Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Say Goodbye To Rescued Police K9

Champ K9 Crosses Rainbow Bridge

Many police K9s train for their roles since birth, but not Champ. Champ the German Shepherd, Pit Bull, and Boxer mix broke barriers when he started his role. As a rescue dog, he proved that any dog can change the world if given a chance. And he likely opened doors for many other rescue pups after him. But after a long, fulfilling career full of excitement, Champ decided it was time to say goodbye. This brave dog passed away amid … Read more

Miley Cyrus Says Late Pit Bull Blessed Her With Another Rescue Dog

Miley Cyrus Angel

Singer Miley Cyrus always has room in her heart for more animals in need. She finds so much joy in changing a dog’s life and showering them with love. But when she lost her rescue Pit Bull Mary Jane, she felt like a part of her was missing. Of all her rescue animals, Mary Jane was the one she felt closest to, and even though she knew that day was coming, she still wasn’t prepared. But Cyrus knew she couldn’t … Read more

Meet Gen The Corgi: The Most Expressive Dog In The World

Gen the Corgi

A Corgi from Japan left his mark on the world in a very unique and adorable way. His name is Gen, and he was clearly the most expressive dog in the world. Scrolling through his adorable Instagram page, you will instantly find hundreds of silly faces that will melt your heart. Sadly, Gen suffered from a long list of health concerns and recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But his legacy will live on thanks to his enthusiastic expressions and lovable … Read more

‘Young And The Restless’ Star Lauralee Bell Says Goodbye To Beloved Pup

No matter how much you try to prepare yourself for it, saying goodbye to your dog is excruciating. For this reason, a post from actress Lauralee Bell really resonated with thousands of dog parents this week. She revealed on Instagram that she recently said goodbye to her beloved dog Couver. The star, not unlike any of us would be, is devastated by her loss. Bell plays Christine Blair Williams on long-running soap opera The Young And The Restless. She took to her … Read more

Dog Who Plays Stella On Modern Family Has Passed Away

I’ve always been a huge fan of the writers who put dogs into their movies and TV shows. Well, provided they’re not just props in a horror movie (you know what I mean.) ABC’s Modern Family featured a French Bulldog named Stella, but just like anyone else on the show that dog was just an actor named Beatrice. A skilled animal actor, Beatrice booked tons of gigs. Some of her other appearances include roles on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Workaholics, and ads for Dunkin’ … Read more

Cleveland Browns Doggie Mascot Dies At 6 After Battle With Cancer

Swagger, a 145 pound Bullmastiff, brought stadiums full of football fans to their feet for almost 5 years as the Cleveland Browns’ team mascot. Tragically, the Cleveland Browns website shared, the fan favorite pooch recently lost his battle with cancer at just 6 years old. Swagger was born July 20, 2013. His family, the McLaughlins, served as his handlers and ran alongside him through the tunnel at games. That, among other things, was one of his major duties. “On top of … Read more

Saying Goodbye To Your Dog Will Never Be Easy But Preparing for the Loss Can Help

It’s gut wrenching to even think about your dog no longer being in your life. Constantly by your side. Loving them as much as we do only makes it that much more difficult to lose them. But there’s strength in understanding and comfort in preparation. As your dog ages or gets diagnosed with a life threatening illness, there are ways you can prepare to make the experience as positive as possible for everyone involved. Making Your House Accessible & Comfortable … Read more

10 Signs Your Dog May Be Ready To Cross The Rainbow Bridge

When the time comes to say goodbye, all dog parents hope their pets peacefully pass away after a long, happy life. The unfortunate reality, however, is senior dogs and dogs suffering from illness or injury most often rely on their owners to know when it’s time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Choosing to end a life—a life you’ve cherished as part of the family—is an impossibly difficult decision, but preventing suffering is your biggest concern. No one wants their best … Read more

Bucket List Buddies Are Making Their Last Days On Earth Worth Every Second

Hearing bad news is devastating, but it always helps to have a friend by your side. Two dogs, a Golden Retriever named Buckeye and a Bulldog named Harley Bruiser, both received the worst news possible; they only had a few months to live. Cancer is quickly taking over their bodies, but their respective families are determined to make their last months at home the best they’ve ever had. They’ve put together bucket lists for the dogs, and the two buddies … Read more

Animal Lovers Line Up For Annual “Blessing Of The Pets” Ceremony

We love our pets like family, so for those who believe in an afterlife – whether it be Heaven, or a peaceful paradise beyond the Rainbow Bridge – we hope that after they pass, we’ll one day see them again. That’s why pet parents were happy to line up to participate in the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land‘s annual “Blessing of the Pets” ceremony.   The annual event, held at the friary in Washington, D.C., takes place just before … Read more

What Every Pet Parent Should Know Before Making This Heart-Wrenching Decision

The death of a pet is an incredibly painful experience and though it may not be socially acceptable to admit, it can hurt worse than losing a human friend. Few things ever hurt more than when decision to bring them to the end rests on your shoulders. If you see that your dog is in pain and your veterinarian cannot offer you any other options, it isn’t cruel to help your pet pass. In fact, we may feel selfish for … Read more

6 Ways To Help Needy Pets In Your Late Dog’s Honor

Losing a dog is one of the most devastating challenges that any pet parent will ever have to face. They say that anyone who adopts a dog or cat will inevitably have their heart broken… but we take the leap, anyway. We know that the love and happiness they bring to our lives is worth the pain we must endure when it’s time to say goodbye. When that sad day occurs, it’s going to take time to ease the pain, and it’ll never fully go … Read more

Dying Dog’s Family Does Christmas Early So They Can All Celebrate One Last Time

Scooby, a black, curly-haired dog who was turning gray, always loved being part of his family’s Christmas celebration in Bedfordshire, England. “We always involve the animals in Christmas so Scooby got presents every year and leftover roast so he’s always enjoyed it and been part of the celebrations,” his human, Molly Bradshaw, told ABC News.   As he aged, Scooby began having recurring back problems, and eventually went blind and developed dementia. “I became his full-time carer, unable to leave him as … Read more

UPDATE: Hundreds Answer Social Media Invite To Join On Walnut The Dog’s Final Walk

UPDATE: Hundreds of people, with pups in tow, showed up to bid Walnut farewell on Saturday. Mark Woods, dog-dad to Walnut, posted an invitation on social media for pet lovers to join on his dog’s final walk before saying goodbye. Little did he know that a whole crowd of people would come to offer support, condolences, and to celebrate a dog’s life that was well-lived. Woods thought that taking Walnut to his favorite beach before the vet appointment would be the best way … Read more

Terminally Ill Dog Enjoying Each Day Thanks To Owner Who Created Special Bucket List

When Emily of Brisbane, Australia found out her six-year-old Blue Heeler only had weeks to live, she could’ve stopped everything to mourn; instead, she’s helping her best friend Buddy check off his bucket list, while he’s still happy and full of life. Just two weeks ago, Buddy was thought to be a normal, healthy dog. He was rescued from a shelter four years ago and has been by Emily’s side ever since. But their lives changed when he was diagnosed with severe … Read more

12 DIY Ways To Remember A Beloved Dog Who Has Passed

In honor of your furry family members, we wanted to give you ways to memorialize your beloved dog who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Sometimes, making something can help with the grieving process, so we have rounded up 12 amazing DIY ways to create a lasting memory of the dog you’ve lost. Looking for a gift you can purchase? Check out our dog memorial gifts store. #1 – Bookshelf Shrine Author Alan Livingston has a special section in his home office which his … Read more