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12 Awesome Gifts For People Who Love German Shepherds!

Do you or someone you know love German Shepherd Dog’s more than life itself? Well then, we have the perfect recommendations for you! Here are 12 awesome gifts for anyone who loves GSD’s from the bottom of their heart.

1. German Shepherd Christmas Lightweight T-Shirt Hoodie, $27.99 – $29.99. The ugly Christmas sweater has evolved and this one is all about German Shepherds! (Available in other styles.)

2. I Have Plans German Shepherd Slouchy Tee, $24.99 – $27.99Those plans are probably brushing and getting hair out of the carpets but they’re still plans.

3. What Owning A German Shepherd Looks Like Mug, $14.95 – $17.95. The most relatable mug in the world.

Available from HoundeStore/Etsy

4. Vintage German Shepherd USA, $24.99 – $25.99. Rep your favorite breed AND your favorite country! (Available in other styles.)

This products feeds 7 shelter dogs!

5. German Shepherd USA Ceramic Star Ornament, $9.99. Your GSD may prefer to hang out under your tree, but this one goes IN it.

This product feeds 3 shelter dogs.

6. This Girl Loves Her German Shepherd Ladies’ Premium T-Shirt, $24.99 – $25.99. The hands are printed on to conveniently keep your actual hands free for petting your German Shepherd. (Available in other styles.)

This product feeds 8 shelter dogs!

7. Funko POP German Shepherd Action Figure, $20.83. The only thing that could possibly be cuter than this big-headed, big-eyed GSD is the one you love the most!

Available from Amazon.

8. Sip Coffee & Pet My German Shepherd Pullover Hoodie, $39.99 – $44.99 Your GSD wakes you up. Your coffee keeps you up. They’re a team!

9. German Shepherd Christmas Scoop Neck Sweatshirt, $34.99 – $35.99Oh GSD…Oh GSD…

10. German Shepherd Dog Silk Tie, $37.50. For the well-dressed German Shepherd loving business person.

Available from AKC shop.

11. Inhale Exhale German Shepherd Yoga T-shirt, $19.99Breathe in deep, exhale dog fur.

From RabbitPrint/Etsy

12. This Human Belongs To.. Personalised GSD Keyring, $10.99+A little gift can say a lot – especially when you personalize it!

From TheTrinketBox12/Etsy


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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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