They Can Try But No One Can Escape ‘World’s Most Affectionate’ Hug-Bug

Marisa walked into a shelter with the intention of fostering a puppy. Little did she know that she would walk out with her best friend and “soul dog,” Lillybug, also known as Bug. This adorable Pit Bull has captured hearts with her incredibly affectionate nature, particularly her love for hugs. Marisa didn’t officially adopt Bug until a month after their first meeting, but she knew right away that she would bring her home. What stands out the most about Bug … Read more

Dog With No Concept Of Personal Space Clings To His Humans Twenty-Four-Seven

Meet Prince, a lovable Pit Bull who has no idea what personal space is and loves to be the center of attention. This adorable dog has become his family’s world thanks to his playful antics and his affectionate personality. From stealing his humans’ belongings to joining in on workout sessions, Prince is always eager to be a part of the action. Prince’s journey began when he was rescued by Krista’s college-aged son, who noticed his shy and nervous demeanor. However, … Read more

Itty-Bitty Baby Goat Encounters Giant Dog And Goes In For A Snuggle

Judy and Cody never imagined they would have a goat living in their house, but when they came across a tiny baby goat named Ducky, they couldn’t resist taking her in. Ducky was too small and needed special care, so the couple decided to make her a part of their family. Little did they know Ducky would grow up to be a spunky, fearless goat who thinks she’s much bigger than she is. Ducky has become quite the character in … Read more

Silly Pittie Copies Everything His Parents Do, Loves To Nuzzle Cheek-To-Cheek

Bronson, a lovable Pit Bull, has captured the hearts of many with his unique personality and clingy nature. This sweet dog loves nothing more than to be close to his humans, whether it’s resting his head on theirs, cheek to cheek, or being their shadow. Bronson’s story is a heartwarming example of how misunderstood the breed can be and how they make wonderful companions. Bronson’s favorite activity is copying his parents. If Dad is washing his face at the sink, … Read more

Dog Enamored By Grandpa’s Koi Fish Gives Them Boops And His Paw

Hati is a special dog with a special family. He loves to visit his grandparents. He adores his human family but is a bit more infatuated with Grandpa’s koi fish. He bursts through their gate and runs straight to the little pond in their yard. Despite Grandpa’s protests, which he makes very clear, Hati jumps in any way to say hi to his aquatic buddies. In the video below, Mom says, “A lot of booping goes on.” Hati boops the … Read more

Lamb Politely Requests Dad’s Affection, Nudges Him With Her Little Hoof

Lambs are adorable creatures with sweet faces and fluffy coats. Their overwhelming cuteness is hard to resist. A man who owns a flock of sheep did us a solid and filmed as one affectionate lamb comes up to him as he lays in the grass. The little lamby’s gentle nudges on Dad’s arm are everything! She makes it clear as to what she wants: loving pets from her doting dad. The man obliges, petting her on the head and neck. … Read more

Friends Beg Veterinarian To Adopt Blind, Deaf Puppy Who Comes With A Quirk

Melissa Shapiro is a tenderhearted veterinarian. She’s also a mom to 7 rescue dogs, including Piglet, who is blind and deaf. When Georgie was found abandoned on a sidewalk, friends sent Melissa messages begging her to take him in. The tiny pup is also deaf and blind, and they knew Melissa was Georgie’s soul-human. Melissa finally gave in with a stipulation. Georgie was welcomed into the Shapiro home but as a foster. Melissa admits, however, that he quickly became a … Read more

Guy’s Giant Pack Of Rescue Animals Has Him Well-Trained

Dina and her husband, Eric, live in a home run by rescue animals. They have six dogs, four cats, and a pig named Lou. They also take in fosters. The animals aren’t their only children; they also have two (human) little girls. Their home is buzzing with a multitude of personalities and lots of pet hair, but Dina and Eric wouldn’t have it any other way. Eric is the softy. The animals have him wrapped around their paws (and hooves). … Read more

Dad Notices His Pup Struggling With Something At The End of The Driveway

The tiny puppy just wants to help Dad by bringing him the newspaper. But today is Sunday, and that means the paper is nearly double the size! Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Caters Clips via YouTube Video   You have to admire her determination. Not to mention, it’s so cute! 🙂  Be sure to click the video below to watch this adorable little pup work things out!   Please ‘SHARE’ to pass on this story to a friend or family member Click … Read more

Baby Foxes Visit Grandma To Make Her Deck Their Own Personal Playground

Reddit user, Vechrotex, went over to Grandma’s house to pay her a visit. As welcoming and sweet as Grandma is, Vechrotex got an extra dose of happy that day! Vechotrex witnessed a scene of a lifetime! A family of red foxes adopted the Reddit user’s grandmother. While Mama Fox hung around nearby, her babies flocked to Grandma’s deck. They frolicked about, creating the cutest baby animal party! One kit can be seen pulling on her sibling’s tail after chasing her … Read more

Tiny Puppy Can’t Take A Hint, Keeps Following Brother Who Wants To Take A Nap

If you believe that misunderstandings only happen between humans, you should watch an amusing exchange between two Shih Tzu siblings named Milo and Kitkat. Despite their love for each other, they have conflicting opinions about how to cuddle, and neither of them wants to compromise on their preference.   Source/Image Screenshot Credit: ViralHog via YouTube Video   Kitkat loves to cuddle, but her furry brother Milo doesn’t like it. Whenever Milo wants to nap alone, Kitkat interrupts and tries to … Read more

Golden Retriever Parents Adorably Watch Over Their Newborn Pups

The one thing almost all living creatures can agree upon is the importance of family. The desire to protect and nurture offspring is seen in nearly every species, and it’s especially heartwarming when displayed by dogs.   Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Golden Retriever – Dog Awesome via YouTube Video   In the clip below, we see a group of Golden Retriever parents who are just so pleased and overjoyed at their family. There’s almost a sense of relief in how … Read more

Baby Wolfdog As Big As A Hand Finds His Tiny But Mighty Howl

Steve and Paula, with the Apex Protection Project, took in a tiny Wolfdog puppy and named him Loki. The pup was rescued, along with his siblings, from a backyard breeder at three weeks old. They needed round-the-clock care to survive. The couple stepped up, happy to help. The husband and wife team cared for Loki and his littermates 24/7. But they weren’t the only ones who pitched in! The pups had volunteers at the rescue center, and a Pit Bull … Read more

Golden Retriever Basically ‘Treats’ The Vet’s Office As If It’s The Playground

Taking your dog to the veterinarian is usually an unpleasant experience, and it’s no different for dogs. No one enjoys being poked or examined while waiting for potentially bad news, but it’s necessary for our health. Although most dogs try to escape when taken to the vet, there’s one dog who actually loves it!


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube Video


This gleeful Golden Retriever loves to play in the veterinarian’s office, and it’s amusing to watch! Every time she bursts through the door with her leash in her mouth, it says everything. She’ll bust through the door with her leash in her mouth ready to welcome everyone inside!


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube Video


The Golden Retriever performs laps throughout the office building, just as any other dog would in a dog park. She’s genuinely pleased to be there, and nothing will change that! If only it were this simple to get my dog to the doctor.

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Fox Liberated From Fur Farm Sounds Like A Fax Machine

Nicole is an avid fox rescuer who saves them from fur farmers. Reef was rescued when he was ten days old. Nicole flew to Minnesota to pick up the pup. She knew from the start that this fox was different from the others. He has a big personality and a unique bark. Reef is “extremely spoiled and extremely vocal.” He often runs the show. He’s playful and demanding, often jumping on top of the other foxes to garnish attention. But … Read more

Dog Pressed Nose Against Door For 15 Days Preparing For ‘Someone Special’

Taryn’s dog, Robby, spent countless hours waiting by a closed bedroom door. While his nose was glued to the corner, his body was splayed out on the floor. He didn’t care how long it would take; he wasn’t moving until that special someone came out of the room. Finally, after fifteen days, Taryn opened the door, and Carl, an adorable kitty, came bounding out to chase Robby. Carl had to be quarantined, and once the time was up, Robby officially … Read more

Old Dog That Doesn’t Understand English Has ‘Gorgeous Little Singing Voice’

Ralphie, an elderly dog saved from a kill shelter, is utterly adorable! His mom loves his unique features. He has an eye smaller than the other and a humped back. His big ears are so expressive. But Ralphie’s best feature is his tenacity. The senior pup likely came from an abusive situation and would cower when someone tried to touch him. Ralphie didn’t know what to expect, a kind hand or something sinister. But the traumatized pup soon learned how … Read more

Baby Seal Grabs Diver To Give Him A ‘Gift’ He’ll Cherish For All Time

Seals have been coined ‘the dogs of the sea’ for good reason! While seals can be aggressive on land, they’re usually friendly in the water. An unlikely encounter between a man and a baby seal is too adorable to miss! A snorkeler was swimming off the coast of Argentina when he spotted a group of baby seals nearby. Suddenly, one seal pup made her way over to say hello. The pup didn’t just say hi; she smothered her new human … Read more

Dogs Only Visited Through The Fence Until The Day The Neighbor Opened The Gate

This Golden Retriever would go to the fence every day to visit his girlfriend. They’d visit and play even though they were separated by the property divider. Pax and Penny became more and more inseparable as time went on, and their interest prompted more playdates. The owners then knew they could no longer keep them apart…   Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Dodo via Facebook Video   One day, Mom opened the gate to let the two dogs together in the … Read more

Toddler’s Scared Of Vacuum, Runs To Husky Who Puts On A Brave Face For His Girl

We all know that vacuums are the enemies of dogs. Every time a dog hears one turn on, they scurry to hide under the bed or get up high enough that the scary contraption can’t reach them. But dogs are also known for being fierce protectors and guardians of their people, and the Husky in the video below stays and puts on a brave face for his little sister.   Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Jellygang via YouTube Video   When … Read more

Dog Sees Someone Sleeping In Her Bed And Investigates

Puddy the dog walks into the room and immediately finds that her bed is occupied. This should not be a thing nor is it OK, so she goes over to investigate right away. Who or what could this be? 😉   Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Puddy The Dog via YouTube Video   The funny girl does her best detective work to figure this out, and she has a really fun time doing so! After nosing underneath of the blanket, Puddy reveals … Read more

Dad Walks In On Huge Mess, But His Anger Goes Away When He Sees The Dog

Sometimes our dogs do things they aren’t supposed to do or get into things they aren’t supposed to get into. When we bust them, our first inclination is to be mad or disappointed. But that usually doesn’t last long…   Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Viral Frei via YouTube Video   Because who can stay mad at these sweet faces? That exact situation played out in the video below when Dad walked in on a huge mess in the kitchen. He was … Read more

Dog Has An Emotional Breakdown Watching The Lion King’s Saddest Scene

Disney’s The Lion King is a classic and many people’s favorite movie of all time. And apparently, more than just humans can get emotionally involved in this flick. In the video below, a dog reacts to the movie’s saddest scene. Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Sun via YouTube Video   Luna the four-month-old pup loves watching The Lion King as it ropes her in and makes her become wholly invested in what’s happening on the screen at any given time. And when Simba reacts … Read more

Man’s Black Lab Runs Off, Comes Back And Jumps In Car With New Friends

Bo the black Lab ran away from home, so his owner set out in search of him. And when Kyle Krier saw his dog coming in the distance in a huge field, he spotted two other “dots” running alongside Bo. It turned out the black Lab had made some friends in the short time he was gone. 😀 Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Kyle Krier via YouTube Video   As they get closer, Dad realizes Bo is with another dog and… a … Read more

Best Pups That Had To Say Goodbye Now Play Together On FaceTime

Two best friends moved in together during the pandemic, and their dogs truly hit it off! In fact, Sadie and Rollo became so close that they played and cuddled constantly. Where there was Sadie, Rollo was close behind. They’re doggy soulmates! However, life goes on, and soon it became time for Sadie and his mom to move away. The now-separated dogs had a tough time adjusting to their new lives, so their moms scheduled a FaceTime meetup- but were unsure … Read more

Baby Foxes Visit Grandma To Make Her Deck Their Own Personal Playground

Reddit user, Vechrotex, went over to Grandma’s house to pay her a visit. As welcoming and sweet as Grandma is, Vechrotex got an extra dose of happy that day! Vechotrex witnessed a scene of a lifetime! A family of red foxes adopted the Reddit user’s grandmother. While Mama Fox hung around nearby, her babies flocked to Grandma’s deck. They frolicked about, creating the cutest baby animal party! One kit can be seen pulling on her sibling’s tail after chasing her … Read more

With The Power Of Her Cuteness, Rescue Possum Kua Shows Us She’s No Pest

Whether you spell it possum or opossum, once these nocturnal marsupials are born, they stay in their mother’s pouch until they’re six to eight weeks old. After that, the babies climb to their mom’s back and hang out there for a few months before stepping down to explore the world. But one little joey didn’t have the safety of her mother’s pouch to bring her up. All alone in the mountains of Mexico at only a week old, baby Kua … Read more

The foster kitty was scared her first night at home, but then she met the dog

The first night home for Rosie the rescue kitten didn’t go so well. She was scared and timid, but then they introduced her to their Siberian Husky. This is when it all changed…   Source/Image Screenshot Credit: LiloTheHusky via YouTube Video Click the video below to watch this absolutely adorable story! Please ‘SHARE’ to pass on this story to a friend or family member Click ‘SHARE’ below to pass it on to a friend or family member!

Husky Pup’s ‘Unique’ Howl Was So Soothing That His Siblings Slept Right Through It

Huskies, renowned for their striking appearance and captivating blue eyes, possess an inherent charm that extends far beyond their physical attributes. These majestic Arctic dogs have a deep-rooted affinity for their ancestral heritage, reflected in their penchant for howling. This unique vocalization not only serves as a means of communication within their pack but also evokes a sense of longing and adventure, reminding us of their storied history as sled-pulling companions and loyal guardians of the frozen wilderness. The captivating … Read more

Unwanted Stray Dog Finds New Purpose As The Town Newspaper Delivery Boy

Morgan, a dog in Florida, was discovered on a highway without anyone around. A good Samaritan picked up the dog and transported him to a nearby shelter. Currently, Morgan is leading a much different and happy life by being active. Brian and Jennifer Kettledon, his new owners, had Morgan’s DNA examined and discovered that he is an Australian Cattle Dog with a powerful drive to be active.   Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Day via YouTube Video   It all began … Read more

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