They Can Try But No One Can Escape ‘World’s Most Affectionate’ Hug-Bug

Marisa walked into a shelter with the intention of fostering a puppy. Little did she know that she would walk out with her best friend and “soul dog,” Lillybug, also known as Bug. This adorable Pit Bull has captured hearts with her incredibly affectionate nature, particularly her love for hugs. Marisa didn’t officially adopt Bug until a month after their first meeting, but she knew right away that she would bring her home. What stands out the most about Bug … Read more

Mom Whose Dog Nipped At Her Learns She’s Pregnant And Sends Him ‘Away’

When Jay, a rescue dog from Puerto Rico, was adopted by a loving family, they quickly realized that he had some behavioral issues. Jay was mischievous and became aggressive when he felt threatened, making day-to-day tasks difficult for his new family. However, with patience, training, and a little help from a professional, Jay underwent an incredible transformation to become a loving and protective member of his family. Jay’s mischievous behavior often involved pulling on clothes and acting aggressively when he … Read more

Three Legged Lab Puppy Rescues Dad From Heartbreaking Divorce

When Tre, a black Labrador, had his leg amputated, his future seemed uncertain. Despite the challenges Tre faced adjusting to life with three legs, his new dad’s love and support helped him regain his strength and confidence. Now, Tre is not only able to walk and run but has also inspired his owner, Kyle, to pursue his dreams and compete on American Ninja Warrior. When Kyle first saw him, he knew that Tre needed him as much as Kyle needed … Read more

Guy Tells ‘Shell-Shocked’ Shelter Dog It’ll Be Alright And She’s Here To Stay

When Raven, a sweet and lovable dog, first arrived at her foster home, she was a little shell-shocked. Having been in and out of shelters, it was clear that she was stressed out and needed time in a home environment to have any chance of becoming a family dog. Her foster parents, Collin and Katy, quickly discovered that Raven was a “Velcro dog,” meaning she would follow them everywhere he went. They also found out that she wasn’t very comfortable … Read more

Woman’s Dogs Tempt Stray To Follow Them Home But Will He

When a neighbor went out of town, she decided to check her security camera footage and discovered a stray dog sleeping on her porch. The dog seemed to need help, but every time someone tried to approach him, he would run away. Little did the dog know that his life was about to change for the better, thanks to the kindness of a woman and her two dogs. The woman, Emily, was out on her usual walk with her dogs … Read more

Piggy Toy Motivates Dog In House Fire To Recover, Mom Buys Every Single One

When you first meet Lotus, you can’t help but be drawn to her infectious smile and wagging tail. This is the story of a resilient dog who survived a house fire and went on to find happiness and love with her new mom. Despite her traumatic past, she has become an inspiration to all who meet her. This incredible dog, used for breeding, was found after a house fire. It’s hard to imagine how an animal who had been through … Read more

It Hurt To Be Touched But Her Longing For Affection Surpassed The Pain

On a chilly autumn morning, a girl discovered a dog in terrible condition wandering the streets. The dog, later named Blondie, was emaciated, covered in scabs, and had cloudy eyes. It was clear that she had been suffering for quite some time, and it was a mystery how she had ended up in such a dire state. Thankfully, the girl who found her brought her to a veterinarian for immediate care. Upon examination, it was determined that Blondie was suffering … Read more

Dog Blocks Road To Beg For Food, Runs To A Dank Cave And Drops It In

A stray dog was spotted on the side of the road, desperately waving her paws, begging for help. When kind people stopped to help her and offered her food, she didn’t eat it. Instead, she turned around and ran. Curious about the situation, the people followed her, and a group of puppies appeared. It turned out that the dog was a mother and had been trying to get help for her puppies. The mother dog led the rescuers to a … Read more

Woman Rescues Dog, Dog Expresses Her Gratitude By Stealing Her Man

Layla, a lovable rescue dog with a unique appearance, has captured the hearts of her adoptive family and everyone who meets her. Found abandoned in a parking lot, Layla’s story is one of resilience and the power of love. In this article, we’ll share Layla’s journey from being a stray to finding her forever home. Layla was discovered in an apartment parking lot, where she had been abandoned for days. The sweet dog was taken in by ACT Philly, a … Read more

Man Scrambles To Free Dog Trapped In Landslide, And She’s Not On Her Own

When Soner Büümez heard the desperate howls of an animal in distress, he knew he had to act quickly. Working on a farm near a recent landslide, Büümez discovered a stray dog trapped in a collapsed hole, with only her head visible above the ground. Determined to save the suffering animal, Büümez and a colleague dug the dog out using their bare hands and a small shovel. But the dog’s howls continued, leading Büümez and his colleague to suspect that … Read more

Orphan Puppy Raised By ‘Mama Cow’ Weeps When She’s Taken Away

In a world where we often hear stories of conflict and division, it’s refreshing to come across a tale of true friendship and love between two unlikely companions. This is the story of Ruki, a dog, and his foster mother, a cow, who formed an unbreakable bond that even their owner couldn’t separate. Ruki, a small puppy, lost his mother at a young age. Fortunately, he wasn’t alone, as two cows living in the same house took care of him. … Read more

Stray Wraps Himself Around Woman So She Won’t Leave Him In Horrid Place

A homeless dog was found drinking dirty water and eating garbage to survive. When two kind-hearted people approached the dog, the Samoyed wisely followed, seeming to understand that the rescuers were there to help. The dog eagerly brought over an empty can to charm them with his upbeat attitude. In spite of everything he had been through, he was so happy! He ran over to hug one of the rescuers, showing his gratitude and desire for a loving home. Despite … Read more

Dog Defensive Of His Injured Body Lashed Out At Man Striving To Heal Him

A police officer came to the aid of Oliver, a neglected dog with severe skin issues. He fought capture aggressively, lashing out at the man who was just trying to help. His behavior was due to his painful body that he was merely protecting. He also didn’t understand what was happening, and the situation was overwhelming. Finally, the officer captured Oliver and brought him to the shelter. He was in a lot of pain and understandably defensive. His initial aggression … Read more

People ‘Believe’ His Mom Should Be Put In Jail For Keeping Disabled Dog Alive

Jack is a lovable dog who has overcome incredible odds. Born with Spina Bifida, Jack was abandoned in a box outside a veterinarian’s office, covered in fleas and without any medical support. Thankfully, a rescue organization stepped in to save him when no one else would. Today, Jack is living his best life with his devoted mom, Wendy, who first saw him on Instagram and knew she was meant to love and care for him. Wendy, who lives in Oregon, … Read more

Dog With No Concept Of Personal Space Clings To His Humans Twenty-Four-Seven

Meet Prince, a lovable Pit Bull who has no idea what personal space is and loves to be the center of attention. This adorable dog has become his family’s world thanks to his playful antics and his affectionate personality. From stealing his humans’ belongings to joining in on workout sessions, Prince is always eager to be a part of the action. Prince’s journey began when he was rescued by Krista’s college-aged son, who noticed his shy and nervous demeanor. However, … Read more

Great Dane Puppy With Paw Deformity Must Walk Before He’s Gets Too Big

Forrest, a Great Dane puppy, was born with a rare condition that caused all four of his paws to curl like a Ballerina’s toes. It made walking difficult and his foster mom’s vet had no idea how to help. Forrest came from a breeder in Tijuana who also tried to fix his paws but when he said he couldn’t help either, and the only alternative was to put the two-pound puppy down, a rescue organization stepped in just in time. … Read more

Dog Playing Fetch Is Abruptly Paralyzed, ‘Panicked’ Dad Rushes To Her Side

When a beloved pet suddenly becomes paralyzed, it can be a terrifying and heartbreaking experience for the entire family. This is the story of Chaps, a dog who suddenly lost the ability to walk and the incredible journey her family went through to help her regain her mobility. One day, Chaps’ owners noticed that she had rolled onto her back and started screaming in pain after a game of fetch. Fearing the worst, they rushed her to the emergency room. … Read more

Lady Ignored Dog Tied To Her Trailer That Still Has An Infectious ‘Joy For Life’

A dog who was found tied up to a trailer and neglected for a month longed for food and affection. Thankfully, he was rescued and eventually adopted by a loving woman. The dog, now named Oscar Meyer, has come a long way since his days of being neglected and mistreated. The woman living at the trailer where Oscar Meyer was found told rescuers that the dog had shown up one day and never left. Instead of caring for him, she … Read more

Affectionate Dog Is Returned To Shelter Seven Times Without Explanation

Benji, a four-year-old dog, had been adopted and returned to the shelter seven times with little or no explanation. The staff at the shelter were puzzled as to why this friendly and affectionate dog kept being returned. One young student working at the shelter, Clara, decided to take Benji home to observe his behavior in a different setting. When Clara brought Benji home, he was his usual joyous self but when she opened up the door and let her other … Read more

Woman Left Her Dog With Relatives, They Couldn’t Be Bothered And Kicked Him Out

When an elderly woman fell ill and was hospitalized, her family was supposed to care for her pets. But they grew tired of them and left her beloved dogs out on the streets. One of the dogs, a senior pup named Pluto, had never experienced life without a home. Pluto was deeply attached to his owner and struggled to adapt to his new circumstances. He wandered the streets searching for his owner. Eventually, he found shelter in an abandoned house, … Read more

Lady Meets Dog Living In Barrel With Her Babies But They’re Not All Puppies

In a delightful tale of love and survival, a stray dog mother struggling to care for her four puppies also adopted a little stray kitten. The dog had been wandering for quite some time, and her thin appearance was a testament to the hardships she had faced. However, her determination to protect and care for her unique family is truly inspiring. A kind-hearted woman who had been feeding the stray dog mother gradually built a relationship with her. Over time, … Read more

Pup Stayed As Far Away From His Family As He Could, Then They ‘Figured It Out’

Wally, a once-feral dog, has found a loving home and a new lease on life after being rescued from a life-threatening situation. The young pup had been living on the streets for months, terrified of people, sounds, and movement. His collar, which had been small when he left his family, became dangerously tight as he grew, putting his health and life at risk. A team of volunteers set up a trap to catch Wally and bring him to safety. Upon … Read more

Itty-Bitty Baby Goat Encounters Giant Dog And Goes In For A Snuggle

Judy and Cody never imagined they would have a goat living in their house, but when they came across a tiny baby goat named Ducky, they couldn’t resist taking her in. Ducky was too small and needed special care, so the couple decided to make her a part of their family. Little did they know Ducky would grow up to be a spunky, fearless goat who thinks she’s much bigger than she is. Ducky has become quite the character in … Read more

Soldier Must Leave Puppy He Saved In War Zone, But Vows To Return For Her

Sean Laidlaw, a British soldier stationed in Syria, heard what sounded like a child crying under a concrete pillar. He never expected to find a tiny, frightened puppy. This was the beginning of an incredible bond between Sean and the dog he named Barrie. As a bomb disposal expert, Sean’s mission was to disarm IEDs and homemade bombs. It took four days for him to earn Barrie’s trust enough to let him touch her. From that moment on, Sean and … Read more

Dog Protectively Laid In Front Of Wounded Companion As Train Horn Blared

On a chilly winter day, Dan received an urgent call about two dogs stranded on railroad tracks. Without hesitation, he grabbed his rescue gear and rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, he saw two dogs huddled together on the tracks. The smaller dog appeared to be injured, whimpering in pain, while the larger dog comforted his companion. The sound of an approaching train grew louder, and Dan knew he had to act quickly. As he approached the dogs, Dan spoke … Read more

Dog Flees House To Aid Creature With Nose Barely Above Lake Water

One sunny afternoon, Ralph, the owner of a retired certified therapy dog named Harley, noticed that his beloved pet was nowhere to be found. Concerned, he searched for Harley and eventually found himself at the nearby lake. What he saw there was a heartwarming sight he would never forget. In the middle of the vast lake, Harley was swimming, but he wasn’t alone. At first, Ralph had no idea what the creature was, swimming beside him, but as got closer, … Read more

Ginormous Fluff Of A Dog Gets Oodles Of Kisses From His Baby Sister

Imagine going on vacation and coming home with a giant dog! That’s exactly what happened to one couple who discovered Wally, a lovable and enormous canine, during their trip. This heartwarming story of Wally’s rescue and transformation, as well as his bond with his new baby sister, is sure to bring a smile to your face. While visiting the Great Wall of China, the family stumbled upon Wally, a giant dog in need of rescue. They decided to bring him … Read more

Stray Dog Climbs Down Ravine To Save Crying Kitten That Needed A Mom

Michelle Smith, an employee of an animal control organization, received a phone call about a barking dog at the bottom of a steep ravine. Without hesitation, Michelle rushed to the scene to investigate the situation. Upon arrival, she carefully climbed down the steep embankment and discovered a dog tangled among the branches of a thorny bush. However, upon closer inspection, Michelle realized that the dog was not alone. To her surprise, the dog was protecting and guarding a tiny kitten, … Read more

Orphan Baby Seal Yells At Caretakers When They Try To Clean Her Bathtub

When a baby seal named lli Pika arrived at a rescue center, she was scared and clearly missing her mother. She had been found stuck on top of an oyster trestle bed at an aquaculture farm, surrounded by heavy machinery that likely scared her mother away. To help comfort lli Pika, the rescuers provided her with a “wetsuit mom,” a bundle of recycled wetsuits that resembled a mother seal. She quickly cuddled up to it and fell asleep. The ultimate … Read more

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