What To Do When There Is A Dog Fight At A Dog Park – An Expert Answers

What do you do when there is a fight at the dog park? It’s  a scary thing that happens in the blink of an eye. One minute your dogs are

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Dog noses are tens of thousands of times more sensitive to smells than our own, so it makes sense that they would definitely be affected by aromatherapy. But what scents

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The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is the toughest sled dog race on Earth. This annual long-distance sled dog race covers 1000 miles of rough terrain from snow-covered mountain ranges,

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5 Top Reasons Dog Owners Avoid Dog Parks

Dog parks sound like a great adventure and can be very tempting for many owners, but more and more dog trainers are recommending people avoid them at all costs. But

7 Undeniable Facts That Prove Having A Dog Is Great For Your Well-Being

I love animals. They are my life’s work and my passion. So naturally, I feel that no one’s life is complete without the pitter patter of paws. But fortunately, I

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Uninsurable: 14 Dog Breeds Most Often Blacklisted By Insurance Companies

Even as some states make Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) illegal, insurance companies are still allowed to deny or cancel policies based on breed of dog owned by the policy holder.

Abused Rescue Dog Experiences A Loving Home For The First Time On Camera

My heart always breaks when I see or hear about a case of animal neglect or cruelty. Our instinct, as dog lovers, is to want to scoop up all the

Hit By A Car And Terrified, This Stray Finally Accepted Help From An Unlikely Hero

Hope for Paws is a non-profit Los Angeles 501-c3 All Animal Rescue Organization founded by Eldad and Audrey Hagar. After sharing so many of their rescue videos, I’m sure you

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What are you and your dog up to this weekend? Going somewhere fun, I hope! Our lives may be so busy, but we should take time to relax, have fun,

Don’t Blame The Dog: 7 Breeds That Get A Bad Rap

No breed is perfect, they all have their upside and their downside. The seven breeds listed below are continuously on the “Dangerous breed” list and may be banned by insurance

9 Most Distinctive Dog Breeds

Not all breeds are created equal, but some look awfully similar to one another. The following breeds are among the most distinct looking breeds of the 152 recognized by the

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8 Dog Breeds Perfect For Seniors

Dogs can be a great companion for a senior citizen, providing them with day to day love and company when the family cannot be there and these eight breeds are

Neil Diamond Wrote Us A Song About Our Dogs And It’s Amazing

Neil Diamond’s song, Something Blue, probably isn’t as much about his relationship with his dog as we’d like to think it is, but his music video featuring adorable shelter puppies certainly

Meet Sam, The Rescued Dog Without A Face

  Sam is a Pit Bull that was rescued from a dog fighting raid that took 16 other dogs from horrifying conditions. Sam was a champion fighting dog who wears

Does Anyone Out There Love Their Vet?

It has been a really rough week for my beloved profession and for me. First a person (who went to veterinary school,graduated, and took the veterinary oath) shot and killed