• Quiz: Can You Identify The Dog Breed Simply By Its Tail?

    If you think you know your dog breeds, be prepared for what may be the hardest breed quiz around – can you guess the breed by just their tail? Granted,

    A Letter From Your Rescue Dog

    Rescue dogs are special because they always seem to be grateful to the humans who gave them a second chance. There is something amazing about the resiliency of dogs–no matter

    Pilot Makes His Dog The Co-Captain On All Their Epic Adventures

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a Bulldog?! Mister Bentley is not only a trusty traveling pal, he’s a high-flying co-pilot to his owner! Living in Vancouver, Canada, this pup

    Handicapped Dog Found Abandoned On The Street Is Loving His New Life!

    Everyone, meet Oscar–an abandoned handicapped dog who found his happy ending! Oscar was found abandoned on the street. Since he was handicapped, the poor thing was dragging himself to get

    Retractable Leashes Can Be Dangerous. Could This Be A Safe Alternative?

    We have all heard of the dangers of retractable leashes. As a dog trainer, I really dislike them. I don’t use them and I tell my clients not to as

    While Recovering Together, This Woman’s Rescue Dog Inspired The Birth Of A Company

    In 2012, Elsie Hamilton was just getting back on her feet after barely surviving a heart attack at the age of 48. Her youngest son Lachlan wanted another dog to

    Could Your Dog’s Bed Be Causing Joint Pain? Here’s How To Tell.

    Joint disease in dogs (particularly larger dogs) is an extremely common and painful ailment, but evidence shows that proper bedding can alleviate symptoms and serve as a preventative measure. But what

    Unlike His Companions, This Dog Doesn’t Bark–He Makes His Own Kind Of Sound!

    Dogs make a lot of sounds, they bark, they howl, they cry. When other dogs bark, our dogs tend to bark as well. And when other dogs howl, they howl

    Rescue Dog Donates His Blood To Help Kitten With Infected Eyes

    Dogs are truly amazing. Not only have they helped us humans, but they help other animals too! Just like the dog in the video below! Two stray kittens were brought

    Toddler’s Dog Helps Rescuers Locate Him After Being Lost In The Woods For 9 Hours

    In Virginia, a rescued dog accompanied a three-year-old boy who got lost in the middle of the woods for nine hours and helped rescuers locate him. The boy named Mason

    Pet Passengers Can Now Relieve Themselves In This Airport’s Special New Bathrooms

    To cater to their furry frequent flyers, JFK airport in New York has installed a restroom for traveling dogs and cats in Terminal 4, between the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms. The 70-square-foot

    A Dog Meat Farm Was Shut Down. Now 250 Dogs Are Looking For Forever Homes!

    When there are so many stories circulating about the horrors of the dog meat trade, rescues like these are a breath of fresh air. There are some incredible organizations saving thousands of lives from

    This Orphaned Puppy Was Adopted Into A Litter Of Kittens And He Fits Right In!

    Little Bobby was just 5 days old when he was orphaned. The Chihuahua puppy was found by a passerby, next to his deceased mother after she’d been struck by a

    This Dog Was Abandoned On A London Bus, Where He Spent The Night All Alone

    It was a sad sight for this London bus driver. Amos Paul Mak was driving his usual route when he noticed a downtrodden Staffordshire Terrier sitting alone on his bus.

    Quiz: Can You Match The Dog Breed To Its Place Of Origin?

    It’s one thing to be able to recognize a dog’s breed – but how well do you know them? The history of each dog breed is as different as the

    This Boston Law Firm Is Exclusively Committed To Representing Dogs

    As of last year, the Boston Dog Lawyers became the only law firm dedicated to serving 4-legged clients in a court of law. Knowing that the pets of responsible owners are

    Dog Saved From Earthquake Rubble Waits For Deceased Owner To Return

    Recently, Ecuador was shaken by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that left a trail of utter destruction and has claimed over 500 lives. Thousands are injured and the death toll is

    Ask A Vet: Why Does My Dog Eat Cat Poop?

    Some dogs will eat feces or “poop” from other dogs or even their own poop, but almost every dog will eat a cat’s fecal material. This behavior is called coprophagia

    Ask A Vet: Does My Dog Need Exercise?

    We all have heard that exercise is good for us. We intellectually agree, even if we do not prioritize exercise for ourselves. The benefits to humans have been proven by

    This Dog Rides A Tricycle Like A Human!

    Dogs are intelligent creatures. They can be trained to do almost anything. We’ve seen dogs who can ride a bike, a scooter, and even drive a car (well…sort of!). There’s just so

    Watch This Heartwarming Video Of A Little Girl Singing Her Foster Dog To Sleep

    Laila is a Pit Bull whose mom was deployed to the Middle East. Her mom, Petty Officer Second Class Baez, is in the navy and she’s going to be in

    This Dog Won’t Let His Favorite Human Out Of Bed In The Morning!

    Are you a morning person? Some of us (including me!) have difficulties getting out of bed early in the morning. There are just those days when you feel like crawling

    Before & After: 13 Pets From Baby To Adulthood

    There is nothing better than seeing our pets grow from fluffy little babies to beautiful, majestic animals. Especially with mixed-breeds, it’s so fun to see how their features grow on

    Ask A Vet: Why Does My Dog Eat Dirty Laundry?

    Dogs like gross stuff. They sometimes eat poop or roll in dead things. We all know it and deal with it. We understand that it is a part of “dog-dom”.

    This Dog Hasn’t Seen His Owner For 7 Months. Watch His Reaction When She Surprises Him!

    One of the happiest moments of a dog owner’s day is when they come home to a happy dog. We love how they welcome us joyfully with wagging tails! It

    Gentle Giant Comforts Anxious Foster Dogs Until They Can Find Forever Homes

    When we’re sad, when we’re lonely, and when we’re sick, we all need comfort from our loved ones. We want to know that someone is there caring for us and