Meaningful Pet Memorial Gifts

Our Pet Memorial Gifts remind us that on that rainbow bridge, we’ll meet to love and play again…

Pet Memorial Gifts Additional Resources for Those Grieving The Loss of a Dog

Losing a dog is one of life’s hardest moments. For many of us, our dog is our confidant, therapist, and pillow to cry on when things get rough. How do you say goodbye to your best friends whose life is never long enough? Here are some additional pet remembrance resources that iHeartDogs put together for you. We hope they will be helpful!

  • Facebook Grief Support Group “The Rainbow Bridge” Pet Memorials – Join a community of like-minded pet owners who also recently experienced the grief of losing a pet. Post memorial pictures, ask questions, and seek support.
  • Why Losing A Dog Can Be Even More Painful Than The Death Of A Loved One – Many pet owners are surprised at the intensity of the grief they are experiencing. You are not alone! Losing a dog can feel even more painful than a human loved one.
  • Tips & Advice On Coping With The Loss Of A Dog – Dr. Wendy J. James is a Psychologist and Owner of Life Consultant based in Dallas, Texas. She explains that since pets hold a special place in our hearts, we grief for them in the same way we would a person.
  • Dealing With The Loss Of A Dog? Here Are 10 Tips To Help You Grieve – Dealing with the loss of a dog can feel impossible. Here are some tips to help manage the pain.
  • 3 Heartfelt Ways To Remember a Beloved Pet – Losing a dog many times leaves an irreplaceable hole in our heart, regardless of all the memories that you have of times cherished together. But thankfully there are ways to commemorate, and even honor our best friends.
  • 6 Ways To Help Needy Pets In Your Late Dog’s Honor – Six ways to keep your dog’s memory alive while helping pets who are less fortunate. Your pup’s tail will wag while watching you honor his life from across the Rainbow Bridge.
  • 6 Things Your Deceased Dog Would Want You To Know – We understand that saying goodbye is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, and we hope that somehow our words can provide a bit of comfort. Having experienced the love and compassion of dogs and cats all my life, I believe they would want us to keep these 6 important messages close to our hearts after they have gone.
  • 10 Thoughtful Pet Remembrance Gifts for Someone Who Recently Lost a Dog – Losing a loved one near the holidays can be especially difficult. If you or a loved one have recently lost a beloved pet, we hope these gift ideas can bring comfort. Here’s some unique pet sympathy gifts for any occasion.
  • 8 Ways To Help Your Dog Deal With The Grief Of Losing A Family Pet – The death of a beloved pet is devastating to the entire family, including the other pets in the home. Dogs may not grieve as openly or in the same way we do, but they definitely go through a period of mourning.
  • This Is What You Must Know About The Rainbow Bridge – For many of us with dogs, we’ve already known the unbearable sense of loss when faced with the passing of a pup. For others who are sharing their love with their first dog, the sorrow is too painful to even contemplate. Perhaps it was the weight of grief that drove an anonymous poet to pen The Rainbow Bridge, a prose poem written in the 1980’s to help all of us manage the unmanageable. To see in words, what we know in our hearts.
  • 10 Signs Your Dog May Be Ready To Cross The Rainbow Bridge – When the time comes to say goodbye, all dog parents hope their pets peacefully pass away after a long, happy life. The unfortunate reality, however, is senior dogs and dogs suffering from illness or injury most often rely on their owners to know when it’s time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.