Ultimate Pit Bull Puppy Shopping List: Checklist of 23 Must-Have Items

✅ The Complete Pit Bull Puppy Shopping List Are you thinking of bringing a Pit Bull puppy into your home? Congratulations! Before you bring your pup home, there are a few items you’ll need to make sure they have the best start in life. This article provides a comprehensive shopping list of 23 must-have items that will make your puppy’s transition to your home smooth and enjoyable. From crates and beds to toys and treats, we’ve got you covered. Read … Read more

From Food & Toys To Pet Insurance, Here’s What You’ll Need When Preparing For A Puppy

Getting a puppy is one of life’s most joyful experiences, as it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship that will last for years to come. And whether you’re still preparing for puppy kisses or already getting covered up in them, bringing home a new fur baby means you’ve got a lot of decisions to make and a long shopping list to match. From the cutest toys to the best pet insurance plan, there are so many things a puppy needs … Read more

Why Do Puppy Mills STILL Exist?

For the past fifty years, the United States Department of Agriculture has been working on legislation to regulate safe breeding practices for dogs. There are registrations, inspections, and specific criteria that must be met in order to get approval by the federal and in some cases, state agencies. Even with these standards in place, puppy mills are still in practice. Pet stores still sell puppies from these mills and from backyard breeders. And people still continue to buy that cute … Read more

Puppy Games—Learning Through Play

“A tired puppy is a happy puppy.”  Most dog professionals will tout it as their mantra. Wear a puppy out through play and exercise; they won’t be inclined to destroy things. This is true for most dogs, but play for puppies is not only good exercise, it is necessary for developing a happy, well socialized, confident dog. Various puppy games also determine hierarchy in the pack and show the puppy where she falls in the ranks. That being said, there … Read more