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11 Reasons Dogs Are Just As Good As (Or Better Than) People

Dogs or humans, dogs or humans? Hmm…it’s a toss up.

Just kidding. Dogs win every time.

1. Your dog and your human bff have seen you at your best and your worst (for instance they will never, ever,  judge you when you experiment with hairstyles).

2. Like the best friend you’ve known forever, it doesn’t take much to make your pup happy…

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3. …because any time with you is time well spent, whether it’s enjoying a scenic stroll, going for a drive, or hanging out watching Netflix.

4. In fact, you and your closest (human or puppy) pal have the same taste in television…

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5. And in the nature if true intimacy, you two can be silent for long periods of time because you know exactly what each other is thinking.

6. Like you, your favorite foodie loves to eat…and won’t judge your nom choices.

7. And like missing someone far away, your canine companion is always SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!

8. (However, unlike your S.O., your pup will never ask you where you’ve been or why you’re so late.)

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9. You’ll never hear the words “I’m bored” from your little tail-wagger, although she usually finds a way to tell you in her own way.

10. You know that your closest loved ones will always be there for you. But for your pooch, trust and loyalty are built into her nature.

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11. And in this life, your human soulmate may be a little hard to find. But when you have a dog, as long as you give her lots of love, she will be yours…furever.

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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