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10 Breeds That Are A Great Match For Allergy Sufferers

| Published on June 20, 2020

Do you heart dogs but hate the itchy eyes, sneezing, and wheezing that come with them? While no dog is hypoallergenic, some cause fewer allergic reactions than others. Compiled from AKCDog the LovePet Breeds, and iHeartDogs, here are 10 breeds that are great for allergy sufferers.

#1 – Xoloitzcuintli/Mexican Hairless Dog

Image Source: Petful Via Flickr

The Xolo is a hairless breed that comes in toy, miniature, and standard sizes. With no fur for dander to cling to, occasional cleaning with unscented baby wipes should reduce allergic reactions. They prefer not to be the only pet, and need plenty of training and socialization.

#2 – Bichon Frise

Image Source: angela n. Via Flickr

The tight curls of the Bichon’s coat help capture dander and prevent it from leaving allergy-inducing traces all around the home. This small breed is very playful and social. They need regular brushing at home and grooming every 4-8 weeks.

#3 – Portuguese Water Dog

Image Source: Raymond Brow Via Flickr

Chosen by many for their hypoallergenic traits, this intelligent breed comes in both a curly-coated and a wavy-coated variety. Neither sheds, but they both require regular grooming. These dogs love being around their humans and don’t do well alone for long periods.

#4 – Kerry Blue Terrier

Image Source: Svenska Mässan Via Flickr

This spirited breed has tight curls that change from black at birth to a bluish-grey in adulthood. Bred to work, these dogs need an experienced trainer and plenty of exercise.

#5 – Poodle

Image Source: nick fullerton Via Flickr

With 3 different sizes, there is a Poodle to fit any lifestyle. Even though they hardly shed, their curly coats need regular grooming attention. This intelligent breed needs to be kept occupied in order to stay out of trouble.

#6 – Maltese

Image Source: kitty.green66 Via Flickr

These tiny dogs range in size from about 3 to 10 pounds and were bred to be companions. They do well in apartments, though they tend to bark. Their fine hair needs frequent brushing with haircuts every month or two.

#7 – Chinese Crested

Image Source: spilltojill Via Flickr

The Chinese Crested comes in 2 varieties: Hairless and Powder Puff. The hairless variety usually has hair on the head, feet, and tail, with sparse hair on the rest of the body that’s kept shaved. Both coat varieties are good for allergy sufferers.

#8 – Schnauzer

Image Source: Jonathan Oakley Via Flickr

All 3 sizes of Schnauzer have wiry coats that make for a good match for allergic owners. They tend to have guardian instincts and are strong-willed. They can become destructive when bored.

#9 – Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Image Source: localpups Via Flickr

An energetic dog, Wheatens can be a great family dog with enough exercise and training. Their soft coat needs consistent grooming to prevent matting.  

#10 – Yorkshire Terrier

Image Source: Kesha Phillips Via Flickr

This tiny breed is easy to train, but has a bold personality. Yorkies require limited exercise, though they are prone to barking. Their straight hair needs regular combing to prevent matting.

Since no breed is truly hypoallergenic, it’s best to spend time with these breeds before committing to one.

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