What We Believe

3 simple words drive everything we do. They are the reason we go to work every day. They are also the reasons our loyal customers proudly wear our products and read our content. We believe these 3 words. Do you? Watch the video below to learn more.

Our Story

Meet “Splash”, my 8 year old Siberian rescue, and the inspiration behind the hugely popular iHeartDogs.com Facebook page and iHeartDogs.com. When we started our FB page only 2 years ago, we had no idea how popular and large it would become!


Believe it or not, most of my life I had little interest in dogs. As a child I suffered from severe allergies to most pets, including dogs. I happened to marry a dog lover, so shortly after we tied the knot, my wife and I entered the “puppy phase”. You know, that point where you’re not ready yet to have kids, but you want a furkid 🙂

After a bit of research, we opted to skip the puppy stage and found an adorable 2 year old siberian husky who had been recently found as a stray in the mountains near our home. I was apprehensive due to my history of allergies, but we learned that huskies tend to give off less of the dander that causes allergies. We fell in love and adopted her on the spot.

When I adopted Splash 4 years ago, I thought I was becoming a “dog owner”. Instead I became “owned by a dog.” I’m sure you can relate!

<!– The mission of iHeartDogs can be summed up in 5 points:

  1. Inspire our audience to adopt, not shop for their next family member!
  2. Educate our community about how to care for our beloved pups.
  3. Entertain our audience with cute & funny photos of the creatures we love.
  4. Curate the best content & products on the web for dog lovers. We want to be the ultimate dog lover site!
  5. Connect dog lovers of all types together to discuss and learn from one another.


– Justin Palmer
Personal Assistant to the CEO “Splash the Dog”