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11 Reasons We Appreciate Dogs That Are Past Their Puppyhood

It’s a bittersweet fact that puppyhood is fleeting; you miss that roly-poly little furball, but you’ve developed a friendship that is unlike any other.

Whether you’re enjoying life with a pooch that’s past puppyhood or you’re considering adding a new one to your family, there are a ton of reasons to appreciate dogs that are adults or seniors. It’s always fun to reminisce about your dog’s puppy days or even wonder what your rescue was like as a baby, but there may be more benefits of living with a mutt that’s more mature!

1. Potty training is over!

Of course, the exception to this rule is that you’ve rescued an adult who was never properly cared for (and in that case, you’re a rockstar!). But for the most part, dogs past puppyhood have little to no accidents inside the house. That’s definitely something to be celebrated!

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2. And with any luck, your dog no longer feels the need to chew everything in sight. 

There are many dogs that relish tearing apart their stuffies or gnawing on shoes to stave off boredom or separation anxiety. But remember when your puppy was teething and chewed on everything–especially your warm, soft hands? Glad that’s over!

3. Your older dog is more independent.

Your canine still loves being your constant companion, but as puppies need to be constantly entertained, older dogs are better at occupying themselves.

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