20 Best Foods for a German Shepherd with Diarrhea

There are few things more challenging than a german shepherd with the runs! Managing your dog’s diarrhea can be a challenge, especially if you’re feeding the wrong food. We asked our Facebook German Shepherd community the following question, “What’s the best food for a german shepherd that frequently has diarrhea?” We received hundreds of replies, and we have summarized some of the best answers below.
Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your german shepherd’s diet, especially if they frequently suffer from Diarrhea. There may be underlying issues that need to be addressed. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

20 Best Foods for German Shepherds with Diarrhea

Mine was the same. They have very sensitive tummy’s. I feed diamond natural. Only treats with natural ingredients. No people food or rawhide. I also us a spray probiotic on his food every day. No diarrhea since I made changes. Thank goodness. Good luck.

Author: Rhonda B.

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Our boy had a very sensitive tummy. Got him tested and spoke to his breeder chicken was the biggest culprit (it’s more what chickens are fed) and it is in everything. Once we took it out his diet he was fine – food was duck potato and pea kibble. Treats were bunny lugs, duck neck, duck feet and bug baits!!

Author: Lynne C.

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My German Shepards started this and went into critical condition. She was tested and we found out the enzymes in her pancreas has failed. She is now on Royal Canin gastrointestinal food and I have to sprinkle it with enzymes every time she eats. Also I give her a vitamin B12 supplement daily. From what the emergency vet told us, this is very common in Shepards.

Author: Chris M.

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We feed are dog purina dog chow high in protein and enzymes diane, she had trouble with her stomach and diarrhea and since we have done this she has improved 100%.

Author: Kelli M.

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I give mine Purina Pro Plan Sensitive skin and Stomach Salmon Adult Large breed Dog food it works good on mine .

Author: Arthur T.

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Just sharing don’t know if it will work for your petkid it always did mine of course if there is nothing else causing the problem. Vet years ago recommended this. Boil hamburger meat drain well start out in small amounts with small feedings a few times a day then graduate to putting a little white rice (not brown) with it. If this is just a normal digestive glitch you should start seeing a change in about 3 days. Then add yogurt like a couple tablespoons per feeding. Good luck!

Author: Julie L.

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Have you tried Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal food. Our boy is 6 yrs old and has the best poop of his entire life since we tried that food. Also he may need probiotics. More fiber may help. Pure canned pumpkin and green beans are good fiber. Have you checked for parasites?

Author: LindaMarie K.

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Honest Kitchen is good for dogs with sensitive stomachs. We had a GSD that was allergic to almost everything including most dog foods. We found one their recipes had none of his allergens and it worked well for him. Additionally, you should talk to your veterinarian. Our one GSD gets diarrhea on and off and our vet prescribes a round of metronidazole for her. You will need to bring in a stool sample most likely but metronidazole is often prescribed for intestinal issues.

Author: Marie Johnson C.

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My GSD used to have a sensitive stomach. I started Hills science diet adult dry food. Works great. I still give her white rice and boiled chicken time to time.

Author: Audrey J.

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Very sensitive bellies for sure the white rice and chic good I feed EN purina works great and then use canned EN purina also on occasion if needed

Author: Joanne F.

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I work in the pet food industry and in this situation I would recommend one check with your vet first to make sure there’s no underlying conditions. Number two switch to pet kind beef tripe kibble this is a limited ingredient diet with all the probiotics that a dog would need to have. Healthy stool and a healthy gut. I would keep him on it until you see a big difference which could take up to 2 weeks but usually less. You have a choice to stay on this for a while or you can try switching to another food which I feed because my dog is very sensitive is the duck and oats first mate. Good luck!

Author: Debby P.

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We switched our sensitive girl to Fromm dog food. She loved it. Her skin and coat improved drastically and normal bowel movements. It smelled good too.

Author: Pamela L.

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I add acidophilus or probiotics, usually works. I get the capsules so its easy to pull apart & sprinkle on their food. I make homemade & give them 1/2 homemade & 1/2 canned. Homemade with a little cheese, eggs, green beans, carrots, brown rice, chicken livers & corned beef or chicken trying to provide a variety of vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. In my experience they stay pretty regular.

Author: Sandy B.

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I tried everything for 2 years until finally Royal Canin gastrointestinal came into our life. Its a vet prescription and pricey, but it was like night and day. No more diarrhea. Also, Hills Prescription Diet for Digestive care. We use this now because it’s less expensive. Good luck

Author: Kristine W.

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My Girl was allergic to chicken. Horrid diarrhea. We got her switched over to Natural Balance – fish and sweet potato.

Author: Melissa Cozad M.

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For us, Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. We do not deviate from his food, ever. The only treats we give him are peanut butter, grain free treats. Special occasion he will get a piece of leftover chicken or steak. Give your GSD chicken and rice to help with the diarrhea then get him on a good solid food. We strayed with the special royal canine food for GSD and it was awful for him

Author: Andrea N.

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Canidae Salmon and sweet potatoes stopped my GSD from chronic diarrhea. It took about 2 weeks to work but it was well worth the 2 week wait.

Author: Sherry H.

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I had mine allergy tested and she was allergic to lamb, duck, rice, barley, soy and a whole slew of vegetables. There wasn’t any dog food that I could feed her. I fed her ground deer, chicken, eggs, liver, gizzards, turkey, salmon, beef and pork. I cooked her egg noodles and cream of wheat with butter and mixed cooked or raw meat in with it. Also eggs mixed into cream of wheat and at times I added sugar. No more diarrhea, red inflamed skin and scratching stopped.

Author: Gina M.

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Mine too! She has ever disincentive she was a little puppy. Some German Shepherd dogs have very sensitive stomachs. Whenever she has a part of diarrhea give her boiled rice and boiled chicken. She is on a prescription diet Purina Gastro EN. That seems to work well. And other than that she’s really restricted on everything she eats because everything upsets her stomach. She does seem to manage to do well with dried liver treats.

Author: Sthua S.

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Store brand basic imodium (teeny mint green pill) follow the dosage directions for children. A couple of tablespoons of Applesauce (no sugar added) to help settle their tummy. I have always had to put it on a spoon and drop it into my pups mouth. Boiled chicken (or Salmon if Chicken is an issue) and rice mixture…instead of kibble to get some good food down. As for food. I feed Muenster Dog food and have for each of my GSD’S

Author: Jennifer B.

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Always consult your vet before making any health changes to your german shepherd’s diet, especially if they frequently suffer from diarrhea, as there may be other medical issues that need to be addressed. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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