See That Door? A Dog This Man Lost 8 Years Ago Is About To Walk Through It! [AMAZING]

After losing his dog for 8 years, it seemed impossible that Joshua Edwards would ever see his dog again. Joshua’s young Rottweiler named Duke was in the yard, but when

GONE VIRAL: Man Has Stroke & His Dog Follows The Ambulance To The Hospital. You’ll NEVER Guess The Ending!

The loyalty of a dog has no bounds. Although this next clip is a cleverly made PSA, you’re sure to agree with the message it sends about our canine companions.

This Dog Loves The Sun So Much That He Makes Sure He Is Always Lounging In It

  Mr. Fry is a saluki mis that was rescued by Arizona Greyhound Rescue (AGR). The idea for the non-profit came about in 1992 when Joan and Steve Randles  were

Man Reunited With His Missing Dog After Long 8 Years -Wait Till You See The Dog’s Reaction!

After losing his dog for 8 years, it seemed impossible that Joshua Edwards would ever see his dog again. Joshua’s young Rottweiler named Duke was in the yard, but when

12 Dog Breeds With Really Weird Coats

Most people are familiar with the basic dog coats – long and short. But did you know some dogs have curly coats? Wavy coats? What about the dogs with cords

15 Breeds That LOVE To Chew

Chewing can be good for dogs – exercises and strengthens their jaw, cleans teeth and alleviates boredom. However, chewing on non-edible or unsafe dog safe items can result in large

How Excited This Dog Gets About The Dog Park Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen All Day

This video is hilarious! We can totally see how it was one of America’s Funniest Home Videos winners and we can’t stop watching it! Everyone knows that dogs can be

8 Reasons Your Dog May Be Limping

Limping, or the inability to bear weight on a limb, is a fairly common problem in dogs. Although limping is typically always the result of some type of pain and

The Daring Rescue Of This Dog From A Dangerous Mudslide Is Nothing Short Of Incredible

When a natural disaster occurs, the results are unpredictable and many times horrific. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear about these tragedies, and it often feels like, as outsiders, we are

7 Dogs Who Totally Stole The Show This Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing, and it’s not just the humans getting in on the fun. For animal lovers, our pets can be a very important part of the

Rescued Puppy Gets Special Boots To Walk Like A Normal Dog

Francine is a 4-month-old puppy. And just like any other puppy, she’s adorable and very playful. But what sets her apart from other pups is that she always has to

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Proof that age has nothing to do with making a difference. Armand and Mikey are kids in a Detroit neighborhood that help the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue by calling

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Never underestimate a small dog! They may be small in size, but their attitudes and their personalities are bigger than you think. In fact, they’re even more bold and fearless

17 Adorably Awkward Mutt Breeds

We love mutts and we cannot lie…but these 17 mixed breed pups are especially cute. Many of these adorable guys are adoptable too, so be sure to share and help

Organization Matches Outdoor Dogs with Those Who Love To Be Active

In their effort to Save Them ALL, Ruffwear, the leading manufacturer of high performance dog gear, has announced a two-year partnership, including financial and inkind product, as well as adoption

Dog Found Alive In Dead Owner’s Arms After Devastating Tornado

Parts of the United States have suffered disastrous tornados with many unlucky to make it out alive. One of these terrifying tornados hit Van, Texas on May 10th, destroying nearly

Dog Had One Week To Live…Then Life Changed FOREVER For Him And His Military Owner

The bond between a dog and its person truly has the ability to change lives…and sometimes save them. American Humane received a nomination for their ‘Hero Dog Of The Year’

Someone Made a Video Entirely of Puppies Shaking Off Water, and It’s Totally Epic!

Are you looking for something to get rid of those Monday blues? Well look no further! We’ve got something to chase those Monday blues away! And this video has the

Adorable Bulldog Plays A Good Game Of Peek-A-Boo

Every dog has it’s own unique personality and Benny the Bulldog does not fall short of being funny. In this adorable video, we see him hiding behind a table to

Dog Vs. Tater Tot…AKA The Funniest Battle You’ve Ever Seen

Dogs are as sneaky as they are cute…which often means they can get away with a lot! Though every pup has his or her own unique personality and preferences, there

Sadie The Golden Retriever Protects Her Family From An Intruder

When people hear the word ‘guard dog’, most would think of a Doberman or a German Shepherd–a breed that is commonly used as guard dogs who look menacing and fearless.

This Puppy Was Abandoned with a Bag of Food In a Dumpster. Watch This Cop Save Her Life!

We dog lovers will never understand why and how people could just simply abandon their dogs; especially when it’s a poor defenseless puppy. Those who do such a thing should

12 Dog Breeds That Are Total Gentle Giants

Some dogs are known couch potatoes and sweet peas, while others are constantly on the move. When it comes to dogs, most people will judge a book by its cover

Starving Pitbull Mother Leads Them To A Locked House…What They Find Inside Will Blow You Away

An emaciated Pitbull mama was seen wandering the streets of New Orleans, obviously in need of help. After receiving a call about the struggling dog, volunteers from the Villalobos rescue

They Think Their Basset Hounds Are Sleeping But Boy Were They Wrong!

Is your dog a howler? There are a number of dog breeds who are known for their howling. And the adorable, easygoing, short-legged, and sleepy-looking Basset Hound is one of

K-9 Dog’s Life Is Saved By Doggy Blood Donations

K-9 officers contribute to the protection and improvement of our communities in a very real way. These brave dogs train alongside their human counterparts to help strengthen the neighborhoods they