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101 Female Rhodesian Ridgeback Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 21, 2023

Choosing the perfect name for your new Rhodesian Ridgeback can be quite an adventure. This breed, known for its distinct ridge of hair running along its back, originates from Southern Africa. These dogs are admired for their intelligence, courage, and friendly nature. Taking cues from their physical attributes, origin, and temperament, we’ve compiled a list of 101 female dog names, complete with a brief explanation for each. Explore the alphabetical list to find the best fit for your Rhodesian Ridgeback.

101 Girl Rhodesian Ridgeback Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Afrika: Paying homage to the breed’s roots in Southern Africa.
  2. Amber: Reflecting the warm, golden eyes common in the breed.
  3. Autumn: For Ridgebacks with warm, autumnal coat colors.
  4. Apple: A sweet and wholesome name for your sweet pup.
  5. Azure: For the deep blue sky, symbolizing the Ridgeback’s boundless spirit.
  6. Buttercup: A sunny and cheerful flower, for your sunny and cheerful Ridgeback.
  7. Biscuit: A perfect name for a Ridgeback with a light, biscuity coat.
  8. Breeze: Symbolizing the Ridgeback’s swift and agile nature.
  9. Bella: Italian for “beautiful,” a popular and fitting choice for any dog.
  10. Carmel: Inspired by the rich, caramel-toned coat of many Ridgebacks.
  11. Coral: For Ridgebacks with reddish coat hues.
  12. Copper: For a Ridgeback with a warm, copper-colored coat.
  13. Clover: A symbol of good luck, as your Ridgeback is a lucky charm.
  14. Daisy: A simple and classic flower, for your classic beauty.
  15. Dove: Representing the peaceful and gentle side of Ridgebacks.
  16. Delta: After the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, a unique choice.
  17. Dawn: Representing the Ridgeback’s radiant, golden coat.
  18. Eva: Meaning “life” in Hebrew, celebrating the vivacious nature of Ridgebacks.
  19. Echo: Representing the Ridgeback’s alertness and responsive nature.
  20. Ember: Symbolizing the warm, fiery spirit of a Ridgeback.
  21. Everest: For your Ridgeback who loves to climb and conquer.
  22. Frost: A cool name for a cool pup.
  23. Fawn: For a Ridgeback with a light brown, fawn-colored coat.
  24. Fern: For a Ridgeback that’s as beautiful and hardy as the plant.
  25. Fara: An African name meaning “joyful,” resonating with their friendly temperament.
  26. Golda: Inspired by the golden hues of a Ridgeback’s coat.
  27. Ginger: For a Ridgeback with a reddish, ginger-hued coat.
  28. Garnet: As precious as the gemstone, and perfect for a dark-coated Ridgeback.
  29. Gypsy: For your free-spirited, wanderlust-filled Ridgeback.
  30. Halo: Because your Ridgeback is your little angel.
  31. Harmony: Denoting the peaceful, harmonious nature of your Ridgeback.
  32. Honey: Celebrating the Ridgeback’s sweet temperament and honey-toned coat.
  33. Hazel: For Ridgebacks with warm, hazel-colored eyes.
  34. Iris: A classic, beautiful name, like the flower.
  35. Ivy: A robust and resilient plant, much like the Ridgeback breed.
  36. Indigo: For a Ridgeback with a deep, indigo soul.
  37. Icicle: For your cool and refreshing pup.
  38. Jewel: Because your Ridgeback is your priceless gem.
  39. Jasmine: A sweet-smelling flower, for your sweet-natured pup.
  40. Juno: Named after the ancient Roman goddess, a symbol of protection and power.
  41. Jade: For the precious gem that your Ridgeback is in your life.
  42. Kalahari: Named after the African desert, signifying the Ridgeback’s endurance.
  43. Koko: Meaning “chocolate” in Japanese, ideal for Ridgebacks with a dark coat.
  44. Kiara: An Irish name meaning “dark,” for your dark-coated Ridgeback.
  45. Kestrel: For your Ridgeback who’s as free as a bird.
  46. Lemon: For your Ridgeback who’s as sweet as she is tangy.
  47. Lily: A classic and beautiful flower, just like your Ridgeback.
  48. Luna: Latin for “moon,” for your celestial pup.
  49. Lioness: A nod to the Ridgeback’s history of lion hunting.
  50. Mali: Meaning “flower” in Thai, for your blossoming pup.
  51. Meadow: Representing the Ridgeback’s love for open, outdoor spaces.
  52. Mango: A sweet and tropical name for your sweet pup.
  53. Mistletoe: A festive name for a pup born in the winter.
  54. Nimbus: Latin for “cloud,” for your dreamy Ridgeback.
  55. Nectar: Greek for “drink of the gods,” as your Ridgeback is divine.
  56. Nutmeg: For Ridgebacks with a warm, nutmeg-colored coat.
  57. Nia: A Swahili name meaning “purpose,” celebrating the breed’s working roots.
  58. Opal: Named for the precious gemstone, as precious as your pup.
  59. Olive: A cute name for Ridgebacks with a darker, olive-colored coat.
  60. Orchid: An exotic and beautiful flower, like your Ridgeback.
  61. Oasis: Because your Ridgeback is your calm in the chaos.
  62. Pepper: For your Ridgeback who adds a little spice to life.
  63. Peach: A sweet and sunny name for your sweet pup.
  64. Piper: Meaning “pipe player,” for a Ridgeback that brings music to your life.
  65. Pearl: A classic name denoting the precious nature of your Ridgeback.
  66. Queen: An excellent choice for the regal, dignified Ridgeback.
  67. Quartz: As strong and precious as the gemstone.
  68. Quill: Symbolizing the Ridgeback’s alertness and keen senses.
  69. Quicksilver: Because your Ridgeback moves like liquid silver.
  70. Rain: For your Ridgeback who loves to play in the rain.
  71. Raven: For Ridgebacks with a dark, raven-colored coat.
  72. River: A symbol of the flow and rhythm of life.
  73. Ridge: A straightforward choice, highlighting the breed’s unique physical features.
  74. Sahara: Named after the famous African desert, representing the breed’s origin.
  75. Sierra: Spanish for “mountain range,” symbolizing the Ridgeback’s strength.
  76. Sable: A name denoting the dark, sable-colored coat of some Ridgebacks.
  77. Starlight: Because your Ridgeback lights up your life.
  78. Tundra: For your Ridgeback who loves the cold.
  79. Tulip: A bright and beautiful flower, like your bright and beautiful Ridgeback.
  80. Topaz: Named after the precious gemstone, as your Ridgeback is precious to you.
  81. Tawny: Descriptive of the warm, light-brown color of a Ridgeback’s coat.
  82. Umber: A rich, dark brown color, often seen in a Ridgeback’s coat.
  83. Ursa: Latin for “bear,” for your big, cuddly pup.
  84. Umbra: Latin for “shadow,” for your ever-present companion.
  85. Utopia: Because life with your Ridgeback is pure bliss.
  86. Vortex: Because your Ridgeback is the center of your world.
  87. Velvet: Symbolizing the Ridgeback’s smooth and velvety coat.
  88. Violet: For Ridgebacks with a soft, gentle nature, like the flower.
  89. Venus: Named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love.
  90. Willow: For a Ridgeback that’s graceful and strong, just like the tree.
  91. Whisper: Symbolizing the Ridgeback’s gentle and quiet side.
  92. Windy: A light-hearted name denoting the Ridgeback’s swift nature.
  93. Xanthe: Greek for “golden,” for your golden-toned Ridgeback.
  94. Xyla: Meaning “woodland,” for your nature-loving Ridgeback.
  95. Xena: After the warrior princess, for your brave and bold pup.
  96. Yara: An indigenous Brazilian name meaning “lady of the water.”
  97. Yasmin: Named after the beautiful and fragrant jasmine flower.
  98. Yucca: A robust and resilient plant, much like the Ridgeback breed.
  99. Zinnia: A colorful and hardy flower, like your colorful and hardy Ridgeback.
  100. Zephyr: The Greek god of the west wind, symbolizing the Ridgeback’s swift nature.
  101. Zahra: An Arabic name meaning “flowering,” for your blossoming Ridgeback.

Choosing a name for your Rhodesian Ridgeback is an important part of bonding with your new furry friend. By finding a name that fits her unique personality and characteristics, you’ll be able to strengthen your connection and begin your journey together on the right foot. From reflecting her Southern African origins to her radiant, golden coat, these names offer a range of options to suit your Ridgeback perfectly.

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