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Dying Dog’s Family Does Christmas Early So They Can All Celebrate One Last Time

| Published on December 10, 2016

Scooby, a black, curly-haired dog who was turning gray, always loved being part of his family’s Christmas celebration in Bedfordshire, England.

“We always involve the animals in Christmas so Scooby got presents every year and leftover roast so he’s always enjoyed it and been part of the celebrations,” his human, Molly Bradshaw, told ABC News.

Image Source: Molly Bradshaw


As he aged, Scooby began having recurring back problems, and eventually went blind and developed dementia.

“I became his full-time carer, unable to leave him as he wouldn’t settle without me, and getting up throughout the night to take him to the toilet/for a drink/ or to settle him,” Bradshaw said in the story.

Image Source: Molly Bradshaw


Then, in October, he took a turn for the worst. Bradshaw was afraid that her pup wouldn’t make it to his favorite holiday. That’s why Christmas came to their home early this year, in the middle of November.

Image Source: Molly Bradshaw


Image Source: Molly Bradshaw


They decorated the house with paper snowflakes and tinsel, played Christmas music, opened presents, and even put up a tree. But most importantly, Scooby was “the center of the celebration.”

Image Source: Molly Bradshaw


Image Source: Molly Bradshaw


The Bradshaws even invited a few others over to help get into the Christmas spirit!

“On our planned last day, we arranged a final dog walk, present opening, a Christmas meal, and then final goodbyes,” Bradshaw told ABC News.

Image Source: Molly Bradshaw


Scooby will be spending December 25th in the paradise beyond the Rainbow Bridge this year, and he will be deeply missed.

Image Source: Molly Bradshaw


“We have had Scooby since he was a puppy. He was my best friend and we did everything together,” Bradshaw said in the story.

Image Source: Molly Bradshaw


Scooby left Earth feeling happy and loved. Our hearts go out to the Bradshaws for their loss. Those of us who are lucky enough to spend the holidays with our four-legged family members will make sure to cherish every minute!

Special thanks to Molly for letting us share these wonderful photos. 

(h/t: ABC News)

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