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The 8 Best Dog Foods – 2024

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on January 3, 2024

Reviewed by: Dr. Theresa Fossum

Reviewed by:

Dr. Theresa Fossum

Meet Dr. Theresa (Terry) W. Fossum, DVM, MS. Ph.D., Diplomate ACVS – a remarkable animal lover whose passion for animal care and innovative solutions has left an indelible mark on the veterinary world. As the CEO of both Phoenix Animal Wellness and Epic Veterinary Specialists, she's ensuring dogs and cats receive the highest level of care and compassion.Read more
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Searching for the best dog food to feed your pup can feel like a daunting task due to the flood of different foods on the market, but every dog parent wants what’s best for their dog. So we’ve made a list of the best dog food our doggies love to devour, and the pups have insisted we share it will all the dog parents out there! So, to make life a little easier, here are our favorite dog foods.

Best Dog Foods


  • First 5 ingredients are high-quality animal proteins
  • Ocean, Land, & Sky Recipes available in whole grain & grain-free options
  • Made In the USA with globally sourced ingredients
  • 24% - 29% crude protein, depending on the recipe
  • Every scoop supports healthy organs & a beautiful, shiny coat

Redbarn hand-selects only the healthiest ingredients to make the best dog food, so you can bet their foods are free from artificial chemicals and preservatives. Every scoop supports healthy digestion and skin while giving your dog a beautiful, shiny coat. Redbarn foods also help your pup maintain heart health. Plus, your dog will think every mealtime is a treat thanks to tasty recipes made with poultry, beef, and seafood.

Muenster Milling Co.

  • Recipes crafted with pasture-raised beef, cage-free chicken, wild-harvested elk & venison
  • Minimally processed and shelf-stable
  • Always free of artificial preservatives, binders, & fillers
  • Offers customizable dog food options
  • Sourced and cooked in Muenster, Texas

Muenster Milling Co, offers one of the best dog food options: food that’s minimally processed, shelf-stable, highly nutritious, and always free of artificial preservatives, binders & fillers. Their freeze-drying process ensures the protein, fat, and nutrients stay in, creating a tasty food full of bioavailable nutrients and vitamins derived from organ meats & organic amino acids. This nutrient-dense food option offers the choice of kibbles, meatballs, food toppers, or bites. Let your dog eat like their ancestors!

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Raised Right

  • Whole food recipes formulated by veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker
  • Variety of limited ingredient recipes that are high in protein & low in carbs
  • Made in a USDA-inspected facility with human-grade ingredients
  • Every single batch they cook is lab safety tested for pathogens
  • Offers sample boxes in addition to custom meal plans

Raised Right is a family-owned human-grade dog food company that works with veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker and pet food formulation expert Steve Brown to formulate limited-ingredient recipes that are high in protein and low in carbs. They were able to formulate their adult dog recipes to meet AAFCO’s requirements for a complete & balanced diet by using ONLY whole foods without having to add any synthetic vitamins or minerals to create the best dog food they can. All of their adult dog recipes have 10 ingredients or less, with some having as few as just 7 or 8 ingredients!

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For more great options for puppies, see our list of the 10 Best Puppy Dog Foods.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom
  • Contains no fillers, only quality proteins, veggies, vitamins, and minerals 
  • Pre-portioned meals are based on your dog’s unique dietary needs
  • Formulated by in-house Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists
  • All foods are prepared, mixed, and packed with care in USA kitchens
  • Shipped to you fresh, cold, and on your schedule

Instead of throwing all the ingredients in one giant vat that steams away so much nutritional content, Nom Nom gently cooks every meat and veggie individually. Ingredients are mixed in batches to seal in vital nutrients and maximize digestibility. Their ingredients and nutrition info are posted on their website, so you can see just what you’re feeding your dog. Nom Nom ships cold, fresh, pre-portioned meals anywhere in the lower 48 states on your schedule.

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  • Can choose from recipes or get personalized meals
  • Designed by canine nutritionists
  • Shipped to your door as often as you choose (or offered at some stores)
  • Made in open-to-the-public kitchens
  • Made with human-grade ingredients and no preservatives
  • Offers full box shipping as an environmentally-conscious option

JustFoodForDogs is one of the best fresh dog food companies for variety. They offer many unique recipes, including options for dogs with special needs, like puppies, large breed dogs, dogs with sensitive skin, and dogs that need to lose weight. They can also create a custom diet for your dog if you do a free consultation. All JustFoodForDogs products are designed by canine nutritionists. The food is made in a kitchen that’s open to the public, so curious pet parents can visit the facility to see how the food is made. In each recipe, you can see a colorful assortment of healthy ingredients, including meat and vegetables. So, you’ll never have to wonder what’s going into your dog’s tummy.

Deals and Offers: Free Shipping on Frozen Orders $99+ and Dry Goods Orders $49+

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  • Minimally processed ingredients with no added hormones or antibiotics
  • Slow-cooked at low temperatures in small batches
  • All recipes are free from corn, wheat, and soy
  • Made in US facilities from carefully sourced, human-grade ingredients
  • Vet-formulated balanced recipes for all life stages

Ollie can always be trusted to deliver high-quality, nutritious meals containing only carefully sourced ingredients from trusted farms. And because these dog food experts slow-cook foods at low temperatures in small batches, their recipes maintain maximum nutrition from human-grade, high-quality chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb, as well as superfoods such as fish oil and chia seeds. When you buy a meal plan, you can set a regular schedule that sees vacuum-sealed food packages delivered right to your door, so your pup always has a fresh meal at the ready. Ollie recipes are veterinarian-formulated and made in the USA.

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Take a look at a complete list of the Best Fresh Dog Foods!

A Pup Above

  • Made with whole ingredients
  • Gently dried to maintain flavor and nutrients
  • Shipped to your door and available in some stores
  • Superherbs for joint, immunity, and digestive support
  • Only made with human-grade, USDA-certified ingredients

A Pup Above uses sous vide cooking to preserve the flavor and nutrients of their food. Fresh food options come in beef, pork, turkey, or chicken. You’ll determine how many patties to give your dog based on your dog’s weight. When you receive the food, you can let it thaw in the fridge overnight before your dog’s next meal. All the formulas are created by a veterinary nutritionist, so your adult dog gets all the nutrition they need. Looking for something a little more shelf-stable? A Pup Above’s Dry Food is high-quality kibble you can feel good feeding to your pup!

Offer: Try A Pup Above and get $50 off your first order of $100 or more with code IHEARTDOGS.

We Feed Raw

We Feed Raw
  • Patties are made from only meat, organ, and bone
  • No fillers, grains, artificial ingredients, or colors
  • Complete & balanced raw meals are nutritionist formulated and vet approved
  • Sourced from USDA, human-grade meats
  • FREE cold-shipping nationwide

We Feed Raw creates meal plans that cater to your dog’s needs. They offer raw dog food in several proteins, including chicken, beef, turkey, duck, lamb, and venison. All the formulas are created by a PhD animal nutritionist who has over 30 years of experience in the industry. We Feed Raw’s food ships cold, and it can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to four days. In the freezer, it can last for up to six months.

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Conclusion: The Best Dog Foods

The best dog foods are high-quality options for optimal nutrition, but what it boils down to is what your dog needs in their diet as well as what they enjoy eating. After all, dining should be about more than bland bits; it should be a tasty experience that brings pleasure and health benefits!

With this list of the best dog foods and your pup’s needs in mind, it’s time to get shopping!

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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