Playful Deer Hosts Dance Lessons For Unimpressed Senior Dog

Dancing deer with dog

Most of the time, wild animals actively avoid humans and dogs. They know that keeping a distance is the best way for them to stay safe, but not all animals share that mindset. A wild deer known as Daisy doesn’t always see dogs and humans as threats. There’s one dog in particular that she sees as her best friend! Whenever a dog named Yukon and his human are walking nearby, Daisy always makes an appearance. She longs for Yukon to … Read more

Happy Bernedoodle Hugs Her Boy Every Time He Hops Off School Bus

Maggie is a Bernedoodle who loves her family, especially her human brothers. One of her brothers is old enough to attend school, and though she knows he has to go, this sweet girl misses him so much. But when she hears the school bus coming down the road in the afternoon, she knows Brother is almost home. And because she’s so happy he’s back after a long day of learning, Maggie heads out into the yard to hug him when … Read more

12 Ways Dogs ‘Improve’ Our Lives: Why We Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

Why do we love dogs? Well, that’s easy for us! it’s a question that has puzzled humans for centuries. These furry, four-legged creatures have captured our hearts and become a beloved part of our families. Here are 12 reasons why we love dogs:   1. Unconditional Love: Dogs have an incredible ability to love unconditionally. They don’t judge us for our mistakes or hold grudges against us. They are always there to greet us with wagging tails and wet noses, … Read more

12 Ways Dogs ‘Improve’ Our Lives: Why We Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

Why do we love dogs? Well, that’s easy for us! it’s a question that has puzzled humans for centuries. These furry, four-legged creatures have captured our hearts and become a beloved part of our families. Here are 12 reasons why we love dogs:   1. Unconditional Love: Dogs have an incredible ability to love unconditionally. They don’t judge us for our mistakes or hold grudges against us. They are always there to greet us with wagging tails and wet noses, … Read more

Adorable Chihuahua Can’t Stop Asking Dad For More Kisses

Getting kisses from your dog is one of the best things life has to offer! Your furry precious feels the same way about getting kisses from you too. And in the sweetest video, one darling Chihuahua girl shows just how much she loves getting sugar from her dad. In fact, she loves those dad smooches so much she can’t help begging for more. We’re totally hooked on this cute dog video and think you will be too. And once you … Read more

Golden Retriever’s Adorable Guilty Walk Helps Him Get Away With Anything

Golden Retriever guilty walk

Most dogs have a signature guilty face when they do something wrong. Even before you spot the mess, you may notice your dog did something bad simply by looking at their expression. They may avoid eye contact, lower their head, or even walk funny. A Golden Retriever named Maui is a perfect example of a guilty dog. When he does something wrong, he has a “guilty walk” that his humans notice right away. Since his actions are so adorable, his … Read more

Golden Retriever Vows To Protect His New Baby Brother At All Costs

Golden Retriever with newborn baby

Buddy, a Golden Retriever, comes from a big family. There are three humans, one cat, and three Alaskan Malamutes in his home. Buddy is used to being the youngest in the family, but recently, his humans brought home another tiny human. Instead of getting jealous, Buddy decided that the newborn baby is his new best friend, and he wants to be by the baby’s side no matter what. Buddy’s humans posted a video of him interacting with baby Nathan, and … Read more

Pit Bull Tries To Speak Human But No One Understands A Word

Theresa adopted Skyla from the shelter when she was two years old. Theresa had wanted a Pit Bull for a long time. Before adopting Skyla, she’d show photos of Pitties to her mom, who then asked Theresa, “Why do you wanna get those scary dogs?” Theresa knew better. She understood that Pit Bulls get a bad rap and are often misunderstood. Skyla loves her family, and they love her back tremendously. She lives a good life for sure! She especially … Read more

German Shepherd Doesn’t Understand Why Tiny Fluff Ball Keeps Meowing

Big dog and tiny kitten

Giant dogs and tiny kittens couldn’t be more different, but sometimes, they form the most heartwarming friendships. However, friendships don’t happen overnight. A German Shepherd named Rocky is now best friends with his feline sibling, but it took him a little while to warm up to the kitten. Rocky’s family posted a video on YouTube showing one of the dog’s first interactions with the tiny kitten. At first, he seems very confused about the meowing fluff ball, but once he … Read more

Dog Can’t Contain Her Excitement When Baby Human Appears

Dog cuddling baby

Not every dog reacts the same when a child enters the family. Some get jealous of having to share the spotlight, while others look after the new addition like they would their own puppy. Luckily, a fluffy dog named Chloe is an example of the latter. Chloe was so excited to meet her new baby brother that her humans could barely contain her. Chloe’s moms shared an adorable video of her first time meeting her human baby brother, Cody. It’s … Read more

Teeny Kitten Adorably Attempts To Win Over Aloof Golden Retriever

Featured Photo

Bailey is an “internet famous” Golden Retriever from Spain who has a flourishing fanbase. The fluffy five-year-old has his very own YouTube channel (with 541k subscribers), along with a following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He is most well-known for his humorous antics, but the patient pup is also capable of melting hearts. He was recently captured on camera getting cozy with a curious kitten, and the interaction is seriously smile-inducing and absolutely adorable.  The video begins with a close-up … Read more

Locked Outside For Years, Greyhound Comes Inside & Blossoms Into Happiest Family Dog

When you’re a dog, the idea of life outside might sound tempting. All the fresh air you can handle, plenty of curiosities to sniff, and the freedom to roam where you’d like. On the flip side, outdoor life can bring a number of dangers to a dog. Plus, it’s a life fraught with loneliness. But what’s worse is when you have a supposed family, and they leave you locked and forgotten in an outside pen. That’s the life greyhound Claude … Read more

Owl Mom Takes Two Owlets With No Family Under Her Wing

Owls are known to love the nightlife and are rumored to be wise. But did you know these feathered beauties are also dedicated parents? And one owl who saw two owlets alone and in need of a mother stepped right in after her own egg clutch failed to hatch. Luna is a tawny owl who makes her home in a beech stump modified to be a palace for her and her mate Bomber. Their majestic nest can be found at … Read more

Husky Tries To Settle Baby Down So She Can Have Sweet Dreams

Daisy, a beautiful and expressive baby, absolutely adores her Husky named Millie. Daisy sits by Millie’s side, wide-eyed and completely in love. She mimics her dad when he pets the pup by giving her pets too. Dad rolls the camera and shows the adorable baby move from her bassinet to a crib in her own room. Of course, this can be an overwhelming time for a young babe, no longer having mom and dad so close by. Daisy is gently … Read more

Exceptionally Energetic Puppy Determined To Wake-Up Sleepy Older Sibling


Not everyone wakes-up extremely enthusiastic about starting the day. It’s no secret that a prominent portion of the population needs a hefty dose of caffeine to get them going in the morning. But the same can be true for some of our canine companions too. Not every dog is a “morning paw-son.” This can certainly be said about 10-year-old Max, who was captured on camera wishing he could hit the snooze button on his tiny furry sister.  Bernese Mountain dogs … Read more

Chicken Bred For Meat Goes On Road Trips & Loves His Mom To Pieces

A chicken named Boo was adopted by a loving woman on Halloween. That’s how he got his name! A Facebook friend reached out to Boo’s mom after seeing his ad on Craig’s List. Boo’s mom knew right away that she had to rescue him. Boo is a Cornish Cross Chicken. That specific breed is often used for meat. Boo’s mom explains that there’s a misconception that Boo’s breed doesn’t live long anyway so they’re often killed at 6 weeks. Now … Read more

Awkward Dog Thinks Her Mom Was Put On The Planet Just For Her

Amanda adopted Tinker after seeing an ad for her on Craig’s List. It was posted by a family that could no longer care for her. Tinker is adorable! She’s covered in the most delicious puppy wrinkles. Amanda admits that her doggy daughter is a velcro dog. Where there’s Amanda, you’ll find Tinker beside her. Tinker is known for her “resting sad face.” People often ask Amanda why her pup is upset but Amanda knows better. She retorts, “That’s my dog’s … Read more

Baby Snuggles Into Boxer, Giggles When Their Faces Touch

Bruno, an adorable Boxer, was adopted into the perfect family that loves him very much. Charlotte, Bruno’s mom, tells his story and it’ll give you all the feels. Charlotte’s baby Arthur adores the pup with all his heart… and Bruno feels the same. How does Bruno show Arthur his love? Well, the list is long but at the very top is when Bruno makes his way into Arthur’s nursery and insists on going into the crib for a snuggle. Charlotte … Read more

Baby Goat Can’t Stand On Her Own, Leans On Dog Who Inspires Her To Run

A baby goat named Pisa has a neurological condition that affects her balance. She was unable to stand on her own but she found the perfect “crutch” to get her through, as well as inspire her to stay strong. We cannot get enough of this adorable duo! Rescue dog, Colton, has tons of patience for Pisa. His love certainly runs deep. Pisa has learned to lean on her best friend to help her get around. The baby goat was born … Read more

Brown Bear Beams At Camera After Belly Flopping Into Florida Pool

Bear Swim Feature

A grizzly bear belly-flopping into an above-ground swimming pool isn’t something you see every day. So it’s no surprise that a cute clip of Bruiser, the brown bear bounding into his private pool, went viral. People love seeing Bruiser enjoying a swim. Not only is it endearing to see such a big brown bear belly flop, but bears naturally love water and often wade into rivers to catch some salmon. Bruiser is a rescued grizzly bear who lives with multiple … Read more

Little Girl Trains Herself To Be A Good Big Sister To Tiny Puppy

Emmy is a very special little girl. She knew that in order to be a good big sister to a puppy, she had to “train” herself first. She worked hard to prove to her parents that she would be responsible and loving. She thought of a genius way to accomplish this– by using her stuffed dog as a surrogate pet! Once her parents saw Emmy walking the plush dog consistently, playing with it, and snuggling it, they knew Emmy was … Read more

Husky Mama Teaches Her Pup To Howl With An ‘Adorable’ Coaching Session

Our mothers are always right (or most of the time), and as kids, we should look to our parents for guidance. Similarly in the animal kingdom, maternal instincts compel moms to lead and educate their young. When baby animals require help – they know exactly where to turn!   Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Husky Overload via Facebook Video   Mama Husky believes it’s high time her puppies master the art of howling, so she starts off with a serenade of her … Read more

Grateful Baby Elephant Hugs The Man Who Saved His Life

Elephant hugging human

Even though animals can’t speak to humans, they show their love and gratitude in other ways. Dogs, cats, and other pets often show humans how they’re feeling through actions and body language, but as it turns out, wild animals can do it too. In a series of heartwarming Twitter posts, a group of rangers saves a baby elephant’s life. The elephant’s adorable reaction afterward shows that he truly recognizes and appreciates what those humans did for him. Animals are more … Read more

Deer Peeks Over Fence Every Day To Catch Up With Dog Friend

Dog befriends deer

Dogs are great at making friends. Most of them can walk up to a person or another dog and instantly fall in love. However, some canines have developed unique friendships beyond people and other pets. A 9-year-old dog named Huey recently introduced himself to a deer that was peeking over the fence in his yard. At first, Huey didn’t know what to think of the peculiar creature, but it didn’t take long for the two animals to warm up to … Read more

Woman’s Convinced Her Little Rescue Piggy Is Smarter Than Her Dog

Augustina, a tiny piglet, was found wandering around all by herself. She was thankfully saved by a rescue group in New Jersey. She was then transferred to Uncle Neil’s Home, a beautiful sanctuary that houses 75 farm animals. Quickly, a kind woman with Uncle Neil’s Home rescue became quite attached to Augustina. The piglet’s backstory is a total mystery. Piglets are rarely alone especially since they come from large litters. Maybe she was dumped there? It was strange indeed. Regardless, … Read more

Mom Brings Home Baby And Her Dogs Adopt Him As Their Own

Maui and Ruby, the sweetest dogs, met baby Eric as soon as he came home from the hospital. The love they felt for him was instant, but their love grew even more as days went by. They quickly became Eric’s guardians. The dogs watched Eric as he slept to ensure he was safe. They snuggled with him whenever they could. They took in his scent and all the love he had in his precious baby heart. They knew Eric would … Read more

Baby Beaver Swims Over To Man To Tell Him His Life Story

A wildlife rehabilitator named Brigette met JB after he was discovered by a pond. The poor baby beaver was on his own, without a parent in sight. Thankfully Brigette took JB into her care. Brigette knew that JB had to be in the bathtub as much as possible so he would get used to the water. But the baby beaver hated it! But Brigette, who understood what was best for JB, persisted, and eventually, JB became water-obsessed! As JB grew, … Read more

Deer Falls In Love With Dog And Introduces Him To Her Family

Dog and deer romance

Many people are intrigued by stories of unusual couples, but these types of stories extend beyond the human world. In a series of TikTok videos, a dog has found an unlikely love interest of his own. A young dog named Kaptain (Kap for short) seems to be in love with a deer who walks outside his fence every day. So, his human started recording their adorable “dates.” Of course, the odd animal duo could be just friends, but Kap’s human … Read more

Dog Intently Listens As Dad Lectures Her About The House Rules

Jenny and Don saw Nina’s story online and felt compelled to meet her. The poor pup was found as a stray in terrible shape. Nina was likely from a backyard breeder and desperately needed a loving home. Jenny wanted to adopt Nina instantly but had to wait until the next morning for her husband to fall in love with her too. Don couldn’t resist her either. Nina officially found her forever family and went home with her new parents that … Read more