Woman’s Dogs Tempt Stray To Follow Them Home But Will He

When a neighbor went out of town, she decided to check her security camera footage and discovered a stray dog sleeping on her porch. The dog seemed to need help, but every time someone tried to approach him, he would run away. Little did the dog know that his life was about to change for the better, thanks to the kindness of a woman and her two dogs. The woman, Emily, was out on her usual walk with her dogs … Read more

It Hurt To Be Touched But Her Longing For Affection Surpassed The Pain

On a chilly autumn morning, a girl discovered a dog in terrible condition wandering the streets. The dog, later named Blondie, was emaciated, covered in scabs, and had cloudy eyes. It was clear that she had been suffering for quite some time, and it was a mystery how she had ended up in such a dire state. Thankfully, the girl who found her brought her to a veterinarian for immediate care. Upon examination, it was determined that Blondie was suffering … Read more

Dog Blocks Road To Beg For Food, Runs To A Dank Cave And Drops It In

A stray dog was spotted on the side of the road, desperately waving her paws, begging for help. When kind people stopped to help her and offered her food, she didn’t eat it. Instead, she turned around and ran. Curious about the situation, the people followed her, and a group of puppies appeared. It turned out that the dog was a mother and had been trying to get help for her puppies. The mother dog led the rescuers to a … Read more

Man Scrambles To Free Dog Trapped In Landslide, And She’s Not On Her Own

When Soner Büümez heard the desperate howls of an animal in distress, he knew he had to act quickly. Working on a farm near a recent landslide, Büümez discovered a stray dog trapped in a collapsed hole, with only her head visible above the ground. Determined to save the suffering animal, Büümez and a colleague dug the dog out using their bare hands and a small shovel. But the dog’s howls continued, leading Büümez and his colleague to suspect that … Read more

Stray Wraps Himself Around Woman So She Won’t Leave Him In Horrid Place

A homeless dog was found drinking dirty water and eating garbage to survive. When two kind-hearted people approached the dog, the Samoyed wisely followed, seeming to understand that the rescuers were there to help. The dog eagerly brought over an empty can to charm them with his upbeat attitude. In spite of everything he had been through, he was so happy! He ran over to hug one of the rescuers, showing his gratitude and desire for a loving home. Despite … Read more

Dog Defensive Of His Injured Body Lashed Out At Man Striving To Heal Him

A police officer came to the aid of Oliver, a neglected dog with severe skin issues. He fought capture aggressively, lashing out at the man who was just trying to help. His behavior was due to his painful body that he was merely protecting. He also didn’t understand what was happening, and the situation was overwhelming. Finally, the officer captured Oliver and brought him to the shelter. He was in a lot of pain and understandably defensive. His initial aggression … Read more

Lady Ignored Dog Tied To Her Trailer That Still Has An Infectious ‘Joy For Life’

A dog who was found tied up to a trailer and neglected for a month longed for food and affection. Thankfully, he was rescued and eventually adopted by a loving woman. The dog, now named Oscar Meyer, has come a long way since his days of being neglected and mistreated. The woman living at the trailer where Oscar Meyer was found told rescuers that the dog had shown up one day and never left. Instead of caring for him, she … Read more

Woman Left Her Dog With Relatives, They Couldn’t Be Bothered And Kicked Him Out

When an elderly woman fell ill and was hospitalized, her family was supposed to care for her pets. But they grew tired of them and left her beloved dogs out on the streets. One of the dogs, a senior pup named Pluto, had never experienced life without a home. Pluto was deeply attached to his owner and struggled to adapt to his new circumstances. He wandered the streets searching for his owner. Eventually, he found shelter in an abandoned house, … Read more

Lady Meets Dog Living In Barrel With Her Babies But They’re Not All Puppies

In a delightful tale of love and survival, a stray dog mother struggling to care for her four puppies also adopted a little stray kitten. The dog had been wandering for quite some time, and her thin appearance was a testament to the hardships she had faced. However, her determination to protect and care for her unique family is truly inspiring. A kind-hearted woman who had been feeding the stray dog mother gradually built a relationship with her. Over time, … Read more

Soldier Must Leave Puppy He Saved In War Zone, But Vows To Return For Her

Sean Laidlaw, a British soldier stationed in Syria, heard what sounded like a child crying under a concrete pillar. He never expected to find a tiny, frightened puppy. This was the beginning of an incredible bond between Sean and the dog he named Barrie. As a bomb disposal expert, Sean’s mission was to disarm IEDs and homemade bombs. It took four days for him to earn Barrie’s trust enough to let him touch her. From that moment on, Sean and … Read more

Dog Protectively Laid In Front Of Wounded Companion As Train Horn Blared

On a chilly winter day, Dan received an urgent call about two dogs stranded on railroad tracks. Without hesitation, he grabbed his rescue gear and rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, he saw two dogs huddled together on the tracks. The smaller dog appeared to be injured, whimpering in pain, while the larger dog comforted his companion. The sound of an approaching train grew louder, and Dan knew he had to act quickly. As he approached the dogs, Dan spoke … Read more

Stray Dog Climbs Down Ravine To Save Crying Kitten That Needed A Mom

Michelle Smith, an employee of an animal control organization, received a phone call about a barking dog at the bottom of a steep ravine. Without hesitation, Michelle rushed to the scene to investigate the situation. Upon arrival, she carefully climbed down the steep embankment and discovered a dog tangled among the branches of a thorny bush. However, upon closer inspection, Michelle realized that the dog was not alone. To her surprise, the dog was protecting and guarding a tiny kitten, … Read more

Orphan Baby Seal Yells At Caretakers When They Try To Clean Her Bathtub

When a baby seal named lli Pika arrived at a rescue center, she was scared and clearly missing her mother. She had been found stuck on top of an oyster trestle bed at an aquaculture farm, surrounded by heavy machinery that likely scared her mother away. To help comfort lli Pika, the rescuers provided her with a “wetsuit mom,” a bundle of recycled wetsuits that resembled a mother seal. She quickly cuddled up to it and fell asleep. The ultimate … Read more

Guy Attempts To Capture Stray Dog In Grand Canyon, But She Outsmarts The Trap

While gassing up near the Grand Canyon, a man noticed a stray dog coming from the desert to grab a discarded Starbucks bag for food. The dog was hesitant to let anyone get close, but the man couldn’t bear to leave her there. He decided to get his camper and prepared to stay in the area for a while, determined to rescue the dog he named Haseya. Locals donated treats and a trap to help catch the smart canine, but … Read more

Firefighter Pulls Out Puppy Stuffed In A Cooler And Caught In A Debris Fire

When a debris fire broke out beneath a freeway, a frightened puppy found herself in a dangerous situation. Hiding in an ice cooler, the young pup was covered in black plastic. She suffered from burns on her back and belly. A kind-hearted firefighter came to her rescue just in time! After rescue, he bathed her and cleaned her up. It didn’t take long for the firefighter to fall in love with the little girl, and he knew right away that … Read more

Lady Believes Her Unwavering Faith In Paralyzed Street Dog Will Help Him Walk

Hershel was abandoned on the streets by the family who was supposed to love him. He faced a difficult journey to recovery after being hit by a car. The accident left him unable to use his back legs, and his future seemed uncertain. When Hershel was first discovered by rescuer Tamara, he was in a terrible state. He had been left to fend for himself in an alleyway. He was hiding under a piece of plywood, horrified that the people … Read more

Unwanted Puppy’s Ditched In Chicken Pen At Market Because He Has Mange

Animals, like people, desire care and love, and anyone who has ever owned a pet knows how quickly they become part of the family. It’s hard to imagine celebrating a birthday, recognizing a holiday, or doing anything without them. One such story of love and care is that of Pino, who had a rough start in life. In a video posted on YouTube, Pino was found as a puppy, shivering, shaking, and cowering in the corner of a chicken pen. … Read more

Bus Driver Comes To A Halt When He Sees Puppies Poking Out Of Cardboard Box

A heartwarming story has emerged after a bus driver discovered two tiny, innocent puppies left in a box at a bus stop outside of the city. The driver quickly alerted the local animal shelter, and staff members rushed to the scene, unsure of how long the puppies had been abandoned. Upon arrival, they found two female puppies, who were dirty, wet, and in poor condition, but surprisingly friendly. Sadly, it is not uncommon for people to abandon female puppies, as … Read more

Wounded Street Puppy Gives ‘Thank You Kisses’ As Soon As She Could

A stray puppy, later named Cherub, was found on the road all by herself. She had trauma to her leg and face. When a rescuer from Animal Aid picked her up, she cried out in pain. To see such a tiny pup go through this broke his heart. He held her close as they traveled to the rescue center. Cherub was tended to quickly. Her sprained leg was splinted and her scraped-up nose was cleaned properly and then treated with … Read more

Kids Stole Puppy From Her Mother Then Dumped Her When They Got Bored

Thoughtless kids had stolen a puppy from her mother and then got bored with her. They dumped her in a secluded area with no way to fend for herself. The puppy fearfully hid herself away after experiencing cruelty and neglect. Rescuers from Sidewalk Specials heard about the pup and tried to locate her. Amazingly, she approached them and led them to her secret spot. They followed as she returned to a palate of stacked wood, where she hid once again. … Read more

Puppy That Was Someone Else’s Trash Ends Up Being Couple’s Treasure

A couple came across a tiny puppy on the street, covered in fleas. They had no idea where she came from and asked around. The passersby said she was thrown away like trash! The couple picked up the puppy, brought her into their vehicle, and named her Suki after the village where they found her. The couple, Brady and Alex, have been rescuing animals in Bali since they went there on vacation. They noticed an overabundance of strays and knew … Read more

15 Totally FREE Ways To Help Shelter Dogs & The Staff Who Care For Them

There are all kinds of dog lovers out there, including those who cannot have a pooch of their own due to financial constraints, physical limitations, or housing concerns. Even if you cannot foster, adopt, or make a financial donation, you can still help the pups at your local shelter and the staff who work hard to give them better lives! Non-profit organizations like public shelters and private rescues are in constant need of supplies, products, and services from their community. … Read more

Family Dumped Their ‘Ugly’ Dog, Doctors Transformed Him With Life-Altering Surgery

This is the story of a dog, Bjarni, who was rescued from a difficult home with a disfigured face. Despite being ignored by passersby at first, those who one who found this dog’s story saw it as a worthy cause to support. There seems to be no immediate danger to the dog as he is cared for in a foster family before being adopted out into his forever home.

Image Credit: Facebook/St. Francis’ Angels

Bjarni had half a nose and many bite scars, likely from an attack by another animal. He was struggling to eat and breathe. When tracked down, his owners refused to take him back, even when told of possibility he could be euthanized.

Image Credit: Facebook/St. Francis’ Angels

St. Francis’ Angels, an emergency foster-home organization in Houston, Texas is one of the few organizations that will take ill pets off the streets so they can get help before they’re surrendered to a shelter. One weekend earlier this month, founder Annie Graber took in a pit bull who had hydrocephalus and other health problems.


After surgery, Bjarni’s face is completely re-aligned and he can breathe and eat properly! Despite having harsh experiences, Bjarni is the friendliest dog in the shelter. “Vivacious and engaging. He is totally unaware of his limitations and disfigurement,” Anne told the Huffington Post.


Image Credit: Facebook/St. Francis’ Angels


Update: We’re happy to say that Bjarni has found a nice forever home with a family that is accepting of him and is filled with love! He began his new life with a new name ‘Hogan’.


Kids Laugh And Ridicule Two Dogs Callously Dumped In Public Restroom

Two dogs were dumped in a public restroom. The male dog, Marmite, was very protective of his little sister, Toasty. Their owner set them up in a pathetic cardboard box with a dirty blanket and little hope. Thankfully, Sidewalk Specials arrived eager to help. But Toasty didn’t understand their intentions and ran behind the toilet, shaking uncontrollably. Once on a leash, Marmite fought rescue, untrusting of humans. One rescuer picked up Toasty, hoping Marmite would follow. He continued to thrash … Read more

A Box Was Left At Shelter And The Smell Was Horrible But Yet They Had To Open It

Shelter workers found a mysteriously taped-up box on their doorstep. They were appalled when they heard desperate cries for help coming from inside. As they tried to open the package, they instantly registered the putrid rotten smell that emanated from within.


Image Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet/YouTube


The smell was coming from a creature that broke their hearts into a thousand pieces. The workers were shocked to find a living, breathing puppy crammed inside the box in a panicked state. The dog, later named Pandora, was covered in strange wounds and her fur was so filthy and matted that she could hardly move.


Image Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet/YouTube


The workers shaved off her fur to get a better look at her injuries. They realized that the rotten smell was not from “infected wounds”, but from big and small lumps that covered her body. She was given a cleansing bath and prepped up for surgery.

Pandora endured multiple surgeries to get the extra lumps out of her body. Later, the biopsy report revealed that one of the masses had grown cancerous. But, thanks to the timely actions of the doctors, Pandora was finally out of danger!


Image Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet/YouTube


As Pandora started to recover, her adorable personality came through. For Pandora, her true heroes will always be her caretakers, who beat the odds and helped her survive. She was soon put up for adoption, and eventually ended up with a loving dad in her new forever home! What a miraculous journey for Pandora!


Click the video below to see what abuse and neglect did to poor Pandora, and how she recovered from it!


Couple Rescues Three Starving Puppies But Their Brother Goes On The Run

Brittni and Ryan came across four puppies in need of rescue. Three pups struggled, while the fourth was strong enough to run off. They chased him, but he was too fast to capture. The couple agreed to take the three puppies home for treatment and return for the fourth puppy later. Once back at the couple’s home, the puppies were placed on a heating pad and cared for around the clock. The goal was to get their tails wagging, and … Read more

Pit Bull Spending Final Days In Comfort Held On As They Tried 1 Last Thing

There is much in this world that we take for granted every day. However, behind the things we pour love into, there is also much that we can give! This Pit Bull desperately needed love and care. When he got it he found not only strength but life again. Meet Saint, the Pit Bull, this is his story. The dog, later named Saint, was beyond emaciated. He was so weak that he couldn’t even stand up to go to the … Read more

Sick Baby Orangutan Doted On By Caretakers, Gets Ready For The Wild

A baby orangutan named Budi, was being kept as a pet. He was very sick when he was finally rescued. No one was sure if he’d make it. Budi was malnourished and too weak to sit up on his own. It took months of physical therapy before the little guy could go to ‘baby school’ and interact with orangutans his own age. Once Budi was ready, he joined ‘forest school’ where he learned how to climb trees and swing from … Read more

Girl’s Rescue Cat Stirred The Magic Inside, Now Animals Appear Everywhere

Sashi is a modern-day Snow White. Animals flock to her, whether they’re in need or just want to say hi. She’ll go outside, and insects land on her, ducks will closely appear in her path, and turtles who need her help getting back to the water stand at her feet. Sashi has something special and it’s serving animals well! While on a walk, she saw two dogs wandering the neighborhood. It was hot outside and they panted heavily. Both dogs … Read more

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