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1 week ago

Brave Beep Was In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Beeper was hit by a police car that swerved to avoid hitting a child. Thankfully, the officer acted quickly and took Beeper to a vet where they discovered his leg was broken. He needs surgery to fix his leg and get neutered. Will you help give Beeper a second chance?
1 week ago

Apollo Landed In A Ditch After Being Intentionally Hit By A Car

The car never slowed down, and his little 25-pound body was no match. He sustained a severe vertebral fracture and luxation, which made him immobile. Apollo's skin was also infected, irritated, and raw from sarcoptic mange. ThisisHouston Rescue saved Apollo, and he needs immediate surgery to stabilize his spine. Please donate today to help this sweet dog heal.
2 months ago

Conveniently Train Your Pup At Your Own Pace

Dog training is essential for all canines, but not every dog parent has the time or money to visit a dog trainer. Yet, trying to train your dog without assistance can also be tricky. Online courses are growing more popular, and there’s no shortage of websites to turn to. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best online dog training classes to help you find one that suits your furry friend’s needs the best.
5 days ago

Coffee with a Cause 🇺🇸

Each order helps fund a service dog for a veteran battling PTSD