

      I think what everyone is saying is that they want their Angels to be safe by eating safe foods. I recently lost one dog and 2 more ended up in the hospital after eating a new bag of Nutro Ultra dog food. I have used Nutro for years….no longer. My Angels are now on Science Diet that actually spends millions on feed testing. Everyone should be cautious as to what they are feeding their dogs and cats. We should share information and try not to judge others. Harsh words are NOT going to help as we all want what is best for our family members.

      • Ariana

        Science diet has polyerathing in it and plastic coating in it they don’t list it as a ingredient but its in there they just started to do that

        Look for foods that is grain free

    • Ruth Bater

      My dogs fed on meat and wholemeal biscuit lived years longer than the ones fed on so called quality dog food.!7 years plus on real food and 10 to 12 fed on dog food.All those recalls show how bad quality control is.Human food is as bad we don’t really know whats in that.so dog food is going to be even worse.

    • ShellySyris22

      My Rottie has been eating raw meat & veggies for almost 5yrs now- I will never go back to commercial dog food! They are all full of poision!

    • Cindy Pina

      I make my own dog food which consists of chicken, carrots & brown rice cooked in chicken broth.
      . They also get a canned food called Daves, and a supplement in the food. They’re also given veggies . I also make my own cookies which are made with oatmeal & pumpkin& carrots, they know when it’s 6:00 because it’s time for cookies and they “dance” around until they can have a cookie. If I hear of any more recalls I will stick strictly with my home made food because they love it. I also give my dogs yogurt and cottage cheese on occasion. low fat of course. I also give my dogs hamburger & rice on occasion. Variety can be good sometimes.

    • Emily Craig

      Talk about food and you there are always strong opinions. Before you judge the Veterinary Prescription diets, feel free to get a degree in Veterinary Medicine first. If you really think that “Dog Food Adviser” or other sites like it are the ultimate authority, you are wrong. Just as one poster said, the large food companies spend millions on testing and safety. The smaller companies with the so called “high end” food do not have the resources to adequately test for contamination. This is why so many of them have had recalls since 2007. Any company having a recall since then should be dead to you. The two I hear recommended most often are Blue Buffalo and Wellness, both of which have had several recalls since the nightmares of 2007. This proves their inability to adequately test. The prescription diets can produce miracles in healing. I have seen so many jump on the bandwagon against veterinary diets and watched their pets suffer for it. Do you really think those small specialty dog food companies are not making money? Well yes they are and they are selling you food based on fear and NOT science.

      • http://www.etsy.com/shop/RockyMTNsteeze Miltapher

        My dog is very healthy and eats food from one of the smaller companies. They have had recalls, so has Science Diet. The proof my choice is the right one is proven when people are shocked at my dog’s age. This is a very fit senior dog. He gets called a puppy all the time.

        • Emily Craig

          I like the way you think. You do what is right for your dog. You know by the energy and skin and coat…..I agree.

    • Shaun Gereghty

      I agree with everything but by-product. If you’re using high quality foods the by product is usually organ meat and cartilage. Foods like orijen and acana list the by products by what they are and not the generalized terminology.

      • Anne

        Whats wrong with organs and cartilage for a dog? Wild meat eaters eat this? However I agree with your statement that by-products as main meat source (feathers and lack of good quality muscle) should be avoided. However brands like RC, TOTW and other premium brands do not use this anyway.

    • Donna Clemons

      All natural dog foods make my dogs vomit. They have weak stomachs. Unable to eat organic and natural foods. Vet has no idea. Tried many different brands. Natural Choice,Blue Buffalo,PurinaNatual. Many more. Get nausea. Any ideas.

      • http://www.etsy.com/shop/RockyMTNsteeze Miltapher

        Do you suddenly change to these foods, or do you gradually mix in the new food with the old? Many people compleatly run out of dog food and buy a different bag. The dogs are use to eating the old food and the new food makes them sick. If you suddenly change to a new food, it will make many dogs sick.

        The food is often blamed.

    • http://www.yourpetclip.com/ Mike Asara

      Is feeding your dog raw beef, chicken, pork, liver, good for them ? In regards to the first comment.

      • Ariana

        People reported good results after switching to raw as long you switch a kibble eater to wet slowly first tell no more kibble then start adding small amounts of raw in the wet but do it slowly add more raw less wet tell wet is gone

    • A.j. Dove
    • Hanna

      Has anyone anything good to say about Royal Canin?

      As for all the re-calls, if I understand correctly, even human food gets recalls. We can’t protect our animals any better than if we make informed educated choices such as those we make for ourselves. Nothing in this life is 100%. Gosh, there are a lot of angry peeps here. We need to all calm down and do what we think is best for our pets.
      If a mother decides not to feed her child meat, I don’t think we can, yet, march into her house and take her child. ( I’m sure with our govt , it’s coming, gawd forbid). And most dog food is better than McDonalds and we can’t go taking kids away from parents who take their kids to Mickey D’s.

      • Sarah Kelm Rossi

        I have fed my Chihuahua Royal Canin from day 1 and he is very healthy !! He weighs a perfect 5 lbs !!!!

      • http://www.etsy.com/shop/RockyMTNsteeze Miltapher

        My dog did not do well on Royal Canin. I think because it has gluten in it. He does well on grain free foods and grain inclusive foods without gluten. On Royal Canin, he farted all the time and had a bad unhealthy looking coat. I changed him to Taste of the Wild and he improved a lot. Faring went down 90 percent.

        I think Royal Canin is an ok food with a high price tag. The food I feed now is cheaper. Not all dogs are going to do as bad as mine. My friend feeds it and my dog got really sick after eating his dog’s Royal Canin. There is likely something in the food that he is intolerant to. My friend’s dog is very healthy. I think my dog is gluten intolerant. He has eaten over 8 brands with different ingredients with no gluten. None of them made him sick.

        • Hanna

          Thank you . Good to hear all the opinions. Gosh it’s so hard to know what to do for a first-time dog owner. Every food has made every dog sick at some point. Royal Canin is actually cheaper than Acana which is what I wanted to feed in the first place. I’ll check out Taste of the Wild. Thanks so much.

    • Janie Meyer Carson

      Does anybody know anything about Newman’s natural dog food?

    • sabina

      Yes I see an improvement in mood when I feed my Dog organic rice, beans and chicken, all made from scratch. That is what I eat as well. I soak the beans and rice over night and then cook them at the same time as the chicken. I break up all the beans in my hand so my dog can digest them and the chicken. I add a little olive oil at the end. He does like raw carrots.

    • Ken Hubbard Sr.

      The statement that propylene glycol is in antifreeze is incorrect. Antifreeze is ethylene glycol, and entirely different glycol. Not all glycols are harmful. It is irresponsible to post incorrect information without supportive documentation. Propylene glycol is safe for ingestion by both humans and animals. Learn some chemistry or at least fact check your posts with knowledgeable chemists, vets, or pharmacists.

      • http://www.etsy.com/shop/RockyMTNsteeze Miltapher

        The safe type of anti freeze that is non toxic is made with propylene glycol. It is used as an anti freeze. Personally I want chemists to stay away from my food.

      • Beverly Robb

        I typed in BOTH ethylene and Propylene Glycol and they are BOTH used to make ANTIFEEZE.

    • Lucia Ruocchio

      so now I am confused…My dogs eat the store brand equal to Kibbles and Bits and they like it. I would rather give them prepared meats and veggies and vitamin supplements, but my vet is adamant about giving them human food….anyone have a suggestion?

      • http://www.etsy.com/shop/RockyMTNsteeze Miltapher

        Your vet is ok with Kibbles and Bits or the store brand? Many vets oppose that type of food. Due to the added sugars and the chemicals in these types of foods, the soft kibbles are the worst you can feed your dog. They have little meat, and lots of simple carbohydrates like corn and sugars. They make many dogs fat. Stay away from Benefool, Kibbles and bits and those foods in the little baggies that come in boxes. Chemicals, sugars, and excessive grains are not good diets for dogs or people.

        http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com is a good website to check out. They rate food based on ingredients and do a good job explaining the ingredients. Home prepared diets like feeding people food can be worse than the worst dog food brands if they are not properly balanced for dogs. If you research this and find balanced recipes it’s good for them.

    • Harold Edward Vine III

      i make my own dog food. i know that everything i put in it is good for my dog. i got sick of seeing bad stuff in “good” dog food. if you want the recipie let me know, i’ll email it to you.

    • Robert Davis

      You might want to read up on Propylene Glycol before trying to scare people….. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propylene_glycol

      And by-products – when I feed my dog raw foods they eat plenty of by-products which have plenty of good nutrition in them (example – cows tongues and green tripe!).

      I don’t think you need to add sugars to foods so I agree with that.

      Corn, like any grain can get molded but as you know it is very rare this occurs as quality checks at pet food plants must check for these things. BTW the corn in dog food is field corn – much lower sugar content than potatoes and wheat. It isn’t the sweet corn humans eat.

      More information on Ethoxyquin ….. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethoxyquin

      As far as asking for feedback on dogs and more natural diets, please note that natural is a big marketing ploy for now.

      Here is the AAFCO definition: “NATURAL – A feed or ingredient derived solely from plant, animal or mined sources, either in its unprocessed state or having been subjected to physical processing, heat processing, rendering, purification extraction, hydrolysis, enzymolysis or fermentation, but not having been produced by or subject to a chemically synthetic process and not containing any additives or processing aids that are chemically synthetic except in amounts as might occur unavoidably in good manufacturing practices.”

      If you really want to get back to nature then give the whole prey diet like Dr. Tom Lonsdale has done for decades…. http://www.rawmeatybones.com …. not sure if this is what was meant by natural in the article – as the natural definition goes.

      Had many dogs growing up and they were fed Dog Chow with table scraps added…lived a long, happy and healthy life. Did a lot of playing outdoors.

      Best to everyone trying to determine was is best for their pooches. Just make sure not to let the food debate take all your time away from the good moments that can easily be missed.

    • Karen

      After reading all these comments, I still don’t know what is the best dog food to buy for my dog. I’ve also heard there are certain ingredients to stay away from but it all depends on who you talk to.

    • Claire Collins

      will never feed dried dog food again

    • misard

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    • Dr. Macdonald

      To Ms. VET TECH, I have worked in Pet Food for 10 years and am a certified pet nutritionist and certified in specialty foods. Everything that you just said is not true. Most high quality foods are now being certified by AAFCO as well as PFMA (UK Food Regulator). PFMA (UK) has alot higher standards than the USA or CANADA which is ideal for high quality pet foods. In order to be certified under PFMA the food must be consumable for humans and must be organic. Therefor their food is almost always fresh meat, organic and no added hormones. If looking for a good food check the certfication, look for de-boned meat (chicken, lamb ect..) as the first ingredient followed by either more meat, veggies or fruit. Some great food choices that are top of the line for quality, as well as Grain Free are Acana, Orijen, Now! (Petcurean), Go!, Canine Caviar, Carna4, Canisource.
      If the price is a concern but you still want a great dog food, look at options such as Natural Balance (Limited Ingredient Diet) -Great for allergies, Spring Naturals, Taste of the Wild, Canidae.

      I feed my dogs both Now! and Primal Raw food. The changes from feeding raw are amazing, My dogs never get sick, I havnt been to a vet in almost 5 years now, I am always complimented on my dogs skin, and coat. The coat is sleek, shiny and soft. There is almost no hair loss which is great because dogs usually leave our floors looking like a zoo. If you have the option i recommend raw diets over any others. Dogs are designed for raw food. NOT kibble. There jaw structure, the way that they eat and how they digest foods are all designed for raw. They do NOT chew, they dont start digestion until the stomach area unlike us as we start in the mouth with saliva. Feeding raw will stop all allergic reactions your dog has, I always have customers saying that their dogs are allergic to chicken or beef ect and when they try raw there is no reaction! Thats because it isnt the meat source it is the additives in kibble.

      Remember that animals are only allergic to either a Meat Protein or Plant Protein, when diagnosing your pets for allergies!

      Thanks, Sincerely. Dr. DK Macdonald.

      • Brandi Acison

        Oh so your aware and part take in making so called Premium, Gourmet, Organic or Natural claimed foods made with Contaminated grain middlings, Slaughterhouse waste (organs, heads, hooves, beaks, feet), Bread and cereal rejects (hulls, stalks, mill sweepings). Dying, diseased and disabled farm animals, Road kill (deer, skunks, and raccoons), Distiller fermentation waste, Euthanized cats and dogs, Restaurant grease and Dead zoo animals! That also contain ingredients like 1.) Taurine, or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is an organic acid widely distributed in animal tissues. It is a major constituent of bile and can be found in the large intestine, and accounts for up to 0.1% of total human body weight. 2.) Alfalfa Meal which is an all natural fertilizer made from fermented alfalfa plants. 3.) Chondroitin sulfate is a sulfated glycosaminoglycan composed of a chain of alternating sugars. It is usually found attached to proteins as part of a proteoglycan. 4.) Hydrochloride which is a salt, especially of an alkaloid, formed by the direct union of hydrochloric acid with an organic base that makes the organic constituent more soluble. (any ingredient that says Chloride in it is a salt.) 5.) Copper sulfate is a blue crystalline solid used in electroplating and as a fungicide.

    • Beverly Robb

      I may loose a few of my fur babies due to damage to their livers & kidney from the dog food BENEFUL. They were NEVER sick in any way until I changed them to Beneful. I changed them to Diamond Naturals. If anyone knows anything negative about that food, please let me know on my face book page. Thanks.

    • Stephen Askren

      Take note here, Propylene Glycol is not car antifreeze, but is a food additive and preservative in a lot of different types of food, even for human consumption. It is determined to be safe if eaten as intended, like many other food items, like plain sugar, if eaten in excess for a short period of time it could be harmful. Antifreeze is Ethylene Glycol.

    • Leslie Willis

      I changed my mastadors’ diet to Grain Free and have seen remarkable improvements! My big guy was dealing with a yeast overgrowth and a nasty hotspot near his tail, since changing their diet, his skin problems have become much better! My only problem is that feeding two large dogs is becoming very expensive … beginning to consider making my own food for them as I believe it would be most cost effective (a 12 lb bag of grain free is~$25 and lasts 3-4 days max) .. any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Cheers!

    • Lisa

      This is scientifically the most inaccurate post. Unless you work for the company you’re bashing, you have no room to act like you have secret insight into “unlisted” ingredients. If there were truly antifreeze in these diets, all dogs would die 100%. Antifreeze is a ruthless killer.

      This is about as ridiculous as saying rubbing alcohol and drinking alcohol are the exact same products so save yourself $20 and go buy the $0.99 Meijer rubbing alcohol and enjoy your buzz…..

      If you are concerned about your dog food, stop reading garbage like this and CALL THE COMPANY AND ASK!!! If they can’t or wont answer your questions, there is your answer. Honest companies will give you honest answers.

      Oh and I read online if you read things like this you get cancer every Tuesday. It was on the internet so it has to be true….

    • Marlene

      I have a Jack Russell terrier named Francis Frank Frankenstein Aguirre he is very rambunctious full of life, energy, playful and he’s such a loving little guy. When Frankin was a puppy he was able to eat any kind of dog food, but now he’s an old man he’s reaching 9 years old and seems to be allergic to mostly everything he eats I cant seem to pinpoint it. I know it has something to do with the rice formula s/grains, potatoes (BHA) (BTH) but almost every dog food on the market has all those ingredients my poor dog is suffering for it! He is also having digestive issues too! I just I can’t seem to find any kind of dog food that fits him! My poor guy looks so sad all the time depressed he’s a Jack Russell Terrier so he has a lot of energy but lately he hasn’t been the same I’ve been bringing him to vet after vet and all they do is give me antibiotics for him that don’t even work he’s in pain and up all night cray scratching at his ears and skin it’s so Heartbreaking cause I don’t know how to fix it! so if anybody out there with a pet that have similar problems can you please please help me out and let me know of a good dog food brand or even medication of sorts that helps with allergies for dogs I’m at a total loss my poor puppy is paying for it so heartbreaking.

    • Brandi Acison

      Yeah well be wary of Premium, Gourmet, Organic or Natural claimed foods…are simply over exaggerated. Each and every day, agricultural waste declared unfit for human consumption finds its way into commercial dog food. Perfectly legal ingredients such asSpoiled supermarket meats
      Contaminated grain middlings
      Slaughterhouse waste (organs, heads, hooves, beaks, feet)
      Bread and cereal rejects (hulls, stalks, mill sweepings)
      Dying, diseased and disabled farm animals
      Road kill (deer, skunks, and raccoons)
      Distiller fermentation waste
      Euthanized cats and dogs
      Restaurant grease
      Dead zoo animals……these are just some the ingredients used in your ORGANIC, NATURAL DOG FOODS!!!!!!!!

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