Family Begs For Rescue Dog’s Return After Fatal Tesla Crash

Dog lost after fatal Tesla crash

Dogs can sometimes sense things that humans can’t, but can they predict the future too? It doesn’t seem likely until you hear Milo’s story. The Bluetick Hound-Shepherd mix began acting unusual a month before a horrible incident occurred. He kept pacing in circles around his mom, Jenna Monet. Milo didn’t want to look at anyone but Jenna. Then, Jenna ended up dying in a Tesla crash shortly after, causing Milo to flee the scene in a panic. Derrick Monet is … Read more

Scared Dog Abandoned By Russian Troops Joins Forces With Ukraine Soldiers

Russian dog joins Ukraine troops

Max the Belgian Malinois was trained to assist Russian soldiers during the invasion of Ukraine. But now, he has switched sides and is helping protect Ukrainians instead. He had a long journey between his two roles, but he seems genuinely happy in his new position. Russian soldiers left the three-year-old working dog behind in Ukraine. The exact reason is unknown, but Max seemed scared and malnourished all alone. So, Ukrainians didn’t hesitate to reach out to him and show him … Read more

Beloved Family Dog, Winnie, Returned To The Ford-Wilcox Home After Dog-Napping Scare

Last week, actress Clementine Ford-Wilcox went through what could be considered the most traumatic and scary event that a pet owner could experience. Ford’s beloved dog, Winnie, was reported stolen by her dog sitter. Ford hired a pet sitter through the well-known company The chosen sitter had been verified and credentialed through Rover and had even undergone a thorough criminal background check. And while there were no indications that this sitter (whose name has not yet been released to … Read more

Two Dogs Die Of Dehydration And Starvation In Rover Sitter’s Care

German Shepherds die with Rover sitter

Dog sitting services like Rover seem like a good idea in theory, but the increasing number of horror stories is making dog lovers more cautious. Even if you find a sitter through an app that does a background check, it’s still good to get to know the person and their home before leaving your dogs behind. Sadly, two North Carolina German Shepherds have become the latest Rover victims. Nala and Jager were left with a woman who operated a dog … Read more

Teen Says Police Fatally Shot Her Dog For Barking During Landlord Dispute

Pit Bull shot after landlord dispute

A family in Miami, Florida, never would’ve expected a landlord dispute to lead to their dog’s death. According to a 14-year-old girl and her aunt, Dunia Mota, it all started when the landlord came to the home with an eviction notice. The teenager was home with her Pit Bull named Chaos. Chaos barked when he heard the landlord outside, and for some reason, that prompted the landlord to call the police. When the police arrived, they didn’t ask for details … Read more

Dog Dies After Being Cruelly Abandoned In Sweltering Texas Heat

It was Friday, May 13th, in Parker County, Texas, when authorities were called to investigate a case of animal cruelty. The day was swelteringly hot in the southern state, and temperatures had topped out at 102 degrees. Neighbors noticed an extremely concerning set of circumstances happening next door and decided to call in reinforcements for help, resulting in both a tragedy and an arrest. When authorities arrived on scene, they were horrified to see that a poor, defenseless dog had … Read more

Ukraine Refugee Pets And Their Humans Seek Shelter Thousands Of Miles Away

Ukrainians traveling with pets

In early May 2022, a flight of 166 Ukrainian refugees landed at the St. John’s International Airport in Canada. But they weren’t alone because 11 pets (3 dogs and eight cats) came along. The people couldn’t leave their furry friends behind, so they didn’t hop on a flight until they knew their pets could join them. The Ukrainians and their pets have been welcomed with open arms in Newfoundland and Labrador, and many other Ukrainian pet parents are hoping to … Read more

Veteran Acts Fast After His Support Dog Is Mysteriously Shot With An Arrow

Having a dog by your side is often one of the most comforting things during difficult times. Billy Morris, a disabled veteran from Alabama, knows that better than anyone. In addition to military trauma, he’s also going through a divorce. Yet, his support dog named Cotton is always there for him. Cotton is a lovable Great Pyrenees that gets along with all the neighbors. So, Morris was shocked and heartbroken when his dog returned home with an arrow stuck in … Read more

Belgian Malinois Saves Human From Mountain Lion But Sustains Horrific Skull Fracture

Belgian Malinois Fights Puma

There are plenty of ways to be cautious around wildlife, but sometimes, you don’t get a chance to think or prepare. A woman and her dog love hiking together, but when a mountain lion attacked them, they had to act fast. First, the massive feline went for the woman, but her dog refused to let her loved one die. Thanks to the pup’s bravery, the woman survived the tragic incident. However, the heroic canine was in critical condition afterward due … Read more

Doggie Daycare Van Stolen With Scared Pups Still Inside

Daycare van with stolen dogs

A van decorated like a bus with pictures of dogs in the windows seems like it would be easy to spot. Yet, that didn’t stop someone from stealing it and driving away with some dogs still inside. Joshua Nichols is the owner of Tail Blazers University, a dog training, daycare, boarding, and grooming company in Massachusetts. He’s been in business for many years, but one small mistake put some dogs at risk. Nichols left the van running with two dogs … Read more

Man & Dog Walk 140 Miles To Safety Across Russian-Occupied Ukraine

Man and dog cross Ukraine

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 61-year-old Igor Pedin refused to go anywhere without his nine-year-old Terrier mix named Zhu-Zhu. The man and his dog were in Mariupol, which is currently a Russian-controlled area in the southeastern part of Ukraine. He had family in Zaporizhzhia, which was a Ukraine-controlled city about 225 kilometers (140 miles) away. Despite the risks, Pedin knew he had to get himself and Zhu-Zhu to safety. The only way he could get there was by foot, … Read more

Someone Locked This Dog In A Cage And Threw Him In A River

VanBuren is a sweet, outgoing Pit Bull-type puppy who loves giving kisses and is eager to please the people around him. So, how did he end up trapped in a black wire cage semi-submerged in a river with a badly broken leg?  According to his caretakers at Michigan’s Jackson County Animal Shelter, VanBuren was lucky. Had someone not spotted the pup and contacted animal control before the area’s recent bout of rain, he likely would have drowned in the rising … Read more

9-Year-Old Rescue Pit Bull Helps Pin Down Intruder Until Police Arrive

Spuds may have some silver in his fur, but when it comes to protecting his family, this good boy proves that age is just a number! The 9-year-old rescue Pit Bull is being hailed a hero for his role in subduing a home invader. Leroy Rucker of Altoona, Pennsylvania, was relaxing with his dogs when an alleged burglar suddenly came through the front door. What Spuds did next shocked local police and made the senior pooch a local celebrity. According … Read more

Lost Dog Sits In Storm Drain For 3 Days Before A Miracle Happens

Spaniel lost in storm drain

When a senior dog ran off during a walk, her family didn’t think much of it at first. The dog knows the neighborhood well, so they assumed she’d find her way back home. But when hours went by with no sign of the dog, they feared the worst. Hours turned into days, and the pup still wasn’t home. The family was about to give up hope, but they decided to look around the area one more time. To their surprise, … Read more

Man Brags About Zip-Tying Barking Dog’s Mouth Shut

Dog's mouth zip-tied shut

Whenever you post something on social media, someone is sure to comment with their opinion. And if you post anything that shows an animal in danger, some backlash is guaranteed. However, one man didn’t see a problem with his actions, so he had no problem posting something awful all over the internet. He shared a photo of his girlfriend’s dog with his mouth zip-tied shut. The man seemed to think it was a silly way to keep the dog quiet, … Read more

This Lawn Care Brand Is Better For Pets, People, And The Planet

Lawn care for pets

Pets play a big role in lawn care. Most dogs spend lots of time in the yard sniffing, playing, and doing their business. So, the ideal lawn care solution should not only make your land look great, but it should also use ingredients that won’t put your pets in danger. Most lawn treatments include harmful chemicals that can make our dogs sick if they accidentally ingest them. Sometimes, keeping your dog away from treated yards isn’t enough to put pet … Read more

Thieves Break Into Animal Shelter, Leave With 3 Quarantined Dogs

Dogs stolen from shelter

Security footage at the Jurupa Valley Animal Shelter in California showed two thieves breaking in and leaving with three dogs in the middle of the night. Most cases of animal shelter theft involve owners stealing their pets back. Typically, the owners believe they’re doing what’s right, but it’s not always what’s best for the dogs. These three dogs ended up at the shelter after a reported bite incident and signs of neglect. California’s laws require dogs to be quarantined for … Read more

Dog Trainer Risks Everything To Fly 35 Military Dogs Out Of Ukraine

Dog trainer saves Ukraine German Shepherds

Chris Jimenez is a dog trainer based in San Diego, California, but he had 35 German Shepherds located in Kyiv. The dogs are trained to assist military and law enforcement, but when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, the dogs were trapped in their kennels. Jimenez realized that the dogs wouldn’t survive long on their own, so he flew to Ukraine to rescue them. Transporting 35 large dogs was easier said than done. Jimenez had to raise $40,000 for a … Read more

Pit Bull Puppy Stolen From Two Children At Gunpoint

Puppy stolen at gunpoint

12-year-old Alanna Vaughn and her 10-year-old brother Izayah Savangvongsavanh were taking their new puppy for a walk in Milwaukee when a tragedy occurred. Two strangers stole their puppy at gunpoint, and she hasn’t been seen since. The kids are heartbroken but uninjured after this intense theft. When interviewed, they said they’re doing okay, but they just want their dog back. Sadly, the robbers likely aren’t treating the puppy well, so she needs to be found as quickly as possible. Puppy … Read more

Vet Performs Life-Saving Surgery After Pit Bull Swallows Drone

Dog swallows drone

Dogs are masters of sneakily eating things they shouldn’t, but a Tampa woman experienced a first when her dog consumed a drone. She doesn’t know how it happened, but the poor pup began acting very ill out of the blue. When she took her dog in to get urgent care, she feared she wouldn’t be able to pay for the medical bills. But thanks to the help of many dog lovers, the woman didn’t have to break the bank to … Read more

Ukraine President Awards Medal To Heroic Bomb-Sniffing Dog

Patron, the two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, has become a hero in Ukraine after sniffing out hundreds of bombs. He’s continuously saving lives and looking adorable while doing so. Plus, he has even built up quite the fan club with over 200,000 Instagram followers! So, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has given this courageous pup a medal. It was an adorable ceremony, even though Patron had no idea what was happening. He remained on high alert during the ceremony because he’s always … Read more

American Vet Continues Saving Animals After Returning From Ukraine

Vet helps dogs in Ukraine

After the COVID-19 lockdown, veterinarian Dr. Krista Magnifico promised herself that she’d no longer be afraid to do things she’s passionate about. Of course, one thing she always feels compelled to do is save animals. So, when she heard about animals struggling during the Ukraine invasion, she followed through with her promise. Magnifico spent two weeks in Ukraine, trying to help as many animals as possible. While she made a big impact, there’s still so much to be done. Despite … Read more

Dog Tear Stains: Tips For Keeping Your Pup’s Beautiful Coat Clean

Dog tear stain products

Sponsored Post: iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. If you have a dog with light-colored fur, getting rid of their tear stains can be a nightmare. Cleaning tear stains might seem like a hassle, and they stand out like a sore thumb in photos. Yet, if you think tear stains are annoying, imagine how your dog feels! Having a crusty brown substance around … Read more

Woman Warns Pet Owners Of ‘Silent Killer’ Lurking In Homes That Killed Her Dog

After having to put down her 2-year-old Golden Retriever, Luna, a Wisconsin woman named Samantha Carress has been devastated. The fact that Luna’s death was avoidable has hit the owner hard, and she is doing everything possible to caution other pet owners about a hidden “dog killer” in their homes.     Image/Story Source Credit: KPIX CBS SF Bay Area via YouTube Video     Luna, like every other dog, used to frolic around the home and bite into anything … Read more

Sled Dog Racer Is Evacuating Hundreds Of At-Risk Ukraine Pets

Dog sled racer saves dogs

Igor Tracz from Poland is known for winning championships in sled dog sports and bikejoring. He’s used to traveling with dogs, so he has the right resources for transporting those in need. Thus, he knew he had to help out when he heard about animals struggling in Ukraine. Tracz is currently transporting as many at-risk pets out of Ukraine as possible. Thanks to donations from dog lovers around the world, he has been able to save over 250 dogs and … Read more

Dozens Of Golden Retrievers And Corgis Bred For Slaughter Are Given A Miracle

Dogs saved from slaughter

In China, 46 adult Golden Retrievers, 22 Corgis, and many Golden Retriever puppies are waiting for a miracle to come along. The dogs came from a breeding farm that had planned to sell them to slaughterhouses and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Yet, animal lovers refused to let that happen. Rescue groups are currently working hard to fly those heartbroken dogs to safety. Travel restrictions may complicate the process, but dog lovers won’t let that stop them. These dogs have … Read more

New Study Finds Breed Has Little To Do With Your Dog’s Behavior

 A new study may help dispel negative stereotypes associated with individual dog breeds. Researchers at the UMass Chan Medical School identified 11 locations along the canine genome that are strongly associated with behavior. Surprisingly, none of them are specific for breed. The scientists collected DNA sequences from more than 2,000 purebred and mixed-breed dogs, as well as detailed behavioral surveys from more than 18,000 pup parents. Their findings suggest that breed is very poor, if not useless when it comes … Read more

Will New York City’s “There Is No Poop Fairy” Campaign Resolve A Smelly Situation?

New York City has made great strides to create a welcoming environment for canine companions to live in, and it seems to be working! According to a study performed this past year by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, there are currently over 600,000 dogs who call this lively city home. And while there are a great many benefits to living in a city chock-full of furry friends, it can certainly come with unique challenges. One such challenge that … Read more

Woman’s Dying Wish Is To See Her Beloved Dog Find The Perfect Home

Valerie Alexander lives in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood, where she shares a home with her best friend, Rosie. Like any good dog, Rosie has stood by her master through thick and thin during their five years together. Now, as Valerie faces her final days, she is determined to secure a bright future for her faithful sidekick. Suffering from terminal brain cancer, Valerie’s final wish is to see Rosie in a new loving home before she passes away. “She’s part of … Read more

Stolen French Bulldog Sold To Unsuspecting Family For $20

French Bulldog stolen

Sadly, dog thefts are common in busy areas like Los Angeles. High-demand breeds like French Bulldogs are stolen most often because people want to re-sell them for high prices. However, some thieves don’t think the situation through as well as others. A man in Los Angeles spotted a French Bulldog alone in someone’s fenced-in yard. So, he decided to steal the pup right then and there. But instead of getting what the pup was worth, he sold the dog for … Read more