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10 Must Have Products To Survive The Rain With Your Dog

The rain is coming! And while we know it’s good – especially for fire or drought-stricken areas, it can still be hard to cope with when you are a dog owner. Why? Because you know you are facing rainy walks, muddy paws and that dreaded wet dog smell. Never fear, we have handpicked some of the best products out there to help you stay out of the rain this season.

#1 – Jelly Wellies

Aside from the adorable name that reminds us for “jelly sandals” from when we were a kid, this NEW line of doggy rain gear is 100% waterproof!  These Silicon rain booties are made with adjustable Velcro straps to secure the proper fit and comfort. The collection comes in six fun bright colors: fiery red, bright pink, vibrant yellow, classic green, crystal blue and dewberry, which mix and match with the camouflage, racing strip and solid style, wrap-around belly band rain coat. The raincoat is fleece-lined and the belly band helps keep tummies warm and dry.

1 Frenchie-Jelly-Wellies-Umbrella

#2 – Soggy Doggy

These products are a MUST HAVE if you have muddy and/or wet dogs. The uniquely designed chenille fibers trap dirt, mud, grass and moisture. They make doormats, which are perfect for getting some of that dirt off before your dog sets a paw in your house. Then, use their shammy to soak up the water from your dog’s coat. Lastly, their new item is a large comfy bed that is anti-bacterial and quick-drying so it resists that dreaded wet dog smell.

2 71qdqEkS8eL._SL1024_

#3 – Handsfree Umbrella

There are a few of these on the market, and they can really make your life easier. If you hike and carry a pack, the Swing Handsfree Umbrella is a great choice, because it will keep most of your body dry. If you are looking for something that stands alone, no backpack, try the Nubrella, a “Shark Tank” alum that is making waves (pictured below. Either way, it will make it easier to juggle your leash, phone, coffee and stay dry.

3 nubrella

#4 – Fresh Wave Odor Eliminators

Wet Dog Smell. No way around it, you are going to get it somewhere during the rainy season – on your dog’s bed or towel, in your car, etc. Fresh Wave odor eliminators use the power of nature to actually remove odors. No harsh chemicals. No harmful ingredients. No masking fragrances. Just plant oils and water, so they are non-toxic to your dogs and kids and environmentally friendly. That means you can use the Fresh Wave spray directly on pet bedding to instantly remove odors safely and effectively. Available at Target stores.

4 ProductsAndBag

#5 – Extreme Weather Pet Doors

Another part of the rainy season is the temperature drop. If you have a doggy door, you are losing heat out of it constantly, which not only makes you cold, but costs you money in heating bills. Replace your current door with the Extreme Weather Pet Door – it has a 3-flap system that helps keep your heat in and the cold out 3.5 times more than a standard, single-flap door.

 5 PPA00-10984_-a

#6 – Paw Wash

This great product can help keep your dog’s paws clean regardless of how muddy it is outside. The ingenious design features a container that you fill with soap and water. Then place your dog’s paw inside and move it up and down to clean the paw. As you remove your dog’s paw, a squeegee removes access moisture. Finally, pat dry. If your dog doesn’t like his paws handled, this may not be for you, but it could be a real lifesaver for some.

Posted by The Paw Wash on Thursday, June 12, 2014


#7 – Clear Hooded Raincoat

This is the best hooded coat if you are looking for a hood. Why? Because the detachable hood is clear, allowing your dog better vision, which for many dogs is the reason they don’t like hoods. It comes in many colors including royal blue, yellow, pink, black/red, red, purple, teal, navy, light blue, maroon and many polka dot colors as well as camo, plaid and neon orange or yellow. You have to check these out!

7 41WZ4v5aYqL

#8 – Waterproof Walking Bag

If you’re the type that takes a lot with you on your walks – water, doggie bags, toys, treats, wallet, even a towel or small dog mat, than this waterproof bag if perfect for fall walking. You could also use it for picking up a small amount of groceries from the corner store and not having to worry about them getting wet on the way home. In the summer, use it at the beach or lake! Comes in 8 colors.

8 raku_marche3_shousa1

#9 – Outdoor Overalls

These Hurtta overalls for dogs are perfect for the dog that doesn’t slow down just because of the rain. It’s waterproof and keeps your dog core body (including belly) and legs dry and warm. Comes in Black with a waterproof zipper down the back for easy on/off.

9 3483af14-872e-4f0f-8867-db7b9f7c94ba

#10 – Cordless Hairdryer

This is the perfect item to keep by the garage or in your entry way to quickly dry your dog before she brings all that water in the house. Having it cordless means you don’t have to worry about having a plug nearby, plugging it in and wrestling with a cord while trying to keep your dog from running into the house all wet.

10 81mf-j0ix5L._SL1500_

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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