Lost Puppy Returns Home After Fatal Car Accident

Shih Tzu fatal crash

The Cepoi family lost their dog amid a fatal crash, which killed a child in the other car. The accident left Cristina Cepoi and her two children injured, but those weren’t their only worries. During the car accident, their Shih Tzu puppy named Toby ran off in a panic. They feared he wouldn’t survive on his own. Yet, thanks to a kind community of dog lovers, Toby was located about six days later. The whole family is still in shock … Read more

World’s Most Valuable Working Dog Sells For Record-Breaking Price

Most expensive Kelpie

A dog’s love is priceless, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Australia. Eulooka Hoover the Australian Kelpie from Edenhope recently sold for $35,200 in an auction, breaking the record for the most expensive working dog in the country. Of course, this high price didn’t just come out of nowhere. Hoover is a very versatile working dog, and he’s great at what he does. So, he will continue to show off and get work done in his new … Read more

Wasabi The Pekingese Wins Best In Show At Westminster Dog Show

Westminster Dog Show 2021

Wasabi the Pekingese looks like a cuddly little teddy bear! He clearly deserved his “Best in Show” award at the 145th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. His cuteness alone proves that. Of course, there were lots of adorable contestants this year, though, and all of them deserved that top spot. Along with Wasabi, some of the finalists included a fluffy Samoyed named Striker, a Whippet named Bourbon, and a French Bulldog named Matthew. They’re all sure to steal your heart! … Read more

Puppy Stolen From Vet’s Office Reunited With Cuban Singer

Stolen pomeranian puppy

Cuban singer Lenier Mesa had a friend bring his 8-week-old Pomeranian puppy to the vet for vaccinations. For most dogs, it’s a quick and easy process. Yet, it didn’t go so well for the precious puppy. When no one was looking, a woman stole the dog and made a run for it. Mesa was devastated when he heard the news, and he offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who found the puppy. Luckily, the puppy fell into the hands of … Read more

Family Heartbroken After Lost Dog With Microchip Is Given Away

Microchipped dog lost

2020 was a rough year, but the Marino family had other worries piled on top of the pandemic. At the beginning of the year, their beloved Poodle mix, Byron, went missing. They spent over a year looking for him with no success. Then, after rechecking his microchip information, they received some horrible news. Somehow, Byron had been adopted by a new family, and his microchip information was no longer linked to the Marinos. It was a heartbreaking realization, but the … Read more

U.S. Bans Dogs From 113 Countries, Delaying Rescue For Countless At-Risk Pups

After more than 450 dogs arrived in the U.S. with fraudulent rabies certificates last year, the country is banning the importation of dogs from more than 100 countries.  In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discovered a 52 percent increase in falsified rabies certificates of dogs coming into the country compared to the previous two years. The dramatic increase is likely connected to an increase in adoption demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, fewer animals will be permitted to … Read more

iHeartDogs Editor’s Summer 2021 Choice Awards

Sponsored Content You love to spoil your dog with new stuff, but it’s a real bummer when a product doesn’t work out for your canine BFF. With all the products and services available for dogs, you can easily get lost trying to decide what works and what doesn’t for your furry family. But the dedicated dog lovers of iHeartDogs are here to help. We’ve pawed through tons of products to find the hidden treasures you and your dog need. Here’s … Read more

Paralympian’s Adoption Application Denied Because Of Her Disability

Cheryl Featured Image

After noticing that her shaggy sidekick Charlie seemed to be lonely following the passing of his furry sibling, Cheryl Angelelli took to perusing Petfinder.com in the hopes of finding another furry friend for him. It was on the shelter-searching website that she and her husband first fell in love with the faces of a bonded pair of small dogs. They were sure that the Shitzu and Maltese would be fantastic friends for Charlie.  Since Cheryl has rescued four different dogs … Read more

Woman Jumps In Front Of Giant Alligator To Save Her Dog

Woman saves dog from gator

Unprovoked alligator attacks are rare in Florida, but when they occur, it’s a big deal. New Florida residents are often unaware of the risks associated with walking near water, so they might not be as careful as they should be. One woman and her dog found that out the hard way. An alligator pounced at the woman’s dog, but the woman used her body as a shield to protect her furry friend. Now, the dog is safe, but the woman … Read more

Charges Pending After “Skeleton Dog” Found In Tiny Crate

When animal control officers found Ziggy, she resembled a skeleton more than she did a puppy.  This poor girl was starved nearly to death and kept in a 24-inch crate. Weighing only 26 pounds, about half of what she should weigh, the hound mix could barely lift her head when rescuers found her.  But she did manage to wag her tail — a sign of hope for the dog who has been through so much.  Ziggy was brought to Hope … Read more

YouTuber Arrested For Tying Balloons To His Dog & Floating Him Away

Dog floating with balloons featured

A lot of YouTube videos focus on making as much money as possible. To attract viewers, they need to come up with unique and funny content. Yet, some YouTubers find things funny that are the opposite of a joke. When Gaurav Sharma uploaded a video of himself tying balloons to his Pomeranian and forcing him to float, fans were furious. Sharma laughed throughout the whole video, but now, he’s been arrested for animal cruelty. Putting an animal at risk will … Read more

Pet Sitter Who Abused Beloved Senior Dog Gets Infuriatingly Lax Sentence

From Canada, we get horrifying news of dog abuse and torture that left an innocent senior dog near death. And though it makes us sad to report, we think it is important to tell Xaskaa’s story, especially in light of how ridiculously lenient the punishment for the abuser seems. The Abuser Volunteers To Dog-Sit To celebrate last Christmas, Milagros and Jayson Henkel of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, wanted to travel to visit family in Peru. One of their neighbors, Kiefer … Read more

Will My Dog Get Sick If He Eats Cicadas?

It’s officially cicada season! This means that the large-bodied, crunchy exoskeleton-ed insects that hum midday melodies and emerge from the ground are arising again. You know the ones, they’re quite loud and like to hang out in trees. They can’t sting or bite, but disregard personal space by flying straight into your arm, neck, or face without even introducing themselves first. However, this year we won’t only experience the annual emergence. While cicadas come along every year, this is the … Read more

Runaway Pooch Brings Bridge Traffic To A Halt During 48-Hour Ordeal

Dog lost on bridge

Even the most loving, well-behaved dogs can run off. Stan the Brussels Griffon’s family was shocked when he escaped their home in Dundee, Scotland. He is very loyal to his family, so it seemed unlike him. Jasmine and Emma Kettles were determined to find their dog no matter what. After a stressful 48-hour search, Stan was finally found and brought home. He had an eventful journey, so he was exhausted and scared when he returned. If only he could tell … Read more

Suspect Not Jailed After Kicking Man’s Beloved Dog To Death

Alice the Jack Russell terrier had been Seattle resident John Hickey’s companion for nearly 14 years. But after Saturday, Hickey has no one left.  Hickey told Q13 News that a man came running at him and his dog while on a walk, demanding he give the man his jacket. When Hickey threatened the man with pepper spray, the suspect kicked Alice in the middle of the street. “I heard pounding of feet and I turned around and he was running … Read more

Hospitalized Woman’s Dog Gets Adopted Without Her Consent

During a woman’s hospital stay, she was told that her dog would be safe. Instead, she found out that her best friend was put up for adoption while she was away. After a nervous breakdown, emergency medical workers escorted Denise McCurrie to the hospital, where she stayed for about two weeks. With no one else to watch her 6-year-old Schnauzer named Roscoe, a New York animal care center stepped in. Yet, McCurrie soon found out that they’d let an animal … Read more

Petting A Therapy Dog Benefits Students For Weeks, Study Finds

Therapy dog benefits

We all know that petting a dog has many great benefits for humans. Everything feels more uplifting with a dog curled up beside you. Now, that happiness we feel while petting a dog is backed up by science. A study from AERA Open revealed that the benefits of petting a therapy dog can last for up to six weeks, making it the perfect cure for stressed college students. Your doctor probably won’t give you a prescription for petting a dog, … Read more

Illinois Senate Bans Puppy Mill Sales And Saves Lives

Illinois puppy mill bill

It’s hard to believe that puppy mills still exist. They seem like they should be easy to shut down, but minimal breeding restrictions and pet stores fighting back make it incredibly difficult. Most dogs bred in puppy mills are sold to pet stores, which many first-time dog parents are unaware of. So, to end this inhumane problem, Illinois is banning the sale of puppies from breeders at pet stores, making it the 5th state to prohibit pet stores from working … Read more

Family Dog Attacks Would-Be Kidnapper To Protect 12-Year-Old Girl

Dog saves girl being chased

Dogs are more than just a man’s best friend. They’re a best friend to any human who will love them, whether that’s an adult or child. At home, our dogs seem like all love and cuddles, but when faced with danger, they won’t hesitate to protect their favorite humans. So, when a truck started following a 12-year-old girl in Columbiana, Ohio, the family dog acted fast. He was able to scare off the stranger before the girl got hurt. Yet, … Read more

Retired Police Officer Locates Missing German Shepherd After Deadly Crash

After a fatal crash on I-95 in Virginia, Eric and Mary VonCanon were taking a detour around the site when they spotted something unusual on the side of the road.  Instead of wreckage or split tires, the couple saw a German shepherd laying on the side of the highway in the grass, complete with her collar and leash.  During the crash, she was thrown from one of the vehicles and ended up lost. Luckily, Eric VonCanon, a retired police officer … Read more

8 Dogs Die Of Extreme Heat During “Freak Accident”

Dogs die in freak accident

When John Holloway saw his friend’s dog after an intensive on-site session at Virginia Beach Dog Training, he noted impressive behavioral improvements. So, Holloway chose to enroll his French Bulldog named Ego. Chris Kowalski also enrolled his Rottweiler Max at the same time. Ego and Max joined a group of dogs for a three-week training program run by Nicole and Stephane Hubert. Sadly, that was the last time the families saw their dogs alive. Hope Turns Into Tragedy Holloway anxiously … Read more

Family Refuses to Return Woman’s Lost Service Dog After Adopting Him

LaTonya Everhart has had her dog, Mr. Tipps, for over a decade — and he is even registered as her service dog. So when Mr. Tipps went missing back in March, Everhart was naturally devastated. But it’s what one shelter has done after taking in the dog that has left Everhart truly heartbroken.  Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit adopted out her dog to another family and now says that there’s nothing they can do to reunite the dog mom … Read more

Dogs Don’t Respond Well To Neutral Facial Expressions, Study Finds

Passive expressions and dogs

When we communicate with other humans, we often focus on the words they say above all else. Yet, body language is an important communication factor for all species, especially when two different species communicate. Dogs don’t speak human, so they need to rely on body language, smells, and facial expressions to understand what we’re saying. As it turns out, our facial expressions have a bigger effect on our dogs than we realize. Dogs like active expressions, like smiling and frowning, … Read more

New Bill Will Help Protect Pets Of Domestic Violence Victims

new bill

If you have a fur baby in your life, you know you will do just about anything to protect them from harm. Many domestic abuse survivors admit to being unwilling to flee to safety if it means leaving their pets behind, making this new legislation so important. Recently passed Missouri bill, SB-71 will allow added protection to domestic violence victims and their pets. This bill acknowledges just how real the threat can be toward pets in an abusive home, and … Read more

‘Forgiving’ Dog Was Intentionally Set On Fire By A 12-Year-Old Boy

It’s been a long journey, but Buddy the labrador retriever mix is on the mend.  Buddy is getting a new lease on life after being intentionally set on fire by a 12-year-old boy while living on the streets as a stray. No one knows why the child decided to do this — but it resulted in terrible wounds and pain for the poor dog, who was found wandering the streets of Mississippi on April 22 with an extension cord wrapped … Read more

Don’t Return Your Pandemic Rescue Dog To A Shelter – Do This Instead


When the pandemic hit, pet adoptions surged. It makes sense that lonely, isolated people would want a new furry friend to hang out with. Sadly, many adopters made these relationships temporary and have been returning their pandemic rescue animals in 2021. Aron Jones, executive director of Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue (MAMCO), told Huffington Post that 62 dogs have been returned to the rescue since February 2021. Of these dogs, 39 were adopted between March and July of 2020. For … Read more

Therapy Dog Calms Anxious Teens Getting Their Covid Vaccines

This week, a Covid vaccine clinic in Newburyport, Massachusetts opened up appointments for 12 to 15-year-olds. Most people don’t love getting shots, but kids especially have a hard time getting needles in their arms. Fortunately for the kids attending the clinic at this middle school, someone would be by their side supporting them. That helpful someone wasn’t a medical professional, but rather a comfort professional. Dice the service dog was there at the clinic, ready to comfort the young patients … Read more

Survey Reveals Most Pet Parents Would Dump Their Date If The Dog Didn’t Approve

Pet parents are known to trust the instincts of their furry friends, and a recent online poll reveals how deep that trust goes. In a OnePoll survey conducted for ZestyPaws, 2,000 pet parents who are either single or dating answered questions regarding how their pets’ feelings figured into their relationship. The results might prove surprising to some, but not really when we think about how much we value our furry family’s opinion. As the responses captured, 2 out of every … Read more

French Bulldog Puppy Stolen At Gunpoint Is Found Safe

French Bulldog Stolen

Pet thefts are on the rise. And French Bulldogs are one of the most desired breeds right now since they’re worth thousands of dollars. Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs were just some of the many dogs who fell victim to robbery. Now, another French Bulldog has been taken at gunpoint, and he was only 10 months old. His human was trying to find him a better home when someone stole the innocent pup. After days of unsuccessful searching, the gray puppy … Read more

Vegan Couple Claims To Love Animals Yet Their Dogs Were Sick and Suffering

An Australian couple faces multiple charges and fines after several drop-ins from the RSPCA confirmed reports that both of their five-month-old Bull Arab puppies were sick and suffering. RSPCA investigators made more than one visit and reported that Roo and Ula were underweight, unable to stand, and crying out in pain. Roo had even injured one of his back legs when jumping off a couch and had been fitted with a homemade cast. The couple explained that they used instructions … Read more