Baby Beaver Learns To Build Dams When Her Family Doesn’t Answer Her Cries

Baby beaver builds dams

Beavers build dams by instinct. Even if they’ve never seen another beaver building a dam, they have the urge to do it, whether or not it’s practical. However, baby beavers usually stay with their parents for the first two years of their lives, so they can learn a lot in that time. Sadly, a young beaver named Nibi was separated from her family when she was only about a week old. Humans took her in and helped rehabilitate her, but … Read more

Couple Hears Puppy Screams Coming From Abandoned Garbage-Filled Bus

On a hot day in Brooklyn, New York, Melissa Geerlof and her boyfriend, Ben, were sweating it out on a walk home from the gym when she heard a dog screaming for help. She followed the crying to an abandoned bus parked on the street. And inside that bus were mounds of garbage and a Pitbull in need of help right away. Melissa and Ben looked over the bus and found no license plates. The VIN had been scratched out … Read more

Spanish Street Dog Instantly Adjusts To Life Of Luxury In His New Home

When Mango the Galgo was found, he was wandering around a Spanish train station. The poor puppy was all alone and severely underweight. But after an American couple took one look at this gorgeous guy’s face, they were ready to welcome him into their family. You’ll never guess what the former street dog did almost immediately upon arriving at his new home in America.  Despite knowing almost nothing about him, or his personality, Blake and Jane were “all in.” All … Read more

Great Pyrenees Puppy Trapped In Cactus Begs Human To Save Him

Dog trapped in cactus

Tumbleweed, the Great Pyrenees puppy, started his life wandering around an Arizona desert, making his name very fitting. No one knows what his life was like before he was rescued, but living alone in the desert is no place for a fluffy, defenseless puppy. To make matters worse, Tumbleweed found himself fighting against a cactus, which clung to his thick coat. The poor puppy couldn’t escape on his own, and struggling only made more spines and burrs stick to his … Read more

Tiny Paralyzed Dog Who Faced Cruelty Saves Other Special Needs Pups

Pumpkin paralyzed puppy

A tiny white dog named Pumpkin arrived at a rescue in Lincoln, England, when she was only a few weeks old. Right away, her rescuers noticed that she struggled to walk. Whenever she moved, she would drag her back legs behind her. Sadly, veterinarians suspect that Pumpkin’s condition was caused by an act of animal cruelty. Yet, the tiny pup has such a happy-go-lucky personality despite it all. Pumpkin has even helped many other special needs dogs like her just … Read more

Severely Malnourished Dog Couldn’t Move Until He Witnessed His Injured Friend Walk

Dog tries to walk

Sadly, not all humans are in a rush to save dogs in need. A large white dog with cropped ears was lying beside a fence for three weeks before someone in the neighborhood called for help. The pup stayed as close to the fence as possible to avoid the sun, but he was unable to get up and walk to a better-shaded spot. Someone claimed he had an owner who sometimes stopped by to give the dog food, but that … Read more

Tiny Baby Wailed At Bottom Of Rock Bed, She Screamed When Doctor Picked Her Up

Animal Aid, which specializes in helping animals with disabilities, got a call about an injured puppy that could not move. They made their way to the pup as quickly as they could and were relieved to find out that the little dog wasn’t paralyzed.   If you have interest in donating to the wonderful Animal Aid Unlimited team in India. You can help support their efforts at: Click Here To Donate!  Their hard work is supported by users like you! … Read more

Construction Workers Find Puppy Caked In Mud, Vet Said, “He’s Not A Dog” At All

When a sluggish movement was observed in a deep muddy hole on an urban construction site, the workers were concerned. The employees discovered a tiny puppy desperately drowning and fighting to stay afloat in the noxious muck after scanning the pit. They gathered together and hauled out the dying puppy as soon as possible.


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The puppy was encased in a thick layer of dried mud from head to toe by the time the employees brought him to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital. He appeared rather pathetic as bits of trash plastic drooped from his stomach. The vet staff washed the terrified newborn, only to discover that he wasn’t a “dog” after all!


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As a warm shower flushed away the arid layers of mud, the staff realized that the poor baby was actually a fox cub! After a very long dunking and scrubbing session, the 4-month-old cub finally recovered from the shock and was able to move freely again. To commemorate this one-of-a-kind rescue, the staff has named the baby “Muddsey”. We love the sound of that!

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Muddsey is doing great now, and the veterinarian staff will set him up correctly when he’s completely healthy. It’s been suggested that Muddsey was trapped in a muddy hole for a whole weekend based on his condition. If it wasn’t for the construction workers, he would have met a horrible demise. We’re ecstatic that things worked out well.

Tiny Puppies Rescued In Rainstorm Still Wait For Their Forever Families

Two tiny puppies were tragically dumped with no regard for their well-being. By the time someone saw them and called Takis Shelter, a storm made its way through. Rain pelted down and thunder erupted in the sky. The little ones were petrified and ran from their rescuers. They had no idea what their intentions were. Once finally in their rescuers’ hands, Takis aptly named the puppies Thunder and Rain. He took them back to the shelter, cleaned them up, and … Read more

Baby Chimp That Saw His Mom Shot Throws Himself Into Rescuer’s Arms

A baby chimp named Kailo has already lived a tragic life. Poachers shot his mother so they could take Kailo and sell him as a pet. Even though Kailo is young, he remembers everything that has happened to him. The traumatized baby was thankfully rescued and brought to a sanctuary. When Kailo was released from his wooden crate, the scared baby craved love so badly that he ran to the volunteer and wrapped his arms around her. His hug spoke … Read more

Dog Left At Shelter With Detailed Portrait After 12 Years With One Family

Dog surrendered with portrait

Most dog parents could never imagine giving up their furry friends, but for families facing hard times, keeping everyone together isn’t always easy. A senior dog named Abby was surrendered to a Virginia shelter with all her belongings, including a detailed portrait, two bags of sweaters, and 12 years of vet records. It’s clear that Abby’s family loved her and spoiled her very much. However, according to the shelter, they were facing a difficult situation that a GoFundMe couldn’t solve. … Read more

Nervous Stray Puppy Springs To Life When Her Terrified Mom Is Rescued

Puppy and mom reunited

Dogs who have lived on the streets their whole lives are often the most nervous and fearful around humans, even if they’re only puppies. However, they deserve love and comfort just as much as any other dog. In a video posted on “Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel” on YouTube, a puppy named Lucy was living as a stray. When humans saved her, she was terrified and wary, but she eventually realized that people could be kind and loving. Yet, … Read more

Patient Veterinarian Transforms Shutdown Shelter Dog With A Steady Stream Of Love

Jimmy with doc

When Macon Animal Control, an animal shelter in Georgia, held a “pardons week,” they hoped to get every single dog adopted or into a foster home. That way, none of them would have to be euthanized. After reading about this on Facebook, a veterinarian named Dr. Andy Mathis called and offered to adopt or foster a few of the dogs to help out the cause.  He was able to show that with just a little extra love and patience, so … Read more

Mangey Puppy Determined To Be Loved Is Transformed And It’s Pure Gold

A mangy puppy was dumped near a mechanic’s garage. Thankfully the mechanic’s niece reached out to Hope For Paws for help. The little guy was in terrible condition, yet he still wagged his tail when he came out from under a car to greet his rescuer. The kind man placed the lucky red leash around the pup and brought him to the rescue center. His skin was scabbed and scaly, but the puppy should heal up perfectly with treatment. It … Read more

Sick Stray Puts Paw In Woman’s Hand, Desperately Pleads For Medical Help

A street dog named Zhuzha hobbled around with a swollen belly. The rescuers with Love Furry Friends spotted the distressed pup and knew she needed immediate medical attention. A kind woman with the rescue group asked a passerby if she knew anything about Zhuzha. The passerby assured the woman she had been spayed, so her swollen belly couldn’t be from pregnancy. The tag on the dog’s ear confirmed she was fixed through the city’s spay/neuter program. So why was her … Read more

Puppy Mill Survivor Missing Teeth And Vocal Cords Would Make Cutest Cadbury Bunny!

Puppy mill survivor Cadbury contest

For the past few years, Cadbury has held tryouts for a Cadbury Bunny mascot. Yet, the Cadbury Bunny doesn’t have to be a bunny at all. Instead, it can be any animal that would look adorable in bunny ears (which, of course, is all of them!) This year, there have been a lot of incredible pets trying out, but only one can be the winner. One of the most notable contestants from the first round was Howie, an adorable Maltese … Read more

Michael J. Fox Flashes A Bright Smile In A Photo With His Adorable New Canine Companion

Blue featured

What would you do almost immediately after you added an adorable new canine companion to your family? You’d share it on social media, of course! Adopting a new furry family member is incredibly exciting, and your social media followers are likely to share in your enthusiasm. That’s exactly what Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox did, and fans and admirers from all over the world showed him so much love and support. The retired actor was beaming in … Read more

Family Member Abandons Dog Outside Burger King With Tear-Jerking Note

Dog found at Burger King

A dog tied up outside an Illinois Burger King gained a lot of attention when a group of people approached him and saw a heartbreaking note attached to his collar. It said: “Hi, I’m King. I’m a good boy. Love to hug & kiss.” The note also mentioned the dog’s birthday. Even though the person who left the dog there didn’t responsibly surrender him, it was clear that someone loved him very much. So, instead of finding King a new … Read more

Fearful Beagle Used For Lab Testing Falls In Love With His Rescuer

Beagle rescued from lab

A Beagle named Uno started his life at a breeding facility alongside thousands of other Beagles. The facility bred the dogs for lab testing, so many of them had never experienced love or seen the outside world. Luckily, 4,000 Beagles escaped the horrific facility with the help of dog rescuers. Uno was one of the first dogs saved, and he was also one of the most nervous. He was hesitant to trust humans, but his rescuer eventually won him over … Read more

Leopard Goes Outside For The First Time After Being Declawed And Kept As A Pet

Leopard kept as a pet

Some animals should never be kept as pets, and it’s safe to say that leopards are a perfect example. Leopards are large predators that need lots of space to roam, so being confined to a small house is not good for their health and development. Sadly, some people still try to keep these animals as pets anyway. A black leopard named Bobo was bred in captivity and owned by a person in Latvia. He lived inside that person’s apartment for … Read more

Dog Left For Dead Is Taking Baby Steps Towards A Long Happy Life

Davis Feature

When two women happened upon a shocking scene, they were appalled by what they saw lying on the side of the rural road. Davis, a gorgeous purebred German Shepherd, was seriously injured and left for dead. The poor pup had spent two long days unable to move and whimpering in pain as he was forced to face the elements. As of right now, nobody knows exactly what happened to him, but their best guess is that he was hit by … Read more

Pit Bull Comes Of Nowhere, Jumps Inside Couple’s Truck And Won’t Leave

Emily and Garrett were quite surprised one afternoon when they walked to their truck and swung the front door open. A Pit Bull seemingly came out of nowhere and jumped inside. The Pittie, later named Buddy, then refused to leave! Buddy went from the front seat to the back and laid down. The couple tried coaxing him out so he would return home, but nothing worked. Not even roast beef! Buddy refused to eat but did drink plenty of water. … Read more

Little Dog Desperately Runs After Couple’s Car To Ask For Help

A couple was driving down a country road when a dog suddenly appeared in the rearview mirror. She chased the car with all her might. They were unsure, at first, if the dog had an owner nearby and was just playfully giving chase. But the couple quickly realized that the dog actually needed their help. They stopped the car and gave the pup some water. She lapped it right up. She was dirty and covered in ticks. Her coat was … Read more

Dog Trapped Inside 6-Foot Fence Lifts His Paw To Greet Rescuer

An abandoned dog was thrown over a high spiky fence that surrounded a church, but somehow the pup miraculously survived. The poor dog was stuck there, all alone, with no one to care for him. Thankfully he was spotted by a concerned citizen who reached out to a woman who rescues animals. The woman was in awe when she saw the pup. He was filthy and matted. His coat must have weighed a ton! He just laid there, staring out … Read more

Lost Dog Runs Farther Away When Mom Is Right In Front Of Her

When a family adopted Leia, they knew they were the lucky ones. She was everything they ever hoped for in a four-legged companion. But then, seven years later, tragedy struck. A neighbor left the door open and Leia escaped. It had been weeks since the family received any promising leads. Finally, a couple saw her in the woods. The family raced over. The pup was roughly 50 feet away from them but because she was in survival mode, she ran. … Read more

Stray Puppy Leads Volunteers To Vacant Building To Show Them Who’s Inside

A tiny puppy set his sights on volunteers from Northeast Animal Rescue and made a beeline toward them. He had something too important to tell the rescuers and the only way he could get his message across was to lead them to a special place. Once the rescuers began to follow him, the puppy ran up the steps as fast as he could, then headed to an abandoned building. The volunteers stayed close behind. They had no idea where he … Read more

UPDATE: DNA Test Has Determined Whether ‘Toast’ Is A Coyote Or A Dog


UPDATE: It’s finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The DNA results for Toast, the Texas rescue puppy are in.  When police found her snacking out of a dumpster in February, they were absolutely sure that she was ridiculously adorable. But what they weren’t sure about was whether or not she was a baby dog or a baby coyote.  Ever since, the world has been waiting to learn whether she’s a dog or a coyote. Finding out for sure … Read more

Stray That Wailed When Captured, Turns Into Healthy Playful Pup

Aron, with Sun and Sage Rescues, came upon a stray dog that was in terrible condition. The poor boy had a severe case of mange causing most of his fur to fall out. As Aron approached, the pup hid in the bushes, unsure of the man’s intentions. Once Aron captured the dog and he was safely inside a crate, he let out a heart-wrenching cry. He didn’t understand that these kind folks were about to save his life! Aron named … Read more

Pitbull Puppy Left All Alone To Die In An Empty Parking Lot Defies All Odds

Jiminy and Shannon

When someone decided to dump a cardboard box with a starving Pitbull puppy inside in the middle of an empty parking lot, they likely didn’t think that they were being captured on camera. But Shannon saw exactly what had happened. Not only had they heartlessly abandoned a young puppy, but the Pittie was starving and suffering.  But luckily for the sweet Pitbull pup, he was fortunate enough to be found by an animal-loving dog mom of three. In the video, … Read more

Matted Street Dog With Heavy Coat Gets An Emotional Makeover

When an animal rescuer in Serbia spotted a matted dog, he said he looked like a piece of wood. The rescuer could only imagine how heavy the dog’s coat must have been! He needed to save the dog from the streets and take him to get some help, ASAP! Once at the rescue center, the dog’s fur was shaved down. A few hours later, the pup was unrecognizable. Everyone could finally see his beautiful face and now that he didn’t … Read more

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