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Guy Won’t Tell Disabled Pup That She’s Any Different Than The Average Dog

Nuggy, AKA Chicken Nugget, is a special needs French Bulldog puppy who has defied the odds. Born with several deformities, it was initially thought that she wouldn’t be able to live a regular dog’s life. However, Nuggy’s bubbly enthusiasm and fighting spirit have proven otherwise. When Nuggy first arrived at her foster home, she was so tiny that her foster dad foresaw many struggles ahead getting her back legs to work properly. But Nuggy’s determination and zest for life were … Read more

Puppy’s Days Filled With Hopeful Anticipation & Crushing Disappointment

A three-month-old stray puppy, named Bertha, was born on a dirty street. She was unwanted until volunteers found her and brought her to the shelter. Bertha adored people and eagerly awaited for someone to pay attention to her. When they did, she would wag her whole body and joyfully jump up and down. But even though she was safe, she longed for a family of her own. At the shelter, ‘Bertha’s days were a mix of hopeful anticipation and crushing … Read more

Three Legged Lab Puppy Rescues Dad From Heartbreaking Divorce

When Tre, a black Labrador, had his leg amputated, his future seemed uncertain. Despite the challenges Tre faced adjusting to life with three legs, his new dad’s love and support helped him regain his strength and confidence. Now, Tre is not only able to walk and run but has also inspired his owner, Kyle, to pursue his dreams and compete on American Ninja Warrior. When Kyle first saw him, he knew that Tre needed him as much as Kyle needed … Read more

Guy Tells ‘Shell-Shocked’ Shelter Dog It’ll Be Alright And She’s Here To Stay

When Raven, a sweet and lovable dog, first arrived at her foster home, she was a little shell-shocked. Having been in and out of shelters, it was clear that she was stressed out and needed time in a home environment to have any chance of becoming a family dog. Her foster parents, Collin and Katy, quickly discovered that Raven was a “Velcro dog,” meaning she would follow them everywhere he went. They also found out that she wasn’t very comfortable … Read more

Orphan Puppy Raised By ‘Mama Cow’ Weeps When She’s Taken Away

In a world where we often hear stories of conflict and division, it’s refreshing to come across a tale of true friendship and love between two unlikely companions. This is the story of Ruki, a dog, and his foster mother, a cow, who formed an unbreakable bond that even their owner couldn’t separate. Ruki, a small puppy, lost his mother at a young age. Fortunately, he wasn’t alone, as two cows living in the same house took care of him. … Read more

People ‘Believe’ His Mom Should Be Put In Jail For Keeping Disabled Dog Alive

Jack is a lovable dog who has overcome incredible odds. Born with Spina Bifida, Jack was abandoned in a box outside a veterinarian’s office, covered in fleas and without any medical support. Thankfully, a rescue organization stepped in to save him when no one else would. Today, Jack is living his best life with his devoted mom, Wendy, who first saw him on Instagram and knew she was meant to love and care for him. Wendy, who lives in Oregon, … Read more

Great Dane Puppy With Paw Deformity Must Walk Before He’s Gets Too Big

Forrest, a Great Dane puppy, was born with a rare condition that caused all four of his paws to curl like a Ballerina’s toes. It made walking difficult and his foster mom’s vet had no idea how to help. Forrest came from a breeder in Tijuana who also tried to fix his paws but when he said he couldn’t help either, and the only alternative was to put the two-pound puppy down, a rescue organization stepped in just in time. … Read more

Affectionate Dog Is Returned To Shelter Seven Times Without Explanation

Benji, a four-year-old dog, had been adopted and returned to the shelter seven times with little or no explanation. The staff at the shelter were puzzled as to why this friendly and affectionate dog kept being returned. One young student working at the shelter, Clara, decided to take Benji home to observe his behavior in a different setting. When Clara brought Benji home, he was his usual joyous self but when she opened up the door and let her other … Read more

Pup Stayed As Far Away From His Family As He Could, Then They ‘Figured It Out’

Wally, a once-feral dog, has found a loving home and a new lease on life after being rescued from a life-threatening situation. The young pup had been living on the streets for months, terrified of people, sounds, and movement. His collar, which had been small when he left his family, became dangerously tight as he grew, putting his health and life at risk. A team of volunteers set up a trap to catch Wally and bring him to safety. Upon … Read more

Dog Flees House To Aid Creature With Nose Barely Above Lake Water

One sunny afternoon, Ralph, the owner of a retired certified therapy dog named Harley, noticed that his beloved pet was nowhere to be found. Concerned, he searched for Harley and eventually found himself at the nearby lake. What he saw there was a heartwarming sight he would never forget. In the middle of the vast lake, Harley was swimming, but he wasn’t alone. At first, Ralph had no idea what the creature was, swimming beside him, but as got closer, … Read more

Ginormous Fluff Of A Dog Gets Oodles Of Kisses From His Baby Sister

Imagine going on vacation and coming home with a giant dog! That’s exactly what happened to one couple who discovered Wally, a lovable and enormous canine, during their trip. This heartwarming story of Wally’s rescue and transformation, as well as his bond with his new baby sister, is sure to bring a smile to your face. While visiting the Great Wall of China, the family stumbled upon Wally, a giant dog in need of rescue. They decided to bring him … Read more

Dog With Abusive Past Won’t Leave Her Crate, Fearing She’ll Be Scolded Again

When Mavyn, a rescue dog, first arrived at her new home with Madison and Nick, it was clear that she was terrified. She had come from an abusive home, and her adoptive family knew that she might have some trauma to work through. For the first five days, Mavyn stayed in her kennel, unwilling to leave. With some time, she slowly ventured out to eat, but to get all four paws outside the crate was quite an ordeal. Madison and … Read more

Mom Brings Home Tiny Piglet To Ease Anxious Dog’s Fear Of Abandonment

When Neil, an anxious dog who had been abandoned, was first adopted, he would panic whenever his mom left the house. He would scream at the door, begging for Rian to come back. Her heart ached. Rian couldn’t find anything to help Neil’s anxiety. However, everything changed when they rescued a sick piglet named Auggie. Auggie needed to be nursed back to health, and as she recovered, Neil began to move closer to her. Soon, he was spending more time … Read more

Pit Bull Set To Be Put Down For Barking At Another Dog Gets One Extra Day

Moose, with a bullet lodged in her lung, was set to be euthanized before Mickey came across her story. With only one extra kennel open, Moose was given an additional day, which ultimately led to her rescue. Mickey applied to adopt Moose and picked her up in Virginia after she was transported from Texas. Upon arriving at her new home, Moose was nervous but quickly warmed up to Mickey and her new surroundings. Surprisingly, Moose appeared to have had a … Read more

Great Dane Regains His Strength, Picks Out Toy And Tries To Pay For It Himself

When a Great Dane puppy in rough shape was brought to a local animal rescue, the staff knew they had their work cut out for them. The young dog, named Avenue, was estimated to be between four and six months old. He was severely malnourished and weak. He couldn’t get in and out of a vehicle or climb stairs on his own. Despite his condition, the puppy was sweet, gentle, and trusting. Determined to help Avenue regain his strength, the … Read more

Adopted Dog Was Afraid Of Everything And One Night With His Brother Changed All

Hedgie had a difficult start in life. His first owners chained him up outside as a puppy and never showed him love. When he was eventually adopted and brought home by his new family, the little guy was terrified of everyone and everything. He just cowered behind the table.

Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video

One night, Mason’s dog, Hedgie, wouldn’t stop barking. That’s when Mason decided to bring the dog up to his room for the night. The next morning, when Mason went downstairs, he was surprised by what he saw: Hedgie was a completely different dog! The two of them became inseparable friends who did everything together.

Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video

But one day, Hedgie started having trouble walking and eating. He was taken to the vet where they diagnosed him with megaesophagus, but putting him down was not an option for this family. Instead, they would feed him in a special chair.


Aside from his disorder, the family knew the dog was healthy and had lots of life left to live.

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Waning Elderly Chihuahua ‘Taunts Fate’ With Magnificent Comeback

Bitty is a 16-year-old Chihuahua whose story centers around resilience and love. He was found wandering the streets with a pronounced head tilt. He was constantly shaking and scratching his neck. The pup’s future was uncertain, especially at his age. He was initially put on the shortlist to be euthanized, but thankfully, fate had other plans. Gloria, who was working at a vet clinic and fostering dogs at the time, took Bitty in as her 12th foster dog. Arrangements were … Read more

Red-Tagged At Kill Shelter, Dog Placed Paw On Man And Pleaded For His Life

Lauren, a dance teacher, never expected to find her best friend during a visit to a local animal shelter. While taking a break from her busy life, she stumbled upon Max, a Pit Bull who had been slated for euthanasia twice. Max had been in two different kill shelters and was time-stamped to be put down at both. When Lauren first saw Max, she was struck by his sweet nature and how he craved for someone to hold him. The … Read more

Cowering Pound Puppy Relaxes After He And His Foster Dad Share A Burger

When Mark, a terrified dog, arrived at the pound, he wanted nothing more than to be invisible. He would cower in the furthest corner of his kennel, shaking uncontrollably. No one could come near him. It was clear that Mark had been through a lot, and he was hands down the most terrified dog Shira, the seasoned animal activist, had ever seen. With patience and gentle reassurance, Shira sat next to him, talking softly and offering treats. She knew this … Read more

Her Dog Passed Prematurely, Wants To Give Puppy The Life He Missed Out On

Kelly had recently lost her family dog in early 2019. The dog was only five years old. Kelly wanted to adopt another dog to give her the life her family dog missed out on. Little did she know that she would find her soul dog, Bailey, at a local adoption event. At the adoption event, Kelly noticed a small crate with three dogs. Two of them were jumping all over each other, but Bailey remained seated with the saddest eyes … Read more

Widow Couldn’t Function After Husband Passed, 17 Yr Old Dog Mends Her Heart

Meet Jana and her beloved 17-and-a-half-year-old dog, Chewie. These two have a heartwarming story of love, companionship, and the healing power of pets. Jana, now 67 and semi-retired, found Chewie at a time when she needed her the most. After losing her husband, Jana was struggling with sleep and emotional turmoil. It was then that Chewie entered her life, providing comfort and support during those difficult times. Jana and Chewie’s bond grew stronger over the years, and now, they spend … Read more

Dog Leaps Into River, Emerges With Puppy Swept Away By Current

A heartwarming story has captured the attention of animal lovers worldwide, as a brave dog named Duke rescues a young puppy from a dangerous current and adopts him as his own. The puppy, now called Lucky, found himself in a perilous situation when he was struggling to survive during a torrential rainstorm. The heavy downpour caused a nearby river to overflow, sweeping the helpless puppy away in the forceful current. As “luck” would have it, Duke was nearby and witnessed … Read more

Dog With Eyes Sealed Shut And Mangled Leg Waned In Overrun Shelter For 16 Years

In Tijuana, Mexico, a woman started a shelter for over 200 dogs, doing her best to care for them. However, one dog named Sol caught the attention of a group of animal rescuers who visited the shelter. Sol was barely able to stand, leaning to one side, and his eyes were sealed shut. Despite his condition, Sol’s loving nature shone through, and the rescuers knew they had to help him. The rescuers wanted to take Sol with them immediately, but … Read more

Desperate Dog That Lived On Trash Is Reprieved Minutes Before Euthanasia

Meet Beasley, a lovable dog with a unique face who defied the odds and found a loving forever home. Beasley’s story began when he was found tied up and severely underweight, landing him on the euthanasia list due to his medical condition. However, fate had other plans for this resilient pup. After being placed in a foster home, Beasley received the medical care he needed and was eventually cleared for adoption. That’s when Corey and her partner, Andrew, came into … Read more

Lonely Dog Puts Her Head On Tiny Puppy, Claims Him As Her Own

Keri was driving along when she saw a man holding a tiny puppy. She asked if she could take him and the man agreed. The baby was only 3-4 weeks old! Keri already had a grown dog named Abby and prayed that her pup would find a companion. And just as fate had it, the tiny puppy, now named Riley, came into their lives. When Abby met little Riley, she fell madly in love with him. She was instantly protective … Read more

Stray Dog Sits With His Injured Mate, Sure His Love Will Cure Her

Passersby saw two distressed strays and called for help. While waiting, they witnessed something truly incredible. One dog, later named Ruby, was writhing on the ground after being hit by a car. Her best friend, later named Max, stayed at her side, unwilling to leave her. He knew his doggy soulmate needed him more than ever. Seeing Ruby in pain, Max’s compassion kicked into gear. He gave her reassuring kisses, trying to explain– in his own way– that help would … Read more

Rescue Puppies Go Home With Lucky Campers Every Summer At This Sleepaway Camp

Puppies Feature

Going to summer camp is an amazing experience for a child. They have the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends, and participate in long-time camp traditions. At Camp Crane Lake in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, one of their most beloved traditions is matching their campers with the perfect rescue puppy to add to their family. What’s more exciting than making new four-legged friends? Summer sleepaway camp often includes participating in traditions. Looking forward to something, or knowing what to … Read more

Mom Buys Dog And Son Matching Shirts To Convince Dad He’s Already Family

Abigail met Loki at the shelter while volunteering for a spay/neuter clinic. Abigail stepped up to foster him. When Loki was in his new foster mom’s car, he looked up at her with these beautiful, expressive eyes and begged her not to take him back there. He then held her hand the whole way home. The first order of business was to introduce Loki to Abigail’s little boy, Leo. The boy and dog had an instant connection. In the video … Read more

Disabled Pup Struggled To Make Friends Until She Met Two-Legged Ihop


Rachel and her sweet sister, Monica were born with deformities to their legs and paws. The adorable pair was taken in by The Pawerful Rescue, but Monica, who was able to get around a bit easier than Rachel, found a forever home right away. So shy Rachel was left lonely and in desperate need of a new friend. Sadly, she was having a hard time keeping up and bonding with the other dogs at the rescue. But everything changed when … Read more

Mom Adopts Cat For Paralyzed Dog, Becomes Pup’s Soul Medicine

The age-old belief that cats and dogs can’t get along is a total misconception! As pet parents, we know better. Animals are amazing creatures with sympathetic hearts and pure souls. When a dog named Charlot was paralyzed after suffering from canine distemper, her spirits were in the dumps. But soon, a kitty hero entered her life and changed everything! Olaf, a rescue cat, was adopted by Charlot’s mom when her paralyzed pup exhibited signs of depression caused by isolation. Charlot … Read more

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