Dogs Can Tell When You’re Lying And Will Ignore You Because Of It, New Study Finds

The scientific research is in: dogs can actually tell when you’re lying — and will even ignore you because of it.  In a recent study by Austrian researcher Ludwig Huber, 260 dogs were presented with two covered bowls. One bowl was empty and the other was filled with food. A person would then present the dog with the two bowls, suggesting that the dog eats out of the full bowl by saying, “Look, this is very good!” Then, once that … Read more

Vet Bills Are Often Unaffordable, But Pawp Can Help

You’ve heard the horror stories. You’ve seen the many crowdfunding pages. Maybe you’ve even experienced it for yourself. Vet bills can be extremely expensive, even unaffordable. There are countless cases of pet parents bringing their animals to the vet and ultimately not being able to afford the treatment their best friends need. Even the visit itself can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, there are options that don’t involve emptying your account when your pets are sick. Millions Of Pet Owners … Read more

RECALL: Dog Food Recalled After Life-Threatening Salmonella Contamination

Natural Instinct salmonella recall

Several formulas of raw dog food have been recalled due to salmonella contamination. Salmonella is not a high risk for dogs, but it could be life-threatening for humans. After all, dogs can carry the bacteria without showing any symptoms. UK company Natural Instinct recalled several duck-flavored products due to a potential risk of salmonella. This outbreak is only in the UK, and the affected products have been pulled from the shelves. Which Products Were Recalled? The following Natural Instinct duck-flavored … Read more

iHeartDogs Editor’s Summer 2021 Choice Awards

Sponsored Content You love to spoil your dog with new stuff, but it’s a real bummer when a product doesn’t work out for your canine BFF. With all the products and services available for dogs, you can easily get lost trying to decide what works and what doesn’t for your furry family. But the dedicated dog lovers of iHeartDogs are here to help. We’ve pawed through tons of products to find the hidden treasures you and your dog need. Here’s … Read more

RECALL: Company Accidentally Sends Salmonella-Contaminated Food

Freshpet first recall

Freshpet dog food recently announced its first recall. They issued a voluntary recall for a single lot of dog food due to potential salmonella contamination. All the affected food was “targeted for destruction” to make sure it never made it to consumers. Yet, despite catching it early on, the company accidentally sent the food to retailers. Only one lot was affected, but dog parents should keep an eye out for the affected product in stores. After all, it’s always better … Read more

5 Signs Your Dog Just Had A Stroke (And What To Do)

Strokes are not as common in dogs as they are in humans, but they can be equally serious and frightening. Unfortunately, recognizing the signs of stroke in dogs can be difficult. Our pups are quite stoic, and without the gift of speech to tell us how they are feeling, diagnosis is challenging. Below we will discuss the types of stroke, how to recognize the signs in your dog, and what you can do to help them beat the odds. What … Read more

RECALL: Multiple Brands Pulled For Salmonella Contamination

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Pet food company Sunshine Mills, Inc. is issuing another voluntary recall for its lines of dog food. No illnesses have been reported, but some of the food tested positive for salmonella. So, they pulled four brands off the shelves. In 2020, Sunshine Mills experienced a massive recall for aflatoxin contamination. Some of the brands in the new recall were also affected in the previous recall. So, if you serve your dog any products … Read more

A Vet Explains What You Need To Know About Pet Insurance For Your Dog

Pet insurance is not like human health insurance. It is designed to be more like automobile insurance, helping you prepare for the costs of large medical issues. Subscribers pay a monthly premium (prices vary depending on plan and company) instead of being surprised by a major illness or injury. It is like a safety net to catch you when you fall. It is certainly nice to have in an event where price is the last thing that you want to … Read more

Why CBD Oil Might Be Your Dog’s Best Friend During Fireworks

Fireworks are an important part of many of our holiday celebrations, but not everyone in the family is excited about these displays of color and sound. When you see pretty lights in the sky, your dog experiences all the worst kinds of fear. Keeping your pup at home, closing all the doors and windows, and wrapping them up in an anti-anxiety scarf are all ways to help them cope with fireworks. For dogs with serious anxiety, however, it might be … Read more

Pet Insurance: Here’s What Every Dog Owner Should Know

While pet insurance is not new (the first pet insurance in the United States covered TV star Lassie in 1982), it is starting to become more popular. Some businesses are even starting to offer it as a benefit to attract and keep employees. Still, less than 1% of the approximately 179 million pets in America are covered by pet insurance. So what exactly is pet insurance? How does it work? Is it a rip off or a chance to help … Read more

Dog Tragically Dies At Home After Initially Surviving Rattlesnake Bite

It’s that time of year when days get longer and temperatures rise. Sadly, the warmer weather also brings out snakes, some of them venomous, along with the chance one may bite your dog. The death of Jersey, a three-year-old mixed breed dog in California, earlier this month is a reminder of how important it is to know what to do if a snake bites your dog. The Attack Jersey was playing on some rocks outside of her home in Pranther, … Read more

MOLD WARNING: Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats

Pet parents may want to check their pantries – Zuke’s is voluntarily removing all of their Mini Naturals treats from store shelves after customers reported the presence of mold inside the package. “We’re pet parents, too, and only want the best for our four-legged family members. For this reason, we are proactively and voluntarily removing Zuke’s Mini Naturals from store shelves as well as various online retailers, due to a quality issue with a recent batch of products.” If you … Read more

Monch Bars Are The To-Go Snack Every Dog Needs This Summer

Monch bars to-go

Dog parents love to spoil their pups, but treats can be frustrating. It’s especially difficult to find a healthy, all-natural treat to carry on walks. But luckily, this Canadian brand has the answer to our messy pocket problems with their Monch Bars – an all-natural protein snack bar for dogs! After Vino the fresh dog food founder adopted his energetic Black Mouth Cur, he struggled to find training treats that would be easy to digest and convenient to carry on … Read more

5 Powerful Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Colostrum – ASAP!

Colostrum Benefits for Dogs

No dog wants to itch day and night, and seasonal allergies can often be too much to bear. You might feel like you’ve tried everything to soothe your dog’s irritation but to no avail. But what about colostrum? Many families turn to colostrum for dogs due to its benefits related to allergies, digestive problems, and other health concerns. The iHeartDogs Happy, Healthy™ Allergy & Itch Relief for Dogs uses colostrum to help with your dog’s discomfort. So, let’s take a … Read more

Celebrate Earth Day With These Eco-Friendly Treats!

Chippin dog treats featured

April is the proud month of Earth Day! We all want what’s best for the planet and for our dogs’ health. Luckily, Chippin pet treats are high-quality, allergy-friendly, and good for the environment. So, you and your furry friend can celebrate the planet by trying these tasty treats. Here’s how Chippin can make the world a better place. It Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions Did you know that pet food production creates 64 million tons of greenhouse gases per year? To … Read more

Are Dog Years Real? Here’s How to Calculate Your Pet’s Age

Calculate dog years to human years

Most people think dog years to human years is simple: multiply your dog’s age by seven. But modern research shows that this isn’t as effective as you’d think. Not all dogs fit into a cookie-cutter mold, especially dogs of different sizes. If you’ve been using the “times seven” approach for your dog’s age all these years, there’s now a better way to do it. So, how old is your dog really? Are “dog years” even real? And how many dog … Read more

RECALL: Dog Food Company Pulls Over 55 Products For Salmonella Contamination

Midwestern Pet Foods Recall

Pet food company Midwestern Pet Foods had a rough start to 2021. They recalled over 1,000 lots of three of their brands after at least 70 dogs died from aflatoxin contamination. They thought that was all behind them, but now a new recall has surfaced. The company is voluntarily recalling some CanineX, Earthborn Holistic, Venture, Unrefined, Sportmix Wholesomes, Pro Pac, Pro Pac Ultimates, Sportstrail, Sportmix, and Meridian products due to salmonella contamination. If your dog eats any of these brands, … Read more

Dog Grooming: Everything You Need To Know From Puppies To Adults

Every dog requires at least some grooming to maintain their health and happiness. Grooming shouldn’t be a negative experience for your dog, whether you take them to a groomer or do it yourself. Do you know how to set your puppy up for a lifetime of dog grooming success? Are you aware of how your dog’s grooming should change as he ages? Do you know how to find a groomer who will be a great fit for your dog’s needs? … Read more

Dog won’t stop itching? These popular ‘dog allergy treats’ on Amazon Prime might be the fix you need

A Simple, Natural Solution for Your Itchy Dog When the days start getting longer and the sun seems to shine just a little brighter, I know summer is approaching. More importantly, it’s pool time. Countless hours in the pool with my two favorite fur balls. In and out of the pool, chasing a ball or some improvised chew toy. Their coats hold so much water, that each time they get out of the pool, I swear I see the water … Read more

Itchy Dog? For 50 Cents a Day, These Tasty Chews from Amazon Prime Might Bring Allergy Relief To Your Pup

A Simple, Natural Solution for Your Itchy Dog When the days start getting longer and the sun seems to shine just a little brighter, I know summer is approaching. More importantly, it’s pool time. Countless hours in the pool with my two favorite fur balls. In and out of the pool, chasing a ball or some improvised chew toy. Their coats hold so much water, that each time they get out of the pool, I swear I see the water … Read more

RECALL UPDATE: More Frozen Food Contaminated With Disease-Causing Bacteria

Bravo recall update

On March 3rd, 2021, Bravo Packing, Inc. voluntarily recalled two of their frozen formulas: Performance Dog and Ground Beef. Consumers were asked to safely dispose of these products as they could be contaminated with salmonella and listeria monocytogenes bacteria. But now, that recall is expanding. This company has now recalled all of their pet food and bones due to a risk of disease-causing bacteria. If you feed your dog any Bravo Packing, Inc. products, please proceed with caution and dispose … Read more

RECALL: Frozen Dog Food Contaminated With Salmonella & Listeria Is A Danger To Pets & People

Bravo Packing Inc Recall

Many pet parents have switched from kibble to frozen raw dog food for its healthier ingredients. But sadly, all dog foods can still get recalled. Bravo Packing, Inc. voluntarily recalled two of their frozen formulas after samples tested positive for salmonella and listeria monocytogenes bacteria. Both of these could have a huge impact on the health of humans and dogs. So, if you have the affected recipes, please dispose of them right away. Staying on top of dog food recalls … Read more

Before Getting A Dog Part II: Supplies To Buy & Preps To Make

You’re getting a dog, and we are so excited for you! Your new family member is almost ready to come home, but before those four furry paws can step foot in the house, you’ll need to have everything prepared for the canine whirlwind that’s about to upend your life in the best way possible. In this second installment of our two-part guide to getting ready for a dog, we’ll cover the supplies you’ll need before bringing the new baby home. … Read more

Before Getting A Dog Part I: What To Think About

Getting a dog is one of the most exciting adventures in life, so congratulations on the decision to grow your family by four furry paws! We love dogs and want to help you give your pooch the best life ever! There’s so much to think about before getting a dog, but don’t worry. This two-part guide is designed to help you on your journey to bringing a dog home. We aim to answer any questions you might have about adopting … Read more

Aspirin For Dogs: Uses, Dosages, And Side Effects

Nothing is worse than seeing your dog in pain. It makes us want to do anything we can to lift their spirits and soothe their discomfort. In some cases, aspirin for dogs may help greatly. But like all medications, you shouldn’t use it as an easy way out. Instead, consult your vet and find out if aspirin is the right approach for your dog. Aspirin is often the go-to way to relieve pain for humans. Yet, dogs won’t always react … Read more

Grain-Free Dog Food: Everything You Need To Know And More!


With countless dog food brands and recipes out there, it can be hard to know what you should be feeding your pup. First and foremost, you should always work with your veterinarian when it comes to making any dietary changes. For dogs with allergies or particular nutritional or weight loss needs, grain-free dog food may be recommended. If you’re considering switching your dog’s food to grain-free, there are many factors to consider. Here’s everything you need to know about this … Read more

Dog Diarrhea: Firm Up Your Knowledge On Runny Poop

It’s a real poop when a case of dog diarrhea strikes. Stinky poo puddles signal upset in your sweet dog’s tummy and that leaves a dog parent not only feeling sad, but worried. With so many causes for diarrhea in dogs, it’s hard not to feel concern. But, diarrhea in dogs is a common occurrence and most cases can be solved at home with some simple steps. So, bag-and-toss your worries when it comes to dog diarrhea; we’ve got piles … Read more

Homemade Dog Food: Get Cooking For Your Good Looking Hound

Dogs enjoy a good meal, and what better way to show your pup love than making him a big bowl of homemade dog food? Especially when it’s prepared by your hands and made in your very own kitchen. But be aware: making homemade dog food isn’t as simple as tossing a T-bone in your pup’s dish and calling it a night. Dogs require specific nutrients to maintain good health. And while store-bought dog food is easy and formulated for complete … Read more

5 Health Problems That Could Be Caused By Your Dog Food

When your dog gets sick, do you ever consider it could be the food in his bowl that is bringing him down? We often place blame for illness on issues like exposure to other sick pups, genetics or sensitivities, but the truth is your dog’s diet is the cornerstone of his overall health. You place a lot of faith in the can or bag of food you pull off the shelf, but it could be time to switch to food … Read more

Why Does My Dog Drag His Butt On The Ground?

As embarrassing as it is, we’ve all had to deal with a dog scooting their butt on the carpet before. It’s an action many dog parents are quick to stop, but not always considerate about. When a dog scoots their butt, they’re not trying to deface your flooring or make you cringe. Odds are, they’re experiencing something uncomfortable that they can’t tell you about. So, as unsettling as butt-scooting can be, take it easy on your dog. The sooner you … Read more