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10 Refreshing Frozen Treat Recipes For Your Dog

It. Is. HOT outside!

But it’s also the season for ice cream, cold drinks, and popsicles! Don’t forget to include your dog on the chilly-treat fun when you’re snacking. Your dog can enjoy a lot of the treats you do – in dog-safe form, of course. The recipes here are super tasty, extra-simple, and don’t need you to turn on your oven. They’re all chilled or frozen!

#1 – Frozen Dog Food Toppers from

These frosty frozen treats are packed full of vitamins that come naturally from the healthy, dog safe ingredients in them! Get the whole recipe here on iHeartDogs, but be sure to check out for more delicious recipes and household tips for your pooch!

Frozen Food Toppers!

Score BIG with your pup by treating them to these Frozen Food Toppers from Proud Dog Mom. They might be the most "DOG-licious" treat for hot summer days we've ever seen! Shop here for supplies ▬▬►

Posted by on Monday, April 24, 2017


#2 – Watermelon “Mocktail”,

This recipe is two-drinks-in-one! Make the base recipe, and then add a little bit of bubble to yours with champagne or sparkling wine! This is another great recipe from!

Cocktails and Mocktails!

WHAT!? Cocktails for you and Mocktails for your pup!? Would you try this?Check out this yummy Cocktail Mocktail recipe from @prouddogmom. They pair perfectly with the silicone wine cups that you can bring anywhere this summer!Every wine cup purchase feeds 5 shelter dogs!Get your unbreakable wine cups here! ▬▬►

Posted by on Monday, June 19, 2017

#3 – Frosty Froyo KONG Stuffing from KONG

This recipe mixes fresh fruit and store-bought KONG treats, is full of flavor and will keep your dog busy trying to dig it all out of his KONG! Get the full recipe (and others!) at

#4 – Frozen Mint & Yogurt Doggy Treats,

This super simple three-ingredient treat is not only cool and tasty, but will help keep your dog’s breath a little more pleasant! If you keep your own herb garden, this’ll give you something sweet to do for your pup with your mint.

#5 – Frozen PB&J Dog Treats,

It’s just about guaranteed that any recipe including peanut butter is going to be a hit with pups! This PB&J uses dog-safe ingredients. No crusts to cut, either.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE GRAPES, they are toxic to dogs!


#6 – Gummy Dog Treat Recipe,

I LOVE the idea of gummies for dogs! This recipe can be made sweet or savory, and will give your pup something to chew – be sure to brush regularly! They’re not as frosty as the frozen treats on this list, but they’re chilled, not baked, so there’s no need to heat your home up by turning on the oven.

#7 – DIY Dog Ice Cream,

Few things are better on a hot day than a scoop of delicious ice cream – and now you can get your dog in on it without worrying about all the sugar (or Xylitol) in human ice cream! It’s super-simple to make, too – blend, freeze, and enjoy!

#8 – Candy Corn Dog Treats,

You had me at “candy corn,” but the banana, pumpkin and yogurt combo sounds tasty enough for a human treat! It may not be loaded with sugar like real candy corn, but it sounds pretty darn sweet anyway! It’ll take some patience – each layer is meant to be frozen before adding another – but the end result is super Snap-worthy!

#9 – Frozen Applesauce Dog Treats,

These freezy, tasty treats contain Brewer’s yeast, which is said to have a plethora of health benefits for dogs! Digestive help? Yup. Itchy skin? Yup. Protein, vitamins and minerals. YUP.

Also, we think this popsicle-shaped mold is cute, so we found where you can buy it!

#10 – Assorted Pupsicles, has a few different recipes, so you can offer your pup a variety of frozen treats! They’re also careful to use only dog-safe ingredients, and encourage you to check labels before feeding them to your dog!

These pupsicles come on sticks, but they also note that the stick should never be left with your pup – it’s there for you to hold and feed your dog. We encourage you to skip the stick entirely.


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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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