2 Simple Ways To Protect Your Dog Against Painful Springtime Ear Infections

Every veterinarian knows spring has arrived through one simple indicator: a dramatic rise in dogs battling painful ear infections. 🙁 In fact, ear infections are in the top 2 most common reasons that owner’s take their dog to the vet.

Ear infections in dogs are not something that should be taken lightly. They are painful and uncomfortable for your dog, and if you have a breed prone to ear infections, it can be difficult and time consuming having to treat them repeatedly. A regular infection of the outer ear can become an inflammation of the inner ear, and can lead to deafness, vestibular disease, and other serious issues if left untreated.

Prevention is best when it comes to ear infections, and luckily, it’s super simple and takes almost no time at all out of your day. Making these two quick and easy steps a part of your daily routine can save you and your pup a lot of time and heartache in the future!

#1 – Regular Cleanings with a Veterinarian Approved Ear Cleaner

Any veterinarian will tell you that cleaning your dog’s ears regularly is essential to his health, and preventing ear infections. Veterinarian Jennifer Coates, DVM at PetMD recommends having your dog’s ears cleaned regularly both by a veterinarian and at home. It may not be his favorite part of the day, but with some treats, pats and a quick swipe with an ear wipe like Happy, Healthy Ear Wipes for Dogs, it’ll be over before he knows what has happened!

A daily cleaning gives you the opportunity to check for any signs of inflammation, and prevent an ear infection by catching the cause before it takes over.

#2 – Supporting Your Dog’s Immune System with Essential Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids, found naturally in fish but deficient in nearly all commercial dog foods, have been proven to have several healthful benefits. People and pups all over the world take Omega fatty acids as a supplement daily to help heart, mental, and overall body health. Because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it fighting inflammation at the root of most diseases – including ear infections. Offering your pup a supplement made for dogs, like Happy, Healthy Omega 3-6-9 Select Chews, helps him bolster his immune system against the onset of ear infections and several other inflammation-based illnesses!

Happy, Healthy Omega Krill Chews

And once again, we cannot overemphasize the importance of regular cleanings. Especially if your dog loves water or has floppy ears.

Happy, Healthy Ear Wipes

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