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6 Ways To Help Needy Pets In Your Late Dog’s Honor

| Published on May 1, 2017

Losing a dog is one of the most devastating challenges that any pet parent will ever have to face. They say that anyone who adopts a dog or cat will inevitably have their heart broken… but we take the leap, anyway. We know that the love and happiness they bring to our lives is worth the pain we must endure when it’s time to say goodbye.

When that sad day occurs, it’s going to take time to ease the pain, and it’ll never fully go away. The best thing we can do is cherish their memory, remember the good times, and honor their lives, which we can do by helping other pets who are in need.

Below are 7 ways to keep your dog’s memory alive while helping pets who are less fortunate. Your pup’s tail will wag while watching you honor his life from across the Rainbow Bridge.

1. Donate your “dog budget” to your favorite animal charity.

You may want to help save a shelter pet’s life, but if you’re not yet ready to adopt yet, don’t. What you can do, instead, is use your “dog budget” to help others find their forever homes by donating to charities, shelters, or by sponsoring adoptions. Eventually, you may find room in your heart and home to adopt another companion, but only when the time is right.

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2. Wear a bracelet that reminds you of your lives together – and the lives you’ve helped save.

This beautiful piece of jewelry will make you think of your beloved pup every time you look at it. A paw print charm represents the prints they left on your heart, a heart bead shows that they took a piece of yours with them, and 22 agate beads stand for the 22 meals you provided to shelter dogs with your purchase.

Limited Edition Memorial Bracelet via


3. Volunteer at your local shelter.

As mentioned above, you may not be ready to bring a new furry family member home for awhile after your pet passes. Still, that doesn’t mean that you won’t miss having the company of a canine every day of your life. Volunteer at a local shelter to fill the void without making a commitment while you’re still grieving. Perhaps you’ll even meet your new companion; when the time is right, you’ll know.

4. Carry your dog’s memory near your heart with a personalized necklace.

The memories you made with your dog are one of a kind, so carry a reminder that’s as special as your bond was. The Memorial Locket Set can be personalized with charms to remind you of your special memories. What’s more, the purchase of each locket gives 10 meals to hungry shelter dogs. Click here to see more charms.

Furever™ Memorial Locket Set via iHeartDogs


5. Give your dog’s gently used collars / toys / beds or uneaten food to pups that don’t have any. 

Once your dog crosses the Rainbow Bridge, seeing his belongings around the house will break your heart. While you should be careful not to get rid of everything, you may want to donate some of his gently used items to a shelter dog who needs a bed or the comfort of a toy. Just make sure to keep a few special momentos in a safe place for when you’re ready to look at them again.

6. Turn the keys of your home into a reminder of the pet who’ll always have the keys to your heart. 

This handsome key chain makes your keys easy to find and effortless to keep accessible. Better yet, it reminds you of your furry friend while helping pair veterans with canine companions. These rescue support dogs help vets adjust back to civilian life. This makes a great gift that also has a lot of meaning.

Camo Paracord Bronze Flag Key Chain via iHeartDogs


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