12 Unique Poodle Names [with PICS!]

Are you bringing up a new Poodle and looking for a unique, original or funny Poodle name? Whether you’re bringing home a new Poodle puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Poodle Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your Poodle have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new Poodle.

12 Original Poodle Puppy Name Ideas

Poppy (poppy-poodle-doodles) She’s my best friend.

Author: Vikki R.


Author: Judith R.


Author: Diana L.


Author: Caroline K.


Author: Hallie J.


Author: Nancy S.

Pooter Pootail, nick name Poo-T

Author: Michelle G.

His name is Vincenzo but we call him Enzo. My son calls him Vinny.

Author: Gerri Donato M.


Author: Charlotte J.

Àine (pronounced Onya)

Author: Shannon S.


Author: Michelle Annette D.


Author: Chris L.

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