Woman Rescues Dog, Dog Expresses Her Gratitude By Stealing Her Man

Layla, a lovable rescue dog with a unique appearance, has captured the hearts of her adoptive family and everyone who meets her. Found abandoned in a parking lot, Layla’s story is one of resilience and the power of love. In this article, we’ll share Layla’s journey from being a stray to finding her forever home. Layla was discovered in an apartment parking lot, where she had been abandoned for days. The sweet dog was taken in by ACT Philly, a … Read more

Mom Tells Her Loud Dog To Bark Softer, And He Does In The Funniest Way

Aside from their loyalty, the ability to learn new tricks is the thing that really separates dogs from other animals and pets. And just when you thought you’d seen it all, another dog comes along with a brand new trick and blows your mind! Take a look at the polite pup below… Image/Story Source Credit: GuettaVogel via YouTube Video   Barking loudly, the dog is confronted by Mom. She asks, “You can bark a little softer, right?” And impressively, he … Read more

Bait Dоg Savеd Frоm A Fighting Ring Carriеs His Sеcսrity Blankеt Evеrywhеrе Nоw

Meet Bub, the lovable “cotton blanky boy” who has a unique way of expressing his happiness. Adopted nearly a year ago, Bub had a rough start in life, coming from traumatic situations that left him extremely shut down. His adoptive owner wanted nothing more than to see him happy, so they took things slow and allowed Bub to come out of his shell.   Image/Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video   Bub had severe separation anxiety, so his owner began … Read more

Dad Proudly Built A Fence To Protect His Dog, Dog Hilariously ‘Tested-It’ Out

Dogs never cease to amaze us and love to simply make us LAUGH! We’ll do anything for them and as we all know, they’ll do anything for us. Related: 10 Best Invisible Fences for Dogs   Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video   Here is a story and video that will make have you rolling on the floor with laughter. But, you MUST listen very closely to the end of the video because it’s what the dog owner says that’ll crack … Read more

Woman Leaves Her Dog With Dad, Received The “Best Texts” From Him During The Day

Meghan Specksgoor from Midlothian, Virginia, decided to have her father babysit her dog as she was getting ready to take a trip to New York.

Her father, Larry was most definitely the proud grandfather of his 4  year old German Shephard grandson named Chance.

Meghan decided to post her texts on Twitter of these two and their adventure. These have since gone viral with well over than 55k retweets. 

In dad’s first text, Larry wrote: “Grandpa wants to know what kind of take-out I can have? We are starving.”


Credit: Twitter and Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News


“Hate to keep bothering you mom, but we really need to hang out with gramps more, ”Larry wrote in another text, featuring a happy Chance hanging with his grandpa at the park.”


Credit: Twitter and Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News


Next, Chance and Grandpa sent this! “Hi mom, it’s me again. We had a picnic and are going to the nail salon now. Gramps said if I’m good I can have ice cream. What kind do I like again?” Larry even inserted an emoji! So adorable.


Credit: Twitter and Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News


After their picnic dinner together, Larry took Chance to get his nails clipped. He then took Chance for some pup-friendly ice cream for dessert. At the end of their paw-fect day together, Larry let Chance sleep with him in his bed. From Chance’s face, you can tell he’s very happy. Grandpa is treating his “grandson” like gold!

Larry sent his last text, saying: “Hey mom, gramps is going to sleep with me tonight, is there anything we need to tell him?” He followed up with, “Hope you are having as much fun as I am 😍 see you tomorrow and good night, love you soooo much ❤️”  We just love this man!


Credit: Twitter and Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News


It must be so wonderful having a father (and grandpa) like Larry. Meghan knows that Chance is always in good hands if she has to leave her fur kid behind. Larry very much (eventually) wants human grandkids. I bet he will spoil them just like he loves to spoil Chance.


Credit: Twitter and Meghan Specksgoor via ABC News


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Mad Malamute Won’t Look At Mom After She Makes Him Get A Bath

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