Mom Spots Dog’s “Wonky Face” On Facebook & Drives 2500-Miles To Bring Him Home

You know that feeling you get when you look at a dog and just know they’re meant to be part of your family? Even when you weren’t really thinking about getting another dog? Of course, you do! And so does Sherry Lankston of Seattle, Washington. When she spotted lopsided cutie Harvey up for adoption at the San Diego Department of Animal Services, she knew the young Husky with a unique grin belonged with her family. And her heart was so … Read more

Saint Bernard Runs Next Door To Visit 95-Year-Old Neighbor Every Chance He Gets

Saint Bernard

Since the day Brody the Saint Bernard was brought home, he has had a super sweet relationship with his 93-year-old neighbor. It was love at first sight for the big furry boy, and he has been enamored by Sally since the moment they first met. In fact, their bond is so beautiful that Brody will sometimes scamper over to Sally’s house to see what she’s up to three to four times in a single day! It was on his first … Read more

Manatee Acts As Guardian Angel For Dog Stranded In River

Manatee protects dog

There’s nothing more heartwarming than a pair of unlikely animal friends. Something about them being there for each other without being able to communicate is enough to bring tears to our eyes. So, when a manatee kept a stranded dog company, many people fell in love with the unlikely duo. The poor Pit Bull was stranded in a river overnight, clinging to the cement edge for dear life. He couldn’t grip the surface well enough to climb out, so he … Read more

Mama Moose Watches Helplessly As Fishermen Try To Save Her Calf From Drowning

Baby Moose

When a tiny baby moose fell into a lake, it struggled to stay above the surface. Plus, its poor mother was forced to stand helplessly on the water’s edge, unable to save her baby from drowning. But luckily, there were a few fishermen nearby, and they were willing to do whatever it took to help get the calf to safety. When a few fishermen happened upon a baby moose stranded in the rocky water, they weren’t quite sure what to … Read more

Spanish Street Dog Instantly Adjusts To Life Of Luxury In His New Home

When Mango the Galgo was found, he was wandering around a Spanish train station. The poor puppy was all alone and severely underweight. But after an American couple took one look at this gorgeous guy’s face, they were ready to welcome him into their family. You’ll never guess what the former street dog did almost immediately upon arriving at his new home in America.  Despite knowing almost nothing about him, or his personality, Blake and Jane were “all in.” All … Read more

After Sulking For “A Million Dog Moments,” She’s Told Daddy’s Coming Home

When one loyal dog had to say goodbye to her dad, her heart broke into a thousand pieces. Her dad left for 32 days to serve his country. It may have only been 32 days, but to her, as the video puts it, it was “a million dog moments.” The pup waited every day, sulking for her dad to return, and when that day finally came, her reaction was incredible! Mom opened the door as soon as Dad pulled into … Read more

Mom And Daughter Race To Save Old Dog Who Has An Hour Left To Live

Nicole heard about Doris, a senior dog that was an hour away from being put down. No one else wanted Doris, so Nicole and her daughter raced to the shelter and made it just in time. The shelter workers were surprised that Nicole was interested in adopting Doris, considering her age, but that only motivated Nicole more! As soon as Nicole put Doris in her car, the pup looked relieved. Her new mom says, “It was the perfect ending of … Read more

Texas Tortoise Becomes A First-Time Father At 90-Years-Young

Mr. Pickles

The oldest animal at the Houston Zoo is officially a first-time father. Mr. Pickles, a 90-year-old radiated tortoise, and his partner, 53-year-old Mrs. Pickles, have welcomed three baby tortoises into the world. The hatchlings were actually quite a surprise since their eggs were unexpectedly discovered by a hepatology keeper. But the birth of the “Baby Pickles” is actually a really big “dill” for their critically endangered species. They say slow and steady wins the race. Well, these long-time lovebirds sure … Read more

Great Pyrenees Puppy Trapped In Cactus Begs Human To Save Him

Dog trapped in cactus

Tumbleweed, the Great Pyrenees puppy, started his life wandering around an Arizona desert, making his name very fitting. No one knows what his life was like before he was rescued, but living alone in the desert is no place for a fluffy, defenseless puppy. To make matters worse, Tumbleweed found himself fighting against a cactus, which clung to his thick coat. The poor puppy couldn’t escape on his own, and struggling only made more spines and burrs stick to his … Read more

Persistent Pup Repeatedly Breaks Into Home To Steal All The Hearts Inside

When you get a dog, it’s usually a researched plan that culminates in meeting a pup at a local rescue or a breeder’s home. For one family, they didn’t so much have a say in adopting a canine companion. More so, the dog adopted them and did it by breaking into their home. Repeatedly. Newly-claimed dog mom Cheryl shared the story of Luna barging into her family’s home and hearts on TikTok and YouTube, where more than fifty-six thousand dog … Read more

Tiny Paralyzed Dog Who Faced Cruelty Saves Other Special Needs Pups

Pumpkin paralyzed puppy

A tiny white dog named Pumpkin arrived at a rescue in Lincoln, England, when she was only a few weeks old. Right away, her rescuers noticed that she struggled to walk. Whenever she moved, she would drag her back legs behind her. Sadly, veterinarians suspect that Pumpkin’s condition was caused by an act of animal cruelty. Yet, the tiny pup has such a happy-go-lucky personality despite it all. Pumpkin has even helped many other special needs dogs like her just … Read more

Woman Figures Out How To Save Shelter Dogs Needing Homes The Most

Rita couldn’t wait to go to the shelter to adopt a dog. She knew she would change a deserving dog’s life forever. While she was full of joy to find her fur kid, she was also heartbroken. She wished she could help ALL the shelter dogs find new families. She could see their desperation. Rita couldn’t help financially but had an idea that proved to be genius! The kind-hearted woman is a professional photographer. She thought if she took special … Read more

Severely Malnourished Dog Couldn’t Move Until He Witnessed His Injured Friend Walk

Dog tries to walk

Sadly, not all humans are in a rush to save dogs in need. A large white dog with cropped ears was lying beside a fence for three weeks before someone in the neighborhood called for help. The pup stayed as close to the fence as possible to avoid the sun, but he was unable to get up and walk to a better-shaded spot. Someone claimed he had an owner who sometimes stopped by to give the dog food, but that … Read more

Actress Kate Mara Helps Canine “CellMates” Find Homes On The Other Side Of The Bars


Kate Mara, who you may know from the film Fantastic Four or the Netflix political drama House of Cards, is helping a few fantastic rescue dogs find their forever homes. She’s covering the adoption fees of 10 dogs that happen to have diplomas. First, they were saved from being euthanized, and then they graduated from Canine CellMates’ Beyond the Bars program.  So when Kate heard that the nonprofit had lost its headquarters, leaving the recent grads without a home, she … Read more

Tiny Baby Wailed At Bottom Of Rock Bed, She Screamed When Doctor Picked Her Up

Animal Aid, which specializes in helping animals with disabilities, got a call about an injured puppy that could not move. They made their way to the pup as quickly as they could and were relieved to find out that the little dog wasn’t paralyzed.   If you have interest in donating to the wonderful Animal Aid Unlimited team in India. You can help support their efforts at: Click Here To Donate!  Their hard work is supported by users like you! … Read more

Construction Workers Find Puppy Caked In Mud, Vet Said, “He’s Not A Dog” At All

When a sluggish movement was observed in a deep muddy hole on an urban construction site, the workers were concerned. The employees discovered a tiny puppy desperately drowning and fighting to stay afloat in the noxious muck after scanning the pit. They gathered together and hauled out the dying puppy as soon as possible.


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The puppy was encased in a thick layer of dried mud from head to toe by the time the employees brought him to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital. He appeared rather pathetic as bits of trash plastic drooped from his stomach. The vet staff washed the terrified newborn, only to discover that he wasn’t a “dog” after all!


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As a warm shower flushed away the arid layers of mud, the staff realized that the poor baby was actually a fox cub! After a very long dunking and scrubbing session, the 4-month-old cub finally recovered from the shock and was able to move freely again. To commemorate this one-of-a-kind rescue, the staff has named the baby “Muddsey”. We love the sound of that!

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Muddsey is doing great now, and the veterinarian staff will set him up correctly when he’s completely healthy. It’s been suggested that Muddsey was trapped in a muddy hole for a whole weekend based on his condition. If it wasn’t for the construction workers, he would have met a horrible demise. We’re ecstatic that things worked out well.

Dog Presumed Dead In Tornado Miraculously Appears During Mom’s Live Interview

On May 21, 2013, an EF-5 tornado ripped a 14-mile path through Moore, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City, killing 24 and destroying 12,000 homes. The estimated cost of the damage totaled $2 billion. Barbara Garcia and her dog Bowser were among those in the tornado’s path. Together, they sheltered in a small interior bathroom of their house, but all at once, the power went out, and Barbara and Bowser were lifted and tossed about as the house was torn … Read more

Tiny Puppies Rescued In Rainstorm Still Wait For Their Forever Families

Two tiny puppies were tragically dumped with no regard for their well-being. By the time someone saw them and called Takis Shelter, a storm made its way through. Rain pelted down and thunder erupted in the sky. The little ones were petrified and ran from their rescuers. They had no idea what their intentions were. Once finally in their rescuers’ hands, Takis aptly named the puppies Thunder and Rain. He took them back to the shelter, cleaned them up, and … Read more

Baby Chimp That Saw His Mom Shot Throws Himself Into Rescuer’s Arms

A baby chimp named Kailo has already lived a tragic life. Poachers shot his mother so they could take Kailo and sell him as a pet. Even though Kailo is young, he remembers everything that has happened to him. The traumatized baby was thankfully rescued and brought to a sanctuary. When Kailo was released from his wooden crate, the scared baby craved love so badly that he ran to the volunteer and wrapped his arms around her. His hug spoke … Read more

Frustrated Parrot Uses Human Commands To Silence Barking Dogs

Parrot scolding barking dog

Listening to a dog’s relentless barking can be annoying, especially if you’ve tried everything to train them and redirect their behaviors. However, loud dogs don’t just bother humans, they may also irritate other animals. Most pets cannot voice their discomfort with loud dogs, but one parrot found a way to communicate his frustration. In a hilarious video, the parrot demands that his canine brothers stop barking. The way he speaks is very human-like, so he seems to think he’s better … Read more

Happy Bernedoodle Hugs Her Boy Every Time He Hops Off School Bus

Maggie is a Bernedoodle who loves her family, especially her human brothers. One of her brothers is old enough to attend school, and though she knows he has to go, this sweet girl misses him so much. But when she hears the school bus coming down the road in the afternoon, she knows Brother is almost home. And because she’s so happy he’s back after a long day of learning, Maggie heads out into the yard to hug him when … Read more

Heartbroken Dog Abandoned In The Woods Can’t Find The Strength To Stand


By the time rescuers arrived, Keanu had completely given up. After the gentle giant was abandoned in the woods, he had gotten so sick and so sad that he chose to completely give up on life. He was found literally hours from death, lying motionless on the forest floor. He didn’t even have the strength to stand.  But with lots of love and care, Keanu was able to find his will to live again. When they found Keanu lying on … Read more

Humpback Whale ‘Shocks’ Scientists By Swimming 3,000-Miles With A Severely Injured Spine

Humpback whales have one of the longest migrations of any mammal on the planet. Some species travel an incredible 5,000 miles from where they feed to where they breed. Fin Island research station scientists have been following Moon, the humpback whale, for 15 years. They usually spot her in September as she makes her annual 3,000-mile journey from Canada’s frigid waters down to Hawaii’s lukewarm waters. Hawaii is where they believe Moon was born, and she returns there every year. … Read more

Dog Left At Shelter With Detailed Portrait After 12 Years With One Family

Dog surrendered with portrait

Most dog parents could never imagine giving up their furry friends, but for families facing hard times, keeping everyone together isn’t always easy. A senior dog named Abby was surrendered to a Virginia shelter with all her belongings, including a detailed portrait, two bags of sweaters, and 12 years of vet records. It’s clear that Abby’s family loved her and spoiled her very much. However, according to the shelter, they were facing a difficult situation that a GoFundMe couldn’t solve. … Read more

Nervous Stray Puppy Springs To Life When Her Terrified Mom Is Rescued

Puppy and mom reunited

Dogs who have lived on the streets their whole lives are often the most nervous and fearful around humans, even if they’re only puppies. However, they deserve love and comfort just as much as any other dog. In a video posted on “Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel” on YouTube, a puppy named Lucy was living as a stray. When humans saved her, she was terrified and wary, but she eventually realized that people could be kind and loving. Yet, … Read more

Boy Gives His Dog A One-Of-A-Kind Sledding Experience After Severe Snowstorm

Snowstorms are devastating for many people. Until all the snow is plowed and the ice is salted, it’s difficult to leave the house and go about a normal routine. After a severe snowstorm in Romania, many people felt hopeless because of the snowy streets and frigid temperatures. However, a boy named Andrei and his dog Pufi decided to look on the bright side of the depressing event. Even though the sidewalks were still covered in snow, Andrei and Pufi went … Read more

Blind Puppy Hears She’s A Candidate For Eye Surgery And Is All Smiles

A loving foster family took in a blind Pit Bull named Hazel. They learned how to use sound signals to help the pup get used to her new bearings. Hazel did her best to navigate her new digs but became overwhelmed and withdrawn. Her foster mom says she was “mopey” and only wanted to lay around. Fortunately, after a few days of adjustment, Hazel became an entirely different dog! Her tail started to wag, and she became the playful pup … Read more

12 Ways Dogs ‘Improve’ Our Lives: Why We Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

Why do we love dogs? Well, that’s easy for us! it’s a question that has puzzled humans for centuries. These furry, four-legged creatures have captured our hearts and become a beloved part of our families. Here are 12 reasons why we love dogs:   1. Unconditional Love: Dogs have an incredible ability to love unconditionally. They don’t judge us for our mistakes or hold grudges against us. They are always there to greet us with wagging tails and wet noses, … Read more

12 Ways Dogs ‘Improve’ Our Lives: Why We Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

Why do we love dogs? Well, that’s easy for us! it’s a question that has puzzled humans for centuries. These furry, four-legged creatures have captured our hearts and become a beloved part of our families. Here are 12 reasons why we love dogs:   1. Unconditional Love: Dogs have an incredible ability to love unconditionally. They don’t judge us for our mistakes or hold grudges against us. They are always there to greet us with wagging tails and wet noses, … Read more

Man Walks Out Of Shelter Cradling Emaciated Puppy In His Arms

Lee with Asher House found out about a skinny Pit Bull wasting away in an animal shelter. He knew he could help her and made his way over. The puppy was merely skin and bones! Lee took her from the shelter and brought her to the Asher House sanctuary. The dog, now named Daisy, was initially too overwhelmed and nervous to meet the entire pack. So Lee decided it was best to introduce her slowly. Lee snuggled Daisy closely after … Read more

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