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7 Best Eye Drops for Dogs with Allergies

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on July 27, 2023
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Maintaining your dog’s eye health is vital for their overall well-being, especially if they suffer from allergies. Allergies can cause significant discomfort to your dog, leading to symptoms like itching, redness, and discharge. With a myriad of eye drops available in the market, it’s essential to choose a product that effectively soothes your dog’s symptoms while being safe for its eyes. This article seeks to guide pet owners on the best eye drops available for dogs suffering from allergies.


#1 – Vets Preferred Eye Cleaner for Dogs – Dog Eye Wash Drops for Infection & Tear Stain Remover – Improves Allergy Symptoms, Infections & Runny Eyes – Dog Eye Drops Rinse for Every Dog – 4 Oz

Vets Preferred Eye Cleaner for Dogs is a dog eye wash that helps improve eye health for dogs suffering from red, runny eyes, mucus build-up, allergies, and infections. The gentle and effective formula is safe for daily use and can be used to relieve allergy symptoms, rinse out dirt, and moisturize dry eyes. It also helps remove dirt, debris, and irritants that can lead to chronic irritation and infections. Additionally, this dog eye wash is made in the USA under strict supervision to ensure quality and safety.

#2 – Vetericyn Plus Dog and Cat Eye Wash | Eye Drops for Dogs and Cats to Flush and Soothe Eye Irritations, Dog Tear Stain Cleaner, Safe for All Animals. 3 ounces

The Vetericyn Plus Dog and Cat Eye Wash is a product that helps soothe and flush irritations in dogs and cats’ eyes. This eyewash can provide relief from symptoms of pink eye and other eye irritations. It is also safe to use daily to reduce allergy symptoms, redness, and tear stains. The product is made in the USA by a trusted company that specializes in at-home animal health products.

#3 – Sentrx Ocunovis Gel Eye Drops for Dogs & Cats, Eye Lube for Allergy Relief Lubricant, Dogs with Dry Eyes, Artificial Tears, 5 ml

The Sentrx Ocunovis Gel Eye Drops for Dogs & Cats is a long-lasting eye lubricant designed to provide relief for allergies, dry eyes, and other eye irritations in pets. The gel formula offers a sheer coating that protects and hydrates the eyes with each blink, reducing the need for frequent applications. Developed by Sentrx Animal Care, the Gel Eye Drops utilize a unique, crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA) technology that enhances natural healing, lubrication, and hydration. Made in the USA, these eye drops offer supplemental support for pets diagnosed with Dry Eye and can also be used for dry, irritated eyes.

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#4 – Cat & Dog Eye Wash Drops & Tear Stain Remover, Cleaner | Eye Infection Treatment Helps Prevent Pink Eye, Conjunctivitis, Relief Allergies Symptoms, Runny, Dry Eyes – Safe for Small Animals

The Cat & Dog Eye Wash Drops & Tear Stain Remover is a product designed to provide gentle care for dogs and cats. It helps prevent eye infections, eliminates clogging, relieves puffiness and irritation, and removes discharge around the eyelids. The solution effectively tackles unsightly tear stains in dogs and is infused with a saline-based formula that flushes away goop and gunk, promoting a clean appearance. Additionally, it contains ingredients that heal wounds and soften skin, supporting optimal eye health for pets. The product can be applied once or twice a week for thorough care.

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#5 – Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse for Dogs – Gentle Formula to Soothe Irritated Eyes and Prevent Tear Stains – 4 oz

The Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse for Dogs is a 4 oz gentle formula designed to soothe irritated eyes and prevent tear stains in dogs. It is specially formulated to create an inhospitable environment for germs and bacteria and fights eye infections and irritations caused by foreign particles and air pollution. Regular use of this eye rinse can help remove tear stains and slow down their formation, while also cleansing and soothing even the most sensitive eyes. This product is safe and effective for dogs, providing relief from seasonal allergies such as smog and pollen.

#6 – ZNFSZ Dog Eye Drops, Dog Eye Booger Remover, Seasonal Allergy Relief, Improve Tear Stain, Dryness, Cataracts&Pink Eyes, Irritation-Free, 2Pcs

The ZNFSZ Dog Eye Drops are a natural solution designed to improve dogs’ eye health and vision. They aim to reduce issues such as cataracts, eye stains, boogers, and discomfort associated with allergies. The drops are suitable for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages, as well as other animals like rabbits, horses, and cats. The product claims to be non-irritating and mild, utilizing natural ingredients and a vet-approved formula to promote overall eye health without causing harm to pets.


#7 – I-DROP VET PLUS: Pet Eye Drops for Dogs | Lubricate Acute/Seasonal Dry Eyes | Superior Comfort | Long-lasting Relief | Fewer Application Needed, 0.25% Hyaluronan | Multi-dose Bottle | One Bottle 10 ml

I-DROP VET PLUS is a pet eye drop product specifically designed for dogs with dry eyes. It offers long-lasting relief and superior comfort by lubricating the eyes and refreshing the tear film. The unique formulation by I-MED Animal Health, a world leader in ocular surface disorder management, ensures the effectiveness of the product, which is trusted by veterinarians for managing eye issues in dogs. Each package contains a sterile 10 mL bottle, providing a convenient and adequate supply for your dog’s eye care needs.


What’s Important When Choosing an Eye Drop for My Dog’s Allergies?

When choosing eye drops for your dog’s allergies, several factors should be considered:

  1. Effectiveness: The eye drops should effectively reduce symptoms of allergies such as redness, itching, and discharge.
  2. Ingredients: Look for eye drops that have safe, natural ingredients. Avoid eye drops with harsh chemicals that could cause further irritation.
  3. Veterinarian Recommendation: Always consult with your vet before choosing any medication for your dog. Your vet can recommend a product based on your dog’s specific needs and health history.
  4. Ease of Use: The eye drops should be easy to apply. Some dogs may not stay still during application, so consider eye drops with a simple, easy-to-use applicator.
  5. Side Effects: Some eye drops can cause side effects like further irritation or discomfort. Choose products with minimal side effects.

Remember, what works for one dog may not work for another. Always monitor your dog’s reaction to the eye drops and seek veterinary advice if symptoms persist or worsen.


Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Drops for a Dog with Allergies

  1. Question: Can eye drops really help my dog’s allergies? Answer: Yes, eye drops can help manage the symptoms of allergies in dogs, such as itchy, watery, or red eyes. They can soothe discomfort and help clear any discharge associated with allergies.
  2. Question: Are over-the-counter eye drops safe for dogs? Answer: While some over-the-counter eye drops may be safe for dogs, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian before administering any new medication to your pet to ensure its safety and efficacy.
  3. Question: How often should I apply the eye drops? Answer: The frequency of application will depend on the severity of your dog’s symptoms and the specific eye drop product. Always follow the instructions provided by your veterinarian or on the product label.
  4. Question: My dog resists when I try to apply the eye drops. What should I do? Answer: Try to make the process as calm and comfortable as possible for your dog. Use a soothing tone and offer treats as a reward. If your dog continues to resist, consult your vet for advice.
  5. Question: Can eye drops cure my dog’s allergies? Answer: Eye drops can help manage the symptoms of allergies, but they do not cure the allergies themselves. It’s important to identify and try to avoid allergens that trigger your dog’s reactions.
  6. Question: What are the possible side effects of using eye drops for dogs? Answer: Some possible side effects could include temporary stinging or burning, increased redness in the eye, or changes in vision. If you notice any of these symptoms, stop using and consult your veterinarian immediately.
  7. Question: Can I use my own eye drops on my dog? Answer: No, it’s not advisable to use human medication on pets unless specifically instructed by a vet. Some ingredients in human eye drops may be harmful to dogs.
  8. Question: Are there natural alternatives to eye drops for dogs with allergies? Answer: Yes, there are some natural remedies that may help soothe your dog’s eyes. However, these should not replace a visit to the vet, especially if your dog’s symptoms are severe or persistent.
  9. Question: What else can I do to help my dog with allergies? Answer: Apart from administering eye drops, try to keep your dog’s living area clean and free from allergens, provide a healthy diet, and ensure they are getting plenty of exercise. Always consult your vet for personalized advice.
  10. Question: The eye drops don’t seem to be working. What should I do? Answer: If the eye drops do not seem to be helping, or if your dog’s condition worsens, it’s important to contact your vet as soon as possible. They may need to adjust the treatment or diagnose a more serious issue.


Conclusion: Best Eye Drops for Dogs with Allergies

To sum it up, a pet’s eyes are windows to their health and their world. By choosing the right eye drops, you can help your dog combat the discomfort of allergies and maintain optimal eye health. Remember, always consult with a vet before beginning any new treatment regimen. It’s also crucial to monitor your dog’s symptoms and consult your vet if the condition persists or worsens. With the right eye drops and proper care, your four-legged companion can lead a happy, healthy life free from the woes of allergy-induced eye discomfort.

iHeartDogs is reader supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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