Discover whatโ€™s new, and find the perfect way to FEED shelter dogs with your purchases!
2 days ago

The Heartlight Garden Lantern Collection Is Here!

The new & beautifully crafted Artisan Shadow Lanterns add the perfect touch of doggy flare to any home by casting out gorgeous patterns on your walkway, garden or front porch.
5 days ago

Our Editor's Top Picks for Spring!

Weโ€™re sharing our favorites when it comes to caring for, protecting, and even spoiling our dogs.
1 week ago

Monch Bars have arrived - this grab & go Protein Bar for your dog is available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

Doesn't your dog deserve a special treat? Especially after this year? That's why we've partnered with Monch Bar to give you first dibs on their snack bars for your dog! Hurry to pre-order your Monch Bar, 40% OFF regular price today before they sell out, eh?
3 weeks ago

15 Dog Breeds You Think You Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get

There are hundreds of dog breeds in the world, each with their own unique look, purpose and personality. While many people think they want a certain breed, they sometimes find out that the dog they thought looked really cool is actually a lot of work to live with. This is...
3 weeks ago

The 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

What could be better than dog kisses and canine cuddles? These breeds aren't afraid to show their love for you, in fact, they insist on it! Having one of these breeds means having a personal snuggle machine in your home. If you've got space in your bed or on your couch for a...
3 weeks ago

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me When He Poops?

You may have noticed that your dog keeps his eyes on you while he is defecating. It is not because he is embarrassed. He is not wishing you would look away or give him privacy while he "does his business".ย  It goes much deeper than that. Dogs are animals and they are very...