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All Natural Dog Food Toppers


Just sprinkle on
food daily!


A fraction of the
cost of raw diets.


Made with freeze-dried meat,
veggies, fruits.

Our Heart Dog Food Topper Promise

If your pup doesn’t go CRAZY over our food topper, it’s on us. We’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

Your Kibble Is Missing Something!

  • The truth is that kibble doesn’t have the essential nutrients that your dog needs.
  • Happy, Healthy Topper boosts your dog’s diet with nutrient-dense ingredients at a fraction of the cost of raw diets.

Nutritional Dog Food Toppers for Picky Eaters

  • Picky pup? They will LOVE their kibble with just a simple sprinkle of this tasty, savory, superfood boosted topper.
  • Perfect For Picky Eaters!

Healthy Meal Toppers for Dogs

Our chicken and beef food toppers for dogs provide a boost of protein, probiotic, fresh fruits and veggies, and more! Just like people, dogs can easily become bored of the same kibble each and every day. iHeartDogs foods topper provide a flavor and nutrition boost that will keep your pup excited about dinner again.

What are dog food toppers?

Dog food toppers are a simple and easy addition to your dog’s meal. Simply sprinkle the wet food on top for a packed nutritional treat that will ensure your dog has a happy and healthy meal.

How our dog food topper is made

Our meal toppers for dogs are packed with freeze dried ingredients to preserve the best amount of nutrients. It is important during the manufacturing process that iHeartDogs continues to keep the integrity of the nutrients needed in your dog’s meal toppers. Our meal toppers contain antioxidants, live probiotics, and vitamins.

Are dog food toppers healthy?

iHeartDogs food toppers are also low calorie as well for those weight conscious pups. Food toppers are also great for the picky eaters by providing various flavors, various types of food toppers based on your dog’s nutritional needs and food allergies as well. iHeartDogs Food toppers provide the nutritional support that dry dog food often loses during the manufacturing process.

How to use dog food toppers

These meal toppers are simple to add on top of your dog’s dry dog food. Simply read the instructions to determine the portion needed based on weight, activity level and breed. Meal toppers can be mixed in with your dogs dry kibbles but not left out after feeding is over. Keep in mind that these meal toppers should not be left out and should be refrigerated after opening. Your pup will be eating healthy and getting a good nutritional balance in no time.

When determining which dog food toppers are good for your pup. you can review the nutritional content and ingredients on the packaging. This is a key to determining which dog topper is right for you and your pup based on dietary or allergy intolerance.

Are food toppers good for dogs?

Yes, food toppers are very healthy for your dogs. It is often a misconception that dogs only need a simple kibble diet, when in fact a kibble diet alone is not always enough. Food toppers provide extra nutrients and vitamins needed to ensure your pup has a healthy diet and lifestyle. iHeartDogs meal toppers have all the benefits of a well balanced diet. Our ingredients are made with your pup in mind.

Meal toppers are safe for dogs of all ages. They have a balanced nutrition to help your puppy who is still developing. It is also great for senior dogs as well with it providing ground bone collagen peptides to help support bone health. Food toppers are not intended to be used as a meal replacement but as a supplement to your dog’s diet.

How do you use dog food toppers?

Dog toppers require little to no prep prior to use. Simply, measure 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon for every 1 cup of food served. The measurement is based on your dog’s weight, diet and well being. Dog food toppers are not intended to be served as a meal replacement. Our meal toppers are intended to be used as a meal supplement to their regular feedings. All natural meal toppers can also be used as a small treat in addition to their meal.

Some dog owners also find our meal toppers as a healthy way to disguise their dogs medications. iHeartDogs dog toppers are a great dog food enhancer due to the nutrition included in the food toppers that is often lost during the manufacturing process in dry kibbles.

What are some benefits of dog food toppers?

Our all natural dog food toppers will surprise you with just how many benefits they provide for your dog. Food toppers help picky eaters who are bored of their kibbles. They also help with digestion by adding live probiotics. Our toppers are packed with fruits and vegetables to provide support for your dog’s overall health and well being. Some of our toppers are free of gluten, grains and soy.

While gluten can be safe for most pups, some dogs have an intolerance to these ingredients. Food toppers for puppies are also a great way to add the extra nutrients to ensure your pup grows up healthy and has a well rounded diet.

iHeartDogs is dedicated to providing human-grade ingredients and a wholesome diet for your pup during all the stages of life and development.

Are there any drawbacks to using dog food toppers

If used as directed, dog food toppers have no drawbacks. Like any new addition or change to your dog’s diet, integrate dog food toppers slowly into your dog’s new diet. Changing any dog’s diet too fast may cause an upset stomach as well as digestive issues. If you have dietary concerns, please check with your vet with the ingredients of your iHeartDogs Food Toppers.

When purchasing food toppers make sure the Food Toppers have a list of ingredients that are all natural and safely cooked to maintain the integrity of the nutrients. iHeartDogs takes the guesswork out of the safety of ingredients by providing all natural wholesome ingredients that are easily displayed on the packaging.

Are dog food toppers healthy?

Dog toppers are a very healthy addition to your dog’s daily diet. iHeartDogs food toppers provide nutrients that your kibbles may be lacking. Chances are, if all you feed your dog is kibbles, your dog is missing key nutrients to help him/her maintain a healthy lifestyle.

iHeartDogs food toppers help your pup maintain a healthy weight by having no added glycol products, vegetable fat or animal fat. Our dog meal toppers are also low calorie. Our food toppers also boot immune systems while stabilizing the digestive system with our wholesome nutritional ingredients. Our food toppers contain a great source of collagen and naturally occurring taurine.

Some of our food toppers are free of grains, gluten and soy for those pups who are intolerant to such ingredients. All of our ingredients at iHeartDogs are tested various times during our manufacturing phases for safety. Our ingredients are also freeze dried to preserve the nutritional value and integrity of our ingredients of our food topper.

What can I add to my dry dog food for picky eaters?

Like humans, some dogs are just picky eaters. Some dogs may not like the texture or consistency of their dry kibble. Some dogs simply do not like the flavor of their food but their owner cannot change it due to dietary restrictions. After all, your dog’s health and well being is one of the most important things to consider when being a dog owner. iHeartDogs dog food toppers are perfect for the pickiest of eaters.

Our food toppers are such an easy addition to every meal. Simply add the recommended amount to their meal and viola, they will be chowing down on their meals. Dog food toppers can even be used as a treat as well. Some owners even use our dog food toppers to hide medications inside. Your pup will love the taste so much they won’t even notice the tiny pill hidden inside.

Our food toppers also come in various food options to tailor to your dog’s wants and needs. With our puppy food toppers, you will be adding extra nutrients that your pup may be lacking in a dry kibble while still allowing your dog to explore different textures and flavors.

Can puppies eat meal toppers?

Puppies need extra nutrients at any stage of their growth. Dogs young and old will benefit from our iHeartDogs meal toppers. With our meal toppers, dogs will get added nutrients that are often lost during the manufacturing process of their dry kibble. Just like humans, when puppies are developing they need a protein enriched diet that is full of natural safe vitamins.

Our meal toppers will help your puppy develop healthy joints by our ground bone collagen peptides. Also, our meal toppers will ensure your puppy has a nice healthy skin and coat by adding salmon oil and organ meat. The best part of our food toppers is your pup can enjoy them at any stage of life.

iHeartDogs food toppers also donate 7 meals to shelter dogs for every purchase. So while you are helping your pup grow, you are also helping shelter pups have a healthy diet while waiting to be adopted also!