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  • Watch This Heartwarming Video Of A Disabled Dog Who Can Finally Run!

    Everyone, meet Daisy–a disabled dog who just got prosthetic legs and finally experienced what it’s like to run! Daisy’s life didn’t have a good start. An animal control officer found

    Watch These Dogs Feel The Warm Touch Of A Loving Hand For The Very First Time

    Imagine a life spent in fear and uncertainty…not knowing what it’s like to be loved and cared for. That’s how stray dogs feel. They don’t have a place to call

    BREAKING NEWS RECALL ALERT – Blue Buffalo Recalls Wilderness Wild Chews Bones Due to Salmonella

    Blue Buffalo Company is voluntarily recalling one production lot of Cub Size Wilderness Wild Chews Bones.  This is being done in an abundance of caution, as the product has the

    Were There Dogs At The First Thanksgiving?

    As Thanksgiving approaches, we should all think about where this country began. We all enjoy the benefits of the struggles of the early pioneers who helped this country begin. No

    A Big Box Full Of Thankfulness For My Shelter Dog

    If there is one thing I’m continuously thankful for each year, it’s my dog. Of everything I have to be thankful for in my life (like my car, tv, job,

    Man Makes A Beautiful Tribute Video For His Beloved Dog Who Lost Her Battle With Cancer

    Losing a dog is hard. Dogs are family, and it’s really hard to say goodbye to a beloved member of the family. No words could ever describe the pain in

    Meet The 7 New Dog Breeds Introduced By The AKC–All From The Comfort Of Your Living Room!

     The National Dog Show Presented by Purina will introduce seven new American Kennel Club (AKC) breeds to the American public on Thanksgiving Day – the Bergamasco, Spanish Water Dog, Miniature American Shepherd,

    The Dog Given Away Who Just “Wanted To Be By Your Side” Finds An Amazing Forever Home

    If you’re anything like me, you love when your dog is next to you. I like knowing that my dog wants to be around me, almost like their way of

    Puppy Was Dumped At A High-Kill Shelter For His “Imperfections”… But We Think He’s Beautiful!

    Nobody’s perfect. So it’s not fair for people to get rid of dogs just because they think the dog is not perfect. How would you feel if your so-called family

    This Bonded Family Of An Abandoned Pig And Her Two Dogs Is Looking For A Forever Home

    This is not something most shelters come across every day– two dogs and a pig who were left in the “stray building” of Animal Rescue League of Berks County, Pennsylvania

    This Dog Knows How To Smile & Pose For the Camera! (Yes, Really!)

    Be honest, when you take a picture of your dog, how many shots does it take before you get that perfect photo? We dog lovers just love taking photos of

    Kitty Wants A Piggy Back Ride, But The Dog Is Not Having Any Of It!

    When it comes to playfulness, it’s usually the dogs who keep on annoying the cats just because they want to play. However, it seems to be opposite in the video

    These 21 Puppies Playing In The Sprinkler Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile!

    Looking for something to make you smile today? Well you just landed to the right page! That’s because we have 21 reasons for you to smile! This video we have

    Former Millionaire Spent His Entire Fortune Rescuing Dogs From Being Slaughtered

    There are heroes everywhere, even though we may not recognize them based off appearances. They may not fly, have x-ray vision, or have super-strength, but they save lives nonetheless. We

    5 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You

    We love our dogs as if they are members of our families – because to us they really are! We show our dogs we love them in so many ways

    Miraculous Recovery For A Dog That Had Turned To “Stone” From Severe Mange

     Animal Aid Unlimited in India is an organization that rescues strays off the streets. Often times they receive calls for dogs that are worn down, neglected, or trapped and unable

    After Hearing Barking In An Abandoned House, They Had No Idea The Rescue Would Turn Into This

    We can never understand how people could just abandon their dogs. Dogs are family, they’re very loyal friends–how do some people bear the thought of leaving a defenseless family member

    Dog Gives Girl With Incurable Disease The Ability To Walk For The First Time

    (WARNING: you are going to need tissues for this one!) At an age when most girls are trying out sports and dreaming of their first dance, Bella is just struggling

    Ask A Vet: What Should My Dog Weigh?

    We know that obesity shortens lives and impacts overall health. The trouble is when you see your dog every day it is hard to tell exactly what her perfect weight might

    6 Holiday Foods That Are Safe To Share With Your Pup

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means more food that we (or your dog!) can imagine. And it’s natural that you would want your dog to share in

    Cranberry Is A SuperFood For Your Pup And These Products Have All You Need

    Cranberries are a wonderful food with many health benefits including lowering risk of urinary tract infections, improved immune function, decreasing blood pressure and even helping prevent certain types of cancer.

    7 Dogs Destined for the Dog Meat Market In Korea Take Their First Steps of Freedom in America

    In Korea, dogs are considered property. They are raised as livestock, essentially, being sold to meat markets for a profit. “Not everybody is like that, but many of the people

    Mixed Breed Dogs Dress As Pure Breeds To Get Noticed And Adopted

    If you were given a choice, would you choose a purebred dog or a mixed breed? Most people would choose pure breeds over mixed breeds. That’s why most mixed breed

    10 Ways To Thank Your Dog This Thanksgiving

    We are all thankful for everything our dogs give us every day – from love to laughter. So, it’s nice to give or do something for them that’s special every

    Owner Walks In To Find A Mess, But He Can’t Even Be Mad When He Finds The Dog Here

    It’s happened to all of us dog owners before. You walk in after a long day, you’re stressed out, tired, hungry, and want nothing more than to lay down on

    Watch These Dogs Catch Treats In Slow Motion! Their Faces Are Simply Hilarious!

    I don’t know about you, but watching dogs doing things in slow motion has always fascinated me. Not only are they entertaining and amusing to look at, you can also