Woman Scammed By Breeder Believes Her Puppy’s Fur Was Dyed Brown

Puppy fur dyed scam

A woman was ecstatic when her family surprised her with an adorable puppy named Porter for her birthday. The pup was said to be a red-brown male Maltipoo with all the necessary vaccinations. However, the woman quickly realized that something wasn’t right. After the puppy arrived home, the breeder stopped responding to texts and calls. Then, Porter’s mom soon realized that the breeder had spread many lies about the puppy. The most shocking was that the puppy was actually a … Read more

Police Decline To Help Dog Left Tethered To Owner’s Car In Florida Heat

Dog Tethered to Car

Most people know not to leave a dog alone in a hot car, but there are always some individuals that don’t care. Then, some people try to find every loophole when they should be caring about their dog’s wellbeing instead. A person in Florida didn’t leave their dog trapped in their car, but instead, they left the pup tied to their car handle. The dog was forced to rest on the hot black pavement beneath him. Luckily, a kind stranger … Read more

Abandoned Afghan Dogs Find New Home And New Purpose

Dogs in Kabul Airport

Dozens of dogs were found at the Kabul International Airport following the evacuation of U.S. troops. There was some speculation that these dogs were military working dogs, but the Pentagon denies those claims. Yet, no matter where they came from, they need help. So, security guards at the airport volunteered to care for and train them for new roles. All the dogs are now receiving food, water, and love at a training facility on the airport grounds. While the dogs … Read more

New Law Says Dogs Have Feelings & Pet Thieves Deserve Harsher Sentences

New Pet Theft Laws

In most places, pet theft is punished the same way as any other theft. Dogs are thought of as personal property by the law, which causes many criminals to get away with nothing more than a fine. But losing a pet is distressing for both the humans and animals involved. So, one country decided it was time for a change. England is changing its pet theft laws, resulting in harsher punishments. Lawmakers have finally stated that dogs have feelings and … Read more

L.A. County Shelters Try Desperate Measures To Keep Pets At Home

L.A. County, which covers the whole city of Los Angeles plus Lancaster and Santa Clarita, has a big animal intake problem. Municipal shelters are often overcrowded, and sadly this means adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every day to make more room. In the fiscal year of July 2020 through June 2021, 6,899 animals were euthanized across all L.A. County animal care centers. That number accounts for approximately 30% of all the animals brought in to L.A. County shelters. In … Read more

UPDATED: Crixus Needs Your Help And He Is Running Out Of Time

Updated 9/4/21 Crixus was rescued just under the wire, with only a few hours left before his 72-hour notice expired. Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc stepped in, working with multiple incredible volunteers to transport and house Crixus after he was sprung from the shelter. This beautiful, bashful boy now has the chance to find a loving, forever home. However, Crixus was extremely lucky, and he was saved just in time. This isn’t the fate for so many other incredible dogs who … Read more

Family Claims Shelter Won’t Return Their Stolen Dog Unless She’s Spayed

When Fayette County Sheriffs raided a puppy mill in Georgia in 2021, they turned all the recovered animals over to the Fayette County Animal Shelter. Among those survivors was an American Bully dog, who a local family alleges actually belongs to them. The family’s dog Porkchop had been missing for months, and they were shocked to see a picture of her coming from the animal shelter’s Facebook page. Hoping to prevent Porkchop from being adopted out to someone else, they … Read more

Police Rescue Dog Chained To The Beach & Left To Drown

Pit Bull left to drown

A young Pit Bull chained to the beach in Revere, Massachusetts left dog lovers horrified. Not only did his human abandoned him, but he was at risk of drowning during the high tide. Animal rescue advocates rushed to save the confused canine. Then, police worked hard to discover who had left the innocent dog to die. After a thorough investigation, the person responsible has been located and questioned. While that individual claims they had their reasons for doing this, officials … Read more

Fearless Woman Defends Her Dog From Black Bear

Not many people can say that they have come face-to-face with a mother black bear and only have a few scratches to show for it. But, Diane Fillion of Manitoba Canada is someone who certainly can! Luckily for her, she knew what to do and a home security camera captured a portion of the encounter. Otherwise, she never would have known what truly happened that day. It all started on a Saturday when Diane was playing in her front yard … Read more

SAFETY ALERT: Petsmart Recalls Dog Bowls Due To Laceration Hazard

Chain animal supply retailer PetSmart recently recalled 100,300 units of Top Paw Double Diner Dog Bowls citing a laceration hazard. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission also announced the recall. If you purchased dog bowls from Petsmart recently, you may want to heed this information. Here’s everything you need to know about this product and the recall. Why Were These Dog Bowls Recalled? PetSmart initiated the recall voluntarily after receiving three reports of cuts and scratches to consumers’ hands from … Read more

Warning: Vets And Shelters See Drastic Rise In Deadly Parvo Cases

Parvo on the rise

The highly contagious canine parvovirus is quickly spreading near Decatur, Illinois. Northgate Pet Clinic said that in only three weeks, they’ve seen 30 parvo cases and 20 parvo-related deaths. Normally, they see one case every two to three months. The Macon County Animal Shelter has also decided to postpone dog adoptions until they get the virus under control. Parvo is highly contagious, and it’s often deadly in puppies. Thus, vets and shelters are urging families to take precautions and keep … Read more

U.S. Military Gives Clarification About Caged Dogs In Afghanistan

Afghanistan Dogs Clarification

Photos of military dogs left in cages in Afghanistan sparked a lot of controversy on social media. Despite many organizations wanting to help, the U.S. Military has a different story on the matter. According to the Pentagon, no U.S. military dogs were left behind in Afghanistan. They insist that the U.S. Military would never neglect their working dogs by leaving them behind. However, even with this new statement, people are still skeptical. Even a decorated veteran is unsure what to … Read more

Rescue Seeks Justice For Pit Bull Found Dead After Her Adoption

Justice for Nala

The biggest fear for most dog foster families is sending their furry friend with the wrong adopter. That’s why many animal rescues have such thorough adoption processes. Yet, no matter how careful you are, things could still go wrong. In Nala, the Pit Bull’s case, the rescue’s worst nightmare came to life. Furever Bully Love Rescue was thrilled to send Nala off to a “trial run” at a potential forever home. But after only a few days, that excitement turned … Read more

Chobani Spoils Dogs With Delicious New Canine-Friendly Yogurt!

Chobani yogurt for dogs

It’s hard to say no to a begging dog, especially if they’re licking their lips and giving you puppy dog eyes. Yogurt is one of the many human foods that dogs can eat, but it still has risks for some pups. So, Chobani decided to make a yogurt recipe that’s specifically for canine companions. It’s safe, healthy, and tasty for your furry friends, so it’s the perfect treat to serve them. While you eat your delicious Chobani yogurt, your pooch … Read more

UK Officials Criticize Rescue Of Dogs From Kabul As “Prioritizing Pets Over People”

Animal rescuer and former Royal Marine Pen Farthing has finally made his “Operation Ark” a reality. But now that the animals are safe, people are criticizing the rescue effort.  Farthing, the founder of animal rescue, Nowzad based in Kabul, Afghanistan, had been rushing to get his nearly 200 rescued dogs and cats to safety via a charter plane to the UK following the Taliban takeover of the country. Amid this, two blasts near the airport in Kabul killed 13 American … Read more

Afghanistan Military Dogs Left Behind As NonProfit Scrambles To Save Them

Military Dogs in Afghanistan

At first, there was a dispute when working dogs in Afghanistan allegedly got seats on planes over humans. But as it turns out, not all dogs got to fly to safety. A new image on social media revealed that many Afghanistan working dogs are all alone in kennels near an abandoned helicopter. If they don’t get help soon, they could die or suffer from torture. These dogs served in our military with as much dedication as their handlers. They deserve … Read more

Lawsuit Looming As Contaminated Kangaroo Meat Kills 26 Dogs

Being a dog lover, you likely notice when pet food recalls are announced on the news or while scrolling through Facebook. Either a pet of yours has been affected, or the mere thought of your dog potentially becoming ill from their food had you beside yourself. But how would you feel if there weren’t any laws governing pet food safety? Or, if you didn’t have anyone to tell you if something was potentially wrong with the pet food currently sitting … Read more

US Department Of Veteran Affairs Will Pay For Service Dogs For Veterans With PTSD

For the first time in American history, the US Department of Veteran Affairs will pay for service dogs for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The PAWS ACT, or “Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers for Veterans Therapy Act,” will authorize the VA to create a pilot program on dog training therapy. It will provide dog training skills and service dogs to veterans with mental illnesses beginning January 1, 2022.  The act was signed into law on August 25 — and … Read more

Slaughterhouse Responsible For Drowning A Million Dogs Finally Closes

Dog slaughterhouse closes

In February 2021, the Department of Agriculture intercepted a van stuffed with 61 dogs in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The dog meat trade had been banned in Siem Reap since July 2020, but it was the first time Cambodia’s government intercepted a dog transport. All the dogs were crammed into six cages, so FOUR PAWS International took them into their care to help them find forever homes. Then, weeks later, FOUR PAWS furthered their success in ending the dog meat trade. … Read more

Animal Rescuer Nearly Killed In Kabul Attack: “Everything Is Chaos Here”

Animal rescuer and ex-Royal Marine Pen Farthing had a close call in Afghanistan Thursday when a deadly explosion near Kabul airport occurred — killing at least 60 people, including 13 American service members. During the attack, a gunman targeted the car that Farthing was inside of, but he and others managed to escape unharmed.  Farthing is the founder of Nowzad, a rescue group for dogs, cats, donkeys, and other animals, with its headquarters in Kabul. Since the Taliban took control … Read more

Woman Jumps Into Fast-Flowing River To Save Her Senior Dog

Dog and woman rescued from river

Despite being a risky situation, many dog lovers would’ve done exactly what this woman did when her dog was in danger. Suzanne Forman’s 14-year-old Goldendoodle named Sienna got trapped in a fast-flowing river in Massachusetts. Forman couldn’t stand and watch while waiting for help to arrive. Instead, she knew she had to act fast. So, Forman jumped into the treacherous waters to bring Sienna to safety. Yet, her actions only caused her to get trapped in the river too. Luckily, … Read more

UPDATE: Pit Bull Stolen From Hotel During Room Mix-Up Is Found

Dog stolen at hotel

UPDATE: 8/26/2021: After a terrible week away from his Pit Bull named Zink, Cedric Gibson has been reunited with the lovable pup. Gibson posted the exciting news on his Instagram story, along with videos of Zink happily jumping on him and later exploring the city. No amount of time apart could change the bond that these two share. “Thanks to everyone, they found my boy Zink,” Gibson wrote on his Instagram story. Gibson didn’t say what led to the dog’s … Read more

Woman Admits To Drowning Sick Puppy In River To Avoid Vet Bills

Warning: Content and photos may be disturbing to some readers. A woman in New Jersey has confessed to drowning her puppy by locking her in a cage and dumping her in a river. The suspect says she “panicked” when the dog became ill. Last week, 49-year-old Tonya Fea of Jefferson Township, New Jersey, pled guilty to charges of animal cruelty and told authorities she killed the ailing puppy because she was afraid of potentially expensive vet bills that would come … Read more

Las Vegas Cops Rescue 3 Dogs From Car In Scorching Heat; 1 Dies

We recently covered the story of a UK woman who started a petition with over 30,000 signatures that would make it a crime to walk dogs in excessive heat. And in this summer of record-breaking heatwaves across the United States, the potential health risks—and the possibility of death—has never been higher. Against The Odds So it’s with heavy hearts that we report on the rescue of three dogs left in a Las Vegas parking lot in a vehicle with the … Read more

Woman Kills Dog By Locking It In Hot Car As Punishment

cleveland dog hot car

The stories of a hot summer meeting improper animal care—and in this case, inhumane care—just keep pouring in. In Cleveland, a woman has been arrested for allegedly locking her dog, Chapo, in her car outside on a hot, humid day. Temperatures that day were “only” around 81 degrees, and the dog was in the car for about 20 minutes, according to the estimation of the neighbor who initially alerted authorities to the incident, according to FOX-8 Cleveland. Torture, Not Punishment … Read more

Family Heartbroken After Their Dog Dies From Heatstroke At Local Groomer

A New Jersey family is heartbroken after their beloved dog, a 5-year-old Newfoundland named Samson, died after a visit to a local grooming salon.  Jennifer Laddy went to pick up Samson at Glamour Paws Boutique in Mahwah last week when she noticed her dog was struggling to breathe and stand up. They immediately rushed him to the vet, where they said he was suffering from heatstroke.  “They took his temperature which was 109.5 at that moment,” Stephen Laddy, Jennifer’s husband, … Read more

15 Shelter Dogs In Australia Shot Due To “COVID Restrictions”

Rescue Dog Shot in Australia

Being cautious can be a good thing, but if that caution involves taking innocent lives, then something isn’t right. A council in Australia is currently receiving backlash because they killed 15 rescue dogs in response to COVID restrictions. Yet, their reasons for doing so are flawed and unclear. Social media is outraged over this decision, and it’s making many animal lovers question the council’s motives. Animal welfare organizations are fighting back, hoping to launch an investigation on the matter. After … Read more

Governor Andrew Cuomo Reportedly Abandons His Dog After Moving Out Of Executive Mansion

As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo packed up his belongings from the Executive Mansion in Albany after stepping down from office amid sexual assault allegations, he left one very important thing behind: his dog, a 3-year-old Husky mix named Captain.  According to the Albany Times-Union, Cuomo instead asked his staff members to take care of the dog as he left him behind. Cuomo is now leaving the state to go on vacation with no set plan on where the dog … Read more

Outrage Ensues After US Military Dogs Fly Out Of Afghanistan

Dogs on Afghanistan plane

Images and videos of US military dogs leaving Afghanistan sparked a lot of outrage. It seems as if the dogs are being given seats on evacuation flights while many humans are still stranded there. Many questioned why the dogs were given priority over some people, but others argue that the dogs have a right to be on the plane too. All the information about this situation hasn’t been shared publicly yet, but people are still jumping to conclusions. Of course, … Read more

U.S. Rescue Helps Kabul Heroes Save Dogs From Chaotic Afghanistan Streets

The situation in Afghanistan is nothing short of chaotic as the Taliban take over the country. As borders to surrounding countries close and flights out of the country become harder to come by, some dedicated animal rescuers in Kabul have been risking everything to save the pets in their care. When the Taliban entered their neighborhood, Kabul Small Animal Rescue worried about the stability of their shelter and the safety of their animals. It would take a lot of coordination … Read more