• Caught On Video: Stranger Charges Into Burning Home to Save Dog Right Before The Roof Collapses

    In Springfield Tennessee, a good samaritan was caught on video bravely charging into a burning house to save a dog. A fire broke out in the house of April and

    This Brilliant Halloween Idea Will Have All The Dogs Lined Up Ready To Do Tricks

    It’s that time of year again. We enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, the weather gets colder, and children everywhere start walking around with pounds of candy in pillow cases. I’m talking about

    How To Keep Your Dog In Shape During Cold Weather

    With fall gearing up and winter right on its heels, it’s time for the dreaded “how do I keep my dog from getting fat if the weather gets bad and

    Three Huskies Walk Into A Pet Toy Store…. And The Fun Begins :)

    Today, Jessica and Jamie decided to bring the snow dogs shopping and Oakley, Memphis and Shelby are all excited to go with them to Pet Supplies Plus in Gaylord, Michigan!

    Abandoned On A Highway, This Puppy’s Life Changed Forever When He Takes A Leap Of Faith

    For anyone that loves dogs, we can’t stand to see them suffer. Not all dogs are fortunate to have a place to call home, and worse, some are cast aside

    Firefighter Rescues Pit Bull Who Was Abused, Thrown In A Swamp And Attacked By Aligators

    In New Orleans, a female Pit Bull is now on the road to recovery after being abused, and thrown off an interstate and left for dead. They named the poor

    When Her Owner Fell And Had No Access To Call For Help, This Dog Did Something Absolutely Unheard Of

    A woman’s rescued dog rescued her in return when she fell in her garage and fractured her pelvis. Janet Wilhelm has just finished packing up dog food and placing it

    8 Reasons We Envy The Dog Life

    More times than I can count, I’ve looked longingly at my pup, curled up cozily on my bed as I got ready for work, and thought, it must be nice

    This Sick Dog Wandered Into A Fire Station And Found A Band Of Brothers Who Would Do Anything To Save Her

    What would you do if a sick stray dog wanders in your backyard, in desperate need of help? The firefighters of East Cleveland Ohio knew exactly what to do when

    Ask The Vet: My Dog’s Hearing Seems To Be Going Down Hill, What Can I Do?

    Hearing loss is reported often by dog owners, especially as dogs grow older. Even older humans experience Age Related Hearing Loss (ARHL). Dr. Elizabeth Shull, DVM, DACVIM – Neurology, DACVB

    Flood Evacuee In South Carolina Stops Everything To Save A Dog Who Was Left For Dead

    With all of the severe rain and flooding in the Carolinas, more than a 1,000 people are currently displaced from their homes. Being forced to leave behind your home is heartbreaking, but

    When Mom Asks Who Made The Mess, This Dog Is Totally Busted

    You know how it is when there are more than one dog in a household, all young and full of mischief. There will always be one of them who will

    Two-Legged Dog Rescued From High Kill Shelter Needs Someone To Love (Could It Be You?)

    Everyone, meet Roo Roo–a two-legged dog who was rescued from a high-kill shelter and was given a second chance in life. Roo Roo was surrendered at a high-kill shelter in

    Ten Dog Breeds You Had No Idea Existed

    Did you know that there were dogs that were bred to hunt for rodents in mines? Or that the Spanish Mastiff was brought to Spain by the Ancient Greeks as

    English Bulldog Learned To Do This When He’s Hungry

    The owner of this adorable English Bulldog must have taken up Psychology 101! He sure knows a little bit about Classical Conditioning. It introduces items to dogs that will make

    New Technology Claims To Tell Us How Our Dogs Feel By Reading Their Tail Wagging

    Remember the study about wagging tails in dogs doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happy? Wouldn’t it be great if we could tell what each wag of our dog’s tail mean? Well,

    They Saw A Cage Tossed On The Side Of The Road. When They Opened It, Their Heart’s Broke.

    Two best friends rescued six puppies who were left for dead on the side of the road just in the nick of time. Kerri Rains and Barbara Juarez were driving

    Dad Give His Son’s Toy A Push, Now Watch What Their Dog Does!

    Dogs are fun-loving creatures, and they definitely know how to have fun. Even if they are not part of the game, they just wanna get in there and join! So

    10 Things About Dogs Every Child NEEDS to Know

    While the dog often gets the blame, there are two sides to every story when it comes to bite cases. Many children are not taught how to properly interact with

    15 Best Breeds For City People

    Living in the city doesn’t mean you can’t have a dog. In fact, the urban pup population has been growing steadily for years. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Laws,

    Why Is My Dog Always Licking His Paws?

    Obsessive licking is just about as bad as nails on a chalkboard. It can almost drive you crazy! Some dogs seem to lick and chew their paws almost constantly, only

    25 Trendy Dog Halloween Costumes Under $25

    Last week, we gave you some amazing DIY costume ideas. But not everyone has the time or means to sew their own dog costume. But don’t be scared, we have

    Ask A Vet: Heartworm Testing 101: What Does A Heartworm Test Really Do?

    Heartworm testing has become very routine in a veterinary clinic. There are in-house test kits and we can have results quickly. The American Heartworm Society (AHS) is a group that

    What Children Need To Know About Service Dogs

    Service dogs are becoming more and more common, as we learn just how much dogs have to offer us in terms of helping us with day to day living. With

    Ask A Dog Trainer: Do Dogs Really Smile?

    The internet is chock-full of dogs smiling…at least, that’s how many pet owners perceive their dogs’ facial expressions, which resemble a human smile. But do dogs really smile? Or is

    Gorgeous Photos Showcase The Love Of A Boy & His Rescue Dog

    Image source: Jelena Simic Petrovic / Facebook When Jelena Simic Petrovic found and rescued a one month old lab puppy on the side of the road, she had no idea that