12 Cool New Products You & Your Dog Will Beg For

Wondering what’s new in the dog product market? Well we just got back from one of the industry’s biggest trade shows and we have the SCOOP on the fun new

You’ve Never Met A Mama Dog That Was So Proud Of Her Pups

Giving birth is the ultimate experience for any woman; human or canine, I reckon. As to nursing so many..well, if I was a mother dog, I’d be as proud as

Heroic Rescued Dog Leads Workers To A Family On The Brink Of Death

Hero is a homeless dog living in a foster home that has proven to live up to his name by leading his foster owners to a homeless mother dog and

Dog Helps His Scared Friend Conquer The Slide

Don’t you just love watching dogs supporting and helping each other? If you can recall, we featured a video of a puppy who’s having trouble getting down the stairs. And

Born With Just Two Legs, This Rescued Dog Is Learning How To Walk For The First Time

Everyone, meet Scooter–a Lhasa-Poodle mix who was born with just two legs. Scooter has no front legs, and now at twelve-weeks-old he scoots across the floor. Luckily, the people of

10 Best Companion Dog Breeds

Finding the right companion is a very individualized process. Every person is unique and has different needs and desires. The same can be said for every breed and individuals within

Silly Dog Decides He’s Going To Carry His Own Tail Around The House

This video is too cute! This adorable long-haired Dachshund has found something very special and he’s determined to hang on to it for as long as he can. Fortunately, it’s

Puppy Born With Half A Spine Gets To Swim Like A Normal Dog For The First Time

On a hot summer’s day, all dogs want to go swimming to keep cool and just chill, even Bonsai but this English Bulldog was born with multiple deformities. He has

Rescued Dogs Get Spoiled Rotten After A Hard Life – Their Reaction Says It All.

All dogs deserve a chance to live a good life. These sweet creatures depend on us to give them a home and the love that they need. And in return,

This Dog Doesn’t Understand Why The Dog On YouTube Won’t Bark Back

Rocco, the French Bulldog is getting quite upset! He doesn’t know why the other dog is ignoring him. I’m sure he also doesn’t understand what the other doggie was doing.

This Puppy Was Adopted By Goats But Wait ‘Till You See Them Play

It’s so cute when mother dogs adopt other animals. You can see how strong the dog’s maternal instincts are that even if the baby animals are of a different species,

Black Lab Plays “The Floor is Lava”

Dogs can be weird sometimes. They do the most random and the weirdest thing when we least expect it. Just like that dog who saw snow for the first time,

The Best Of Doug The Pug

Do you remember Doug the Pug? He was that adorable Pug who was in a Christmas music video–the dog version of Mariah Carey’s song “All I Want For Christmas Is

After 721 Days in A Shelter, Tara Finds A Home. But Nina Still Waits…

Tara, an adorable four-year old boxer mix sat and waited for a family. And waited. And waited. The shelter staff at the Humane Society of Forsyth County couldn’t understand why

Detroit FINALLY Has A No Kill Shelter

If you read our site a lot, you know that I cover a ton of rescue stories from Detroit, Michigan. They are one of the cities the World Animal Awarness

Clever Dog Knows How To Show This Baby A Good Time

Hello Hunny, want a wild ride? A one seat merry-go-round ride? Hop into your walker and let’s go!! I wish I was the baby in the walker cos this is

7 Tips For Buying Dog Treats Like a Smart Dog Owner

In today’s market we definitely have choices when it comes to dog treats. In fact, there may be too many choices – it can easily be overwhelming if you are

An Injured Homeless Senior Dog Gets A Chance At Happiness

Hope for Paws has done it again; they have saved another life! This time they saved a life of a homeless and injured senior dog that they named Rudolph. Hope

Stray Dog Carried Food Bowl To Rescuers Because He Just Wanted Someone to Feed Him

We see a lot of stray dog videos – usually with the strays being scared and running while the rescuers try to corral and save them. Then there’s this dog.Members

An Open Letter To Dog Food Companies

Dear Dog Food Companies, We realize you are a business and have to make money in order to survive. But we wish you would realize you are feeding loved family

Dolphin Develops A Crush On This Dog And Gives Him A Big Wet Kiss

Sometimes close encounters of the wildlife kind can be enough to warm even the coldest of hearts. Animals can amaze us with their social skills, and the way in which

10 Simple Ways To Keep Your House From Smelling Like A Kennel

Do you sometimes feel like you are living inside a kennel? Have your friends stopped coming over or ask if they can sit outside when they visit, even if it’s

This Dog Won’t Get Into The Pool Unless Her Little Friend Is With Her

We just can’t get enough of adorable dogs enjoying their sunny summer days! While some dogs don’t really like their pool–like those two Terriers who decided their pool just had

Dog Surprises Police Officer After Being Freed From A Fence

I really admire police officers who go out of their way just to save a helpless animal. Just like that police officer who sprang into action when a dog fell

Who Needs Humans? These Two Puppies Can Play Fetch By Themselves

Awww..this is just too cute!! Check out these two pups play fetch by themselves even without their humans. That’s how smart they are! They found ways to entertain each other

Saving A Homeless Chihuahua Who Just Wanted To Be Loved

Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue in Los Angeles, California, received a call about a homeless Chihuahua – not an uncommon occurrence in the city where Chihuahuas are everywhere.