• Stray Dogs Are Bonded By Love, Watch As Big Brother Protects Little Sister During Heartwarming Rescue

    If you haven’t heard of the amazing team at Hope for Paws, they are a husband and wife duo in California that make it their mission in life to save

    Woman Transforms Herself With Makeup To Match Her Dog–You Gotta See This!

    Sometimes people tend to say that a person’s dog can take after them… or even that they somewhat resemble each other. My poodle takes after my personality sometimes, so I

    English Bulldog Is Giddy For Her Birthday Present Surprise

    Do you spoil your dogs? Well, if you ask me, I’m definitely guilty of that! Most dog lovers just love to spoil their dogs. Not only do we give our

    Pit Bulls Who’ve Just Been Adopted And Feeling Love For The First Time

    It’s really sad that some people think of Pit Bulls generally as aggressive and dangerous dogs. What’s even sadder is when these poor dogs don’t get adopted because of the

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    When farmers are looking for a dog to help them around the property, they’re typically looking for Border Collies, Australian Kelpies or mixes known for their outstanding working ability. In

    Army Dog Races Into The Arms Of His Soldier After 3 Long Years Apart

    Dogs have their way of crawling right into our hearts. That is why it’s so easy to fall in love with them. Even in the army, the handlers can get

    URGENT WARNING: Dog Dies After Tongue Gets Stuck In Popular Brand Name Toy

    A truly tragic event is causing one dog owner to send a message out to other dog owners “If you have one of these balls TAKE IT AWAY!!!!” Jamie Stumpf,

    This Husky Has Something To Say About Bathtime – You Have To Hear This

    We all know how talkative Huskies can be! I’m sure you guys have seen that video of Mishka the talking Husky! Huskies even talk to each other. Just like that

    12-Year-Old Girl Saves Pug Who Was Left To Die Inside A Garbage Bag

    It really breaks my heart when I see news of dogs who got hurt, neglected or abandoned. I cannot imagine what kind of trauma and pain the dog must’ve gone

    When This Elephant Ran At This Dog I Didn’t Know What Was Going To Happen

    Isn’t it amazing how two very different animals become friends? It makes us wonder how they communicate with each other, how they are able to form such a bond. We

    15 Dog Breeds With The Highest Vet Bills

    While you can’t foresee the future to know whether your new best friend will never have to go to the vet or will be there weekly, there are certain breeds

    Rate The Best Dog Commercial of All Time!

    What is the best dog commercial of all time? How do you even pick, right!? As little as we like commercials, you’ve got to admit the companies below have done

    12 Dog Breeds With “Type A” Personalities

    Competitive, impatient and sensitive – these are three commonly used words to describe people with Type A personalities. In dogs, we see these traits as active, intense and reactive. Dogs

    You Have To See What This Dog Does In His Sleep

    I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy watching my dogs sleep. They just look so cute and so peaceful when they sleep. Some dogs have the funniest sleeping

    Deaf PitBull’s Emotional Response To Soldier Coming Home Is Too Sweet To Handle

    This story is so incredible we don’t even know where to start! This is Cotton, a sweet, affectionate Pit Bull that was rescued in 2009 when his dad, Phil, came

    When Dad Doesn’t Share His Sandwich, Watch What These Great Danes Do…

    They say when you have a dog, you will never have to eat alone. And that is so true! Every time our dogs see or hear us eating or munching

    Golden Retriever Has A Very Unique Style Of Bathing

    Look mom, I’m swimming in my bathtub, wheeeeee this is so much fun! I love swimming, when do we go again mom? See guys, this is the easiest way to

    Pit Bull Has Some Super Fancy Tricks Up Her Sleeve!

    How many tricks have you taught your dog? Well the Pit Bull in the video below sure has tricks that will WOW the crowd! Veronica Lynn the smart Pit Bull

    Police Officer Rescues A Pregnant Stray Dog, Changing BOTH of Their Lives Forever.

    We always admire policemen who save animals–especially the ones who go out of their way to rescue the animals in need. One of these admirable cops is Officer John Lyons.

    10 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina- Never Before Seen Raw Footage of Dog Rescues

    On August 23, 2005, Hurricane Katrina whipped through the southern states – it became one of the five deadliest hurricanes in United States History, with winds up to 174mph and

    VIRAL Commercial – Wait Until You See The Ending Of This Tearjerker

    Every once in a while there is a commercial that just “gets” to you – that feels like it was made for the greater good, and not just to sell

    Heroic Woman Rescues Abandoned Dog During Hail Storm

    In July 2011, Denver, Colorado was hit by a severe thunderstorm. It was so bad that Casey Boatman was rushing to shut all of his windows because water was gushing

    If There’s A French Bulldog Heaven, This Park Would Be It!

    Mon Dieu cher, pinch me! I’m either asleep and dreaming or else I’ve died and gone straight to French Bulldog heaven!! French Bulldog to the right of me, French Bulldog

    This Dog Has His Own Distinct Style Of Swimming, And It’s Hilarious!

    This is it! Today’s the day. It’s either sink or swim for me…literally Joe, literally! You know how it’s been a challenge for me to learn how to swim. I