Who Needs Humans? These Two Puppies Can Play Fetch By Themselves

Awww..this is just too cute!! Check out these two pups play fetch by themselves even without their humans. That’s how smart they are! They found ways to entertain each other

Saving A Homeless Chihuahua Who Just Wanted To Be Loved

Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue in Los Angeles, California, received a call about a homeless Chihuahua – not an uncommon occurrence in the city where Chihuahuas are everywhere.

Mom Couldn’t Find The Dog While The Baby Was Sleeping, Then She Caught Her Doing The Cutest Thing Ever!

For many people, when they rescue a dog after they bring that lucky dog home they may start to realize who really rescued who. Dogs that are given a second chance

Rescuers Noticed Abandoned Dog Was Acting Strangely Until They Saw What Was Under The Porch

While animal rescuers assisted World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S) canine survey volunteers counting stray dogs during phase one of the canine survey in Detroit, Michigan, the field teams frequently came

13 Birthday Gifts For Shelter Dogs

August 1st is “DOGust” – the universal birthday for shelter dogs everywhere. Celebrate by giving your adopted fur-baby a special treat AND give one to shelter dogs still in need.

Boston Terrier With ADD Has A Sister That Is Not Amused

Not all dogs have the same amount of energy. That is why there are dogs who are so hyperactive, and then there are others who are just plain lazy that

She Was Completely Heartbroken After Her Dog Passed But Then Her Husband Hands Over This

Imagine how you’d feel. It’s nearly Christmas and your beloved dog died. Wouldn’t you feel wretched? Heartbroken? Depressed and weepy? It’s so hard to see someone you love feel so

Dog Is Determined To Do What It Takes To Get On This Couch

There’s a saying that goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!” Well I believe this to be true on both humans and dogs. We’ve seen several

12 Amazing DIY Dog Beds

Does your dog need a new bed but you are tired of the same old doughnut- or rectangular-shaped dog beds in the same boring colors? Then it’s time to try your

Huskies Arguing Like Human Siblings Will Be The Funniest Thing You See Today

Mishka and Laika are two adorable Siberian Husky sisters that get along just like two human siblings and watching them argue in this video is hilarious! Huskies are known for

12 Things Your Dog Totally Deserves To Do

All those amazing stories of owners and volunteers fulfilling bucket lists for dogs got us thinking – what should every dog get do at least once in his lifetime? Below

Smart Dog Will Not Be Fooled By Broccoli

We all can agree, dogs are pretty smart. Whether they are learning their latest trick or keeping you on your toes, dogs can one-up us in ways when we least

This Dog Looks Like A Bear And It’s Just Too Cute!

While all dogs are unique and have their special differences that make us ooh and aww, this dog is truly one of a kind. His owner Christine Park shares photos

Researchers Were Blown Away That This Dog Could Tell Time Until They Figured Out How She Did It

We all know how smart dogs can be. We can teach them a lot of tricks and they are so quick to learn! And not just that, they are also

This Tiny Dog Just Rescued This Huge St Bernard In An Incredible Way

Big things come in small packages and no truer words can describe our little hero who wouldn’t stop barking until his friend was rescued. Jazzy, the St Bernard escaped from

Terrier Moving Team Decides The Baby Pool Needs To Go

It’s summertime and dogs everywhere are enjoying their sunny days dipping in the pool or taking a short but wondrous trip to the beach! And some spoiled ones get some

Smart German Shepherd Mom Knows Exactly How To Tire Out Her Puppies

It’s not easy being a mother. Mothers have a lot on their shoulders. Even dog moms! They have to feed their pups, watch over them, protect them, clean them, and

You’ve Never Seen A Dog So Excited To Go Swimming

The sun smiling in the skies, the crystal clear waters, the cool refreshing drinks, and the yummy iced treats…oh how I love summer! And I’m pretty sure dogs love to

This Guy Completely Changed His Blind Dog’s Life With This Invention

We dog lovers would do anything so our dogs would live a happy and comfortable life. We don’t mind the money we spent on food and on the vet bills;

Beagle Tells Mom She Is Pregnant Before The Doctors Even Knew

I’ve always wondered just how smart dogs can be but I didn’t realize they can be THIS smart! Meet Walter, the Beagle! He was able to detect that there was

This Dog And Toddler Playing Doctor Is The Most Precious Thing We’ve Ever Seen

For many of us, our childhood pet is a fond memory that we can look back on and smile. Growing up with a dog in your home taught you the

Chinese Activists Rescue 1,400 Dogs Minutes Before They Reach The Slaughterhouse

More than 400 dogs bound for a slaughterhouse in Yunnan Province have been rescued by Chinese activists working as part of the China command center task force, in one of

Get Ready To Laugh When You See How This Dog Finds His Owner In A Field Of Tall Grass

Do you remember that video of a dog hopping and bouncing through a field? It was so funny watching Megan the Lurcher jumping and bouncing through the field! It’s like

12 Dog Breeds Prone to Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety isn’t really exclusive to specific breeds, but there are some dog breeds that seem to be at a higher risk than others. While there are also many factors

This Dog Just Discovered The Sprinkler Right…Now

How did your dog react when he/she first saw a water sprinkler or a water fountain? Most dogs would be amazed by it! Some would love to play with it.

This Dog Tries So Hard To Play Hide N’ Seek, Oh But That Tail!

Is your dog good at playing hide and seek? Well most dogs are good at seeking, they are even good at hiding things from us! But when it comes to