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10 Choices For The Best Turmeric For Dogs

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on September 7, 2023

Reviewed by: Dr. Theresa Fossum

Reviewed by:

Dr. Theresa Fossum

Meet Dr. Theresa (Terry) W. Fossum, DVM, MS. Ph.D., Diplomate ACVS – a remarkable animal lover whose passion for animal care and innovative solutions has left an indelible mark on the veterinary world. As the CEO of both Phoenix Animal Wellness and Epic Veterinary Specialists, she's ensuring dogs and cats receive the highest level of care and compassion.Read more
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Looking for the best turmeric for dogs? We’ve researched the options and found our favorite choices of turmeric supplements that help dogs by reducing inflammation and pain, improving joint and immune health, and even supporting brain and heart function. Truly, turmeric is an excellent tool for improving and maintaining the health of your dog’s entire body and being, thanks to this ancient spice’s potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties.

And because it’s important to give your dog top-quality supplements, we’ve researched the brands to bring you a round-up of the best turmeric for dogs. But before we get to the list, check out these questions about turmeric and dogs and what factors to consider when making your selection.

best turmeric for dogs

FAQs About Turmeric for Dogs 

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a spice derived from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. It’s commonly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine and is known for its bright yellow color and distinct flavor. You know the beautiful color of curry? That’s thanks to turmeric! Asian cultures not only use this plant for seasoning food but also for its medicinal purposes. Traditional medicine has turned to turmeric for centuries because it contains curcumin, a compound with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that helps treat various health conditions.

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is a naturally occurring compound found in spice turmeric. It’s responsible for giving turmeric its bright yellow color and is the source of its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Curcumin has been extensively studied for its potential health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving brain function, and reducing the risk of certain diseases. However, its absorption and bioavailability in the body are limited, making it necessary to combine it with other ingredients or use supplements that enhance its absorption.

How Does Turmeric Work?

Turmeric works by modulating multiple biological pathways in the body. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It’s also thought to block the production of certain inflammation-promoting molecules and destroy free radicals, which can cause cellular damage. By reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, turmeric may support the body’s natural healing processes and improve overall health and well-being. However, further research is needed to understand its mechanisms of action fully.

What Health Benefits Does Turmeric Offer Dogs?

Turmeric has numerous health benefits for dogs, including:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving joint health
  • Supporting digestive health
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Promoting heart health
  • Alleviating skin conditions
  • Enhancing brain function
  • Reducing oxidative stress

Be sure to talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog turmeric or any other supplement to ensure it’s safe and appropriate for your pup’s needs and health conditions.

Is Turmeric Safe for Dogs?

Turmeric is generally considered safe for dogs when used in appropriate doses. The proper dosage of turmeric for dogs depends on size, age, and overall health. It’s important to consult a veterinarian to determine your dog’s safe and effective dosage. Generally, starting with a low dose and gradually increasing as tolerated is recommended. Overdosing on turmeric can cause adverse effects such as digestive upset and liver toxicity, so it’s essential to use caution when giving turmeric or any supplement to dogs.

What are the Side Effects of Turmeric in Dogs?

The side effects of turmeric in dogs are generally mild but can include digestive upset, such as diarrhea and vomiting. In rare cases, large doses of turmeric can cause liver toxicity. It can also interact with certain medications, so it’s important to consult with a veterinarian before giving turmeric to your dog. To minimize the risk of side effects, it’s important to use caution and follow the recommended dosage guidelines.

best turmeric for dogs

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Buying Guides: How We Selected the Best Turmeric for Dogs

Consider the following factors when selecting the best turmeric supplement for dogs.

Quality of Ingredients

Look for products made with high-quality, organic turmeric root powder and other natural ingredients. Avoid supplements that contain harmful or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.


Look for supplements that contain black pepper extract or Bioperine, which can improve the bioavailability of turmeric in the dog’s body. Also, find options that contain 95% curcuminoids. Healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, or omega oil can also help the uptake and deliver more turmeric benefits to your dog.


Ensure your choice of the best turmeric for dogs provides clear and appropriate dosage instructions based on weight and age.

Route of Administration 

Turmeric supplements for dogs come in a variety of forms. Choose the option that works best for your furry friend.

  • Soft Chews: Chewable turmeric is similar to a soft treat but contains vitamins. They include other nutrients like omega fatty acids and are served in bite-sized pieces for your dog to enjoy.
  • Liquid: Turmeric liquid solutions are typically sold in pourable or dropper bottles. This version can be put in your dog’s food or orally with a teaspoon or dropper.

Third-Party Testing

Look for supplements that use third-party laboratory testing to verify the quality and purity of the ingredients.

Brand Reputation

Consider the brand’s reputation and read reviews from other pet owners to see how well the product has worked for other dogs.

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The Best Turmeric for Dogs

#1 – iHeartDogs Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs

best turmeric for dogs

iHeartDogs Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs is a dietary supplement designed to support joint health and mobility. These yummy chews contain a healthy dose of turmeric that’s power is boosted by the inclusion of black pepper and vitamins C and E. They also contain glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, all of which are commonly used ingredients to help manage the symptoms of joint pain and arthritis in dogs. And because they’re made using a cold press extrusion process, the active ingredients in these turmeric supplements for dogs maintain 98-99% viability.

Key Features

  • A unique combination of 8 powerful active ingredients, including organic turmeric
  • Slows cartilage deterioration, promoting the long-term health of joints
  • Veterinarian formulated and tested
  • The purchase of each jar supports 14 wholesome meals for shelter dogs


  • Uses organic turmeric
  • No added salt, sugar, or artificial flavors or colors
  • Natural bacon flavor
  • Easy to treat
  • Affordable at $0.38 a day
  • Made in the USA


  • Chews have a strong smell

#2 – Zesty Paws Turmeric Curcumin Bites for Dogs

best turmeric for dogs

Zesty Paws Turmeric Curcumin for Dogs extra strength formula contains organic turmeric and Qmin+ Curcumin, which has 95% Curcuminoids. And the addition of BioPerine, which is sourced from black pepper, helps dogs better absorb the goodness of turmeric. Zesty Paws also includes coconut oil in their turmeric soft chews for dogs for an extra boost of uptake power. A brand you know, Zesty Paws manufactures its chews in the USA with US and globally-sourced ingredients. Plus, you’ll enjoy 20% off your order when you sign up to receive email and texts from Zesty Paws.

Key Features

  • Formulated with 95% Curcuminoids
  • Duck flavor
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Supports hips and joints, skin health, cardiovascular function, and liver function
  • Made in the USA with US and globally sourced ingredients


  • Contains BioPerine and coconut oil for better absorption
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors
  • Available in 90 or 120-count quantities
  • Zesty Paws is a well-known and trusted brand
  • For all ages and sizes


  • Picky eaters may not like them
  • Some dogs may need less than recommended dosage
  • Can stain fabrics

#3 – Active Chews Glucosamine for Dogs Soft Chews

Active Chews Chondroitin MSM and Turmeric for Dogs combines three ingredients, plus a boost of black pepper, to support joint health: chondroitin, MSM, and turmeric. These ingredients work together to support joint health and mobility in dogs. Reviewers mention seeing noticeable pain relief and improvements in activity levels.

Key Features

  • Contains 150mgs of organic turmeric with the addition of black pepper to help uptake
  • Also made with chondroitin, MSM, glucosamine
  • Reduces inflammation naturally, cushions and lubricates joints, and supports healthy cartilage
  • Easy to feed soft chew
  • Made in the USA with local and global ingredients


  • Reviews report noticeable pain relief and increased activity level
  • Dog-approved chicken flavor
  • Highly affordable


  • Not suitable for all dogs

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#4 – Pet Faves Organic Turmeric Curcumin

best turmeric for dogs

Pet Faves Organic Turmeric Curcumin chews are a natural and delicious way to support your dog’s joints and overall health. Made with organic turmeric root and curcumin, they’re rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce pain and improve mobility. These soft chews contain 225mg of organic turmeric and 25mg of curcumin C3 complex, plus 10mg of BioPerine to boost bioavailability. And perfect for dogs of all sizes, they’re easy to digest, gluten-free, and made with human-grade ingredients.

Key Features

  • Created by veterinarians
  • Contains 95% organic turmeric
  • Made with glucosamine and chondroitin help to enhance bone, joint, tissue, and cartilage health
  • Made in the USA


  • Contains Bioperine to help turmeric uptake
  • Affordable option
  • No grain, gluten, soy, or dairy
  • 90 tablet quantity


  • May cause itching for dogs with yeast problems
  • Picky eaters may not enjoy

#5 – Vet-Virtue Turmeric Formula Soft Chews

best turmeric for dogs

Another great option in the best turmeric for dogs, Vet-Virtue Turmeric Formula Soft Chews contain Bioperine®, 400mg organic turmeric, and 250mg curcumin. Picky eaters will enjoy the chicken and cheese flavor. Plus, these soft chews are like treats, so your pup will happily eat them up!

Key Features

  • Contains collagen for added joint health
  • Grain, soy, and sugar-free
  • Helps aid hips and joints by reducing inflammation
  • A natural and organic blend of ingredients


  • Contains Bioperine for improved uptake
  • Delicious chicken and cheese flavor
  • Reviews report high effectiveness
  • Value for the money
  • Made in the USA with US-sourced ingredients


  • May cause diarrhea in dogs with sensitive stomachs

#6 – PETIPET Vegan Organic Turmeric Bars

best turmeric for dogs

PETIPET Turmeric Bars are crafted with natural and organic curcumin, which contains 95% Curcuminoids to fight inflammation and pain. And to keep a plant-based recipe, other ingredients include sweet potatoes, apples, strawberries, mangoes, and ginger for a great taste and an extra helping of nutrients. These delicious turmeric chews for dogs also contain Quercetin, an all-natural ingredient that has potent antioxidant & antihistamine properties.

Key Features

  • Made with a “no heat” process to preserve ingredient potency 
  • Filler-free, nutrient-packed soft chew that’s grain, soy, and sugar-free
  • Helps aid hips and joints by reducing inflammation
  • A natural blend of ingredients to reduce arthritis pain and inflammation
  • Made in the USA 


  • Contains Bioperine for improved uptake 
  • Fresh, natural, human-grade, non-GMO, plant-based ingredients
  • Reviews report high effectiveness 
  • Value for the money
  • 60, 120, and 180-count quantities available 


  • May cause diarrhea in dogs with sensitive stomachs  

#7 – Native Pet Relief – Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs

Native Pet Relief brings your dog an all-natural replacement for aspirin for dogs packed with green-lipped mussels, turmeric, black pepper, and collagen. In addition to pain relief, these air-dried chews help adults and senior dogs be more mobile and suffer less inflammation. And you’ll never find anything artificial in Native Pet’s recipes as they believe in providing nutritional benefits through whole foods and human-grade ingredients. 

Key Features

  • All-natural replacement for aspirin for dogs 
  • Contains 100mg of turmeric extract, consisting of 95% curcumin
  • Only eight ingredients
  • Delicious flavor from real chicken
  • Made in the USA


  • No soy or gluten
  • Recipe uses whole-food, human-grade ingredients
  • Excellent for senior dogs
  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Available in 60 or 120-count quantities


  • Reviewers report strong smell
  • May cause vomiting in some dogs

#8 – Coco and Luna Turmeric for Dogs

best turmeric for dogs

A tablet instead of a soft chew, Coco and Luna Turmeric for Dogs brings together turmeric and BioPerine to fight inflammation and pain. Natural and free of artificial and synthetic ingredients, they’re another great option among the best turmeric for dogs. Simply toss one of these bacon and liver tablets to your pup or crush it over their dinner and watch mobility improve and inflammation wane.

Key Features

  • Contains 300mg of turmeric root
  • Natural antioxidant supplement to promote joint, cartilage, heart, and brain health
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive dogs
  • Bacon and liver flavored tablets
  • Made in the USA from US and globally sourced ingredients


  • Veterinarian approved
  • No synthetic colors, preservatives, egg, or gluten
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Great value for the cost
  • Highly rated on Amazon


  • May irritate sensitive stomachs

#9 – Kangaroo Dogs Organic Liquid Turmeric

Kangaroo Dogs Organic Liquid Turmeric contains 97% organic turmeric curcumin in distilled water, providing 400 mg of curcumin in one teaspoon. This powerful and effective turmeric supplement for dogs is all-natural, organic, and non-GMO. We’ve included it in our list of the best turmeric for dogs because the liquid formula is absorbed quickly by your dog’s body for rapid action against joint inflammation.

Key Features

  • Contains 95% curcuminoids
  • Effective results against cysts, tumors, and allergies
  • Fast-acting liquid formula to fight joint inflammation
  • Made using ultrasonic technology for better absorbing


  • Easy to pour over food
  • All natural and organic
  • Dogs love the flavor
  • No stinky odors


  • May cause vomiting in some dogs
  • More expensive option

#10 – Amazing Nutritionals Turmeric for Dogs

best turmeric for dogs

Give your dog back the gift of feeling young with Amazing Nutritionals Turmeric for Dogs. Since this turmeric supplement comes in a chewable tablet, it’s easy to feed your dog the benefits of turmeric root. Plus, these tablets won’t stain like soft chews. Amazing Nutritionals values your dog’s health, so they include third-party testing for purity as part of their process.

Key Features

  • 300mgs of turmeric with 95% Curcumin
  • Bite-sized bacon tablet for easy feeding
  • Made in small batches
  • Made in the USA


  • Reviews report fast relief
  • No wheat, corn, maltodextrin, grains, soy, egg, or potato
  • Contains no fish, shrimp, crab, shark, or avocado
  • 3rd party verified for purity
  • For all ages and sizes


  • Does not contain black pepper extract or BioPerine

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Ready to give your aging dog back some of their youth? Turmeric supplements can do just that by fighting inflammation and pain while supporting healthy functioning throughout the body. If your pup is still a young thing, get ahead of the aging process with turmeric. And our selection of the best turmeric for dogs will make shopping for the ideal supplement that much easier!

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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