One Lucky Pooch Will Make $20K + Benefits For Taste-Testing Busch Dog Brew

Busch hiring dog

Are you sick of having to pay all the bills while your dog lounges around rent-free? Well, maybe it’s time for them to finally pull their weight. Jobs for dogs don’t come by often, but here’s one your pup won’t want to pass up. Busch is looking to hire a canine taste-tester for their line of dog-friendly drinks. And best of all, they’ll get paid a decent salary! If your dog gets the job, they’ll get paid $20,000 plus some … Read more

UPDATE: Animal Rescue Explains Why They Refuse To Return Lost Dog To Family

Capone lost dog

UPDATE 4/16/2021: Unleashed Pet Rescue recently turned to Facebook Live to share their side of the now-viral story of Capone the dog (see original post below). In the video, Reno sits beside Capone, who has been renamed Benedict. He looks nothing like the photos Palacio shared because over half his body is covered in red, irritated skin. It’s clear that he has severe allergies that were not being properly treated. In the video, Reno details what really went down with … Read more

Dog Sitter Loses Poodle Puppy And Lies About It For 3 Days

Rover lost poodle

Leaving your dog with a stranger is a stressful situation for many people. In some cases, you’ll find a life-long sitter, but for a few, a tragedy occurs instead. Nia Morgan from Illinois has always turned to friends to watch her 10-month-old Poodle mix. But when they were all unavailable, she looked for other options. Morgan settled on since many recommended it. But instead of getting the amazing service she’d heard about, she was faced with her worst nightmare. … Read more

iHeartDogs Editor’s Spring 2021 Choice Awards

Sponsored Content There are so many products and services for pets out there it can be nearly impossible to know what your dog needs and what really works. We here at iHeartDogs are willing to sift through it all and offer you some suggestions to make your and your pets’ lives a little better. We’re sharing our favorites when it comes to caring for, protecting, and even spoiling our dogs. We love each of the following for their commitment to … Read more

Celebrate Earth Day With These Eco-Friendly Treats!

Chippin dog treats featured

April is the proud month of Earth Day! We all want what’s best for the planet and for our dogs’ health. Luckily, Chippin pet treats are high-quality, allergy-friendly, and good for the environment. So, you and your furry friend can celebrate the planet by trying these tasty treats. Here’s how Chippin can make the world a better place. It Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions Did you know that pet food production creates 64 million tons of greenhouse gases per year? To … Read more

Officer Smashes Door, Inhales Smoke To Save Dog From Fire

Dog Saved from Fire

Fires are terrifying for everyone, but they’re the worst for our furry friends. While we might know what’s going on and where to run during a fire, our dogs do not. All they feel is fear and confusion, which might make it hard for them to escape alone. So, when a fire started in a Florida house while Amber the dog was home alone, she panicked. She had no idea how to escape the smoke. But luckily, a kind police … Read more

UPDATE: Longest Shelter Resident Returned After Single Day With Adopters

Rusty the longest shelter resident

When a dog gets adopted, they have lots of reasons to feel stressed and confused. They’ll likely need a few days, weeks, or even months to feel like they truly belong in their new home. But not every family has that kind of patience. And sadly, no one has been willing to be patient with the longest shelter resident at the Waco Animal Shelter. Rusty has been in shelters for over 419 days now. Every time he gets a happily … Read more

Congress May Help More Veterans With PTSD Get Service Dogs

We’ve all seen videos of ecstatic, crying pups welcoming their service-member-humans back home. And it’s okay; we get a little teary-eyed too. So it seems obvious that our wounded and disabled veterans should naturally have unparalleled access to medical and therapeutic treatment. Sadly, that isn’t always the case, particularly when it comes to service and support animals. The PAWS Act But a bill currently in the Senate called Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers, or PAWS, would make access to K-9 therapeutic … Read more

Yorkie Taken From Elderly Woman’s Porch Is Returned Safe & Sound

Stolen Yorkie Reunited

When a dog is lost, every day is a struggle. You can’t help but wonder when they’ll return, if they ever do. 71-year-old Dianne Ramsey was only apart from her beloved Yorkie for four days, but it felt like a lifetime. Sasha the 15-year-old Yorkie was stolen off Ramsey’s porch in New Orleans. Ramsey, who is a vascular dementia patient, was crushed when she found out. But as it turns out, the “thief” might not have been the villain they … Read more

Residents To Choose From Several Exciting Features For Innovative New Dog Park


When you hear the phrase “dog park,” you probably have a simple image in mind. However, a dog park can consist of a variety of things beyond just fenced-in running space. Why shouldn’t a dog park have more stimulating play features? Why shouldn’t it be nice for human visitors to look at? The Vancouver Park Board recently sought out public feedback for their updates to the dog area in Coopers’ Park in North False Creek. Currently, the off-leash space there lacks … Read more

Los Angeles Becomes The Country’s Largest No-Kill City!

The Best Friends Animal Society has been working long and hard to achieve no-kill status across the United States. So far, Delaware is the only state that’s considered completely no-kill. But city by city, dog lovers are helping decrease the euthanasia rates. Hopefully, we’ll soon reach no-kill status across the entire country! Now, Los Angeles is finally considered a “no-kill” city. This makes it the largest no-kill city in the country! We still have a long way to go to … Read more

Your Workplace Might Become Pet-Friendly After COVID!

dog-friendly office

The COVID-19 pandemic has given many dog lovers a chance to further bond with their furry friends. And for many, it’s allowed them to find time to adopt and train a new family member. But with so many dog lovers temporarily working from home, what will happen when the pandemic ends? Luckily, you might not have to choose between your dog and going back to work. A new survey from Banfield Pet Hospital polled 500 C-suite executives and 1,500 employees … Read more

RECALL: Congress Fights To Recall Seresto Collars After Thousands Of Dogs Harmed

Seresto Recall

Dogs can react to any type of pet product, including dog food, grooming items, and preventatives. But there’s a difference between a few allergic reactions and thousands of incident reports. Seresto Flea and Tick Collars are getting a lot of heat for that reason. Numerous customers are reporting illnesses and even death related to the collar, and it seems like more than just some coincidences. But despite everything, Elanco Animal Health has refused to recall the products. So, a congressional … Read more

Dog Groomer Arraigned After Horrific Video Shows Him Abusing Poodle

WARNING: Video, screenshots, and content might be sensitive to some readers. Amid an animal abuse case, you can always count on dog lovers to fight for justice. So, when a video surfaced of a Michigan dog groomer abusing an innocent Poodle, everyone was quick to contact authorities. The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office received numerous reports of the video, along with people begging the police to do something. It’s still unclear who took the video and whose dog is in the … Read more

Project: Adopt a Sugar Baby by PetTest

Thinking about adopting a dog? Great news! You are embarking on a wonderful experience, not just for the dog, but for you and your family as well. Few things are as rewarding as rescuing a precious life with four legs! As a family-owned company with our “ear to the ground”, PetTest knows that there are sometimes dogs in need of a little extra care – diabetic dogs, or as we prefer, “Sugar Babies” – that are up for adoption. The … Read more

Top-Selling Flea & Tick Collar Linked To Several Pet Deaths, Illnesses


Because fleas and ticks prove more than a minor nuisance to our dogs, there are many products out there aimed at keeping them away. However, some flea and tick collars that release pesticides onto your pet can actually be dangerous themselves. The pesticide used in Seresto collars is supposed to kill fleas, ticks, and other pests while being safe for dogs and cats to wear. They’re designed to work for eight months, releasing small amounts of pesticide at a time. Seresto collars may … Read more

Over 90% Of People Would Dump A Date If Their Dog Didn’t Like Them

Be honest: are you spending your Valentine’s Day with the love of your life? The apple of your eye? Your one-and-only? If you’re anything like the people who took our recent survey, it’s likely that if you are, it means you’re spending the day with your dog. We wanted to know just how crazy people really are about their dogs, and how much they love their dogs compared to their partners. The results? Nuts! We were surprised at some of … Read more

UPDATE: Dog Neglected In Cage For Weeks Now Fights For His Life

Ethan Malnourished Dog

WARNING: Images and content might be sensitive to some readers. Someone donating supplies to the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) spotted something unusual on their way into the building. A malnourished dog was resting in the parking lot all alone. The person immediately notified the shelter, and staff rushed the dog to emergency care. He quickly earned the name Ethan, and while his odds of survival were small, shelter staff and vets fought for him. Ethan still has a long road … Read more

Thief Steals Van With A Dozen Daycare Dogs Inside

Stolen Daycare Dogs

The only thing worse than losing your dog is losing someone else’s dog when it was your responsibility to watch them. But imagine losing your dog and 11 other dogs all at the same time! For doggy daycare owner Sunni Liston, a situation like that had always been just a nightmare to her. But one day, all her fears came to life. As she was returning a dog to their family, a thief stole her van, which had a dozen … Read more

Running Car Stolen From Hotel Parking Lot With Family Dog Inside

Dog stolen from hotel

We all make mistakes, but we never expect one wrong move to lead to a tragic scenario. When a family was checking into a hotel, they knew they’d only be gone for a minute or two. So, they left their car running only a few feet away from the entrance. Their Border Collie named Remy waited in the car while they ran inside. Remy’s family never expected something to go wrong within a matter of seconds. But in no time, … Read more

Thieves Hung Innocent Dog’s Foot From A Tree And Abandoned Him

WARNING: Topic, images, and videos may be sensitive to some readers. Some humans do cruel things with no reason in mind. And that seems to be what happened in a dog named Fanta’s case. He was simply relaxing outside and minding his own business when all his greatest fears came to life. Before he knew what was going on, a group of strangers dragged him into a vehicle and tortured him on an abandoned property. Poor Fanta didn’t deserve any … Read more

Introducing The Biewer Terrier: The 197th AKC-Recognized Breed

Dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each as adorable and unique as the last. However, as far as official “breeds” of dogs go, the AKC  recognizes 197, as of this year. The newest dog to become an official AKC breed is the Biewer Terrier (pronounced “Beaver.”) It took a long journey for the Biewer Terrier to earn this title. Here’s everything you need to know about these adorable little fluff balls. Traits And Characteristics These little dogs … Read more

Ben & Jerry’s Presents Delicious Frozen Dessert Cups For Your Pup

Ben & Jerry’s, the Vermont-based ice cream company that brought us “Chunky Monkey” and “Phish Food” has something brand new and exciting to introduce. The confectioners revealed their latest products are geared specifically towards our canine companions. That’s right, they’re selling frozen treats for dogs! Ben & Jerry’s famously prides themselves on a dog-friendly work environment. They have several “K9 to 5ers” who inspired this new product line. A very Ben & Jerry’s-esque description of the brand new dog-friendly frozen … Read more

Abused Puppy With Broken Legs Saved After Being Thrown Into River

Lux abused puppy

Lux the 6-month-old puppy already faced more than enough pain for a lifetime. His human tortured him to the point where he thought his life was over, but then, the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue saved the day. They rescued the pup and took him away from his abusive human. Poor Lux had broken bones and fractures all over his body. And on top of everything, his human had tried to throw him into a river after hurting him! Thankfully, … Read more

Thieves Snatch Woman’s Dog When She Turns To Pump Gas

Bichon Stolen at QuikTrip

A woman was on the phone with her daughter, ready to fill her car up with gas. At that moment, it felt just like any other day. But when her back was turned, the unimaginable happened. Her sweet little dog named Nu Nu disappeared from the car in a matter of seconds. Poor Nu Nu was the victim of a “slider attack.” In these robberies, the thieves watch from the other side of the car and wait until the person’s … Read more

DoorDash Driver Steals Innocent Puppy While Delivering Food

DoorDash puppy thief

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, delivery has become a common method for shopping. Nowadays, you can get just about anything online, and we trust delivery drivers to safely bring our purchases to us. But on rare occasions, these deliveries do not meet our expectations. And for dog mom Ashley Swinton, a delivery driver not only brought her food, but also chose to steal something in return. A DoorDash driver was caught on camera stealing Swinton’s puppy. The driver dropped … Read more

Enjoy A Beer & A Snack While Your Pup Plays At Michigan’s First Indoor Dog Park

When the temperatures drop, we humans want nothing more than to stay warm inside. Dogs still need their exercise though, which often leaves the people walking them with cold toes and a bit of impatience at the dog park. A new business in western Michigan aims to turn this less-than-ideal winter chore into a fun, warm activity. “The Pack” is more than just an indoor dog park; it also boasts a daycare facility and even serves food and beverages to … Read more

3 Men Assaulted This Woman At Gunpoint & Stole Her Dog

On the evening of Tuesday, January 5 Sarah Vorhaus was walking her two dogs, Chloe and Colton in the Russian Hill area of San Francisco, CA when she was violently assaulted by three men. The reason for the attack quickly became clear to 30-year-old Vorhaus when one of the men demanded, “give me your dog.” Vorhaus turned to see a man with a gun. He punched her in the face several times, snatched Chloe, and took off in a car … Read more

Alaska Airlines: ‘No More Free Flights For Emotional Support Dogs’

Alaska Airlines Service Dog

For many years emotional support dogs have been treated the same as service dogs on flights. They’ve been allowed on board for no extra cost and often no questions asked. But when the Department of Transportation recently ruled that emotional support animals (ESAs) no longer need to be accommodated on flights the same way as service dogs, airlines quickly reconsidered their rules. Alaska Airlines will be the first to change their rules since the announcement. ESAs will no longer get … Read more

New Program Will Offer Same Emergency Transport For Injured K-9s As Officers

Though K-9s put themselves at the same risk as their police handlers, they don’t receive completely equal treatment when it comes to healthcare. These dogs enter crime scenes, chase down criminals, and sniff out missing persons and weapons. They can be, and often are, severely injured doing this important but dangerous work. However, when a human officer gets severely injured in the line of duty, they’re put into an ambulance or helicopter for fast transport to a hospital. When a … Read more