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Heartwarming Dog Memorial Gifts

Memorials & Keepsakes For Dog Lovers - Gifts, Stones, Plaques & Ideas

Our Pet Memorial Gifts remind us that on that rainbow bridge, we’ll meet to love and play again…

Forever My Guardian Angel Pup

Dog Memorial Angel Solar Light

In terms of dog memorial gifts, this is one of the most meaningful options on the market. The peacefully resting angel dog and the warm glow of the lights can remind you that your beloved canine is always watching over you.

Personalized Photo Memorial Keepsake

Dog memorial photo realistic

This dog keepsake gives you the most realistic image of your furry friend possible. It will feel like your dog is looking back at you every time you admire the photo.

Dog & Butterfly Inspirational Solar Lantern

Dog memorial lantern fairy lights

Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but it helps to know they’ll no longer have to feel pain. Looking at this beautiful display is a great reminder that your furry friends can play as much as they want in heaven.

Forever in My Heart Angel Memorial Necklace

Forever in my heart memorial necklace

Sometimes the best dog remembrance gifts are the ones you can keep close to your heart. When you wear this necklace, you may feel a a strong connection to your late pup.

Dog Pawprint Keepsake Photo Frame

Dog Paw Print Photo Frame

If your dog is still with you, this is a great keepsake to set up now so you can have a beautiful tribute for after they pass. One side of the picture frame holds a beloved photo of your canine companion while the other is for an impression of their adorable little paw print.

Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Pet Memorial Wind Chimes

With these heartwarming wind chimes set up, it will feel like your dog is communicating with you every time the chimes make a sound.

Rainbow Bridge Crystal Heart Dog Memorial Necklace

Crystal heart memorial necklace

When the light hits this crystal, heart-shaped necklace right, the gorgeous reflections will remind you that your beloved pup is watching over you. Being surrounded by a stainless steel paw print and wing only adds to this jewelry item’s charm.

Personalized Dog Portrait Necklace

Personalized dog necklace

Customizable pet memorials are often the most meaningful because they’re specific to your beloved furry friend. These personalized necklaces feature the portrait and name of the pet you’re honoring.

Forever Loved Dog Memorial Personalized T-shirt

Forever Loved memorial shirt

With this adorable t-shirt, you can hold your late dogs’ memories close to you wherever you go. Along the rainbow heart, you can add the names of up to ten dogs, each on an cute little paw print.

Pawprints Left By You Dog Picture

Dog memorial photo frame

This memorial photo frame leaves no words unspoken. Beside your dog’s photo is a heartfelt poem to showcase how much your late furry friend means to you.

Pet Memorial Rainbow Bridge Bracelet

Rainbow bridge memorial bracelet

This beaded pet bracelet symbolizes that your furry friend is close to your heart, even after they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge.

Paw Print on My Heart Planter

Plant pot dog memorial

After losing a dog, many pet parents want support other life forms. Adding some greenery to this adorable planter is the perfect way to honor your dog while helping a beautiful plant thrive.

Forever Loved Dog Angel Urn

Dog Angel Memorial Urn

Not only is this one of the most gorgeous pet memorial ideas, but it’s also an urn to keep your pet’s ashes safe. With this piece in your garden, you’ll always be reminded of what a great life you gave your dog.

Cuddle Clones Custom Dog Plush

Cuddle Clones

For many dog parents, one of the hardest parts of losing a pet is not being able to cuddle with them anymore. With Cuddle Clones, you can get a custom plush that looks identical to the furry friend you lost, allowing you to snuggle with the toy whenever you’re missing your late canine.

Limited Edition Dog Memorial Bracelet

Limited Edition Memorial Bracelet

Each bead on this memorial bracelet holds a special meaning. The paw bead and heart bead symbolize how your canine companion will always be close to your heart. Then, the 22 Howlite beads represent the 22 meals that are donated to dogs in need with every purchase.

Pet Picture Frame Memorial for Pet Collar

Dog collar photo frame

Every dog’s collar is unique, and it’s an item most pet parents keep after their furry friend passes. With this picture frame, you can easily display your dog’s collar under your favorite photo of them.

Missing Your Unconditional Love Memorial Garden Stone

Unconditional love garden stone

With a natural-looking rock shape and a touching message, this is the perfect stone to display your pup’s memory, whether you want it in your garden or outdoors. It’s waterproof, so it’ll beautify your garden rain or shine.

Personalized Love Dog Memorials Ceramic Photo Tile

Personalized tile dog memorial gift

This pet memorial is a one-of-a-kind gift that any dog lover can appreciate. The tile can showcase a favorite photo of your beloved pet while also stating which years they were by your side.

I Love You To The Moon & Back Garden Solar Lantern

Moon and back solar lantern

No matter how far away your dog is, they’ll always hold a special place in your heart. This solar lantern perfectly represents that, making it a great way to memorialize a late dog.

Furever Family Tree with Customizable Paws

iHeartDogs furever family tree

This adorable wall decor allows you to create a display with your past and current pets together. The wooden tree comes with 20 paw prints: 10 regular and 10 angel. You can stamp each paw print with a dog’s name as a way to display all your furry family members in one place.

Pawprints Left By You Memorial Blanket

Dog memorial blanket

Curling up with a cozy blanket is a great way to recreate the feeling of cuddling with your late canine. You can even get this fleece blanket personalized with your pup’s name on it.

Pathway To My Heart Memorial Artisan Solar Lantern

Pathway to my heart lantern

When we lose our dogs, they leave paw prints on our hearts. With this solar-powered lantern, their paws can also be projected onto the ground at night, creating a heartwarming tribute to your furry friend.

LED Shadow Box with Memorial Photo

Memorial shadow box picture frame

This product is more than just a photo frame because it’s also a shadow box that illuminates your pet’s image and an inspiring quote. Seeing this product lit up from across the room will remind you that your furry friend is watching over you, especially during tough times.

“Walk Beside Us” Lantern

Dog memorial lantern

When this lantern lights up, it’ll be an excellent reminder that your dog is still with you in your heart, even if you can’t see them anymore.

My Guardian Angel Memorial Flameless Candle

Angel Memorial Light for Dogs

Dealing with a pet loss is always heartbreaking. This angel sculpture is one of the best dog death gifts for a loved one because it reminds them that their dog is safe and cared for, even though they’re no longer on Earth.

“Woof” Dog Photo Album

Dog photo album

Why get just one tribute to your furry friend when you can create a whole book of memories? Add all your favorite images of your dog to this photo album so you can always look back at their life.

Rainbow Bridge Wooden Memorial Dog with Family

This charming wooden sculpture resembles you saying goodbye to your pup before they cross the rainbow bridge. As heartbreaking as that moment was, your furry friend was surrounded by so much love before they passed.

Dog Angel Memorial Statue with Butterfly

Dog angel statue tribute

When most people think of perfect dog memorial gifts, something like this comes to mind. This gorgeous sculpture is a wonderful tribute because it’s incredibly detailed and reminds you that your dog is at peace.

Stained Glass Dog on Moon Pet Loss

Dog on moon stained glass memorials

If you’re looking for a smaller dog memorial gift that’s still lovely and meaningful, this stained glass design is a great reminder that dogs who have passed away continue to watch over their favorite humans.

Once By My Side, Forever In My Heart Memorial Ring

Pet memorial ring

This simple, stylish piece of jewelry allows you to keep your dog’s memory close to you in a subtle way. Along with a heartfelt message, you can also customize the ring with your pup’s name.

Paw Prints Pet Memorial Candle

Paw Prints candle memorial

Lighting this candle and smelling its coffee bean scent may evoke memories of your furry friend, especially if you set it next to some of your favorite photos of your pup.

Rainbow Bridge Love Solar Garden Chime

Rainbow bridge solar chimes

After charging all day in the sunlight, these chimes will light up in bold colors to represent the rainbow bridge. They’re sure to add some magic and love to your home.

Personalized Double-Sided Memorial Garden Flag

Pet memorial garden flag

With this garden flag on display, anyone that passes your home will know that a dog was very loved there. Plus, you can customize it by adding your beloved canine’s name.

‘Til We Meet Again Personalized Canvas Print

Memorial poem canvas print

This colorful canvas print includes a sweet, simple poem about the loss of a pet, and to make it extra special, you can get it personalized with you canine companion’s name.

Adorable Dog Memorials Garden Stone

Cute dog garden stone

If your dog loved lying out in the sun, then this garden stone with a dog sculpture on top of it is a great way to help your pup’s legacy live on.

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Necklace

Dainty rainbow bridge necklace

The paw prints on this stainless steel necklace represent a dog walking across the rainbow bridge. It’s a dainty necklace that allows you to subtly display a tribute to your late canine.

Personalized Dog Angel Memorial Stone Grave Marker

Pet Angel Custom Grave Marker

If you want your pup’s grave marker to be unique to them, this stone allows you to choose what you want written. Plus, the little angle dog leaning against the stone will be sure to keep your dog’s memories safe.

In Memory Of My Best Friend Picture Frame Magnet

Dog memorial magnet rainbow

You likely pass the fridge several times throughout the day, so it’s the perfect spot to set up a memory of your late canine. This colorful magnet is a great pet memorial idea because it has space for an adorable canine photo next to the words, “In Memory Of My Best Friend.”

No Longer By My Side Memorial Garden Stone

Sparkly memorial garden stone

This memorial stone is perfect for honoring the glamorous canine in your life. It uses purple and silver rhinestones to help it stand out from your other garden decorations.

My Guardian Angel Holiday Ornament

Angel Memorial Holiday Ornament

Remembering your beloved dog isn’t limited to one part of the year. If you want your furry friend to be remembered during a holiday celebration, hang this angel ornament up with your other favorite decorations. The holes in the angel’s dress will let the tree’s lights brighten the memorial.

Best Friend Small Memorial Light Box

Dog memorial light box

Dogs light up our lives, so some of the best dog memorial gifts are the ones that also light up. This light box will illuminate a heartfelt message, so you can see it from across the room and be reminded of your beloved companion.

Friends Live Forever Garden Stone

Friends Live Forever Garden Stone

This garden stone is a simple and heartfelt remembrance gift for a friend who recently lost a canine companion. It serves as a beautiful reminder that dogs never truly leave us because they’ll always be in our memories.

Always By My Side & Forever In My Heart Necklace

Keep Me in Your Heart Memorial Necklace

Hugging and cuddling a dog is one of the things pet parents miss the most after saying goodbye. This adorable jewelry piece will help you feel like your dog is still cuddled up beside you, even if you can’t see them.

Puppy Angel Garden Solar Light With Butterfly

Glowing butterfly angel dog statue

Butterflies are a sign of hope. So, with this adorable angel dog and the glowing butterfly combined, it reminds grieving pet parents that remembering their beloved canine will get easier as time passes.

Personalized 3D Engraved Photo Gift

3D Dog Photo Keepsake

By sending in a picture of your late canine, you can receive a very realistic portrait of them. Since this engraved photo is 3D, it will feel like your best friend is still there with you.

Always Be in My Heart Photo Frame Cremation Urn

Memorial urn box photo frame

This urn also serves as a charming decoration to remind you of the pleasant memories you shared with your dog. You can add a photo of your furry friend next to a quote about how they will always be in your heart.

I’ll Meet You At The Rainbow Bridge Keychain

Meet at the Rainbow Bridge keychain

It’s hard to accept when a dog is no longer with us, but this adorable keychain will give you an uplifting message whenever you admire it.

You Will Never Leave My Heart Memorial Garden Stone

Never Leave My Heart garden stone

Dogs live in our hearts forever, so the inspirational words of this garden stone are perfect for anyone who’s dealing with a pet loss. It’s durable and waterproof, so you can display it at any time of year.

Dog Lovers Candle Holder Memorial Statue

Dog Memorial Candle Holder

In this heartfelt candle holder, the space between the person and the dog shows nothing but love. Even without your dog by your side, the love between you will never fade.

Devoted Dog Angel Memorial Statue

Devoted angel dog figure

This cute dog statue is one of the best pet memorials because it reminds dog parents of how devoted their beloved canine was. The tiny angel wings signify that your loyal pup is still looking down on you and sending you love.

Pet Memorial Gifts Additional Resources for Those Grieving The Loss of a Dog

Losing a dog is one of life’s hardest moments. For many of us, our dog is our confidant, therapist, and pillow to cry on when things get rough. How do you say goodbye to your best friends whose life is never long enough? Here are some additional pet remembrance resources that iHeartDogs put together for you. We hope they will be helpful!

  • Facebook Grief Support Group “The Rainbow Bridge” Pet Memorials – Join a community of like-minded pet owners who also recently experienced the grief of losing a pet. Post memorial pictures, ask questions, and seek support.
  • Why Losing A Dog Can Be Even More Painful Than The Death Of A Loved One – Many pet owners are surprised at the intensity of the grief they are experiencing. You are not alone! Losing a dog can feel even more painful than a human loved one.
  • Tips & Advice On Coping With The Loss Of A Dog – Dr. Wendy J. James is a Psychologist and Owner of Life Consultant based in Dallas, Texas. She explains that since pets hold a special place in our hearts, we grief for them in the same way we would a person.
  • Dealing With The Loss Of A Dog? Here Are 10 Tips To Help You Grieve – Dealing with the loss of a dog can feel impossible. Here are some tips to help manage the pain.
  • 3 Heartfelt Ways To Remember a Beloved Pet – Losing a dog many times leaves an irreplaceable hole in our heart, regardless of all the memories that you have of times cherished together. But thankfully there are ways to commemorate, and even honor our best friends.
  • 6 Ways To Help Needy Pets In Your Late Dog’s Honor – Six ways to keep your dog’s memory alive while helping pets who are less fortunate. Your pup’s tail will wag while watching you honor his life from across the Rainbow Bridge.
  • 6 Things Your Deceased Dog Would Want You To Know – We understand that saying goodbye is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, and we hope that somehow our words can provide a bit of comfort. Having experienced the love and compassion of dogs and cats all my life, I believe they would want us to keep these 6 important messages close to our hearts after they have gone.
  • 10 Thoughtful Pet Remembrance Gifts for Someone Who Recently Lost a Dog – Losing a loved one near the holidays can be especially difficult. If you or a loved one have recently lost a beloved pet, we hope these gift ideas can bring comfort. Here’s some unique pet sympathy gifts for any occasion.
  • 8 Ways To Help Your Dog Deal With The Grief Of Losing A Family Pet – The death of a beloved pet is devastating to the entire family, including the other pets in the home. Dogs may not grieve as openly or in the same way we do, but they definitely go through a period of mourning.
  • This Is What You Must Know About The Rainbow Bridge – For many of us with dogs, we’ve already known the unbearable sense of loss when faced with the passing of a pup. For others who are sharing their love with their first dog, the sorrow is too painful to even contemplate. Perhaps it was the weight of grief that drove an anonymous poet to pen The Rainbow Bridge, a prose poem written in the 1980’s to help all of us manage the unmanageable. To see in words, what we know in our hearts.
  • 10 Signs Your Dog May Be Ready To Cross The Rainbow Bridge – When the time comes to say goodbye, all dog parents hope their pets peacefully pass away after a long, happy life. The unfortunate reality, however, is senior dogs and dogs suffering from illness or injury most often rely on their owners to know when it’s time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

More About Our Dog Memorial Gifts

Since 2014, iHeartDogs has been serving our customers during one of life’s most difficult moments – losing a beloved furry family member. Our collection of pet bereavement products include pet loss gifts, dog remembrance jewelry, memorial garden stones, pet dog tombstones, dog & cat grave makers and urns, and pet memorium giftables.

iHeartDogs carries a huge variety of pet loss memorial gifts with true meaning. With each purchase, a donation will be made in honor of your beloved dog or cat. Check back frequently as our line of dog memorial stones, memorial bracelets, pet urns, dog memorial canvas art, pet memorial poem magnets, personalized pet memorial jewelry, remembrance wind chimes, memorial mugs, rings, t-shirts and much more. Check back soon for more new additions!

How can I memorialize my dog?

Whether you have had a pet since puppyhood or only for a few years, you have definitely enjoyed a few wonderful and memorable experiences with them. Many families want to hold on to those special memories and keep them dear to your heart. Pet memorials allow you to remember your dog forever and keep them in your hearts as a constant reminder of the presence and impact they had on your life.

There are various ways to remember and celebrate your pets’ contributions to your life. Some pet owners choose to honor their unique furry family members with keepsakes such as dog memorial stones, pet headstones, pet cremation jewelry, and even pet urns. If you know someone who has lost a pet, a meaningful pet memorial gift such as pet memorial plaques or special dog mementos could be appreciated.

Some pet keepsakes include a space for your pet’s favorite photo and an opening to show their collar. Other pet memorials include encouraging and heartwarming words such as quotes or poems. Many options include a frame to keep a dog’s photo.

Pet family members often choose memorial jewelry, such as necklaces, lockets, or pendants with a pet portrait or their pet’s name. At iHeartDogs, we offer unique options such as wind chimes that can bring a beautiful sound to your heart. Pet parents will also adore our blankets, paw print signs, statues, and wall art. We offer stunning and meaningful pet memorials to commemorate your loving pet in any way you choose.

How do you honor a deceased dog?

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never a short or simple process. Pet owners form strong bonds with our four-legged and furry animals, who bring us so much joy and happiness and provide companionship, friendship, and genuine love. Honor your pet who has gone to their eternal home with a one-of-kind pet memorial that matches their personality.

Pay tribute to a deceased pet in a significant way to you and your family. Memorials and souvenir gifts can be a fantastic way to honor a departed pet while also assisting your family is grieving. Many individuals prefer to memorialize their pets by displaying them in souvenir frames within their homes or by purchasing a memorial stone to place near a grave or memorial location in their garden.

Urns for storing pet ashes are also available, and many are attractive and stylish enough to be displayed. You cannot pick a wrong way for you or your family to honor a pet. Although, you should examine all of your alternatives to determine which one that speaks to you about your dog.

If you cannot afford a gift, consider sending a sympathy card or small keepsake to someone whose dog has died to show you care. Flowers or personalized donations to a local shelter or dog charity in their name are usually appreciated gestures. When you buy a memorial from iHeartDogs, you will also contribute to feeding dogs in shelters with your purchase making our gifts extra special.

How do you mark a pet’s grave?

Many people purchase a pet grave marker, while others prefer to make their own grave marker. Grave markers come in various materials, such as headstone materials like stone or granite. They all have distinct characteristics and advantages, as well as some drawbacks.

Which material you choose will be determined by your personal preferences, your budget, and how long you want your pet memorial marker to last. Of course, if you cannot afford an expensive option, you can always use natural items like stone, rocks, or even a tree to mark your pet’s burial spot.

What can I put on my dog’s gravestones?

Most pet owners opt to include their pet’s name and their own birth date and death date. Others prefer to just add the first initial of a pet’s name. You could have a specific poem or quote inscribed as well, depending on your budget and preferences. With a larger budget, you can even have an image or symbol inscribed on the headstone of your pet or anything else you can imagine.

What can you buy someone who lost a dog?

If you know someone who has lost a pet, a meaningful pet memorial gift such as pet memorial plaques or special dog mementos could be appreciated. Even if a dog was not in your immediate family, many people grow attached to their extended families’ pets or even their friend’s pets. A touching memorial gift could offer solace to family or friends during their time of grieving and help you heal.

What do you put on a dog’s memorial plaque?

Like a pet marker or gravestone, you can put anything you want on a pet memorial plaque. If you have a paw print from your pet, it’s a beautiful option as it leaves a piece of them behind for you to remember. Some people prefer to keep a plaque simple with a name and dates, while others add a touching poem or a quote. Only you can decide what feels right to your family.

What do you put on a dog’s memorial stone?

Dog plaques and stones are related, but stones are often much larger and therefore offer more space. However, many stones are smaller and can be used in your garden. You will have room for a name, dates, quote, or even a heart or paw print with larger stones. Again, the words on a memorial for pets are specific to your family, and you can add as much or as little detail as you want.

Do you send flowers when a dog dies?

Sending flowers is optional but not necessary. Most people will appreciate a heartfelt card or a phone call. Consider making a meal for a friend or family member who has lost a pet, as they may be too depressed to cook. Others would feel a donation to a shelter works best to honor a pet.

How do you make a memorial stone for a pet?

Many craft stores offer mosaic concrete kits, making a perfect memorial stone for a pet. A painted river rock or even a large rock already in your yard will make a perfect option if you are comfortable painting. However, you need to seal the stone to prevent weather and age from removing the paint over time.

Wood from a hardware store could be assembled to make a cross, and you could use a wood burner or other tools to add writing, dates, or paw prints. Alternatively, plant a tree for your pet, and their memory can live on for many decades. If you buy an older tree, you can carve your pet’s initials in a tree or simply do the same to a tree your dog loved.

How do you do a dog celebration of life?

If you have recently lost a pet, the grief is obvious, and the loss is very distressing. You might be looking for techniques to cope with sadness, ways to assist children in comprehending the loss, or ways to heal and honor your friend’s life.
A celebration of life ceremony or gathering can make the journey a little easier. The ceremony will allow everyone to remember happy moments and share the beauty of your pet’s memory with family and friends.

Those who choose to have a stone, plaque, statue, or another type of marker can simply invite their loved ones over to share this time of grieving. After, everyone can share a meal and console each other. Finally, many people like to take a lightweight memorial on a walk following their pet’s favorite path with family and friends to enjoy one last stroll with their beloved pet.