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12M Shelter Meals Donated 131K Toys Donated $257K Funded for Service Dogs $30K Disaster Relief Funds Raised 128K Rescue Miles Funded

Our Manifesto Dogifesto

1. We believe in making adoption your first choice when adding a furry family member. 

2. We think puppies are cute, but nothing is more beautiful than the love of a senior dog.

3. We believe having too much choice is a bad thing, so we only offer fewer, better choices in our store.

4. We believe that our dogs give us their best, so we should give them ours.

5. We believe that our dogs are facing a crisis of health that is affecting everything from their weight to their dental health. And we’re going to fight like hell to change this.

6. We’re a veteran owned company, unapologetically support our troops, and work to raise money to provide service dogs for vets in need. 

7. We believe, most of all, that every single dog matters. Every pup deserves a loving home, and we will never sell a single product that does not directly and meaningfully give back to animals in need.


Our Story

In 2014, inspired by his rescued Siberian Husky Splash, Justin Palmer started a Facebook page called I Love Dogs. The page quickly grew to over a million fans and in 2015, Justin cofounded with Marshall Morris, an army veteran. Inspired by their passions for helping shelter dogs and supporting our veterans, Justin and Marshall built a line of products that give back to shelters and raise money to provide service dogs for veterans in need.



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