• 5-Year-Old Boy Was Ashamed Of His Dwarfism…Until They Adopted A Dog Who Has It, Too!

    Quaden Bales has achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism, according to Buzzfeed. In his short 5-year life, he’s had to cope with cruelty and health issues, including multiple risky

    When Ellen Learns They Rescued A Sick Dog, She Presents Them With A Special Gift!

    A Raleigh, North Carolina teacher named Jen Marion and her fiancé Jim Raschella have a passion for rescuing animals, especially Pit Bulls. According to the Dodo, when Pearl was first taken to the

    Proposed Bill Would Make It Illegal For Landlords To Discriminate Against Dogs

    In New York, a city notorious for its cut-throat apartment hunting and sky-high rents, a bill had been proposed that may make apartment searching for pet parents a little bit

    3x The Cuteness: Puppy, Kitten & Baby Preciously Cuddle Together!

    It’s so cute when dogs and babies snuggle and show affection to each other. But the video below is even cuter, because a cute little kitten comes in to the

    Owner Wakes Up & Discovers Feathers All Over The House, And There Are Only 3 Suspects

    Every dog parent must have experienced coming home to a mess. Some would discover that the kitchen trash bin has been raided, and some would see the pillows or the

    California Could Become The 3rd State To Protect Good Samaritans Who Rescue Dogs From Hot Cars

    Back in March, the state of Florida passed a law allowing good Samaritans to break into hot cars to save the lives of dogs in distress. Florida is only the second state

    Dog Who Has Been Chained Outside For 9 Years Finally Gets a Forever Home

    Can you imagine what your dog’s life will be like if he had been chained outside of your house for a year? Having no one to care for him, no

    Animal Shelter Director Commits Suicide Over Guilt And Shame Of Euthanizing Dogs

    In Taiwan, Xinwu Animal Protection and Education Centre director Jian Zhicheng committed suicide after being harassed and threatened for revealing the number of dogs she was forced to euthanize in a news

    Ask A Vet: Can Dogs Feel Grief?

    If you have experienced a loss of a family member or pet and felt grief, you may feel that your dog felt grief too. Many dog lovers can describe behaviors

    Dog Found Abandoned After Owners Moved The Month Before

    Detroit rescue Home Fur-Ever got a tip about an abandoned, neglected older dog who was chained in a backyard. As it turns out, his owners had left him to die

    Baby Imitates The Dog’s Trick So He Can Get A Treat Too

    It’s so cute when dogs and babies get along well. One reason why every child should have a dog is because of the fun memories they can share as they

    Dog Throws A Tantrum Because He Doesn’t Want To Go For A Walk

    Do you guys remember Zeus? He’s that Husky who kept on whining and complaining because he doesn’t want to get out of the bathtub. Well we found another video of

    Quiz: Can You Identify The Dog Breed By Its Silhouette?

    If you aced our dog breed identification quiz, you just might thing yourself a dog breed pro. But can you ID the breed when all you get is a silhouette?

    This Multi-Species Pack Is The Most Adorable Family You Will Ever See!

    Folks, we have found the cutest family ever! And this pack is comprised of not just dogs, but also two ducks and a cat! How cool is that?! What’s even

    DIY: Let Your Dog “Dig” For Food And Treats In This Entertaining Mat

    A fellow dog trainer and friend, Amanda Cornell CPDT-KA, who owns Accomplished Canines Dog Training, shared with me this great DIY for a fun way to give your dog his food

    Grieving Dog Helps His Owner Bury His Best Friend

    No creature can surpass dogs when it comes to loyalty and friendship. They will stand by us in sickness and in health. Some dogs would even refuse to leave their

    Dog And Dolphin Meet And They Become Instant Buddies!

    Have you ever dreamed of swimming with the dolphins? The dog in the video just experienced that! This lucky dog in Greece dove into the water and there he met

    Check Out This Island Where You Can Hangout And Play With Adoptable Puppies

    We’ve all heard about the beautiful doggy wonderland called the Territorio de Zaguates where over 900 dogs run freely in the hillside. Now here’s another beautiful paradise you can visit.

    Take A Stand Against Animal Abuse And Feed Shelter Dogs With These Shirts

    For those of us who love animals–especially dogs–we are proud to give a voice to the voiceless. We often share stories of animals who’ve made it out of abuse, and

    This Dog Photographer’s Dreamlike Photos Will Absolutely Enchant You

    Alicja Zmysłowska is a Polish-based photographer who has proven her artistic talent at the young age of 20. “The most important thing, at what I am doing, is the opportunity to

    Family Of Child Lost In Sandy Hook Tragedy Honor Daughter’s Memory With Upcoming Pet Adoption Event

    In a touching tribute to the life and legacy of a first-grader lost in the Sandy Hook tragedy, the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation will host its second annual Catherine’s Butterfly Party on Saturday, June

    Woman In India Cares For 400 Stray Dogs

    You think you’re a crazy dog lady? Well this woman in India definitely is one! Her name is Pratima Devi; she’s 65 years old and she lives in a shanty

    Moments Before Being Euthanized, Intern Discovers The REAL Reason Behind Dog’s Paralysis

    When this Portland, Oregon family’s beloved Collie suddenly became paralyzed, it seemed that the only way to ease his suffering was euthanasia. The Fate family’s dog, named Ollie, was a perfectly

    The Alpha In This Pack Of Playful Pups Is A Baby Boy!

    Mondays can be such a drag. But don’t ya worry! We’ve got the video that will definitely make you smile and make your day better! And if you’re looking for

    Ask A Vet: Why Does My Dog Always Run Off When I Give Him A Special Treat?

    Have you ever been excited to give your dog an extra special treat or chew and when you hand it over she grabs it and slinks away like she thinks

    This Saucy Dog Will Show You His Bum In Exchange For Treats!

    Dogs will do anything for treats! We’ve seen dogs who will do amazing tricks and various stunts to get a treat. Here’s a dog who does something adorable and pretty