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12 Dog-Centric Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow

There’s nothing like pictures of adorable pups to brighten your day. For anyone on social media (which is almost everyone!), there are a fair share of photo-filled accounts to appease every interest.

For us, of course, it’s dogs! Here are 12 dog-centric Instagram accounts that you should follow for your daily fill of fun, fluff, and inspiration.

1. @hotfirefighters

These photos feature more than the handsome, heroic firefighters of Charleston, SC. “We save abused and abandoned animals with our smokin hot firefighter calendar,” reads the account description. You may recall that Caitlyn the dog was featured in this calendar!

2. @reagandoodle

You won’t be able to suppress a smile when looking at pictures of this adorable, real-life teddy bear. We’ve written about Reagan and his favorite little human on our site, but this frequently-updated account is too fun not to follow!

A photo posted by Reagandoodle (@reagandoodle) on

3. @acoustictrench

Maple the rescue mutt and her musical human love posting adorable pictures and videos. The way this pup rests her head on her dad’s guitar and looks at him with admiration will make your heart melt. Sometimes, she even helps out with instrumentals! While Maple has her own Instagram account, there are more videos on her human’s page.

A video posted by Trench (@acoustictrench) on

4. @goldilocksandthewolf

When Amanda found herself in a dangerously abusive relationship, her Husky, Kyro, helped pull her out of it. Now, the two are leading happy, healthy lives full of adventure… with gorgeous photos to prove it! Read Amanda’s story here.

5. @pamthevan91

Ever dream of leaving your obligations behind to set out on an epic road trip adventure with just you and your dog? A woman named Marina did just that, transforming a van into a mobile living space for her and her pup. Live vicariously through this traveling twosome by following them on Instagram, and read more of their story here.

A photo posted by Marina (@pamthevan91) on

6. @mensweardog

If you’ve got a thing for dogs and dapper clothes, this page is for you. The Instagram handle is completely self-explanatory: it’s just a cheeky Shiba, stylin’ it up in suits and casual wear. As simple as it sounds, you won’t be able to stop scrolling.

A photo posted by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) on

7. @mommasgonecity

This blogger, photographer, and mother of four really gained a following when she started posting photos of her son’s nap time with their pup, Theo. Now sharing snoozes with the other kids, the Shar-Pei / Shepherd mix makes frequent appearances throughout this momma’s Instagram page.

A photo posted by Jessica Shyba (@mommasgonecity) on

8. @cutieandthebeast

There’s nothing like the bond between a little kid and her big, lovable dog. Siena (the cutie) and Buddha (the beast) demonstrate all the love, loyalty, and fun that comes with these kinds of near-perfect relationships.

9. @thiswildidea

Warning: you may find yourself browsing through these photos for hours on end. Along with Coonhound Maddie, photographer Theron Humphrey ventures into the wilderness and beyond, capturing epic snapshots along the way.

10. @loki_the_wolfdog

Loki is a wolf / dog hybrid who was lucky to find an adventuresome dad to share his life with. Because of their shared love of nature, this gorgeous pup gets to spend the majority of his days exactly where he wants to be: outside.

A photo posted by Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog) on

11. @wagswithwilson

While it’s not (yet) as widely followed as the accounts above, this young couple’s drive to save their pup, Wilson, will inspire you. After realizing that something wasn’t quite right with his health, they fought to get answers, and are now fighting for a cure. Follow their journey on Instagram, and read their story here.

12. @iheartdogscom

Did you know that we’re on Instagram?! If you love our website and Facebook pages and can’t get enough of all things “dog,” make sure to follow our page for pictures, products, quotes, and more!

(Featured image, on left: @lindseybosiokovic via @iheartdogscom)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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