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Our Pet Memorial Gifts remind us that on that rainbow bridge, we’ll meet to love and play again…

Pet Memorial Gifts Additional Resources for Those Grieving The Loss of a Dog

Losing a dog is one of life’s hardest moments. For many of us, our dog is our confidant, therapist, and pillow to cry on when things get rough. How do you say goodbye to your best friends whose life is never long enough? Here are some additional pet remembrance resources that iHeartDogs put together for you. We hope they will be helpful!

More About Our Dog Memorial Gifts

Since 2014, iHeartDogs has been serving our customers during one of life’s most difficult moments – losing a beloved furry family member. Our collection of pet bereavement products include pet loss gifts, dog remembrance jewelry, memorial garden stones, pet dog tombstones, dog & cat grave makers and urns, and pet memorium giftables.

iHeartDogs carries a huge variety of pet loss memorial gifts with true meaning. With each purchase, a donation will be made in honor of your beloved dog or cat. Check back frequently as our line of dog memorial stones, memorial bracelets, pet urns, dog memorial canvas art, pet memorial poem magnets, personalized pet memorial jewelry, remembrance wind chimes, memorial mugs, rings, t-shirts and much more. Check back soon for more new additions!

How can I memorialize my dog?

Whether you have had a pet since puppyhood or only for a few years, you have definitely enjoyed a few wonderful and memorable experiences with them. Many families want to hold on to those special memories and keep them dear to your heart. Pet memorials allow you to remember your dog forever and keep them in your hearts as a constant reminder of the presence and impact they had on your life.

There are various ways to remember and celebrate your pets’ contributions to your life. Some pet owners choose to honor their unique furry family members with keepsakes such as dog memorial stones, pet headstones, pet cremation jewelry, and even pet urns. If you know someone who has lost a pet, a meaningful pet memorial gift such as pet memorial plaques or special dog mementos could be appreciated.

Some pet keepsakes include a space for your pet’s favorite photo and an opening to show their collar. Other pet memorials include encouraging and heartwarming words such as quotes or poems. Many options include a frame to keep a dog’s photo.

Pet family members often choose memorial jewelry, such as necklaces, lockets, or pendants with a pet portrait or their pet’s name. At iHeartDogs, we offer unique options such as wind chimes that can bring a beautiful sound to your heart. Pet parents will also adore our blankets, paw print signs, statues, and wall art. We offer stunning and meaningful pet memorials to commemorate your loving pet in any way you choose.

How do you honor a deceased dog?

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never a short or simple process. Pet owners form strong bonds with our four-legged and furry animals, who bring us so much joy and happiness and provide companionship, friendship, and genuine love. Honor your pet who has gone to their eternal home with a one-of-kind pet memorial that matches their personality.

Pay tribute to a deceased pet in a significant way to you and your family. Memorials and souvenir gifts can be a fantastic way to honor a departed pet while also assisting your family is grieving. Many individuals prefer to memorialize their pets by displaying them in souvenir frames within their homes or by purchasing a memorial stone to place near a grave or memorial location in their garden.

Urns for storing pet ashes are also available, and many are attractive and stylish enough to be displayed. You cannot pick a wrong way for you or your family to honor a pet. Although, you should examine all of your alternatives to determine which one that speaks to you about your dog.

If you cannot afford a gift, consider sending a sympathy card or small keepsake to someone whose dog has died to show you care. Flowers or personalized donations to a local shelter or dog charity in their name are usually appreciated gestures. When you buy a memorial from iHeartDogs, you will also contribute to feeding dogs in shelters with your purchase making our gifts extra special.

How do you mark a pet’s grave?

Many people purchase a pet grave marker, while others prefer to make their own grave marker. Grave markers come in various materials, such as headstone materials like stone or granite. They all have distinct characteristics and advantages, as well as some drawbacks.

Which material you choose will be determined by your personal preferences, your budget, and how long you want your pet memorial marker to last. Of course, if you cannot afford an expensive option, you can always use natural items like stone, rocks, or even a tree to mark your pet’s burial spot.

What can I put on my dog’s gravestones?

Most pet owners opt to include their pet’s name and their own birth date and death date. Others prefer to just add the first initial of a pet’s name. You could have a specific poem or quote inscribed as well, depending on your budget and preferences. With a larger budget, you can even have an image or symbol inscribed on the headstone of your pet or anything else you can imagine.

What can you buy someone who lost a dog?

If you know someone who has lost a pet, a meaningful pet memorial gift such as pet memorial plaques or special dog mementos could be appreciated. Even if a dog was not in your immediate family, many people grow attached to their extended families’ pets or even their friend’s pets. A touching memorial gift could offer solace to family or friends during their time of grieving and help you heal.

What do you put on a dog’s memorial plaque?

Like a pet marker or gravestone, you can put anything you want on a pet memorial plaque. If you have a paw print from your pet, it’s a beautiful option as it leaves a piece of them behind for you to remember. Some people prefer to keep a plaque simple with a name and dates, while others add a touching poem or a quote. Only you can decide what feels right to your family.

What do you put on a dog’s memorial stone?

Dog plaques and stones are related, but stones are often much larger and therefore offer more space. However, many stones are smaller and can be used in your garden. You will have room for a name, dates, quote, or even a heart or paw print with larger stones. Again, the words on a memorial for pets are specific to your family, and you can add as much or as little detail as you want.

Do you send flowers when a dog dies?

Sending flowers is optional but not necessary. Most people will appreciate a heartfelt card or a phone call. Consider making a meal for a friend or family member who has lost a pet, as they may be too depressed to cook. Others would feel a donation to a shelter works best to honor a pet.

How do you make a memorial stone for a pet?

Many craft stores offer mosaic concrete kits, making a perfect memorial stone for a pet. A painted river rock or even a large rock already in your yard will make a perfect option if you are comfortable painting. However, you need to seal the stone to prevent weather and age from removing the paint over time.

Wood from a hardware store could be assembled to make a cross, and you could use a wood burner or other tools to add writing, dates, or paw prints. Alternatively, plant a tree for your pet, and their memory can live on for many decades. If you buy an older tree, you can carve your pet’s initials in a tree or simply do the same to a tree your dog loved.

How do you do a dog celebration of life?

If you have recently lost a pet, the grief is obvious, and the loss is very distressing. You might be looking for techniques to cope with sadness, ways to assist children in comprehending the loss, or ways to heal and honor your friend’s life.
A celebration of life ceremony or gathering can make the journey a little easier. The ceremony will allow everyone to remember happy moments and share the beauty of your pet’s memory with family and friends.

Those who choose to have a stone, plaque, statue, or another type of marker can simply invite their loved ones over to share this time of grieving. After, everyone can share a meal and console each other. Finally, many people like to take a lightweight memorial on a walk following their pet’s favorite path with family and friends to enjoy one last stroll with their beloved pet.