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iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Dog training is essential for all canines, but not every dog parent has the time or money to visit a dog trainer. Yet, trying to train your dog without assistance can also be tricky. So, SpiritDog Online Dog Training offers a way for you and your dog to get help from dog trainers in your home and … Read more

9 Reasons Why Male & Female Dogs Hump, Even If They’ve Been “Fixed”

For us humans, it’s not exactly socially acceptable to go up to an acquaintance — or even an old friend, for that matter — and start humping them. Nor is it appropriate to go to town on a toy or pillow with onlookers nearby. However, our canine companions don’t have these kinds of social inhibitions, but for us humans, our pups’ frisky behavior can be pretty embarrassing! Sometimes, a mount can even lead to an altercation between two dogs. So … Read more

‘Beast & Buckle’ Was Co-Founded By A Man And The Dog Who Saved Him

If you’re a fan of iHeartDogs, odds are you’re someone who believes in making an impact when you spend money. Well that, and you love your dog. Fortunately, things are trending in the direction of pet parents  like you wanting their purchases to make a difference instead of just sending dollars to the top of a corporation. That’s why companies with missions like Beast & Buckle really resonate with dog lovers, especially those who feel like their dogs saved them. … Read more

7 Dog Walking Dangers You Should Know About

By Sophie Vershbow Reviewed by Sarah Wooten, DVM No matter the breed, all dogs need to go outside on a regular basis. Depending on your pet’s physical ability––and your own schedule––that can mean anything from a quick stroll around the block to an all-day hike in the woods. “Dog walking has great health benefits both for the pet and the walker,” says Dr. Ian Wright, a veterinary surgeon and head of the European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) U.K. … Read more

Dog Park Etiquette 101: Is Your Pet Prepared?

By Victoria Schade Reviewed by Stephanie Liff, DVM There’s nothing quite like watching a pack of dogs frolicking together at the dog park. Spending time at the park helps keep a dog’s socialization skills in tip-top form and can wear out a busy pup in a way that walks around the block can’t touch. Dog play at the park can look intense, but it shouldn’t be a lawless free-for-all. That’s why both pups and pet parents need to abide by … Read more

10 Dog Training Resolutions for 2015

Ready to start your year off right and train your dog to be the best dog ever? Michelle Blake, MSW, CDBC, CAE, Chief Executive Officer for The Association of Professional Dog Trainers has ten resolutions you should have to make 2015 the best training year ever, chose one or all. Tell us in the comments what your training resolution for 2015 is! #1 – Use training in your everyday routine Training your dog doesn’t have to be a strenuous, one hour lesson … Read more

10 Super Impressive Tricks Any Dog Can Learn

  The sit, stay, and come commands will help keep your dog safe from harm, but have you ever dreamed of a more exciting challenge? Teaching new tricks is an excellent way to exercise your dog’s body and mind, as well as strengthen the bond you share. The stunts in this post are sure to impress your friends and promote a happy, well-rounded pup! *If your dog is a senior or has any medical conditions, be sure to consult your … Read more

5 Mistakes Most Owners Make (And 1 You Probably Are Too)

Whether you’re new to raising a dog or if you’ve been doing it for years, you’ve probably made plenty of mistakes. A dog is so much more than just a cute companion because they have a lot of specific needs. Many dog lovers make the same mistakes as they raise their pups, but it’s never too late to make a change for the better. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them as you get to know your dog. … Read more

New Studies Show That Yelling At Your Dog Can Have Heartbreaking Effects

dog training

Training a new puppy can be frustrating. With the possibility of accidents in the house and destruction of your belongings, overwhelmed pet parents often resort to yelling. What was once thought of as harmless mild punishment style training is now proving to have lasting effects on our beloved companions. It’s time to think twice before yelling. Styles of Training With the variety of training schools and resources that are available to us, it’s important to understand the most common forms … Read more

Blind Dog Star Has No Eyes But A Lot Of Fans

Everyone loves looking into the big, sweet eyes of their dog. What we love more though, is forming bonds with our furry pals and learning their personalities. We’d love those good boys and girls with or without their cute eyeballs. In fact, one TikTok-famous dog has no eyeballs and I’m in love with him! He goes by @CaboTheBlindDoggo on TikTok. If you’re not familiar with it, TikTok has brought us some of the best dog videos around. The short-form video app which … Read more

5 Ways To Raise A Confident Dog

As unforgettably portrayed to American audiences in the classic movie, Home Alone, waking up to find that you are on your own can be entirely thrilling at times and utterly terrifying at others. Just like little Kevin in the movie, our fur babies tend to fall in one of two camps. They either grab the independent life by the horns, digging in the trash cans, chewing up the couch, and sleeping on our pillows or they take cover, burying themselves … Read more

10 Easy Ways To Stop Your Dog From Begging

It’s a scene we’ve all been party to a million times or more. The table is set, the family is seated, and as you attempt to take that first bite of the delicious meal you’ve lovingly prepared, you become distracted by a most unwelcome site. Your beloved family dog is seated very nearby, eyeing your food longingly, perhaps with a long string of drool making its slow descent to the floor. Never does your dog sit so still or so … Read more

How To Correct A Dog That Doesn’t Come When Called

We’ve all been there; you’re the crazy person in the neighborhood with the dog that refuses to come when called.  Whether it was a training session gone awry or an accident that let them slip out the door, you’re now left with a dog to catch and a neighborly reputation to redeem. You know your four-legged fugitive hears you calling their name while they trespass into the neighbor’s garage and sniff-walk their way down the street, but they’re ignoring you. … Read more

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Dog Smarter

Have you met “The Smartest Dog in the World”? In 2014, 60 Minutes introduced the world to Chaser, a border collie with a vocabulary of more than one thousands words. Woah.Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your dog knew the difference between your shoes and boots and could bring them on command? You may not have the time (or patience) to teach your dog a thousand words. That’s okay. There are easy ways to increase your dog’s intelligence and decrease boredom … Read more

3 Ways To Take Advantage Of “National Train Your Dog” Month This January

In 2010 the Association of Professional Dog Trainers named January National Train Your Dog Month. The campaign is designed to bring awareness to the importance of dog socialization and training. The APDT selected January because of the large number of puppies purchased and adopted at the holidays. The New Year is also an excellent time for those with older dogs to make training a priority. For 2019, the APDT is focusing on everyday manners with their Canine Life and Social Skills program. Interested … Read more

How To Teach Your Dog To Play Nice With Other Dogs

teach your dog

The idyllic picture of dogs playing together at the park is something every pup parent wants. You can see the joy on your dog’s face as he makes new friends and stimulates his body and mind. That vision is shattered, however, at the first sign of rough play. Your dog growls, bites, tackles, and chases in a way other dogs don’t appreciate. Instead of making new friends, your dog tries to dominate his playmates. If his rough play hasn’t led … Read more

How To Manage An Overprotective Dog

overprotective dog

You know the difference between someone trying to give you a hug versus a chokehold, but your overprotective dog isn’t willing to take the risk. When your friends come to visit, they can’t get close without your dog growling and barking. Your dog might even decide to bite. Being overprotective isn’t a behavioral trait to take lightly, and it’s time to do something about it. How Dogs Become Overprotective For most dogs, the road to becoming overprotective is long and … Read more

Crate Training: 6 Steps For Teaching Your Dog To Love Their Crate

Teaching your dog to love their crate should be a top priority for any new pet parent. Dogs are den animals, and enjoy small spaces where they can hide when they feel unsafe, or rest at nap time. It’s a safe space in your home that your dog considers his own. Crate training is easy to do and shouldn’t be something that makes you feel guilty or as if you’re subjecting your dog to “doggy jail”. Understandably, some owners are … Read more

The First 10 Lessons To Teach Your New Puppy

With their satiny soft ears, perfectly plump paw pads, and irresistible puppy dog eyes, falling in love with your new puppy is easy. What you teach your new puppy, however, is a different story. Countless cute puppies grow up to be adult dogs with unmanageable behavior problems, and animal shelters are filled with dogs that were surrendered because no one took the time to train them. If you want your puppy to grow into the adult dog you've always wanted, ... Read more

How To Help Your Dog Be More Comfortable With Body Handling

Belly rubs and head scratches are one thing, but not every dog is comfortable with body handling. All that poking and prodding puts them on edge, and it can lead to fearful and sometimes aggressive reactions. Having their teeth brushed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and bodies examined is necessary for their health, but good luck explaining that to your dog. Being comfortable with body handling doesn’t come naturally to dogs, and it’s a dog owner’s responsibility to help their pooch … Read more

Want To Train Your Dog To Come When Called? We’re Here To Show You How

You’ve probably seen us discuss why it’s important to teach your dog a strong recall. And you may have rolled your eyes at us because even after begging… …and pleading… …and calling his name until you’re hoarse, your dog is still anywhere that you aren’t. Across the street. Across the park. He could be across an ocean, because that’s how much attention he’s giving you when you call him. It may seem impossible, but don’t lose hope! iHeartDogs’ Master Trainer Jesse Ciletti … Read more

How To Train A Senior Dog

Your shoes are safer around a senior dog than they are a puppy, and most older dogs have long-since mastered basic obedience. But that doesn’t mean training is no longer important. Old age doesn’t stop a dog from learning new tricks, and continued training is a big part of maintaining mental and physical health. There’s also the fact that senior dogs aren’t perfect, and training can help fend off problem behaviors. Whether you’ve loved your dog since they were a pup … Read more

How To Teach Your Dog The “Quiet” Command

If you have a dog who barks incessantly for whatever reason – to be fed, at the mailman, because he’s bored, to get your attention – you’re probably wishing your dog had an “off” switch. Even if the barking doesn’t bother you, per se, you don’t want to be “that neighbor” with the obnoxious barking dog that everybody hates. So what can you do? Shouting at him to shut up rarely helps. Luckily, there is a way to get your … Read more

5 Tips For Helping A Dog That Doesn’t Like The Rain

When a rain-filled weather report interrupts your dog’s regular exercise and bathroom break routine, simple things become immensely more complicated. You prepare for pee stains on the carpet, stinky surprises in the hallway, and a rambunctious pet with too much energy for indoor activities. Refusing to go outside in the rain is common in dogs. Think about it, you don’t like getting soaked by the rain, and your dog is no different. They’re used to the good life of memory-foam … Read more

How To Teach Your Dog The “Leave It” & “Drop It” Commands

We have all heard the horror stories of dogs choking on small items, getting into dangerous medications, or being poisoned by spiteful neighbors. Empower yourself and protect your pooch from these types of dangers by teaching the “Leave it” and “Drop it” commands that could one day save his life. Note: Professional dog trainer, Jess Rollins, recommends spending just 15 minutes a day in 5 minute sessions working on these skills to prevent your dog from becoming bored or frustrated. Teaching the … Read more

How To Teach Your Dog To Fetch & Retrieve

Like begging for food and rolling on their bellies, dog love playing fetch because it’s in their nature, right? Well, not necessarily. While some dogs, particularly retrievers (who were bred to, you know, retrieve things!) catch on to the game instantly, you may get frustrated when your pooch doesn’t participate. If she stares blankly at the soaring ball or refuses to return with it, don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with her. But believe it or not, you can actually teach your … Read more

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Hates Their Harness

You expect your dog to jump for joy when they see you pull out their harness and leash. It means you're about to take them on an awesome adventure, and all dogs love going on walks, right? But what happens when instead of eagerly waiting for you to hook them up, your dog runs and hides? Or maybe they cower and tuck their tail between their legs. They might even get aggressive and try to nip the hand holding the ... Read more

How To Help Your Rescue Dog Feel Safe On Walks

Heading out on walks is one of the first things families look forward to after bringing home their newest four-legged friend. It’s supposed to be a time-honored tradition between man and man’s best friend where both ends of the leash have a grand time, but it unfortunately doesn’t always start out that way. Instead of being the dog’s favorite part of the day, the prospect of leaving the house for a trip around the block can be terrifying. They run … Read more

Is Your Dog Reverse Potty Trained?

Pee puddles in the kitchen, mysterious smelling stains in the hallway, “packages” soiling your favorite living room rug— a dog that hasn’t yet grasped the concept of house training is an unpleasant situation. It’s normal to see gradual improvements in a dog’s bathroom habits within a few weeks of training, but for some dogs, the path isn’t that easy. Reverse potty training is something that can happen to puppies, newly adopted rescues, and even resident dogs that have lived in a … Read more

How To Correct A Dog That Doesn’t Come When Called

We’ve all been there; you’re the crazy person in the neighborhood with the dog that refuses to come when called.  Whether it was a training session gone awry or an accident that let them slip out the door, you’re now left with a dog to catch and a neighborly reputation to redeem. You know your four-legged fugitive hears you calling their name while they trespass into the neighbor’s garage and sniff-walk their way down the street, but they’re ignoring you. … Read more