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Cannanine™ Ultra-Premium Broad Spectrum Calming Hemp Oil

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Cannanine™ Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil offers unparalleled calming support for dogs. Our hemp oil is specifically formulated to support your dog’s normal stress response and promote a sense of calm.

  • Promotes a sense of calm
  • Supports your dog’s healthy & normal stress response
  • Every jar purchased provides 7 meals for shelter pets
1. Choose Your Dog’s Size
  • Small Dogs Up to 30 lbs 250mg
  • Medium Dogs 31 - 75 lbs 500mg
  • Large Dogs Over 75 lbs 1000mg
2. Choose Your Package
  • 3 Bottles
    135 Day Supply
    Save 10%
  • 2 Bottles
    90 Day Supply
    Save 5%
  • 1 Bottle
    45 Day Supply
3. Choose Your Frequency
Saving: $3.50
2 Bags
Every 4 Weeks
We donate 7 meals to shelter dogs with your purchase.
  • $2.99 Shipping
  • Vet Formulated
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Made In USA

Active Ingredients — 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg

  • Active Ingredients Per 1ml (Full Dropper) — 250mg
  • Hemp Extract* 8.4mg
  • Amount Of Hemp Extract Per Dropper 0.42mg
  • Active Ingredients Per 1ml (Full Dropper) — 500mg
  • Hemp Extract* 16.8mg
  • Amount Of Hemp Extract Per Dropper 0.84mg
  • Active Ingredients Per 1ml (Full Dropper) — 1000mg
  • Hemp Extract* 33.6mg
  • Amount Of Hemp Extract Per Dropper 1.68mg
  • Active Ingredients Per 1ml (Full Dropper)
  • *Hemp Extract is a natural component of hemp

Inactive Ingredients

Hemp Seed Oil

Certified Pure By Clean Label Project

Lab Tested & Approved

Honest & Safe Ingredients

Proven Effective

Used By 100k+ Dogs

Calming For All Scenarios

Minimizes Separation Stress

Helps your pet feel more at ease

Can Reduce Noise Fear

Can ease the fear, stress, or agitation felt with door knocks, fireworks, loud noises

Promotes a sense of calm

Helps your dog feel more like themselves.

Helps Seasonal Itchiness

Helps promote your dog’s normal immune response.

What’s In It? Nature’s Powerful Secret.

A natural and effective ingredient taken from the hemp plant that can be a powerful tool in supporting your dog’s stress response.

Hemp Extract Oil works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a group of receptors located throughout the body, brain, and central nervous system of all animals. When introduced to the ECS of an stressed dog, Cannanine binds to these receptors, helping to bring the body and mind back into balance. The result is a calmer, happier pup.

Why Our Specialists Recommend Cannanine Oil

“Cannanine is by far the safest and most effective Hemp Extract on the market. Between that and the competitive pricing options, plus the 100% money back guarantee, it absolutely makes it to the top of our list in this category.”

Hand Harvested On Family Farms In Colorado

Cannanine is a premium product produced on family farms in Colorado. You get that small-town care and attention to detail delivered straight to your door.

Third-Party Tested

Clean Label Project certified and tested up to 4 times during the manufacturing process Cannanine is the safest and most pure oil on the market.

100,000+ Pets Are Experiencing Relief

Cannanine is a daily staple in the lives of over 100k dogs across the nation because it works. It’s also backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll simply issue you a refund with no questions asked.

How Do I Give My Dog Hemp Extract?

Every dog responds differently to hemp extract and should start with the recommended amount. For more severe issues, it may take 2 to 3 weeks for optimal results, especially as you experiment with dosing for your dog’s optimal relief.

You can use the dropper to drop the oil directly in your dog’s mouth or onto your dog’s food or treats. Allow 20-60 minutes for results when administering sublingually, and 45-90 minutes when dropping the oil on food.

Success Stories

  • More Calm
  • Less Barking & Stress
  • Happy Dogs

Great product! Easy to administer and helps my dog stay calm.



She’s scared of thunder, fireworks or just really loud noises and it really calms her.