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11 Reasons We Appreciate Dogs That Are Past Their Puppyhood

| Published on October 5, 2016


It’s a bittersweet fact that puppyhood is fleeting; you miss that roly-poly little furball, but you’ve developed a friendship that is unlike any other.

Whether you’re enjoying life with a pooch that’s past puppyhood or you’re considering adding a new one to your family, there are a ton of reasons to appreciate dogs that are adults or seniors. It’s always fun to reminisce about your dog’s puppy days or even wonder what your rescue was like as a baby, but there may be more benefits of living with a mutt that’s more mature!

1. Potty training is over!

Of course, the exception to this rule is that you’ve rescued an adult who was never properly cared for (and in that case, you’re a rockstar!). But for the most part, dogs past puppyhood have little to no accidents inside the house. That’s definitely something to be celebrated!

2. And with any luck, your dog no longer feels the need to chew everything in sight. 

There are many dogs that relish tearing apart their stuffies or gnawing on shoes to stave off boredom or separation anxiety. But remember when your puppy was teething and chewed on everything–especially your warm, soft hands? Glad that’s over!

3. Your older dog is more independent.

Your canine still loves being your constant companion, but as puppies need to be constantly entertained, older dogs are better at occupying themselves.

4. You’ve had time to develop a seamless routine together.

Puppies may wake you up at all hours of the night, and it takes a little trial and error to determine eating and potty routines. And if you’re dog is now fully crate-trained, or able to roam calmly in the house when you’re away–hallelujah! Adult rescue dogs will need to get used to your schedule, but in many cases, the concept of “being in a routine” is familiar, and that helps!

5. Your dog can be active and energetic without having boundless, uncontainable energy. 

We love being active with our dogs, but there is a time and a place for all that fun. But when puppies get a surge of energy, it has to be released, even if it’s eleven o’clock at night or two minutes before you have leave for work in the morning. Your dog may love running at the dog park, but he’s just as happy to snuggle on the couch all night.

6. Walks can be leisurely rather than an endless game of tug-of-war.

Your dog may still bark at passers-by, but you’ve probably learned how to manage the behavior or avoid certain situations. But puppies are always looking for a way to play, plus it takes time to get used to walking on a leash (which often becomes a prop for tug-of-war!). Older dogs are better at enjoying calmer activities, like a relaxing neighborhood stroll.

7. After puppyhood, their unique personalities have fully developed.

Our dog’s personalities are as unique as ours, and that’s one of the things that makes each pup so special. As adults, their quirks, likes, and dislikes become more clear. This is also a great benefit of adopting an older dog. Are you active? Find a young adult dog who loves being outdoors. More laid-back? Perhaps a senior dog that would prefer nothing more than to lay on the couch with you. Have kids or other animals? Find a companion that will enjoy all the extra company.

8. Adult dogs tend to be more patient and laid back.

Your mature mutt is more likely to patiently wait for his meal, and in his wisdom, is happy to “go with the flow,” as long as he’s with you.

9. You’ve learned that you can trust and depend on each other. 

Puppies bring so much joy, but they need constant looking after. Of course, your older dog still needs to be cared for, but with her protective loyalty, you know that she’s looking out for you, too.

10. If you’ve had your dog since puppyhood, you’ve had years to cultivate a deep, lasting companionship.

If you adopted your dog as a puppy, she finds extreme comfort in the bonds and routines that you have formed over the years together. You know exactly how to make each other happy, and you do so every single day. Your loyalty to each other is completely unshakable.

11. And if you rescued your dog as an adult, you have a bond that’s like no other. 

There is something so unique and special about the bond that develops between adult rescue dogs and their forever families. If you’ve experienced this wonderful connection, chances are, you have no doubts that your dog knows you saved him. Parents of rescue pups swear that their dogs show gratitude for the rest of their lives, and they know how to savor all the little things in life.

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