• For 10 Years, This Amazing Man Saved Up His Money To Buy An Ambulance For Stray Dogs

    Angels do exist. We believe that because we have seen the goodness in people. This world may be cruel, but there is still some good left in it. We know

    DIY Heart-Shaped Valentine Cookies Just For Dogs!

    These cookies are a recipe my husband (a vet tech) and I developed to give our own dogs a special Valentine’s Day treat! They are made with all the things

    Touching Letter Found 5 Years After Family Surrendered Him, Just Wait To Hear His Happy Ending!!

    10-year-old Roofus had been at the Bishop Animal Shelter in Bradenton, Florida for more than half his life when staff members were surprised to discover a piece of his history

    The Basics Of Canine Chiropractic Care

    As “alternative” medicines become more and more popular in the pet space, you may wonder about all these treatments and if they are right for your dog. Chiropractic treatments have

    12 Craft Projects For Dog Lovers

    If these long, cold, wet nights have you down, then we have the cure! Craft away your winter blues with these fun projects – all dog themed! Whether it’s felting

    Top 10 Senior Dog Training Tips

    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is a saying that has been around for decades. But the fact is, you can teach an old dog new tricks, and

    Watch Out For These Winter Toxins!

    As the temperature continues to drop, we begin to take precautions to prepare. Throw on more layers, turn up the thermostat, salt the driveway and add antifreeze to your car’s

    Breaking News: Diamond Pet Food Reaches Settlement in Canada For Tainted Food, 12 Brands Affected

    If you have purchased any of the Diamond Pet Food brands at a Costco in Canada, you may be entitled to compensation. Today it was announced that a settlement was

    Doggy Yoga–And It’s No Joke!

    In recent years, as dog sports gain more and more enthusiasts, trainers have started turning their attention toward how to create a better canine athlete. One that is stronger, faster, and

    This Couch Potato Dog Is Not Planning On Leaving The Couch Today

    Lazy days, we all have them. There are just some days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all; all you wanna do is either stay in bed or

    Dogs Wait In Line For Their Turn To Wipe Their Paws Before Entering The House

    It can be really hard to maintain a clean house when you have dogs around. Like they say, cleaning with dogs in your house is like brushing your teeth while

    Ever Heard Of Dogs Singing Like A Choir? Well Listen To This Pack Sing!

    We’ve seen videos of dogs showing off their singing prowess. They sing to their favorite songs and try to stay in tune with the song. However, most of them are

    Dog Writes A Heartbreaking Facebook Post After He Was Left At The Shelter By His Family

    We’ve seen heartbreaking videos and read stories about dogs who are abandoned by their owners or left at a shelter. But unlike the ones who are left by the shelter

    9 Pictures That Perfectly Illustrate How Your Life Changes After Getting A Dog

    When we bring dogs into our homes, lots of things change. There may be a little (okay, a LOT) more hair around the house and a little less money in

    Executive Director Of Western PA Humane Society Faces Controversy After She Buys A Purebred Puppy

    Joy Braunstein was the Executive Director of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (WPHS) for just over a year until a whirlwind of events quickly changed that. After she and her family

    Human Tries To Make Her Dog Pull The Sled…Now Watch What Happens

    Not all dogs are made to be sled dogs. Some are perfect in herding sheep, while some are great at guarding property. As for Boxers, I think they are made

    Three Simple Words: All Dogs Matter

    3 simple words drive everything we do. They are the reason we go to work every day. They are also the reasons our loyal customers proudly wear our products and

    The FBI Just Took New Measures To Start Tracking Animal Abusers In 2016

    It seems like 2016 is becoming the year of advocating for animals–and we couldn’t be happier! If you can recall, Tennessee was the first state to create an animal abuser

    How To Massage Your Dog

    Canine massage is beneficial for so many reasons – no matter if your dog is a couch potato or the next agility master. And while it is a skill that

    This Dog Won’t Go Anywhere Without Her Bowl

    What is your dog’s most favorite thing in the world? For most dogs, their toys are their favorite. They’d carry their toy around the house, and they’d even sleep beside

    8 Ways To Prevent Dog Theft

    There is nothing scarier than the realization that someone has stolen your dog. The first thought that crosses is your mind is “Why? What are they doing to him?” Rarely

    Dog Set For Euthanasia Becomes International Celeb Instead

    We hear a fair number of stories about dogs that are saved in the nick of time who go one to be wonderful family pets, therapy and even service dogs.

    Woman Who Transforms Her Dogs Into Pandas For Photoshoots Meets Controversy

    In Singapore, entrepreneur Meng Jiang dyed her three fluffy Chow Chows to look strikingly like Pandas, and when people started stopping her on the street to snap photos, she had

    This Puppy May Have Deformed Legs, But He Won’t Let That Slow Him Down!

    We’ve seen dogs with deformities living a happy life. Dogs are very resilient and even if they have deformities, they won’t let that stop them from living a happy and

    Before His Last Day, 4 Sisters Re-Create Their Favorite Photo Of Their Dog 16 Years Later

    The worst part about having a pet is the heartbreaking day you have to say goodbye. But the most important thing to remember is that the happiness you’ve shared together

    The Internet Is Mesmerized By This Dog’s Squinty Smiles!

    Does your dog have a cute smile? Don’t you just love watching your dogs smile. Some dogs are even trained to smile on command. But one dog has captured the