Adorable “Pizza Dog” Steals The Show During New Disney+ Series

Lucky the Pizza Dog

Many Marvel fans are excited about the new Hawkeye show on Disney+. But the star of the show isn’t the main character. Instead, it’s his dog! Lucky, Hawkeye’s loyal companion, stole the show in the comic series, and fans are eager to see him shine in the television series too. Anyone who loves the comics knows that Lucky is called the “Pizza Dog,” which is a name he still lives up to. His heartwarming story and the adorable canine actor are … Read more

Judge Rules Against School That Banned Student’s Essential Service Dog

16-year-old Annie suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, and anxiety, but her trained service dog George makes her conditions more manageable. Saucon Valley High School, however, wouldn’t allow her to bring George to school, where she spends most of her days. The Pennsylvania school district didn’t see George as a service dog and therefore claimed Annie didn’t need him during classes. This represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the differences between service dogs and emotional support animals. George’s Assistance Is Essential … Read more

Rare Dog Breed Wins National Dog Show For Second Year In A Row

Best in Show 2021

While many families like to tune their TVs to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the football game, the National Dog Show is another popular Turkey Day event. The 2020 competition didn’t have a live audience, but the 2021 show returned with plenty of new surprises. The Biewer Terrier was the newest breed to be added. And for the first time, the event included a National Dog Show Junior for young dog handlers. But of course, the most anticipated part … Read more

Toddler Who Used To Have 100 Seizures Daily Desperately Needs Service Dog

Girl with epilepsy needs service dog

Service dogs are crucial to many people’s lives, but sadly, not all families can afford them. A family from Southgate, Michigan is facing this problem after their daughter was born with a rare form of epilepsy. 19-month-old Emery Nisbett has the genetic mutation EEF1A2, which makes her have regular epileptic seizures. She also has learning disabilities and developmental delays because of it. Her seizures began when she was only six months old, and she would often have them 100 times … Read more

Entitled Parent Grabs Guide Dog Claiming Handler Isn’t Really Blind

Entitled Parent Grabs Guide Dog

It’s hard to resist petting cute dogs, but of course, you should always ask permission before touching a stranger’s dog. And if that dog is a service dog, you will not be able to pet them even if you ask. For most dog lovers, this makes perfect sense. Service dogs are working and need to focus on their humans’ safety. However, there are always people who will make things harder for those who need service dogs. One woman shared her … Read more

“DogPhone” Allows Your Lonely Dog To Call While You’re Away

DogPhone research

Technology is constantly improving, including pet products. There are lots of ways we can interact with our dogs when we’re not home, but there aren’t any ways for dogs to initiate the interactions. So, researchers have come up with a way for dogs to contact us, and it’s called the DogPhone. The DogPhone is an object that allows your furry friend to initiate a video call with you while you’re not home. It differs from other types of dog cameras … Read more

Couple Who Left Injured Dog In Dumpster To Die Avoid Felony Charges

Scott Miller, a construction worker, just happened to pass by a dumpster near his worksite in Westminster, California on the morning of July 27, 2021. Fortuitously, he peeked into the dumpster before garbage collection, thereby saving the life of the Yorkshire Terrier inside. When Miller found him, the dog was sitting on top of a blanket, alert, but making no sound. Miller believes that if he hadn’t noticed him at 6:30 am, the little dog could have been crushed by … Read more

A New Breed Will Be Competing In The 2021 National Dog Show This Thanksgiving

Dog Show

Can you believe that it’s already that special time of year? The time for food, family, and favorite dog breeds. Why, it’s time for the 2021 National Dog Show, of course. We wait all year for these beautiful breeds to grace our television screens, but perhaps this year, there’s more anticipation than there has been in the past. Last year, the National Dog Show was held without spectators, vendors, or media due to pandemic restrictions. The competition was even reduced … Read more

Charges Against Woman Who Dragged Dog Behind Electric Scooter Dropped

The case of a dog cruelly dragged behind an electric scooter poses an interesting question: Can we forgive someone who abuses an animal based on mental health? Initially, Elaine Rosa faced felony charges for animal cruelty after dragging a dog behind a Bird scooter through Bakersfield, California in 2019. The dog, Zebra, suffered bloody paws and abrasions, but no permanent damage. He did need staples in his leg though. The Poor Little Dog Couldn’t Keep Up Disturbing surveillance footage shows … Read more

The Search For The 2022 ‘Pupweiser’ Mascot Is On!

Everyone thinks their dog deserves to be a model. Well, here’s that chance to make your dream happen for them (let’s face it, it’s yours, not theirs.) This November and December 2021, Budweiser is holding another “Pupweiser” contest. The dog that wins will have their photo printed onto Budweiser holiday cans next year. Brewski the Dalmatian was the face of the 2020 holiday can. After that can received a logically positive response, Budweiser decided to search for the next “Pupweiser” … Read more

Man With Autism Violently Thrown From Restaurant For Bringing Service Dog

Even though service dogs help so many people in a myriad of ways, some establishments still refuse to allow them. One particular Canadian restaurant crossed the line when they forcibly removed a man on the autism spectrum for bringing his service dog inside without showing papers. Another customer at Milton’s in Kitchener, Ontario, filmed the incident, during which Justin Leckie, a man with Asperger’s, was accosted. In the video that since went viral, the restaurant owners scream and swear at … Read more

Police Recover French Bulldog Puppy Stolen From Breeder At Gunpoint

Whether it’s their cute squishy faces, totally chilled-out temperament, or their small size, French Bulldogs are an incredibly sought-after breed. In fact, just last year, the loveable lap dogs ranked second on the American Kennel Club’s most popular dog list. The sweet pups would make an excellent addition to almost any family. This is exactly what a “potential buyer” told French Bulldog breeder Ario he wanted to do. Ario and his wife use the online classified advertisement website Craigslist to … Read more

Is Your City One Of The “Dog Poop Capitals Of The U.S.”?

I live in Los Angeles, so I’m fairly used to having to dodge dog poop on the sidewalk or grass. A responsible and considerate dog walker knows that picking up after your dog is not only easy, it’s an essential part of the job. But, alas… Unfortunately, uncollected dog poop is an issue in many cities in the U.S. Protect My Paws collected data from Twitter, tracking the locations of complaints about left behind excrement. Through this, they determined the … Read more

Authorities Break Into Home And Brutally Kill Woman’s Dog While She Quarantines

Corgi killed during quarantine

WARNING: Content my be sensitive to some readers. In many cases, it’s good to be cautious, but some instances take it way too far. One woman’s dog was killed as a way to sanitize her home, and it was completely unnecessary. She received no warning of her dog’s death until it was too late. When the woman went into quarantine after being exposed to COVID, she had to leave her dog behind at her China residence. Authorities went to disinfect … Read more

500 Sick & Starving Dogs Rescued From Breeder’s Deplorable Puppy Mills

Iowa puppy mill rescue

Iowa puppy mill owner Daniel Gingerich has been hurting dogs for many years, but his horrific actions have finally come to an end. Gingerich ran a business called Maple Hill Puppies, which sold dogs through several puppy mills in the state. In the past two years, Gingerich was accused of 190 violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) saved over 500 dogs from deplorable conditions. Most of them are traumatized, weak, and malnourished. Some … Read more

Blind Man’s “Overweight” Guide Dog Forced Into Temporary Foster Care

Roger Debman suffered two heart attacks and a stroke in 2008 that left him legally blind. The 60-year-old relies on his guide dog Peter to comfortably navigate the world.  Currently, though, Peter is not with Debman. The Golden Retriever was put into foster care by the organization that trained him, Guide Dogs, after failing to meet weight guidelines. While Guide Dogs insists they’re looking out for Peter and his handler’s best interests, Debman claims they’ve taken his dog away unjustly. The … Read more

Railway Station Master Forced To Leave Job After His Dog Is Unjustly Banned

For years, Richard Bunce has worked as a station master for Horsley Station in East Horsley, Surrey. He assumed this post solo, but started bringing his dog George in to work about three years ago. George was always perfectly behaved, and visitors loved to see him there. Then recently, South Western Railway issued a ban on dogs at work after learning about him from a secret shopper (who left a glowing review of the station). Bunce explained why he started … Read more

Apartment Complex Uses Dog Poop DNA To Find Irresponsible Owners

Dog poop DNA

Having a dog at an apartment complex can be tricky. Many dog parents neglect to pick up after their pups, and the wrong owners sometimes get blamed. Most apartments even offer dog poop bag stations, so there’s no excuse to leave pet waste behind. One apartment complex in St. Louis, Missouri, found a creative way to crack down on the poop problem. At the Galley 1014 Luxury Apartments, management can use your dog’s DNA to find out if you left … Read more

Study Suggests That Pet Care Is Just As Expensive As Raising Kids

Dog expensive care

It’s no surprise that having pets is expensive. They provide people with so much love and joy, but having an extra mouth to feed isn’t always easy. While pets are usually thought to be the cheaper, less time-consuming family members than children, many dog parents disagree. A new study revealed that many pet parents believe their pets are as expensive, if not more, than kids. Even those that don’t fully agree still admit that pets are much more costly than … Read more

7 Times Pet Insurance Saved Pawrents From Outrageously Expensive Vet Bills

Think people are crazy when they tell you their dog has pet insurance? You may change your mind after seeing some of these claims Lemonade has covered over the past few years. And don’t worry, all of these pups are doing fine now. #1 – Pneumonia + Lung Lobectomy Manny, a 6-month-old Labrador Retriever, needed emergency lung surgery following serious respiratory issues. The procedure, plus a four-day hospital stay, racked up a bill of around $14,000. Bill: $14,095 Lemonade paid: $12,685 … Read more

Aquaman’s Amber Heard Under Investigation For Perjury In Dog-Smuggling Scandal

Don’t mess with Australia. Six years after actress Amber Heard illegally “imported” her two dogs Pistol and Boo into the country, she’s under investigation for perjury about the issue. Heard brought the two tiny pups with her to visit then-husband, Johnny Depp, while he was on set for a Pirates Of The Caribbean film. Per Australian law, Pistol and Boo should have been declared to customs and placed in a ten-day quarantine. They weren’t, and their presence was discovered a few … Read more

Family Shocked After Finding Their Dog Wandering Streets With Mouth Taped Shut

Sadly, many people don’t think about a dog’s wellbeing before doing something selfish. Like humans, dogs aren’t perfect. They can bark, have accidents, and cause trouble in many other ways, but that’s no excuse to hurt them. Yet, one individual didn’t understand that. They taped someone else’s dog’s mouth shut and left him to wander the streets on his own. The person thought they would get away with it, but dog lovers all over the community stepped up to help. … Read more

Near Capacity, L.A. Animal Services Desperately Seeks Fosters/Adopters

Los Angeles County is known for having an animal intake problem. In a city that is also host to many pricey pure-bred dogs in celebrity homes, it’s a frustrating recurring issue. At the end of October 2021, L.A. Animal Services issued an urgent plea for fosters and adopters. All six of their shelters are packed with animals looking for homes. In a Facebook post, L.A. Animal Services asked the community for help, reminding animal lovers that they have plenty of … Read more

Texas Celebrates Upcoming Change To Their Outdated Dog Chaining Laws

Dog chaining law

Over the summer, Texas Governor Greg Abbott vetoed a bill that would protect dogs from being chained in inhumane conditions. Yet, after viewing an updated version of the bill, he had a change of heart. In October 2021, Abbott passed a bill that will update Texas’ laws about chaining dogs outside. The law will make regulations about chaining dogs more specific to avoid animal neglect. Some believe that these new conditions are too specific, but it’s what needs to be … Read more

Woman Believes Dog Trainer Lied About Her Dog’s Horrific Death

Justice for Ludo

Lindsay Christ brought her dog Ludo home amid the pandemic after she went through a heartbreaking miscarriage. She said that they saved each other by instantly becoming best friends. Ludo never wanted to leave her side, but that ended up causing problems further down the road. The pup grew protective over his human, and he was especially wary of men. He bit her fiancé and her dad, so she considered rehoming him. But then, Christ’s sister recommended a dog trainer … Read more

Experts Warn Dog Parents To Stop Dangerous TikTok Trend

Dangerous TikTok trend

Social media is full of adorable dog videos, many of which were trending on TikTok. Noodle the horoscope-providing Pug and Morty the wobbly rescue dog are just two famous TikTok dogs. Yet, a recent video trend involving dogs isn’t quite as cute. It might seem silly and innocent at first, but professionals warn dog parents about how dangerous it can be. In these videos, people get in their dogs’ faces while lip-syncing to a silly audio clip. It seems harmless … Read more

Animal Control Vows To Protect Family’s Dog, Then Euthanizes Him That Day

Family Pit Bull Euthanized

WARNING: Content may be sensitive to some readers. Animal shelters are supposed to be loving places that work hard to save animals. Yet, all it takes is one heartless employee for things to spiral out of control. Anyone who doesn’t love animals shouldn’t be working in animal rescue, but Animal Care & Control Team (ACCT) in Philadelphia supposedly has several unkind individuals working there. A family’s Pit Bull briefly stayed at ACCT after an incident with the police. The shelter … Read more

Family Begs For Return Of Sick Dog Who Escaped Vet Clinic Weeks Ago

Shih Tzu Escaped Vet

Veronica Lowe and her family quickly looked for help when their dog became sick. Their regular vet was booked, so they took her to one with availability. At first, everything went well, but then Lowe received an unexpected call. According to the business’ owner, the tiny dog named Sadie had run away from a staff member outside. Yet, Lowe hadn’t realized Sadie would be outside at all. Lowe’s family is feeling a mix of overwhelming emotions, but they’re not letting … Read more

PTSD Service Dog Tased During Veteran’s Arrest Is Hit By A Car & Killed

Army veteran Josh Rohrer and his service dog, Sunshine, were a pair of familiar faces often seen around the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Rohrer served in the Army from 2002 to 2006. He was deployed to Iraq and Kuwait and suffers from PTSD as a result. Luckily, Rohrer found comfort in the love and companionship of Sunshine. “She’s definitely not a pet. Sunshine Ray is a highly trained service animal that is task trained to perform duties toward my disabilities, … Read more

Dog Mom Shares Warning After Creep Gets Ahold Of Dog’s Collar

Creep Uses Dog Tags

Michelle Kimball didn’t think anything of it when a stranger wanted to pet her dog. After all, who wouldn’t fall in love with Nilla, the German Shepherd? The man even wanted to take a picture to show his friends, but hours later, Kimball realized something wasn’t right. She got strange text messages from an unknown number, which turned out to be a man who met her dog. It also wasn’t the last time that something like this has happened to … Read more